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  1. The most exciting play in baseball, well maybe a triple play comes close!
  2. I betcha he didn't have to wait 2 years or more!!
  3. I'm not much of a piano player either, I'm a piano TUNER, two different things but I could bore you with my playing and probably make you drink more!! Preachin'???? Hmmm...I don't know about that. I guess Linn Keller is paying me to help him!!
  4. RIP Hoss, prayers and condolences to his wife, Ma. He was such a good guy, just an amazing helpful person! Two of the nicest people I've ever met!!
  5. Gents Please send Me one of your nickel plated short .45 calibre revolvers. It is for my own use and for that reason I would like to have a little Extra pains taken with it. I am willing to pay Extra for Extra work. Make it very Easy on the trigger and have the front Sight a little higher and thicker than the ordinary pistol of this Kind. Put on a gutta percha handle and send it as soon as possible, have the barrel about the same length that the ejector rod is. Truly Yours W B Masterson P.S. Duplicate the above order by sending 2
  6. You're paying off Calico's bar tab??? Wow, did you just win the lottery or sumthin'????
  7. Okay the address is 43567299 Main St. East River Ohio 440551.............. be there at 2:00
  8. Hmmm...maybe not! She's 63 and in the show she's some kind of high ranking officer. https://www.thebalancecareers.com/army-changes-mandatory-retirement-separation-age-3976316
  9. I go to my niece's house since my big sis passed away. She carries on the tradition of ravioli or lasagna for Easter. She'll pull out a ham later in the day! They'll be about 12-15 people there. Good times, good food! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!
  10. At Firelands we used the line, "Ya'll killed two cowboys" and then threw a red sash on the ground!! Pretty cool!!
  11. These guys had nothing better to do than sit around a vat of vinegar!!??
  12. BTT for the Friday morning crowd.... BTW NO SNAKES At Firelands!!!
  13. For the record, I've had some problems with base pins in Uberti's and Pietta's and I've seen problems with Rugers also! Isn't it wierd that with all the COLTS I've had and have now there has NEVER been a problem with a COLT base pin...NEVER in 20+ years!!
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