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  1. I think it’s a modern version Snake oil. No thanks, I’ll just do less carbs and more veggies and fruit myself.
  2. That's okay I'll just stay close to you and snuggle if it gets cold! BTW I am kidding ya know!
  3. If I have to pay extra for some streaming service or some other weird format to see this they can stick it! If it was a movie in the theater I'd go.
  4. I’m planning on it! Finally some weather my old bones can deal with!
  5. We got em here in Ohio! There’s a guy that raises them right down the road from one of the shoots I go to. I love seeing them on my way!!
  6. I’ve been watching tv all my life. Are the commercials annoying? Yep they always have been. I usually mute them. I do have Starz/Encore which has the westerns channel and 6 other channels. It’s all movies, no commercials and it’s $8.00 a month extra.
  7. I had a 45 record of Davy Crockett and the flip side was Nellybelle! I always thought that was weird. Wish I still had that record.!!
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