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  1. The .41 Magnum is a great cartridge for hunting as is, and can easily be loaded down to SASS performance. You will be happy with it. Ammo should be available at any gun shop. Duffield
  2. You, Sir, are a wise and blessed man. The second fill is on me, to all the ones we loved who are not here to drink with us. Duffield
  3. I have vague memories of shooters who used rifles with chambers cut undersized so that the neck was too tight. They then used a custom reamer (Wilson ?) to ream the necks for a tight slip fit for the bullet. This was called a "Texas Tight Neck" and was done to make the bullet alignment with the bore consistent. Does anyone here know about this technique, and what the results were? Duffield
  4. Yep, until it snows enough to fill it with packed snow where your truck drives over it. Then it ceases to exist for practical purposes.
  5. The original question was "...If you were hurt and/or tired and afraid that you would pass out and fall out of the saddle...." This type of emergency overrides the fear of the saddle coming loose or the horse running away. If you are that bad off, the train wreck isn't going to make much difference.
  6. I cut an eight inch long 2X4 in half, with a 45Degree angle cut. I then screw these two pieces to a 12 inch long 4X4, leaving about two inches between the beveled ends. I use a sand bag on this for a front rest, and another sand bag under the butt stock. The front can be elevated if needed by sliding another 2X4 under it, or suing another sand bag. Duffield
  7. Elmer Keith tells of cowboys who had game legs because a stirrup had fallen onto the hammer and sheared the safety notch, thus shooting themselves in the leg. I don't know whether this procedure was ever written offically.
  8. Get the chair height throne and install hand rails. Problem solved.
  9. I took a Remington 721 in .300 H&H, and a Browning A-bolt in .375 H&H
  10. There were no caves near where we were, but there are caves with cave paintings in other parts of South Africa. You doubt that you will ever go? So did I until I won that auction at DU. I saved up for three years to take the trip, and have most of that savings left over. You will be amazed at how economical a hunt like this is. The whole trip cost less than my Moose/caribou hunt in Newfoundland did, including airline tickets for two and all incidental expenses. I have now decided that I want to die as the poorest man in the nursing home, not the richest. Duffield
  11. If you get brass with primers wet, you should de-prime immediately or you will have this problem.
  12. Lumpy, The hunt is conducted on Ranches whose owners decided to concentrate on preserving game animals rather than cattle, although some ranches have both. The typical ranch is 35,000 acres up to 55,000 acres and all covered with native vegetation, all of which has thorns. Sharp thorns. The game can be hunted any way that you want to - I saw a bow case come in while I was there. Being that I am old and decrepit, I hunted from the truck. The PHs have four wheel drive diesel pickups with high seats in the bed. The tracker drives the truck slowly along the two tracks while
  13. It was! They run a really first class operation. There were several other parties in camp, at least half of them were repeat clients. One man said that he came there every year.
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