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  1. I Ben all over the country and haven’t head term” breakfast Steak. It’s always been steak and Eggs.
  2. Just remembered my dad’s favorite breakfast. A thick grilled cheese sandwich. Top with Scarmbled eggs and brains. Top with red beans, Red Onion and diced jalepeno pepper and Tabasco.It would take all those condiments for me to gag it down. Having graduated high school and serving 3 tours Vietnam , he got used to eating a lot of strang things
  3. I have a set. Of Lee 25-20 Dies. Brass is all Gone. Ill let the dies and a lee 4 hour turret go for $20 plus shipping Good luck on the brass
  4. A donk is specifically a Chevy Caprice or Impala. Old schoolers would turn over in their grave to consider a Ford a Donk. These days, as with all, young people are changing everything . They refer to any car that is big and boat like with big wheels is referred to as a donk. We have a local club that gets pretty pissed over the reference to anything other than the caprice or impala as a Donk
  5. This happened to me and my Uncle (Retired Special FOrces and Ex CIA) Thus took place about 8 years ago. I get this phone call from my Uncle, Asking me when I had traveled to Mexican. God Lord Uncle Stan I havent’ been out of the State of Kentucky in years. Why, What’s up? He started throwing a litany of questions at me. he keeps asking am I sure that I didn’t just sneak off. I couldn’t believe it. M closet to Uncle doesn’t seem to trust me. Evidently he cared for me enough to pay $10000 to someone in Mexico that would arrange my release from jail and a paid trip home.. Ever since that incident ha wont have anything to do with me anymore. It’s as though I was responSingle for his being scammed. The one scammed is not the only One hurt from it.
  6. I posted in another thread about a buck Im after. I posted a picture of the big boy. Well, on the morning of the 16th, Im sitting in my blind when my eye catches movement. He was here and was fifteen feet from me on the other side of a tree. He stayed here working on a large branch, then after awhile he moved over to his scrape to work on it. I couldn’t believe it. He managed to stay hidden by angling off keeping trees between the two of us. 45 minutes of this. No Deer today. Then on FridayI got up and got read for another hunt. Wha’s this? Man, my shoulder is killing. No idea what I did. But I cant hardly move it. Murphy’s law has struck. Only have a week left in the season. Not looking to good this year. Ill keep you updated.
  7. I have 3 Apples trees and a pear tree. It’s that time of year when the ground becomes littered with the rotting friuts. I have game camera up on the field. I have been getting pictures of deer, coon, and possum coming in at night to eat the fermented fruit. I guess everybody has to party sometime. I also have a very big snapping turtle that daily comes out of the lake, waddles over, grabs a pear and returns to the lake..
  8. Man, you hit the nail on the head with those two.
  9. Marshall Mo Hare’s thread got me to thinking about things I got exposed to as a child that you couldn’t get me to touch, today. I immediately thought of my Uncle Mac. Uncle Mac. 6’ 1 about 210 pounds Brick layer. Hard ass worker. Married to a waitress at the local truck stop. He raised 3 girls and a son in a small cabin. Probably only about 900 Square feet. Lastly, He not only could have passed as a double for Festus on gunsmoke, He also talked and acted a lot like Festus. Anyway just inside the small kitchen entrance always sat a 5 gallon bucket of Lard under a table that had bread, condiments a todays pickings from the garden. Makings for a quick sandwich. Recipe: two slices of white bread. Smear generously with lard on each slice. Slice cucumber, tomato, onion and lettuce. Salt and Pepper to taste. As kid I readily ate this sandwich during the summers in Tennessee. My mother said all her siblings grew up eating like that. Im sure I could think of other dishes but this one just stood out. What about you Cowboys/girls. What weird concoctions did you grew up eating
  10. Im with Blackwater. Growing up sautéed mushrooms were always added to the stew. Ive continued that tradition and don’t eat it any other way. If i had to guess, it’s a background kinda thing. My ancestors were sort of poor. Collecting mushrooms for the stew, both stretches the meat but also added a healthy dimension and depth to the stew.
  11. The Gruesome Newsome Panini. Still confused about what it wants to be.
  12. I hadn’t seen that. Has it come out yet. Good to see you posting again FKCGG.
  13. Went from that to RC airplanes. While in the military I tried to get in the RC military occupational speciality. I had been flying since I was around 13 years old. Hell, they wouldnt have hardly had to train me in much. No dice, I was in a critically short field and couldn’t change jobs.
  14. Plus Tree Stands, and the man cave. WHen she invades the man cave, I head to the woodshop or to work on my 51 Chevy. THen theres always the lawn mower. LOL
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