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  1. Would you break down the Handle and blade length for me
  2. SJ that sounds really good. I like simple, fast, Healthy and tasty.
  3. On the table for dinner tonight. Fast, simple and healthy. One cliche of toasted Pepperidge Farms swirl Rye Pumpernickel. One fillet of Orange roughy lightly seasoned both sides with Old Bay Seaoning and Saxon Goya with coriander and Anna to. Meduim Hot pan with a tablespoon of butter and a teaspoon of Olive Oil Fresh homemade Guacamole. Smear the toast thickly with the Guacamole, cut diagonally and top with the Orange Roughy. Absolutely Killer. Could eat this everyday. Meanwhile, “The Queen” has returned home and is making he famous Northern Ohio Farm style Country Mushroom Soup: Again, She wont let me see/know what she does. Evidently a secret passed down from her Grandma ( 1/2 Blackfoot) to all 4 girls that were raised by her. I can already taste what’s coming.
  4. I find it to be very interesting that when SJ started this post. His first recipe had Vegemite included. Might just try that one out when my Vegemite arrives for “The Queens” Birthday.
  5. Perfect Pasta. I haven’t even made a dent in reading of this thread. SO far it’s a real journey. I just wanted to share a little. The best pasta I ever ate was actually in a little dive place in Louisiana when I was much younger. Then of course was my cooking teacher Mom. However I never bothered watching her make pasta. 2 nights ago the wife made some Macaroni and cheese. (She won’t divulge her cheese mix to me. She did however divulge a few things that was a combination of watching me and reviewing some old Chefs video she found. Incidentally, Neither of us enjoy Al dente Pasta, and it’s the reason we generally wont order it eating out. Also, my sister ( cooks a fantastic pasta) had spent about 8 years in Italy while her husband was stationed there with the Air Force. SHe worked for a couple of different restaurants while there. Without further ado here it is. (Also my sister said they rarely served al dente pasta unlike here in the states) First, Use a thermometer in the water pot. Do not salt the water. Watch for the first bubbles to start forming at the bottom of the pot. The temperature should now read around 160F (71 C) get pasta ready. When the temp reach about 176 F (80C) add the pasta. Watch and test the pasta. Choose a clean wall. Periodically, remove a Piece of pasta and throw it at the wall. After about 8 minutes of boiling. Do this every about every minute until the piece of pasta sticks to the wall (this was mom’s method, I know because I cleaned the wall). Once the piece of pasta sticks to the wall. Drain and set aside to be added to your sauce pan. Do not rinse or add to ice water. Keep about a cup of the pasta water. use what you believe you need for your sauce. The wife used her cheeses, (this is the part she wouldn’t divulge) added some pasta water and green chiles, She wants to use Poblano peppers next time. Once the cheese sauce was to her liking. And this is important for all sauces. Add the pasta to the sauce for a few minutes on the stove. Then serve (never add the sauce on top of the plate of pasta has most restaurants Ive eaten at do. Even after a night in the frig, it was still perfect and I couldn’t hardly stop eating it. Of course remember we don’t like al Dente Pasta. To each their own. Happy Trails!
  6. Hey Blackwater I have a close friend that wants to know your real name. He’s been in the nmusic business for over 30 years. Now he does the sound system every year at the state fair in Louisville   His name is Eric Yates. He believes he knows you. He had a Rock Band a Long time ago, he comes from a line of musicians. His band was Hush.


    1. Blackwater 53393

      Blackwater 53393

      I’m Tommy Roehrich. My band is Milkbone and I’ve also worked with Dean Hall, Tom T’s son, on the NASCAR infield tour when Winston was the major sponsor.

    2. Tennessee Trapper Tom

      Tennessee Trapper Tom

      Eric says he knows of you but doesn’t think he’s met you. At one time he was on stage with Buddy Guy. He had a stroke about 10 years ago and is struggling to get back. Like you he is extremely talented. After that he went back to college and got his degree in music. Now he does the sound for my church which a youth band that he a Mike Smith ( another old rocker now our preacher) teach the youth music.  My wife at one time was a sound writer, I played both saxaphone and guitar. I stupidly gave it up when I left home. My band teacher  in New Dorp high school Staten Island New York was Nino Morealle (spelling obviously screwed up) He and his family were in the first movie The Godfather.  I’ve always at the very least stayed somewhat connected. I haven’t shoot with you sin ce 2014/2015. Small world.  Thanks for responding. Wish I could shoot with you again it was always a pleasure.

  7. Is it John Deere, or more likely Dear John!
  8. Hey Wallaby Jack, There’s a cou[le of these t-shirts id like to get. Have you got a line on a website that sells them
  9. TBBandito, send me your email address and I’ll send you a few pictures.


    my email is trappertom1959@gmail.com



    1. Whip Assalot

      Whip Assalot

      I saw it.

      How much do you want for it and how much do you think shipping would be?

    2. Tennessee Trapper Tom

      Tennessee Trapper Tom

      I’ll take $325 plus $15 for shipping. $240

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