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  1. Great movie!!!! The only thing that bothered me was the Sheriff who was a friend of Jimmy Ringo didn’t carry a gun yet he was portrayed as a tough guy. Gimme a break!
  2. June Marlowe aka Miss Crabtree from the Little Rascals!
  3. My all time favorite of old...........Maureen O'Hara
  4. There’s no doubt countless times that brandishing a weapon alone defeats the threat and most times they do not get reported.
  5. Like I said, I saw all 10 episodes in Dec 2021 on Spectrum. Great show!!
  6. I guess that's season 2 because I saw 10 episodes back in Dec 2021 on SPECTRUM!
  7. I saw all 10 episodes on Spectrum last year. It was only available to Doectrum customers for free.. All 10 episodes are now available on Paramount +.
  8. I belong to BJs wholesale club. I use their master card to get discounts on gas and other stuff. I don’t shop there much because everything’s in bulk. Too much for one person. Anyway I bought $48.00 worth of stuff s and it said you have $10.00 off the total! Sweet!
  9. I guess playing my drums and guitar and piano are hobbies now that I don’t play in a band anymore. I played drums for years and made a decent living. I also taught drums privately. No more though!
  10. What happens if you call a company or doctor etc and the greeting says press 1 for yadda yadda press 2 for blah blah etc. You can’t do that with a rotary phone correct?? I still have a rotary phone but it’s on the bar in the basement as a decoration.
  11. First of all I see no safety issue here at all so why a penalty at all? I agree with Creeker and PWB no call!
  12. RIP Ray, very good actor! He just about made the movie Goodfellas!
  13. I seen her in concert here at a jazz festival a few years ago. Great talent!
  14. Love that quote! Very applicable to this event !
  15. He walked through an open unlocked door! Most all of the schools around here are locked and you need to get buzzed in.
  16. Thanks for reminding me, I have to take the trash out!
  17. UPDATE: 19 kids and 2 teachers have died senselessly. The kids that have survived this nightmare are going to need some help. Prayers up for everyone involved.
  18. I never have or never would buy steaks or seafood from someone in a truck! Too risky on a couple levels!
  19. Prayers up for the families who lost their little ones and the teacher who was killed. Sad day for sure
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