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  1. Did that many a time when in the field. Always take a ha,r of butter and corn to the field. Screw spam
  2. That ain’t right. You can’t see the old folks spicy sausage. Gotta be there
  3. I have an H&R Buffalo Classic in 45-70
  4. M slim, hope your hunting quasi tee goes well. Virus or nor not I think a hunting quarantine sounds like a yearly normal thing. Got my crossbow ready and the camper outfitted for just such an occasion. Lucky for me the said I can start my quarantine at anytime lol. Good luck and hope you don’t get sick
  5. Sig 938 is my everyday carry. I have a friend that loves his Sig 238 in. .380
  6. This is Kount. The newest member of our family. He is pushing almost 16 pounds at 8 weeks. He is expected to weigh between 110 and 120 at full growth. His parents were very large German Shepard’s from Germany. Very docile and smart. He already comes to his Name after only one day. He comes to us by Reinhardt Kennels in London Kentucky.
  7. We make lasagna with three layers of thinly sliced zucchini (lengthwise). Browned ground turkey or beef . Bertoli’s olive oil and garlic sauce. We then mix 50/50 cottage cheese and ricotta. Top lightly with mozzarella and fresh grated Parmesan. Never had any complaints from those who have tried it
  8. I have an Oxbow safe with an electronic lock. Couldn’t get batteries to last more than a couple of days. Called the locksmith. OLG is spot on . Locksmith put in a La Gard. Said that he stays extremely busy changing out electronic locks on safes. He allowed me to help with the change out. Pretty simple really. Because I helped (He was in his 70s, with bad arthritis) he reduced my bill from $350 to just $200.
  9. Prayers for a successful operation and speedy recovery
  10. Very nice. I’ll take seconds on the leather covered canteen if it doesn’t go through
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