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  1. I was right eye dominant both my dad and older brother were left eye dominant and left handed. I grew up ambidextrous. When I was in my late forties I had cataracts surgery in both eyes. During a motorcycle ride I had a retinal detachment right eye and subsequent surgery. For many years I found myself shooting cross eyed. Leaning over the rifle to sightwith my left eye. I still accidentally do it. Sometimes lately i find myself shooting with both eyes open. If I concentrate real hard and use my right eye I shoot better even though my left is now dominant. Rifle is easier than using my handguns which I find I typically automatically cross over to my left. I’ve tried zeroing that way but im constantly unconsciously Changing between eyes. Pain in the butt
  2. River otters pass through my property every 4 to 5 days. They pass from the upper lake, through mine and on to the next. It’s a blast to sit on the dock and use my Aurora night vision to watch them play. Recently I believe a pair has dug a burrow in the the bank. They can be some noisy buggers.
  3. Not seen any steel pennies in years. But when I was in Germany I collected a bunch, silver coins too. I have a bag that contains about 6 dollars in steel pennies.
  4. https://medium.com/@jdt2912/the-sport-of-spit-eff85aae452a Better start practicing Pat
  5. Usually one per room required to keep the ladies from making a mess. They don’t spit as good as the guys. This is a proven fact by the number of wins in straight up competitions. Yes it’s a backwoods sport
  6. Required gear for West Virginia, includes Kentucky and Tennessee
  7. Actually it’s so we can catch the Irish with their pants down.
  8. Only had one SDQ that I can recall. It was on the last stage of the Kentucky State Blackpowder Shoot. I got to excited that I had shot clean on the 2nd day that after holstering my pistols that I did a little hop in victory and my strong side pistol came out of the holster. Oops!
  9. SD, the site is armsandsammo.com . This is the scam site. Identified by the additional s after and. The good site is armsandammo.com
  10. So, just got off the phone with the owner of armsandammo.com out of Miss. she is legit. Also legit by the same name out of Nebraska and Tennessee. Watch your six. Armsandsammo notice the additional s before ammo. It’s a scam sight and after talking to th Missouri owner there are at least six other scam sights out there.
  11. Has anyone had experience with this company. Reviews are good but anyone can fake reviews these days.
  12. Glad you like it. But for me it doesn’t overcome the acidic properties of tomatoes. Actually it has its own acidic value that sets my stomach off. Try having upside down cake for desert. Never understood people that want sweet on meat. Go figure. We all have our own tastes. Good on you, hey try adding anchovies to offset the pineapple lol
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