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  1. Those peanut butter sandwich cookies are my faves. Give me a box of those and a glass of milk.
  2. I’ve seen a few tall sailing ships Out to sea while in the Navy. It’s a sight to behold.
  3. Roush racing just released he’s in serious condition Injuries not expected to be life threatening
  4. I've re-read Johnny's post. I figure "at the ready" will then include directions for hand position.
  5. When you're standing "at the ready" where are your hands? If you're standing behind a staged rifle can your hands be extended towards the rifle, etc...
  6. This morning I had my favorite breakfasts scrambled eggs. I make them with half & half so they're light & fluffy. Along with some elk & bison sausages.
  7. A cowboy working for $30 a month and found.
  8. Great news!! Ya can’t keep a cowboy down for long.
  9. I had a pair of the Uberti 1875. I liked them but they kept breaking the hand springs. If there’s a gunsmith that can make them reliable let me know. I liked the feel of them. As old Boss said “I like a gun with some heft”.
  10. Howdy Flat Top Okie: My old pard Half Fast Len & I just entered negotiations for attending, check work schedules etc.... Are you close to being full/cutting off entry's? What's the deadline?
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