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  1. 94 yrs old and she died peacefully in her sleep!
  2. Heres my 3, SW 442, Colt King Cobra and SW model 37. There’s something really cool about a snubby!
  3. Only Lone Ranger masks are required!
  4. Did you weigh the rounds and check for inconsistent powder charges?
  5. Interesting fact, Return to Lonesome Dove was the only one that was NOT a book by McMurtyr. Jon Voight was Capt. Call, I thought he did a great job also. Lots of good actors in that, Reese Witherspoon plays the young wife of Gregor Dunnigan but tries seducing Newt Call played by Ricky Schroder. Barbara Hershey is in it too!
  6. The pard that bought this never fired it, bought in new, I even have the original shipping box. He bought in 2015 and sadly died in 2016! He just retired from the Cleveland Police Dept. Great guy and a cowboy shooter!
  7. Someone pointed out to me that it's better to buy Japanese, Taiwanese or other countries rather than China! I never thought of that!! Good point. So if you can't buy American buy anywhere but China!
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