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  1. I have hot pink luggage for the same reason: Nobody in his right mind will try to steal it and I can spot it all the way across the airport. Duffield
  2. I may have the brand wrong, this was a long time ago. He got them at Montgomery Ward. Duffield
  3. I have some Revelation paper hulls that are yellow. My grandfather purchased them about 1955 from Montgomery Wards. Duffield
  4. Is a country that runs a deficit measured in Trillions of dollars a rich country? Duffield
  5. I taught PLDC and BNCOC for 10 years to co-ed classes. Some of the women I would count on in any situation - they would find a way to get the job done. Some I would not count on. The same applied to the men. Duffield
  6. She is pretty healthy. Still has a little baby fat. The Army will deal with that. They have their ways.... Duffield
  7. The young lady who was loading my order at Rural King yesterday told me that she has enlisted in the Army. She will be Airborne Infantry. The bad guys better watch out. Duffield
  8. If they are still available, I would like the gun cleaning kit, the brown "Deer Hunter" belt and the brown basket weave belt, both size 42. My zip code is 37745. Duffield
  9. Bob Ross makes painting look so easy that any idiot could do it. So easy that even I could do it. That makes people reluctant to pay the high prices that some artists, who take hours or days to make a perfect painting, charge for their work. Of course they hate him. Duffield
  10. The B-2 has been used to drop test the B-61 mod 11. Here is a link that specifies what aircraft can carry the B-61. B61 nuclear bomb - Wikipedia Duffield
  11. Thanks for the info. Amazon has a good selection of "touch screen sensitive" gloves. I hope that they are as satisfactory as the originals. Duffield
  12. I just tried to buy Morris Feel Gloves to replace a pair that are getting worn out, and I can not find them anywhere, not even on Amazon. Do they still exist? If not, what is a good replacement? Thanks, Duffield
  13. The chief difference between a redhead and a terrorist is that you can negotiate with a terrorist. Duffield
  14. M-1 Garand cleaning tool. There are more segments of the cleaning rod. The handle can be used in breaking down the rifle. Duffield
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