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  1. Every insurance I've ever came across it's been 5 yrs. If you register for the recall you will eventually get a new machine.
  2. Their commercials and ads never do mention Ozone, they usually mention "Activated Oxygen" which is the same thing. O3, trioxygen, activated oxygen & Ozone all same thing. For years their infomercials were all over TV with William Shatner as the spokes person. We told all of our patients of the risks but that infomercial was too strong. Pat your System One has to be an old machine which also can contribute to the foam falling apart. That's one of the reasons it's recommended machines be replaced every 5 yrs. Here is what the FDA released on the SoClean after Philips brought it
  3. I know all about it. I work at a Sleep Lab. Philips started getting complaints rare(1 thousand out of millions) of machines where particles of foam were entering the pathway of air which Philips thought would impossible because the foam was incased in plastic around the blower. Much to their surprise when they opened these machines everything was horribly corroded. The plastic case around the foam had turned brittle and fell apart and the foam also fell apart and could now enter the pathway of air. They discovered that the common denominator on all these damaged machines was the
  4. I'm in. That was easy. I'm even into a bottle of Old Tub Bourbon and was able to figure it out.
  5. I bought a 66 carbine just cuz I love the look of the saddle ring.
  6. Yes. Based on the story that over the years, The Duke had so many of his personal Zippo's "Borrowed" that he commissioned Zippo to make custom lighters for him stating "STOLEN FROM JOHN WAYNE" that he gave out as gag gifts to friends and co-workers showing his Great Sense of Humor
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