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  1. I use a scrunched up piece of aluminum foil and a water spray bottle. Heat up grill spray water on grates and hold aluminum foil with long grill tongs and scrub it off. I save lightly used pieces of foil for this purpose.
  2. River Junction makes their own clothing. https://www.riverjunction.com The blue shirt in my profile photo is going on 12 yrs and still looks great.
  3. Have you tried icing it? I always get shots in my left shoulder because I primarily sleep on my Right side. Got my flu shot a couple weeks ago and got too hurting the next day. Iced it for 20 minutes and it went away.
  4. I like Michigan Rattler. http://www.michiganrattler.com Here's a photo of one he did for my shotgun. Can you guess the book/movie that it's honoring?
  5. If ya have any questions about Iowa let me know. We have a great range with 12 separate stages. 1. Wagon 2. Log cabin 3. Church 4.Barbershop 5.Jail 6.Saloon 7. Hardware shop 8. Bank 9. Hotel 10. Livery 11. Railroad 12. Fort Here's a photo of the church stage front.
  6. I'll check with the board. They have done it before. Right now the club is having the annual elections for the board members. After that we're gonna start planning the State match.
  7. Yaaaahooo!! Looking forward to hosting y'all. I'll see what kinda fun I can round up as this is my home club. That's a busy weekend for the nearby John Wayne Birthplace Museum located in Winterset. They have the birthday celebration going on. The schedule of events for that is not out yet. Indianola is the nearest town to the range and has good motels and restaurants. My favorite stop after shooting is the Outside Scoop for Ice Cream. https://www.outside-scoop.com
  8. What stage are they thinking of doing?
  9. Do you mean LeClaire, Ia? Over on the east side of the state on the banks of the Mississippi? I don't think I can help ya i'm in the middle of the state and don't have a trailer. Maybe some one in the Quad City area could help out.
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