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  1. My rating scale is simple. Keep, unsure (stuff in draw) return. Not complicated, but it sure give you yard sale stuff lol
  2. Never know I might have something you want lol. How about a 9mm cobra derringer, (H&R 45-70) or combinations of many other safe queens.
  3. 1 pair of Pietta 1858s with 8” barrels ($500) SPF 1 pair of Pietta 1858s with 12” barrels ($600) Both prices add shipping
  4. Well, I’ve heard that after I got into this. However, I never loaded black powder beyond what I would load in the cylinder. I’ve shot at least 50 rounds at less than what most would load in the cylinder. I personally never had a problem. But please do not take my words as gospel, confer to the experts. Beside the cylinders are for sale separate form the pistols. YOU take your chances the minute you load your own.
  5. No problem. My family is from lake city and Johnson city. I graduated from Harrison Chilhowie Baptist academy. Retired in Kentucky. We share some ground. Good luck in your search . Maybe I’ll be shooting again and get to wartrace and see old friends
  6. TNtrapper, I have a pair of Pietta 1858 8” barrels ($500 for the pair) , a pair of Pietta 1858 12” barrels ($600 for the pair) and [ (SPF)2 conversion cylinders $300 for the pair.] These were going to be my Jose Wales guns. I will only sell as sets. private message me if interested and I’ll send pics
  7. I sold my model 52 heavy barrel two weeks ago, now I’m missing it.
  8. That’s because they are to be used as suppositories
  9. I’ve wanted a 28 gauge for a very long time. I also recently noticed that ammo is pretty readily available. I suspect that will change though. I regularly have been doing searches for years for a good deal on a double. I just found a CZ in 28 gauge, but I’m not ready to pull the trigger for $1250. Lately the 28 gauge double are getting harder and harder to find, unless you want a piss poor quality Tristar. Thanks for for the info Pat Riot. I was unaware of the inserts, just might do that before all the ammo disappears.
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