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  1. A tactical nuclear weapon is one that explodes in someone else's country.
  2. Let's not forget the quality of the welds holding a T-72 together They tend to break if the tank is hit with a apds projectile. And the automatic loader was rumored to get jostled out of alignment, sometimes enough to grab the gunner. But they could still kill you if you got careless.
  3. When I was a TOW missile crewman, the word we got was that the T-72 was a paper tiger.
  4. Try a soft bullet, sized ..001" larger than your barrels Grove diameter.
  5. We have a winner! I use 28.0 grains of IMR 3031 for a bit higher velocity, but this formula should work just fine.
  6. Pay cash from now on for all such purchases. I have thought that the credit cards can be used to track all of our spending. Is it worth one percent? Or am I being paranoid?
  7. K I didn't get to see your thread, so I didn't get to give you the answer: adjustable sights were allowed in the age based categories, such sass Senioe Duelest. Someone started complaining that they were not authentic, or so I was told. I asked my TG about it and he thought that they would continue to be allowed. The next change to the rule book disallowed them. Colt made 902 SAAs with adjustable sights but that doesn't seem to be authentic.
  8. Plus 1 on talcum powder. It works, and doesn't affect leather.
  9. I put a sign over my workbench that read: "Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick any two."
  10. In the early '70s there were two immaculate Lockheed Lodestars being used as executive transports in Nashville. I thought that they were the nearest airplanes that I ever saw.
  11. Polishing .003" off the shafts comes to mind, but you may not want to go down that rabbit hole. Drink lots of water and take electrolyte replacements hile you search for those bearings. Tw, has the rest of the unit started to rust?
  12. Pat, you are absolutely correct. If an outfit wants me to advertise their product they can give me the hat, shirt or decal. Starline gave me a hat when I toured their facility. Hornady gave me a hat. I wear those as I am using their products. I will not pay for their advertising.
  13. Folks, he said not ejecting the EMPTIES is the problem. I would look at the extractor not holding the cases against the bolt face, or the ejector not kicking hard enoùgh.
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