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  1. I have à Herter's die that only sizes the neck. So far the rounds work in two Rugers and a Rossi. It is not a carbide die so I haven't used it in years.
  2. Little Richard referred to himself as "The Black Liberace." Close but no cigar, in my opinion.
  3. El.mo Lincoln did a fine bit of acting as the first Tarzan
  4. HELL NO! 30/30 has much more taper and shoulder is further back. You can resize the neck if you are really careful to not resist the body and not set the shoulder back but I do not recommend it. Graff & Son sometimes has Redding dies.
  5. Pictures were a really big deal in those days. They would be made up to look like the picture of health, thus the rouge for rosy cheeks. The gun was probably a prop provided by the photographer.
  6. Back to the original question, that cheek piece screams "Mannlicher".
  7. It depends: The heat pump will heat the condo much more economically than the baseboard heater if adjusted to the manufactures specifications. The cost/benefit ratio depends on how long before you sell the condo, your current cost of electricity, how much the electricity rates increase while you are there and the efficiency of the unit you install and I probably left a few things out. The heat pump will heat the air it expells to about 80 degrees Farenheit. This is probably warmer than you will ever want the temperature, but it feels cool to the skin, so your wife will be waking you up at 2:00 AM telling you that the heat pump is blowing cold air. You will not be able to convince her that it is working properly. BTDT. I have been using heat pumps since 1991 and I like them, but you may not.
  8. October 1966 the Tigers stepped off into deep stuff near Vi Than. Lots of birds shot up and shot down, lots of casualties. Martha Raye was at Soc Trang to do a show, but that night she worked as a nurse treating the wounded and donated a unit of blood ( I think that Jackie Kirk was the recipient ). The night after all this she put on her show for us. There is nothing that the Tigers would not do for her. She deserves to be buried with her boys!, she was a class act.
  9. B57 it won't let you down.
  10. You are correct. Although when we used it to hold our Hueys together in Viet Nam we called it "300 miles per hour tape" and we had a really strong paper tape that we called "150 mile per hour tape."
  11. The finest exhibition of control line flying that I ever saw was put on by two gentlemen flying Cox PT,19 trainers at Ft. RUCKER in 1965. The flew simultaneously and I'd loops, wingers, low passes and high, tight circles. How they kept from tangling their control lines I'll never know. They sure put on a good show.
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