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  1. One MP-5 (HK) for me In Kali it was just a dream to own one
  2. 1MP54ME Never put it on the truck. Didn’t want the harassment.
  3. That is a BEAUTY. Wish my money tree was producing better... GLWS
  4. Hey Pards, I’ve got some 8 round mags that seem to be as rare as hens teeth. Wanted to throw them out here for sale before they go to the general public. Problem is I don’t have a clue as to their value. GunRipperOffer doesn’t have any. The S&W forums are quoting +/- $80 each or better for a USED magazine. Is this possible? Thanks
  5. Prayers up. So sorry Padre. Condolences.
  6. watab kid SASS Wire Vet Posted May 21 he has leatherThanks This us what makes this sport so awesome. Thanks WK for being a great Pard.
  7. Usually I’m the one that misses the great deal, this time I got it...
  8. This is absolutely correct. Any decent scale will be effected by air currents.
  9. Thanks. I’ll take it. PM me the info on how to send the gold. Much appreciated
  10. Good evening. I now have a ‘Evil Roy’ Henry that I want to compete with. After reading up on some older posts, it seems that you are very good at massaging these up. Is this something that you can still do? I would be interested in having it done. If so, please PM me any contact information. Thanks Widder.
  11. Beautiful. My dad carried one for 20 years, had a second one, slab sided by King Gun works, that he shot Bianchi matches with, and I luckily ended up with both. Again, beautiful!!
  12. Missed it today, but many fond memories of watching it with my Pops
  13. Today’s is a teriyaki tri-tip, low and slow on the Weber with corn on the Cobb and a green salad. Tomorrow’s will be a couple of rib-eyes, hot and fast with an Italian macaroni salad. But mainly Prayers for those who made the sacrifice for us to have what we do have and the ability to do what we do.
  14. Title says it all. Part # 90865 Can’t locate one anywhere. Hoping a Pard here may have a spare. Thanks everyone and God Bless!!
  15. That’s what I was thinking. Kalifornistan’s got way too many gun laws to allow a bad guy to have a gun On the other hand, hope things are ok.
  16. I’ve been running the #1 clipper for the last 7 or 8 years. Way easier to keep things maintained. My pretty wife does the clipping
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