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  1. Habersham turned five on November 3 of this year. Duffield
  2. This aircraft revolutionized bombers. First all metal monoplane, first with enclosed crew compartments, gun turret, retractable landing gear, fully cowled engines, internal bomb load. It was faster than the pursuits in use when it was designed. Of course, everybody else copied and improved the technology, but this was the most revolutionary bomber of its time. Duffield
  3. Rye, That is a great looking Python. From my personal experience there is not a sweeter shooting revolver anywhere. Shoot it and enjoy it. You will love shooting double action with it. I have three of them, I will be selling two in the near future because I am getting old and decrepit and I want to find good homes for my favorite guns. I will keep one for my estate to deal with, it will probably be the last gun I own. Duffield
  4. This was the best game I have EVER watched, exciting up to the end. I didn't have a dog in the fight, but I believe that God was an Auburn fan last night. Duffield
  5. I have spent a small fortune buying pandora charms for Miss Jeanie. Duffield
  6. What a way to spend a weekend. You are a lucky man with a wonderful weekend for you and your daughter to remember. Duffield
  7. Make learning fun for him, which you are probably already doing. Get him books and magazines about his favorite things. Make sure that all materials are for the level he is at. Let him proceed at his own pace, if he gets tired or bored let him take a vacation from his studies. Praise him when he succeeds. Congratulations, Duffield
  8. You already knew I am evil. Duffield
  9. Your grasp of the obvious is awe-inspiring. Duffield
  10. Bob, CPR training is not what it used to be. I received CPR training annually at my job for 29 years. The first time I was trained, it included rescue breathing, chest thumps, loosening ALL clothing items and two person CPR Then the chest thump was removed from the training because people did not understand how to do it correctly (my EX- wife, a cardiac nurse, once restated a heart with a chest thump when a man had a heart attack at a restaurant we were attending). Then loosening clothing was removed because people witnessing you could think you were doing it to expose a lady's chest. Then two person CPR was no longer taught. The last class I attended before I retired they had discontinued rescue breathing because of fear of AIDS. At that time (2007) they were only teaching chest compressions, which could also move some air in and out of the lungs. OK, if a heart has stopped beating the person is dead and anything you do will be an improvement. But it seems to me that the modern way is less effective than what we were being taught in 1979. Duffield
  11. Try turning the phone off and see how long it takes to charge. Then you will know whether you have a battery or a program problem. Duffield
  12. That is a nice #1, and I like your taste in scopes. I use a #1 in .303 British with a 4X M8, and I shoot does when I can. Duffield
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