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  1. Cholla, I also toss and turn all night. Monday I go in for my second shoulder replacement. After probably 20 years of not being able to get any sleep, the wife and I got a king with to fully adjustable beds. It’s a sleep number 9. We love it. I still have trouble sleeping but I’ve gone from about 2 hours up to about 4 hours of sleep each night. Makes one heck of a difference for me.
  2. VD can cause VD. Be careful and have a blessed day. Either way you’ll get the point!
  3. If I dont like something, I say something. My wife and I have been together 42 years. We are brutally honest with each other. Yes it has caused bumps in the road but ultimately has made life better. She can always count on me to stick to my tastes and beliefs. And I can count on her the same way. Being honest all the time avoids situations with others. Mom always said, you tell one lie and it takes thousands to cover it up.
  4. This is a very frequent event for me. I spent 6 years of my career behind the podium teaching in the leadership academy. Plus 2 years on the trail. Sometimes it drives me crazy if I can’t get it out of my head.
  5. The only problem with the rally was turn out. I try to stay updated with Kentucky 2A movements and still didn’t find out in time to arrange to attend. We desperately need to improve communication among the different organizations here in Kentucky. People here were so mad at Matt Bevins that they crossed the line. I know conservatives that voted for Beshear because of this. Sad, they got mad at a man who was making strides in our state just because he came across like an arsehole at times that they failed to scrutinize Beshear’s positions. Now we have a fight on our hands. Stay Informed, Stay Active, and Stay Alert!
  6. Every generation has its own terms. Adapting to this is crucial to communicating with follow on generations. As “ supposedly smarter elders” we aren’t doing enough. As Hardpan works with successive generations I’d bet he could attest to the fact that those of us that have been around awhile and work with the young generation, you have to keep up with the latest twist on language. It’s like trying to pass it on to monkeys. You have to speak their lingo to get thru. when you can speak their lingo, get them to understand, then you have a pathway to teach the lessons from the past. Otherwise, you might as well be discussing target size and distance.
  7. I wish that was my issue. I wish the boys scouts would sell beef jerky. That would be fitting
  8. Brown beans kidney beans black eyed peas great northern beans. Lots of garlic and onion. Deviled eggs, broccoli and Guinness beer. Oh and a side of Brussels sprouts
  9. We also got a sleep number. The 9I. I have had trouble getting comfortable in our old bed and didnt get much sleep due to my osteoporosis. This bed has made all the difference in the world. Merry Christmas to me.
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