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  1. Just got my second shot yesterday. Sore arm and nothing but the usual aches and pains when I get up!
  2. I got the second shot yesterday. I came home and had lunch then went out and cut the grass. Nothing today but a sore arm and the usual aches and pains I have every morning
  3. Yea but the gun laws are OMG!!!
  4. Ohio is got great gun laws or I should say not restrictive gunlaws. CCW, instant background check if you have one and no limits on what you can buy. If you go to southern Ohio you'll get some snow in the winter but not much at all. Up here in Northern Ohio we get snow. Lots of cowboy shoots around here though! We'd love to have ya!
  5. Of course I know how old I am and I have my driver's license to check it in case I forget!
  6. Class F was a “loosely”!based sandlot organization that was all funded by the parents. No sponsors, that’s why they used volunteer umps!
  7. After little league and just before Pony League we had a sandlot class here that was Class F. 12yrs and older I believe 16 was the limit. It was loosely organized by the City of Cleveland. We had T shirts and caps. All the teams had names of the Indians at the time. We were the Nixons. (Russ Nixon catcher for the Indians at the time) Teams supplied their own umpires and many times one of the parents was an ump! Talk about controversy! My dad was umping one time and the other team was heckling him like crazy. They kept yelling at him that he needed glasses. He called a strike on a pit
  8. This is an interesting thread but so far nothing said has me even remotely thinking about going electric. I'll stick with the good old combustible engine!
  9. Michigan democrat Rashida Talib is calling for the complete END of policing period! These people have no idea what they're talking about and are preying on the hearts of people in these situations! Complete lunacy! She wants attention and will get it!
  10. Firelands has added some categories to help with the ammo.primer shortage. Some good ideas for other clubs to think about. We will also be shooting two stages that are 5-5-2 and four that are the usual 10-10-4 to conserve ammo and let everyone be able to shoot. 1. Wild West Category: All four guns any caliber including .22 2. Working Cowboy Category: One pistol / One rifle 3. Range Detective Category: Two pistols / One Rifle 4. Homest
  11. Dana Loesch reported on her radio program that the guy had a warrant out for his arrest because he didn’t show up for a court date for carrying a gun being underage. He struggled with the female cop and broke away to his car. She may have thought he had a gun in his car! The chief of police said the LEO pulled out her gun instead of her taser by accident. Hmmmm...... If the victim would have complied he would still be alive ! Unbelievable!!
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