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  1. That’s great news! Congratulations!
  2. They've been showing it on the Encore Westerns Channel, I've seen it about 5 or 6 times now. The more I watch it the more I like it.
  3. I'll waste a few bucks on the movie as long as I can go in the afternoon matinee for a discount. I haven't been to a movie since 2017 when I saw The Hostiles.
  4. Hey there’s a great part time job for you when you retire!! Seriously I applaud you for learning how to sew. It’s not easy, my mom wanted teach me some some basics and I didn’t want to learn. I can hand sew a button! That’s it!
  5. My mom had one and used it all the time for different tasks.
  6. I just bought an 1873 Cimarron rifle in .357 for $1300 from Barleycorn Outfitters.That was a deal. $1294.00 is not out of line I guess. Funny I bought one used a few years ago for $750, didn't like it and sold it to a friend for the same. I'm not or ever was a Marlin fan.
  7. Anyone interested in this, looks like it might be okay. Ignore the 15 second commercial https://m.imdb.com/title/tt13287846/
  8. Exactly! That money from the ARPA fund can go to the police where it would really help. I don’t see where a college study would do anything to address violence. It’s a dumb idea and I’ve told them as much.
  9. Okay I found out it’s from ARPA funds which is a government program to help from COVID . There’s a broad amount of things this can fund. It’s still tax dollars. https://home.treasury.gov/policy-issues/coronavirus/assistance-for-state-local-and-tribal-governments/state-and-local-fiscal-recovery-funds BTW this community group does have its own facebook page and also posts on another community page.
  10. I thought only us Italians talked with their hands.
  11. Great idea! They’re probably too lazy to do that. I think it’s a bunch of liberals who like to spend other people’s money!
  12. There’s a group here in my town that’s called A Better Euclid. They want signatures to submit a letter to city council requesting funds to give to Case Western Reserve college to work on a program to reduce violence. I’ve spoken against it online on Facebook where they posted this. They want MY tax money to give to a college? Am I wrong to be 100% against this? What would you do?
  13. I watch the game not the Half Time show! I love a good game!
  14. If I have to go through a bunch of nonsense to give them a compliment on their product I'll just give up!
  15. I use Clays International, 17 grs with 1 Oz of 7 1/2 shot.
  16. I forgot you’re 3 hrs behind. This is a pretty good flick , nothing else on! Love the lady reporter
  17. I’ve got it on now. I haven’t seen this in years!!! Don’t know if I’ll hang in there
  18. Was it a handgun or a carbine ? I know that’s a problem with the handguns for sure!
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