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  1. Not sure what you mean by separating by age Alpo. Do you mean like eating an egg after it’s started to develop into an embryo which is a delicacy in many places. Veal. I can list a lot of stuff I’ve eaten but aging would be hard. strange to many monkey dog grubs (bondingi] multiple snake snakes allligator possum coon ants grasshopper bear ive tried a lot of stuff. Much ended up on the ground. As to aging them. Vomiting gets OLD no matter what you’ve eaten.
  2. Again I will repeat myself. It’s not the tool it’s the user. If that same person used a Foredom the result would be the same. In the case it’s a lot more costly, because now they spent more on a tool, still f’d up and you get the firearm to fix. I’d say that these guys keep you in business lol. No offense intended. You are always going to get those people. Some of us out here occasionally mess up, and that’s on us. Stop blaming the tool we use, blame the TOOL we can be lol
  3. I miss rattlesnake hunting. Good meat. I hunt red and green Mojave’s in The National Traing Center near Barstow California in the late 70s and early 80s. Nice post! Snake hunters are a necessity in many areas. Especially those that catch and milk for the production of anti Venom
  4. Lefty Wheeler, I apologize for highjacking your thread. I loved your post. I guess I’m just a real TOOL!
  5. Lefty Wheeler You did not offend me at all. I just felt I needed to make my point more clear. I have nothing against those who prefer certain tools. I myself have taken a gunsmithing course, still have my materials but didnt complete it. I determined that I only wanted to work on my firearms, which I do. If I F it up. My problem. We all have an opinion. I found over over the last 45 years of taking mechanic courses that the tool mattered less than the talent of the individual. I got into carving and woodwork because of a Dremel tool. It was an affordable tool. That le
  6. To the point. I’m an ex M1A2 mechanic retired military. I’m not a gunsmith. I’m smart enough not to do anything on my firearms. Foredoms or Dremel or hand tools. I’m going to take them to a trained gunsmith. Its not so much the tools as it is the USER of the tool. granted there are tools I won’t buy, but it’s because of quality and durability.
  7. You guys put down Dremel all the time. I’ve been using them since 1978. I’ve owned and burned up three foredoms. I’m own my third Dremel. Cost difference is exceptional. Didn’t over use the foredoms. I kept going to them because of others comments. If you are talented you can use anything. I know a few that will only use hand tools. No power and they talk against users of any power tools. Like the guy that uses hand engraving tools for beretta verses the guy that uses a Lindsey palm graver verses the guy that uses a computer laser engraver. Talent comes in all forms. Im current
  8. I grew and started smoking cigars to be with the older “cool” crowd lol
  9. I’ll take it. Pm me your address to send the money
  10. My wife has been having RFAs in her neck. She has had it done in her back as well. For her, the first week is Hell. She has a lot of pain. They won’t give her anything for that pain. However, once she is over that period she gets a lot of relief for about 8 months. Medicare won’t cover the cost of anesthesia, we finally started paying out of pocket for that. She would come home and cry for a day or two over the pain. She says it’s worth it.
  11. Ammo and Barrel Depot. Online has most primers. I was just able to order 5000 large pistol primers UPDATE: I have NOT paid and won’t. beware. This a scam site.
  12. During the 3 years I spent as range master, it was pretty much the same individuals that showed up the day prior to help me with clean up and setup. It is only a one hour drive one way for me. Most of the other also drove a good distance to do the work. I have a bad back, my shoulders were shot and I had a bad hip. After the work day and showing to run the match I was unable to shoot. This was the case for all three years. Thank God for those few that would always step up i since had both shoulders and hip replaced and haven’t shot since 2015. I visited last months shoot and was am
  13. Potatoes in the cellar onion and and grapes wrapped in aluminum foil in the fridge. To tomatoes are canned
  14. That’s what you call boundary training.
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