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  1. She was singing "standards" in the Rainbow Room With Stars at Radio City Music Hall in January 1966. She had gained a bit of weight (and who hasn't?) but the voice was still great. Duffield
  2. Congratulations, and thank you for all the weekends and holidays you worked to keep us safe. Duffield
  3. What size pistol is she comfortable carrying? A S&W 39 or 59 would be a great gun for her if she doesn't mind the size. A 9mm Firestar is a reliable, accurate pistol but is all steel and thus a bit heavy, which tames recoil despite its smaller size. I consider a S&W Shield an excellent choice if she likes its handling. The list of good pistols is endless. Duffield
  4. If you believe that you never make mistakes you are in for a rude awakening. The responsibility will be all yours. Duffield
  5. We had a person here who claimed to be a Marine sniper in Viet Nam. He used a special Weatherby rifle with a seven foot long barrel and a three foot long silencer that fired a .50 caliber machine gun cartridge necked down to .30 caliber. I never called him on it. I figured that if I did he might come up with a less transparent lie. Duffield
  6. The loading table officer should have ensured that the hammer was down on an empty chamber before allowing him to leave the loading table. Duffield
  7. Today is the birthday of Baron Von Steuben, who trained the American Army during the Revolutionary War. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_Wilhelm_von_Steuben
  8. The Quarterhorse Museum is worthwhile. The Big Texan is very touristy and has good food. I always liked their steaks but you can fill up on their appetizer tray. Go to a Braums, they have great burgers and their banana splits are the best in America. Duffield
  9. You should go at night, it's a little hot there.
  10. Any competent gunsmith should be able to check a mauser for safety. Search online for one near you. Duffield
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