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  1. Praying for your wife, you and your family. God has His ear on this.
  2. January 2021, found a new Uberti 1875 Rem Outlaw at LGS with a $969 price tag. Traded straight across for a 90’s Century G-93 w/ correct bipod, sling and 5 mags. I was into the Century for a grand total of $350 and had been at the back of the safe for years. Figure I did okay
  3. Thanks for the update and the prayers for you and yours continue.
  4. After superheating over 30 pounds of powder and close to 15K primers that DIDN’T go, I also think something is fishy with this. The 8 pounds of CFE that did go, didn’t make a bang but a huge flash. YMMV
  5. Beautiful. I wish I had one as well. Saw a nice one in 308 a while back but couldn’t get the funding. Good luck with it!!
  6. Love it. We got a fine dusting of snow last week and it is falling gently again today. Love our 4 seasons after having only 2 for so many years…
  7. Banyo. Bwwwaaaahhaaaaahhaaaaaaaaaha
  8. Sorry to hear this. Prayers up for Miss Allie and her family.
  9. A little history of the king and his court… IMG_0603.MP4
  10. The colibri’s are scary quiet. The hammer drop on my Win model 90 pump is louder than the report. Great for pest control with nosey neighbors
  11. Need one of that style for sure. Got one for my head/hat as it can swell as well
  12. Mine is now permanently attached to my hip. I left her for 21 days while in ICU and I truly think she thought I left her for ever. That is the ultimate showing of loyalty. She’s the best!!
  13. I’ll take ‘em! I don’t have any. PM sent. Thanks pardner!
  14. Counterweight for a telescope’s tripod?
  15. They look like my two dogs trying to get along
  16. “I’ve seen faster sundials” is the most prevalent comment from the gallery during my strings. That or “just can’t help watching a train wreck”
  17. That won’t simply buff out…
  18. I was blessed to have some stuff that I could get rid of to finance the six shooters and associated gear. I still have enough 3 gun stuff to shoot a match, but like you said, prolly outdated. I only started SASS months ago and it’s still new to me but am enjoying getting back into competition. I basically went from one genre to another after my accident and subsequent recovery. Sorry to hear that mobility has become an issue, I hope that there are clubs close that could offer up some accommodation. Keep up the fight and I will keep you in prayer
  19. 1: Beam- Redding #2 Master Magnetic Powder Scale 2: Not sure if there is one M2CW
  20. Me too. I worked for M.Dalton up in Holser canyon since the 90’s. Only once did I stray over to the CAS range and was AMAZED at what was going on. I was tied up financially to add another genre so stayed with the equipment I had. Fast forward to present and have now sold stuff to buy what I needed for SASS. Would have loved to try W3G.
  21. While unfamiliar with W3G rules specifically (never seen them), the USPSA rule book lists the word “procedural” 41 times. I’m thinking that a few of those would apply at the said W3G match. YMMV.
  22. Hooray! Sedalia Dave nailed it! Checking out the Saloon on the iPad beats looking at the phone. Thanks again SD
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