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  1. Not sure about what you are asking. But I would definitely make sure it doesn’t have asbestos siding covered up by some other form of siding
  2. The short time I had a custom deck business, we would always return overage and offer the spoilage to the customer. Contractors in this area are known for keeping overage for personal use. When I hire a contractor I let them know I want all overage and spoilage.
  3. Love SOS. I use the same recipe except I also add chipped beef. No one that I have it to this way has not just loved it. I served with a sunny side up egg on top And Louisiana hot sauce
  4. LL. I feel your pain. Same thing happened to me in the last year. Always had pretty good teeth. Fillings began cracking and falling out. Three teeth pulled and four new filling$. Softer foods are my friend
  5. Prayers up for family and friends. Maryville was old stomping grounds for me.
  6. Outstanding. Never saw that coming lol
  7. I joined and I’m willing to give it a chance. Right now anything is better than leftist facebook
  8. I agree. We can all have differences in opinion and still get along. But when you are attacked!
  9. There is now a competitor to Facebook. MeWe.com. Looks to be a lot more conservative. Cedar River Kid told me about it today. Checked it out and joined. Going to send out email to my friends. Facebook needs to have a competitor. Please check it out. I know that change is hard but sometimes it just worth it
  10. Knob Creek Gunfighters Guild Facebook site got shut down yesterday for content it doesn’t agree with. Nothing on our site has changed in years. Info about upcoming shoots and pictures of past shoots. Pretty much it. Someone requested to join two days before this happened. No one responded as they were unknown to anyone. Then this happens. Interesting im also a member of Military Brats ( I also served 20). I don’t comment I just read. Today the lgbtq community got on the site and started making comments. Suddenly out of now where I was barred from the site. It’s also Facebook. Not that I care about being barred as I don’t really do much on these sites other than read. But what is the purpose of their actions.? And how the hell did I get barred for reading. Anybody else having problems. They are definitely going after conservatives
  11. Postal money order and a copy of FFL are in the mail


    1. Dakota Steele SASS# 34757

      Dakota Steele SASS# 34757


      i appreciate it



  12. Pm me the information for where to send the moola and I’ll get it in the mail. I’ll include a copy of my FFL


  13. Pm me the information for where to send the moola and I’ll get it in the mail

    1. Dakota Steele SASS# 34757

      Dakota Steele SASS# 34757

      Thank You


      Brad Sacco

      36040 N Corbin Rd 

      Walker LA 70785


      please email/Fax/ or include FFL in payment


      225-673-4827 FAX



  14. Happy New Year all my SASS family. Wether we've met or not. Y'all are the best of he best
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