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  1. One in the chamber and one in the magazine will handle most hunting situations. Duffield
  2. "We fought people we didn't hate for people we didn't like." The Irish sure have a way with words. Duffield
  3. Welcome to Texas! Your best bet is to marry a rancher's daughter. Second best bet is to move to another state. Public land is scarce in Texas and what little there is looks like it has broken out in Measels on opening day of deer season. There is some national grassland in the panhandle where you can shoot prarie dogs to your heart's content and also find a few doves. Matador Wildlife Management Area is not too far from you by Texas standards and you might check for other WMAs. Also, look North. Oklahoma does have some public lands and the non-resident tag is a heck of a lot cheaper than a hunting lease in Texas. Good luck (you'll need it) Duffield
  4. My grandfather taught me to shoot with a Winchester model 67 when I was six years old. When I was ten, he got a Remington model 512 for me. That original is long gone, but I bought a 512 at an auction a few years back and shooting it takes me back to my early days as a shooter. Duffield
  5. Folks, you are all missing something important! This is an excellent reason for Bruce to acquire some new guns. Duffield
  6. IF I bought one of those, which I do not plan to do, I would buy the 12 gauge. Duffield
  7. Doc, I am praying for the Lord's mercy for your mother-in-law and for you. Duffield
  8. You did. In a thread some time back we were told that a shooter who was a "War Hero" who had been shooting "All his life" was asked to check a revolver at the loading table and replied that anyone who needed someone else to check his guns had no business shooting. Some of us disagreed, but some people expressed a very assertive resistance to having LTOs. Duffield
  9. The Irish don't much care about them either. Duffield
  10. The Medico was tinkering around inside my heart two days ago. That puts a damper on doing anything strenuous for a while. I hope your move went well. When I relocated from Texas my friends helped me pack and two of them drove vehicles full of "stuff" that I couldn't bear to throw away. I am sure that your friends did the same. Good luck in your new home. Duffield
  11. This can be soaked in JP-4 and used to heat the edible parts of C rations. Duffield
  12. You do seem to find great ways to enjoy your retirement. Duffield
  13. Never mind the legal mumbo jumbo, just leave your multi million dollar estate to me in your next will. Duffield
  14. Some of us were COLD WARRIORS.
  15. I saw a Simpson 260 disappear in a flash of light and a small puff of smoke once, but have never seen an electrician do the same. From the foot prints it appears that one did. I am glad that I was not there! Duffield
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