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  1. I like it!! No one in my family ever made it though! A neighbor of ours made a killer fruit cake!! Sadly shes gone now though.
  2. It's been a wild swing here too, 15 Friday and Saturday was about 25 , yesterday was 46, today is 35, tomorrow is supposed to be 40+ and then a couple of 50's Wed and Thurs and then back to the high 30's on the weekend with a little bit of the white stuff. This has not been a bad winter so far and I know there's more winter left but we're over half way through! Spring is Mar 20!! MLB Opening day is Mar 30!!! Yay!
  3. Grips for Uberti's like Colts need to be fitted. They're not like Rugers. Be careful what you buy you may end up with something that won't fit. I've bought a few sets of grips for a Colt and wound up selling them because I just couldn't get them to fit. Just my experience and MHO.
  4. Just curious, did that cost you about 10k ??? Ive been thinking about one but the power doesn’t go off here very often, in fact hardly ever but my worst fear is a power outage when it’s 10 degrees!! Right now if that happens it’s “Motel Time”
  5. You gotta ask yourself "Why did I sell them in the first place", the answer to that question may be all you need to answer this one! I've owned a few AR 15's and I always wind up selling them because I really don't have anywhere to shoot them. I hate having "safe queens", I'd rather put the money towards something I will shoot all the time!
  6. I ain't skeered of no Hollyweird actors Well, maybe Lee Van Cleef
  7. You have to be on constant alert for predators, there’s also possible disease. I think it would nothing but a big huge pain in the neck! Just MHO . I know a few people that have some chickens and they admit it’s a big pain.
  8. There's tuna noodle casserole, tuna and pasta etc but does anyone make Tuna and Rice? Its a simple quick dish for guys or girls that hate to cook! I use jasmine rice, tuna, a little olive oil and add grated Romano or Parmesan cheese. You can also buy tuna in oil and just use that. I have this probably once every couple weeks.
  9. Not as well known as the others mentioned but Ted Di Corsia played a great bad guy in many movies! This is him the The Quick Gun with Audie Murphy https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0208125/bio
  10. Well you covered it pretty well I have nothing to add !!
  11. Ennio Morricone has a lot more in his musical library that the Good The Bad and the Ugly. He was a modern day musical genius, very talented man!
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