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  1. I had a call last Friday Ellington me that I had won $500000.00 and a 2022 Denali pickup. I had to pay a 399.00 registration fee with money orders from Dollar General.... I strung him.along for about 30 minutes. Then I called the sheriff yo report the scam and also the local news paper.
  2. 6&7. The rest will either follow naturally or will not matter.
  3. Get a bottle of OLD REPEATER and spend the savings on new guns and hunting trips.
  4. I never asked what they called it, just noticed that they were all wearing one. Everyone had a different design so I supposed that they bought their own, whatever took their fancy.
  5. When I had a tour with the Arkansas National Guard every officer I saw had a Bowie on his belt. The Chaplin had a bone handled Bowie that was the most impressive of them all.
  6. A man was lying in bed, near death. Suddenly he smells the aroma of his favorite toll house cookies, fresh from the oven. He crawls out of bed and drags himself to the head of the stares. He slides down the stairs bumpaty-bump and crawls to the kitchen. He reaches up to the table and grasps one cookie. WHAP! A wooden spoon hits the back of his hand and his wife says: "Don't touch those, they're for the funeral. "
  7. Check out Smokey Mountain Knife Works. They have a good variety at All price points.
  8. I remember seeing that movie when TV and I were young. It was a darned sweet movie but I suspect the offended crowd would have a hissey fit if it were aired today.
  9. Prayers for all of your family in this horrible situation.
  10. I wonder about that myself. We now know what ead markings to beware of.
  11. Bolts made from inferior materials that will not meet all specifications for the grade that they are marked as. For instance a bolt marked as grade nine that will meet the tensile strength r equirements but not the shear strength requirements. First discovered when the bolts holding the steering box to the frame on a Peterbilt tractor sheared with fatal results.
  12. Most vehicles are assembled with counterfeit bolts these days. Most of the time they don't cause a problem but when they do it is a big problem.
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