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  1. I go to my niece's house since my big sis passed away. She carries on the tradition of ravioli or lasagna for Easter. She'll pull out a ham later in the day! They'll be about 12-15 people there. Good times, good food! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!
  2. At Firelands we used the line, "Ya'll killed two cowboys" and then threw a red sash on the ground!! Pretty cool!!
  3. These guys had nothing better to do than sit around a vat of vinegar!!??
  4. BTT for the Friday morning crowd.... BTW NO SNAKES At Firelands!!!
  5. For the record, I've had some problems with base pins in Uberti's and Pietta's and I've seen problems with Rugers also! Isn't it wierd that with all the COLTS I've had and have now there has NEVER been a problem with a COLT base pin...NEVER in 20+ years!!
  6. It's like watching a baseball game and one team is leading 15-0 in the second inning!!
  7. I thought it was kinda interesting. I'll watch it again. She's not real prominent in the show. The other actors have waaay more screen time.
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