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  1. One more note. I had forgotten about till now Almost ten years ago, I received a call that my riding buddies wife had gone for a walk on their property and had not returned after 6 years hours She and my buddy lived on 200 plus acres, most of which was owned by her grandmother that passed. They sold 180 acres and her house to some one that built a new home. Someone dumped a pit bull in their are and the neighbor started feeding it. (No, I’m not against pit bulls, it just happened to be one). Karen Gillespie decided to take a walk up the hill to a cave on the property. On the way back she was attacked by the pit bull. Karen was about 115 pounds and only 5’2. No chance! We we found her just after daybreak. Throat ripped out. It took a court case to have the animal put down. Never! Never! Trust what someone dumps on you
  2. Just yesterday my neighbor called about n aggressive white dog in her yard. She is wheel chair bound and we live in the country surrounded by farms. It’s a favorite place for local city folk to dump their unwanted animals. She couldn’t let her little dog out and the dog rushed her door when she tried to go out. I told her to call animal control. An an hour later they showed up an had one hell of of time getting the dog. Very aggressive white pit bull. It was put down. I agree with Alpo. If the dog is aggressive , protection of yourself is the foremost priority! Don’t dump your pets on my property, just because I have a farm doesn’t mean I want your trash! Go back and stay in the city and care for your animals like I do mine!
  3. I Hate Spiders. Any size. 6 years ago while mowing under a juniper tree I was bitten by two different brown recluse. Arm and shoulder. Luckily I saw one of them and recognized it. Went to the hospital and they gave me steroid shots. No permanent damage. Could have been different. Yesterday I killed a black widow in the garage. Give me snakes any day
  4. Alpo, I’m guessing that using the textbook definition of a civil war, you were inquiring about when we were considered a sovereign nation to fit the definition of a civil war. Internal infighting. No outside aggression. Is this correct. Because even though we declared independence, it was not world wide recognized. Is this your position
  5. Who’s definition is imaginative?
  6. In 1991 Ukraine declared itself a sovereign state. Russia has never recognized their status. Now Russia invades. Ukraine was part of The Soviet Union. Is this revolutionary, civil or just an invasion by another country? How do you view it.
  7. Very interesting perspective. Never thought of it that way. I’ve read that view before but because internal economic and societal differences between Northern Ideology and southern ideology I didn’t consider that idea. However, if Texas decided to leave the US and went to war with us is that the distinction you are making. That a state wanting to leave becomes revolutionary and not civil. I think I understand.
  8. I’m wondering about your question. Very interesting. A civil war being defined as a war between citizens of a country. However if said (country) is not already recognized as a soveign nation then it is not a civil war but rather a fight from outside countries over the spread of their country. I think this is where you are going with this conversation. Correct me Alpo if I am wrong. I’ve often pondered that question. 1775-1783. Otherwise known as the revolutionary war against the British colonies I believe this is your reference. Civil war 1861-1865. Over mainly slavery but much outside influence was at play. Please clarify your statement so I understand.
  9. Although I have never Been a fan of any kind of soda, ginger ale has always been an exception. Anytime we had a stomach ache mom would give us ginger ale. I just recently started drinking Canada Dry again. I like Vernon’s but it’s just a tad strong.
  10. This is an area of my life that has almost totally ended. I love to take my wife out for dinner. I don’t have to cook which I do 95% of. (Get to eat what I want Lol). And I do support local business but it’s getting bad out there. With crappy young workers that could care less about health standards to just lazy young people, orders getting constantly screwed up to just terribly cooked food and bad cuts of meat. Eating out is just bad these days i worked as an accountant for Iron Skillets Restaurant for awhile. In the beginning I was impressed. They put sanitary measures and customer service up front. The cuts of meat were good and I ate there often. Today they are terrible. The young people that work there as well as anywhere else could care less about being sanitary or even courteous I make it a point to sneak a peak at cooking situations. I’ve recently developed a bunch of food allergies and cannot tolerate cross cooked food. ie fishand beef or shrimp all cooked on the same grill, which is not cool. Or peanuts cooked in a pan and then my beef cooked in the same pan as the next dish. These things are not allowed but with restaurants struggling they are doing these things more and more often. Ive had so many allergic reactions in the last year that I won’t eat out anymore. If restaurants want to make it they are going to have to pay attention to basic standards, and the fact that their biggest consumer are older people that are more sensitive to changes in sanitary food standards and have more time and money to spend
  11. I pretty much buy was I need. Unless there is a deal, and I know I will eventually use.. I never rate products anymore unless it is reall good or really bad. Mediocre is too normal for me to bother
  12. Some stores still get it. Menards is one such store. Customer service is their hallmark in my opinion. At least the one in our town. I never have a problem finding help. They are always cheerful and courteous. It’s no wonder Home Depot and Lowe’s is losing business.
  13. Hardpan, I know your headache. While in Germany in 1978 I purchased a complete kenwood system (wood cased). 555s speakers and the whole nine. The original turntable was replaced by the linear track turntable in 1982. Then the tape player replaced by a pioneer years later along with a kenwood equalizer. Still have it all and close to a 1,000 albums. Added a kenwood cd changer in 88. Nothing is currently set up due to space in the house. Sigh. Using the tv now the other day my micro compact JVC that I had in the wood shop went tits up! I ended up going to Best Buy and got the Sharps with the 5 CD changer. Really good sound and it’s 50 watts. So far I’m pleased but I really want the big system hooked up. I paid 199 before tax. The micros do fairly well. Repair shops for the old systems are far and few between
  14. The first model I had hooked me so bad that I ultimately ended up with a model 70 in 32 acp and a 70s in 22 lr. I sold all 3 as a set. Made quite a bit of profit on that sale. Now I deeply regret it
  15. That is also my favorite cut. If you can find it around here, it s high priced and not good cuts.ive noticed a real change in the quality of beef here on the east coast. A friend that works as a butcher told me that most of our beef is coming from South America now.. time to start buying from my local farmer. Nothing worse than buying crappy high priced beef Just so happens that the wife and I bought some flatiron steak last week for some Mexican. It was so tasteless and bad that we feed it to our dog. Disappointing
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