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  1. We have a Barnes & Noble close by. Next time I’m around there I’ll order one. Looks interesting!
  2. There’s a lot of liberals that don’t like her either! In fact no one really likes her!
  3. Look for it in another post. I don’t wanna hijack this one.
  4. No one really likes her, liberal or conservative!! It doesn’t matter anyway Trump’s gonna win in a landslide!
  5. I'll just stick with Colts, but I agree the later USFA's are really nice!
  6. I was watching the Presidents briefing when they took him off stage, surreal! Never saw that before!
  7. Nope never shot a TV but I did shoot a microwave! I’ll tell ya about it some time!
  8. Firelands is shooting this Saturday Aug 15 sign up at 8:30 6 stages no lunch so bring snacks .We will have water but bring some anyway Range looks great, lots of improvements. See y’all there Rye
  9. Wish I could see one! None anywhere around these parts!
  10. Thanks Misty! I'll remember that in the future. Happy Trails, Rye
  11. Some of these prices stick out in my mind: Brand spanking new 1967 Cutlass Supreme $2800.00 OUT THE DOOR! Rent on my first apartment 1967 $65.00 one bedroom Rent on upstairs of a house in 1969 $85.00 Cost of our first house in Cleveland (not a bad neighborhood either) $13,500.00 (1970) Cost of my parents house brand new in 1959 $19,500.00 Cigs .35 a pack, gas .28 cents a gallon
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