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  1. Give 'em a break, it looks like someone crossed the T too far over and covered the I. I wouldn't mess with 'em and I don't think anyone else would either!
  2. We just got done setting up the stages for Saturday! There great!!!! Don’t miss out, cmon out and have some fun!
  3. So you get up 3-4 times a night too??? Bingo!!! Same here!
  4. Me and Harry Yount are going to shoot .22’s for the heck of it! Anyone wanna join us? It’s the great .22 Challenge!
  5. I just re-read the OP and I see you're a open top fan. (Ignore my Smoke Wagon comment above) I would just buy a new pair of open tops in .38, always fun to buy new guns!!
  6. SB22 was passed by the state lawmakers, the city does not have "Home rule" The state of Ohio passed a law years ago that forbid cities to enact their own gun laws. This guy is full of %^$#! Coglianese called SB 22 an unconstitutional usurpation of the home rule authority of the city and the Board of Health.
  7. Astros hit 5 home runs in one inning off Nathan Eovaldi the Boston pitcher! At what point do you take him out? Second homer or third maybe? https://www.chron.com/sports/article/Houston-rockets-Astros-hit-5-HRs-in-2nd-rout-17180403.php
  8. There is no such thing as ghosts, now Bigfoot and /or Aliens could be but I never saw them!
  9. Just buy a pair of Smoke Wagons in .38/.357 and be done with it! You won't be sorry!
  10. Firelands will be shooting this Saturday. Sign up at 8:30 safety meeting around 9:45 shoot at 10:00 Don't forget .22's are allowed as well as Wild Bunch. Both of these will be scored separate from the main match scores. No food so bring some snacks, we'll have water. See ya'll there!! Rye
  11. These antigun whackos will try anything to get control and ban firearms. Did you notice that homicides are down in Columbus? They don’t have a prayer of passing this ridiculous law!
  12. $9.50 admission not too bad but cmon now how much was the popcorn and a drink?
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