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  1. If I was coach and my team can score 100 points I’d go for it! The opposition is the enemy! Kill ‘em!
  2. Not a country fan but this tune is great, Patsy Cline was a terrific talent. Old Willie wrote this song.
  3. I gave up on football for a couple years when the kneeling thing was going on, but now that has stopped I’m back following it. I’m a Browns fan’s so it’s been a long drought! They’ve never won a SB. Last time was 1964 before the SB!
  4. First 70 point game since 1966 https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-week-3-grades-dolphins-earn-a-for-scoring-70-cowboys-get-an-f-after-upset-loss-to-cardinals/
  5. That dispatcher was holding back from freaking out! She probably thought it was a prank. She asked for the phone number at one point, don’t they have caller ID? Just curious.
  6. Bought some at a local sporting goods store for that price.
  7. I’ve owned several, shot them a couple times and sold them. I bought them because of what you’re saying, first it was Obama, then Covid and I almost bought one when Biden was elected. The problem is I really have nowhere to shoot it except for 3 indoor ranges close to me. Boring ! If you have a place you can stretch out to 100 yds or more then go for it. I’d stay with a name brand, S&W, Colt, Rock River or Ruger are among the ones I owned. Good luck!
  8. Designed to produce mass casualties? These people are nuts!
  9. No, one is enough! Just kidding I’ve thought about it but just have done it yet.
  10. Governor Kristi Noem has stopped all foreign countries from buying land in So. Dakota!
  11. Okay so we're somewhat replicating a gunfight in the Old West right? I think most gunfights were up close and personal. Rifle targets are another thing. This from the rule book: While a more detailed guide to match design and administration is available in the official SASS Match Directors Guide, there are no absolute rules when it comes to target placement. - Steel (and paper) targets of generous size are used. - Reactive targets such as pepper poppers and falling plates are used when practical to enhance shooter feedback and spectator appeal. - Targets are set at close to medium range. While there are no absolute rules, the following are distance recommendations by firearm, if using a target size of approximately 16"x16": o Revolver targets: 7 to 10 yards. o Shotgun targets: 8 to 16 yards. o Rifle targets: 13 to 50 yards. o Derringer/Pocket Pistol – point blank to 3 yards when shooting paper, cardboard, or balloons only. It’s too close to safely shoot steel.
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