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  1. Rye was his nickname, he was actually mostly referred to as Sgt. J.T. Miles. I couldn’t find why the nickname, I assume it has something to do with rye whiskey. His real name was Jeptha Thaddeus Miles! Yea, I’ll keep the name too late to change it now !! Thanks for all the replies!
  2. Here's what I said BEFORE he responded: Tony Romano Bill Miles I do cowboy action shooting and we all have an alias. I picked your dad as an alias!!! I read the book Arizona Rangers by Bill O'Neal and the name Rye Miles just struck me as a cool name. I hope it's okay with you! I had no idea he had any relatives out there! I am pleasantly surprised to see you on here. Your dad was an interesting figure of the west! (Rye Miles Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) #13621)
  3. I found Rye Miles son on facebook who is 93 and he said this after I told him I am honoring his father by using his name. Do you think I should change my alias? Bill Miles He has many relatives in Arizona, including a daughter that is 93 and 3 great grandchildren and a great great grandchild ,and I no longer live in Arizona bur I was a Deputy Sheriff under Cal Boise, in the 1950's, as a Motorcycle cop and later I hauled felony prisoners from all over the US, to Phoenix, in the Sheriff's airplane. I'm not sure I approve of anyone using his name and his great history. I posted a letter from Gov. Hunt sent to my Mother after he died so you should look for it in my Facebook account..
  4. Jackie was great! Alice was a babe!
  5. I had a chance to buy one a few years ago and dawdled and lost it. Great deal!! The LGS has a new model 617 with a 6" barrel....hmmmm....pricey though $750.00 NIB
  6. That was great! What a Patriot that gentleman was!
  7. Great part time business for her! You can get an APP that people can download on their phone and she can get messages right away! Maybe she could quit her job and do this full time with you supervising from your easy chair and phone of course
  8. Me too, I never was a heavy drinker and now it’s hardly any alcohol at all!
  9. I pride myself in being able to get a hangover no matter what color the alcohol! It's a gift I tell ya!
  10. You could also have them text you and meet them at the gas station and fill up, wash their windows and check their oil! Just like the old days!!
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