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  1. Why in the cat fur would you sell a lady like her? Duffield
  2. Bingo! Use a small expander from a .30 caliber die set, or a .30 Lyman M die to get good, tight neck tension. I have found this to be more important than crimping when testing my reloads. Duffield
  3. Several years ago Dear or Alive and I stopped in a Toot 'n' Totem in Amarillo on our way to a match in Hereford. The teenagers behind the counter asked us about our getup. I told them that we had jobs as extras in a movie being made about Bat Masterson, and the pay was $650 per day. They wanted to know if there were any more of those jobs, we told them that they were too young to rate Actor's Guild scale. They were properly awed when we left the store. Duffield
  4. You understand her thinking perfectly. Abortion is never a good thing, but sometimes it is the least bad thing IF IT IS MEDICALLY NECESSARY TO SAVE THE LIFE OF THE MOTHER! By making it just another form of birth control they take things to an immoral level. Duffield
  5. I have no experience with steelwater safes, if they do not pan out, you might try Sportsman Steel Safes http://www.sportsmansteelsafes.com/blog/best-gun-safe-reviews/ They are relatively close to you and make a good safe. Duffield
  6. How are you going to anchor the trim to the window? Won't that still involve drilling holes for the tapcins/anchors? Duffield
  7. I think the uniform problem was solved by the end of WW II. I am not sure why they had to change after that uniform, unless it was change for change's sake. In other words, I like the new/old uniform. I do not like the new saucer hat! I always did like the garrison cap. I presume that our dress blues and mess dress will remain the same as now. Duffield
  8. I read an article in Scientific American shortly after it happened. If I redcall correctly, the author maintained that one group of engineerswanted to test the safety controls by reducing coolant flow and the production engineers kept over riding the safety mechanisms because it was a peak demand time. Poor communication and poor planning resulted in the disaster. Duffield
  9. In 1975 I was stationed at NAS Miramar in the intermediate maintenance department. One of the other sailors brought in a stadium horn from a Charger's game, and delighted in sneaking up behind someone who was intent on the unit being tested, and blowing the horn in his ear. He worked day shift, I worked evening and due to the Navy's habit of a 15 minute shift overlap he got to use his horn on people on both shifts. One evening I put a 1" thick plug of clear RTV sealant in his horn, two inches from the mouth piece. I did not get to see the result, but I am told that he almost blew out his own eardrums the next day. After that, the horn disappeared. Duffield
  10. Kirk He can make a decision and cares about his people. Those other captains WILL get you killed for nothing, and truly regret it. Duffield
  11. Wasn't Star Wars about Sonny and Cher's divorce? Duffield
  12. Yep, they are reinforcing the stereotype. Happens all over the nation. Duffield
  13. You might want to use a micrometer to check that slug. It is much more accurate than a caliper. Duffield
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