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  1. We have gone over the Rim at Clint Wells...while folks were held up from I-40 road closure from snow in Flagstaff
  2. Yes, it is the same item... Yes, NM calls it both... beef, 'chicken fried' and yummy!
  3. Last two years, handing out candy for local RV Sales... RVs set up in a curve, trick or treat door to door. One painted...the other a half plastic mask!!! Fun!
  4. Depends on the rig you are hauling. Make sure your weight is under max for truck/trailer. Use tow assist (even if gas mileage declines) Use a good break system. Make sure to have a transferbar/equalizer to fit.
  5. First snow came this morning...missed it by 2 days
  6. We will see you for each of the Saturdays, except the Nov 6th...
  7. Lizzard Head is beautiful in Fall and Snow Cap!!!
  8. Because we all need some help these days.
  9. I think there is a business down South USA called The Road Kill Cafe! It's everywhere
  10. Oh man!!! I am in Vallecito...and you didn't call??? I bet it was yummy...goid hunting soon. Shanley's is early Nov hunt...Northern NM... Can not wait to get in on Colorado hunts!
  11. Oh My WORD!!!! Thank you!!! And please, keep the sausage!!
  12. Too much money to be had here. This is the first year the hubby has drawn (yes, like a lottory) for a tag in years. Put in for Elk, Deer and combo hunts...got 1 Deer tag. I have not had Vinison in the freezer since Slipnoose hit one leaving the SASS office!!! She couldn't have gotten a cleaner kill if she tried. Not one inch was spoiled. Best 'road kill' I've ever had!!!
  13. Right? The Apen leaves are small...and after the winter with the pine needles, they are easier to rake. Of course...just around the house...I haven't EVEN started on the rest of the property!!! Raining this morning. May have to make frequent stops on the way home. The Chama Valley from New Mexico into Colorado was breathtaking!!!
  14. Extremely bright minded critters....they seem to dissapear day one, and show up in your yard day after closing!!
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