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  1. My friend's dad, James Skidmore, had to get a tank to his squad's position on Iwo Jima. He could not make himself understood over the telephone on the back of the tank, so he told the T/C to follow him and lead the tank across the island to his squad. The next day he was wounded and evacuated. One of our Sunday School teachers, Jack Riley, had a scar that ran diagonally across his chest, splitting a nipple into two halves. A Japanese soldier had tried to slice him in two with his bayonet and was a few inches short of the mark. Jack told us that if the Jap had stabbed instead of sliced he would have been dead, but he was able to kill the Jap with his entrenching tool. Those were MEN! Duffield
  2. I saw a little boy sitting on the curb and crying. I asked him why he was crying and he said: "Because I can't do what the big boys do." So I sat down beside him and started crying. Duffield
  3. In the club I shot at in those days (Canadian River Regulators) we gave them a pass on things like that, and let them shoot from where they could get to. They weren't going to win the Caddy anyway, and they got to share in the fun. Duffield
  4. Lonesome Polecat, one of the proprietors of the original Skonk Works, was the mascot of the 336th Assault Helicopter Company. His name should have been given to the little girl who thought Lockheed's skunk was Flower but I doubt if any of the adults there had ever heard of him. I don't know of any recognition that Hairless Joe ever got outside of the comic strip. Duffield
  5. Great to hear you are back to driving. Getting the knee fixed is doable. I had mine replaced io 09 and 10 and have not had a bit of trouble. Duffield
  6. Make sure that you can STOP THAT RIG! If your truck and trailer brakes can't do the job, you are going to have a serious crash sooner or later. Duffield
  7. Bones Hooks was another Black Cowboy that you don't hear much about: http://www.cowboysofcolor.org/profile.php?ID=64
  8. According to Tom McCahill the refineries spend tens of thousands of dollars to take the stuff that is used to make additives out of their oil. He did not recommend putting it back in.
  9. I am told that even if a fireproof safe survives the fire it is hot inside and as it cools it sucks corrosive vapors into itself, and this causes much damage to your guns. Duffield
  10. Go to a local emporium that makes something you like to eat, and lay in a supply. Tell your beloved spouse that you know how much she likes her soup, you prefer something a little different and have bought your own meal so that she is not deprived of the soup she loves. It might work. Good Luck (you'll need it) Duffield
  11. George C. Scott summed it up perfectly when he refused the Oscar for Patton.
  12. I would like to see them race Stock cars, or at least the way that they were stock in the late '60s: engines, chassis and body as designed by the manufacturer, ride height same as cars being driven on the street, and the manufacturer required to sell (or at least offer for sale) 500 cars equipt with the engine, transmission and chassis as the cars being raced. I also want to see door handle to door handle racing all around the track! And racing by every driver out there, even if he is racing for 15th place instead of 16th. Too much to ask for! Duffield
  13. Does anyone else remember: "We all work for Uncle Sam Soon we'll be in Viet Nam …." ? Duffield
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