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  1. I had a bird or squirrel chew through my cable line before but never take out a power line.
  2. Won't open for me. I have an IMac that's about 10 yrs old maybe that's why??
  3. I think it takes quite a few rounds to lead up a barrel. If you clean it after every shoot or at least every two shoots you shouldn't have a lead buildup problem to begin with!
  4. I was told by my friend at the dealership that they have cars sitting and waiting for the chips to arrive! It's a small dealership and they have about 25 cars and trucks in the back that can't be sold.
  5. Mine shows about 30 posts going back to Tuesday of last week and that's it.
  6. I agree he’s not 100% antigun but it’s enough to bother me. Gun registration and against citizens owning AR 15’s is pretty bad. Backing Bloomberg was a real slap to us gun owners, Bloomberg is the most antigun person in this country. He’s funded many antigun groups and Clint backed him! Geeez......
  7. I’ve done work on old cars back when I was young like an oil change, change plugs, brakes etc. but I wouldn’t want to do it now! No thanks !
  8. I never said he wasn’t a good actor or made some great movies but it sours me on watching someone who is antigun much like a lot of the actors that I think twice about watching their movies.
  9. You own what you can afford and I only own the ones I shoot! I’m not a collector. I have more than just my single actions. I shoot them all!
  10. Yes!! He believed in gun registration and said no one should own an AR 15!
  11. I mostly use Duck Duck Go and if m searching for lawn mowers etc. they never come up on Facebook or anywhere else. DDG has a feature where you can clear the data and it works! I very seldom use Google anymore!
  12. I noticed just dry firing that the laser jumps around and I see how it could be a problem if you focus too much on the laser. Yes the grips are square on the bottom. Oh BTW it's not new, I bought from a cowboy shooter yesterday. He bought it in Jan 2021, so it's pretty new!
  13. Boonie Young sent the results to Dawg from his Android that he was using. It has the stages broken down and top ten etc. Dawg will post as soon as he gets it. Rye
  14. This should be fun! Never had a laser before. I've shot them but never owned one.
  15. I got the straight line capper, is this any good. I have problems with it. https://www.tdcmfg.com/product-page/universal-straightline-capper
  16. I gave that to my son. He's not a cowboy shooter he just shoots it whenever. BTW he hasn't had any problem with it either!
  17. I have 4 Colts that’s it! I’ve had dozens but I keep selling them or trading. I decided my 4 Colts are just fine.
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