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  1. Why can't you wash and dry them yourself? Excuse me if I'm uneducated on cleaning cotton shirts but I know I have some and I haven'y been to the cleaners in years. When I played in a wedding band 20 years ago, I'd have to take in my suit and also we had a tux for the fancier affairs.
  2. Eternal thanks for the men who took part in this! Truly a historic day!
  3. Great shoot today, not too good for me, I've done better but I did win my category! What a fun time seeing and shooting with everyone! Thanks Tusco for a great time as usual!
  4. Hey Badger, if they play a 50 game season, which has been talked about, there's a good chance we can see the Cards and Indians in the World Series!!! I'll buy the first beer buddy!!
  5. Nope, never said I did! That’s why I posted this!
  6. I tune and repair pianos, been doing it for 33 years or so. I get tips from pretty ladies!! I love my job!!
  7. I think the players are the ones holding this up! Just MHO from what I've heard.
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