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  1. I had a cut and weld and had to wind up getting a new lever and short stroke kit installed, nothing but problems with that cut and weld !
  2. I'll betcha that guy's wife in the video doesn't appreciate all the hard work he did to help her with her chores!
  3. So one has to wonder why he ran. They said because he was afraid of the cops. Hmmm...are we being told everything here? Why would you run from the cops? They had to drag him out of the car. I guarantee they would not have to drag me out of the car!
  4. From what I saw on the video I can’t believe 5 cops could not restrain and cuff this guy, it usually takes 2 or maybe 3. Sometimes only one. I think they lacked the training required. Just MHO, I’m not law enforcement and never was.
  5. I would bet there’s more cattle now than there ever were. I don’t think that has anything to do with climate change though I’m just sayin’…..
  6. I tell people I live on THE North Coast . Its really The South Shore but The North Coast sounds better Oceans have coasts, lakes have shores but who cares ??
  7. Not much hope with these bone heads in the control!
  8. I just threw the voting ballot away, I don’t know one person on there. First time I’m not voting.
  9. Good one!!! I would bet that gun would go off!!
  10. Let’s not forget NRA-ILA, I donate a few bucks to them a few times a year.
  11. I got a life membership back when Obama first got elected and they had life membership for half price. I send them donations now and then but I get emails asking to renew. I do still get the magazine though.
  12. I keep getting notices to renew my membership!! I’m a life member!
  13. Yea but don’t ya think someone at American Rifleman wound hsve caught that ?? Are they that ignorant??
  14. This woman taking a selfie using a mirror and a box camera!
  15. Here's a pic of my backyard this morning. Grass is always green here! The brown is leaves I never raked!
  16. I guess they don’t know the difference at American Rifleman!! Duh!! No one there caught that before it went to print ?
  17. It’s green here about 8-9 months! Actually if there’s no snow the grass is green in the winter too! Those pics were taken in the summer or spring..
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