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  1. I started out with .38s, then went to .45's then went to .44-40 black powder, I'm now back to .38's. I should have stayed there when I started 20 years ago! Go with .38/.357!!!
  2. I love that he goes back to the really really early days before it was even called "country music". Cool stuff!
  3. We sell Saudi Arabia planes and weapons and that's enough, let them deal with it! I think the majority of Americans are tired of our involvement with these other countries. Unless Iran hits us directly, stay out of it! We don't want WW3!!!
  4. You did the right thing Jack, if I notice something I always say something to the MD or Posse leader. The fact that this guy said he was the "current state champ" shows you right there that he's full of himself. He probably knew he was wrong but since he's been getting away with it he'll keep doing it!
  5. That place is awesome!! I stop there all the time. Great collection of firearms and nice folks in there too!
  6. http://kenburns.com/films/country-music/
  7. There's a Dick's at a mall that I go to. I sometimes enter the mall through Dick's or exit there. I usually like to use their bathroom on the way out!! He He They still have long guns and quite a few. I never asked I just assumed they'll stop selling when they sell all they have.
  8. Firelands this Saturday, sign up 8:30 shoot at 9:45. 6 stages , we shoot through and since Duke is not well yet they’ll be no lunch (sorry) water will be provided. Weather looks good , see ya there!
  9. Geez I forgot about my new Colt King Cobra! That is probably even more fun to shoot than my SAA's!
  10. UPDATE: Well as I said I went today and closed my checking and savings with PNC and moved it to the other bank I use. Now I have everything at one bank, except for some other small investments elsewhere.
  11. Instead of stuffing it in the safe why not sell it and use the money for something else?
  12. In Ohio we don't have to say what we carry and also we can carry as many as we want!! The Wild Midwest!!
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