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  1. There are a lot of different ways to screw up, and it sounds like these guys tried most of them. Maybe the investigation will uncover some mitigating factor....
  2. When I graduated from AE "A school" a bran new AE3 with no Naval experience. I was assigned to VF-124's VAST shop doing computer controlled testing of electronic gear for the F-14. Three years later AEs were deemed to not have enough electronic background to be in the VAST program, but I was kept in it. When I left the Navy after five years service I was an AE1 with a NEC of 0000. Duffield
  3. H4831 will fill the case and with a lightly compressed load will give good accuracy. Duffield
  4. You should politely correct him. The first time. Duffield
  5. Labor Day, 1991, my Lab and I were hunting dove near Dawn, Texas. As we walked out of the field I heard a buzz that did not sound like the grasshoppers thaatw ere sounding off around us. I looked to my left and about a foot away from my lab was the head of a diamondback sticking out of the weeds. I stuck the barrel of my shotgun over her back and the snake looked down the bore. It expired. I think that was the day that I decided we were bagging about as many rattlers as we were doves, and quit hunting there. It just wasn't worth losing my dog. Duffield
  6. I wish they would go back to requiring body, chassis and engine from the manufacturer whose logo is on the car, requiring a run of five hundred cars with that engine and pretending that they are racing stock cars, like they were doing in the late '60s. I know that stock is the basis for soup, and those cars were certainly souped up, but we could pretend that we could buy a car just like Bobby Allison or Cale Yarborough was racing. Duffield
  7. I was at Smoky mountain knife works 2 hours ago, they have wolf 223 Remington ammo for 399 per 1000 rounds.
  8. Below is a letter that I received in response to a request for comment on an article about the "danger" of taking the COVID vaccine(s). The author is a personal acquaintance of mine, doing a job that I would have done had I not got sidetracked by a little war. I am posting this because it is from someone who can reasonably be expected to know what he is talking about. I agree with him. I do not expect to change your mind if you do not agree with him. "I am the director of a lab that does high volume COVID testing and testing for all kinds of othe
  9. It is so good to see these people get theirs. Telephone scammers | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) - Mustang6G.com
  10. Everything you suggest is an improvement, and none of your ideas detract from the appearance or the usefulness of the shotgun. They might detract from the collector value, but so what? Get a reputable gunsmith to do the work and have at it. Duffield
  11. Congratulations! My wife and I have had both of ours, one benefit of being a geezer. Neither of us had any side effects from the first shot, and only a day of feeling blah after the second shot. I had the Moderna, she had the Pfizer. If enough of us get vaccinated we can put an end to covid troubles. Duffield
  12. A gentleman just called purporting to be from Publisher's Clearing House telling Jeanie that she had won $8.5 million and a 2020 Mercedes Benz. After a lot of palaver and beating around the bush, he said that she needed to pay a $1535.00 fee to register the check with the Federal Reserve. She was to go to Walgreens and get a money order in that amount and send it to him and then the check and car would arrive. She made an excuse and handed me the phone. I told him that those drug store money orders were not reliable and that I would go to the post office and get him a postal
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