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  1. I searched the tail number years ago and found the planes buyer. Unfortunately the trail ended Probably sitting in some farmers field
  2. My dad was a Vietnam Vet came back became a chaplain and went back that way. He served 29 years. I grew up around airplanes. Dad owned several. My fondest memory was the Fly Baby kit plane that I watched him build growing up. Garage full of c rats and airplane out back he always had a studabacker in rebuild mode. Later it was 65-67 mustangs. Spoke seven languages. My dad was the smartest man I’ve ever known. What an example. Here’s a pic for you guys hope it came thru
  3. Funny you mentioned Patton. My first year in the army I served under his son with the 2nd Armored Division at Fort Hood Texas. My dad served under his Command in Vietnam. Hell of a leader. Set the tone for my career
  4. Cyrus. I was in 3rd ACR in 1996-97 . I was the 2nd Squadron motor Sergeant. I took over when they moved to Fort Carson. I went from being Assistant Commandant of the NCO academy there to 3rd ACR I hope that they became a better unit over the years. That was absolutely the worst lead unit I ever served in. The officer leadership stayed under investigation up to my retirement for a myriad of charges. Since you were a young officer I’m sure you heard of some of their shenanigans
  5. Well said Forty. I’m waiting my turn. In the meantime I’ll stay home and fix things here
  6. Hope you’re honoring first I’ll take it posted here
  7. I’ll take them. Message me your total cost I’ll send the molaah
  8. I’ve known several over the years. Military friends that came from three or more military generations family collections. Not unusual. I know one man whose collection exceeds 5000 guns easily and has the ammo to back it up. Both collectible and current. Guaranteed he doesn’t live in A liberal state
  9. I have bought cheap grill and expensive grills. Just threw away a $1200 grill that was only 5 years old. Keep it clean and it still rotted and was going to cost over $400 to fix. I’m done with grills. I have a nice fire pit and a $35 folding grill stand that sit over the fire. Food tastes better. More fun to cook. And when it rots it’s cheap to replace. Kind of keeping with the old ways. Works for me
  10. Did that many a time when in the field. Always take a ha,r of butter and corn to the field. Screw spam
  11. That ain’t right. You can’t see the old folks spicy sausage. Gotta be there
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