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  1. I have an Oxbow safe with an electronic lock. Couldn’t get batteries to last more than a couple of days. Called the locksmith. OLG is spot on . Locksmith put in a La Gard. Said that he stays extremely busy changing out electronic locks on safes. He allowed me to help with the change out. Pretty simple really. Because I helped (He was in his 70s, with bad arthritis) he reduced my bill from $350 to just $200.
  2. Prayers for a successful operation and speedy recovery
  3. Very nice. I’ll take seconds on the leather covered canteen if it doesn’t go through
  4. At one time I liked Carols junior , then Wendy’s after that Hardee’s. Then I discovered I made the best hamburgers. So it’s Bells Burgers, you have to come visit me to get one. Reservations only , 2 months notice due to meat processing. Note: once I learned to cook, I quit eating out. Grocery bill dropped over $400 a month. Nnoboby else handling my food but the wife.
  5. My wife has lupus, and the arthritis in her hands can be quite debilitating. Sh e went through numerous handguns before settling on the 32 H&R mag Coverette. She absolutely loves that handgun. On my range she has been able to shoot for enjoyment and practice without it leaving her in pain. She has also spent most of the last 50 years working with the elderly, with the last 20 or so in Occupational Therapy. She highly recommends this handgun.
  6. According to David Pedersoli’s website you can use modern smokeless ammo as long as it doesn’t exceed 29.007 CUP
  7. Good luck, it took me about 6 years of looking before I found one on eBay . It cost me around $90 I beleive
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