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  1. My first gun cart was my kids little red wagon. I made a wood rack to bolt into it. Used an old picnic basket to put ammo in. It was top heavy and after the 3rd tip over went to something different.
  2. I asked Half Fast Len at the shoot today what he uses on his wispy excuse for a mustache. He said he uses the hair gel they use to spike hair at his barbershop. Chili Pepper (I'm still not over it) Kid
  3. My other hobby is Gardening and Canning. I make a canned Salsa and have won the blue ribbon at the Iowa State Fair twice. I usually bring a jar and chips to enjoy after our local shoots
  4. 1 part beeswax, 2 parts vaseline. Melt it together in a double boiler then I add a couple drops of Bay Rum fragrance. I put it in small tins. I also make my own aftershave. 2 eye droppers of Bay Rum fragrance oil, 1 eye dropper of Sandalwood fragrance oil and Witch Hazel in a 4 oz bottle.
  5. I make my own. 1 part beeswax, 2 parts vaseline. Melt it together in a double boiler then I add a couple drops of Bay Rum fragrance. I put it in small tins. Dantankerous don't get me started on Half- Fast's 'stache! I'm still not over my defeat in the mustache contest. I'm not sure what he's using, since he's a barber he seems to try different stuff.
  6. I have both. During the work week when it's one cup with breakfast I like the Keurig. On the weekend it's a pot. I tried the Black Rifle coffee and it was good but too expensive for me. My favorite is Folgers 1850 Pioneer blend. 1850
  7. I like the Hi Mountain kits especially the Hickory blend. If the weather is bad I make it in the oven, if it's nice out i use my electric smoker. I order the beef from local meat counter. I think they use round roast.
  8. I finally got assigned to work in surgery today. The anesthesiologist said counting backwards is a slower cadence and takes more thought. He told me for awhile he would ask his patients to tell him a joke. He said he stopped doing it because he would never get to hear the punch line.
  9. I love the look and the guns especially the hammered double shotgun. Also there seems to be a brother/sisterhood amongst Classic's that's missing from other categories. We all seem to congregate and have a good time.
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