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  1. Major per our earlier text conversation please add Marshal Kane, he's hanging out with Half Fast and I for this match. He's our Iowa pard that moved to Arizona and we're meeting up there in Oklahoma. Gonna see if we can tear the town down.
  2. You’re watching a video of a SASS shooter on YouTube. When ya hear the miss ya instantly put down one finger. Ya really got it bad if ya hold the finger up at the end of video.
  3. Chili Pepper Kid will be in attendance and in fine form. Since Half Fast is the driver for this trip can I drag him and his wispy mustache along?
  4. Howdy. The Trail Boss powder is gone here at the homestead. I've been trying Shooters World Clean Shot but really don't like it (5.2 gr with 200gr bullet it's really dirty). I live near a Bass Pro and Sportsman Warehouse so I thought I would shop for something else. Historically I started with Tite Group but the recoil was too sharp and then tried Clays but I was being told the cold Iowa spring & fall temperatures would be troublesome. I never had any problems though. When Trail Boss came out I switched. I haven't seen Clays at the stores but Tite Group is always there. I think about trying Tite Group again. I was a beginner in loading back then and I was always loaded towards the middle or top of data. Now I start low and work up. What's your advice on next powder to try? What do y'all shoot?
  5. RIP. I'm a member of the Des Moines Parrotheads and have seen him in concert several times. Have a monthly shoot tomorrow, I think I'll wear my concert hat.
  6. Where do you sign up for the tasting events (wine, whiskey, cigars) being held Friday of Land Run?
  7. Larry, I hope you don't mind but I requested to posse with you at EOT. 

    1. Chili Pepper Kid, SASS #60463

      Chili Pepper Kid, SASS #60463

      That's great! Usually Capt. Jim Midnight from Iowa is our posse marshal and he runs a good posse. 

  8. The battle at Adobe Walls. The one where Billy Dixon made his famous shot.
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