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  1. Heck, Darn, other obscenities as required! I hope that his employer covers the loss of his tools. That lathe might be salvageable with a lot of kroil, elbow grease and a new motor and controls. Good luck, Duffield
  2. A Colt SAA (or clone thereof) with a full cylinder. Duffield
  3. I drink it from the bowl unless I know it will nauseate someone at the table. I can't stand the sound or retching. However, I do not eat sugared cereal and never put sugar on my cereal. I like enough milk to make the corn flakes soggy. Duffield
  4. I am puzzled by your loss of accuracy with reduced loads of Unique. I have had excellent results with 7.0 grains of Unique and 200 grain bullets in my 44/40ss. I shoot 45ACP Blackhawks with 3.0 grains of Bullseye and a 185 grain bullet with satisfactory accuracy. I believe this load should work in a 45CS. Your results may vary. Duffield
  5. The first new gun I ever bought was a Winchester 1894 Classic. Purchased in March 1968 at Ream;s Hardware, Middlesboro, Kentucky. Duffield
  6. Per an Air Force Alum whos dad was an engineering officer on P-47s, the "G" model is a "C " model, built by Curtiss instead of by Republic. Duffield
  7. Lumpy nailed it. Duffield
  8. Pulp,  I had back surgery two years ago, to repair everything from L1 to S1.  I drink a gallon of milk a week, plus eat cheese and ice cream so the surgeon did not anticipate any problems.  When he got in he found that I have osteopenia, I.E. soft bones.  The lag screws would not hold the cage onto my spine.  This is not to scare you, but to advise you to get a bone density scan before the surgery.

    Other than that, I second what Loophole Larue said:  go to a major metropolitan area and find the best surgeon in Oklahoma to do the work.  Then do the therapy and be the most compliant patient that your doctor has ever seen.

    Good Luck,


  9. I recall a short story from a High School literature class where the accused was a recently arrived immigrant. He called the judge: "Your Honesty." Duffield
  10. The last time I needed bail my "friends" offered them money to keep me locked in that Turkish prison. Duffield
  11. Perhaps before we buy any goods or services, we should post a question about the vendor on the wire, and ask for PMs relating to his turn around time and service. I ordered a pair of holsters from a vendor whom I later learned was (in)famous for being SLOW! I got lucky and received my holsters after only a 3 month wait, but found that others were not so fortunate. Duffield
  12. Cat has "chosen" to start beating up on Sidney. I don't know how this is going to work out.
  13. There are definitely two schools of thought on de-clawing cats. As Cat is an older cat, I am not inclined to have his claws removed. Cat Mandu at rest in his new home.
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