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  1. Don't know if you seen me last Saturday when it started to rain on the last stage... My yellow slicker is always in the truck with a small tarp rolled up inside of the slicker and a small umbrella. When it starts I unroll it put tarp over the gun cart and slicker on me. My hat is a beaver blend so I don't worry about it and it gives me a chance to clean & reshape it. Keep extra stuff to a minimum. No brass pickers or other stuff to get in the way while reaching under tarp for guns. I use Ballisol to treat guns afterwards. I'm going to either leave the phone in the truck or keep it in a ziplock bag. I have a couple small cloth rags in the cart.
  2. Gunsmoke in Minnesota. It's going on this week.
  3. BTT Hey we need someone nominated with a Pepper related alias!! 2017: Chili Pepper Kid-Black Hills Barb 2018: Major Art Tillery-Cayenne Kay Two years in a roll!!
  4. I'll throw my battered felt hat into the ring for Stirrup Trouble!! Life threw a mean ride of adversity the last few years that would throw most of us off the bronc an' into a rocking chair. But not Stirrup he got back into the saddle and is riding the rough string for all he's worth. To me he's a prime example of what Classic's should be. Also he has the best mustache in SASS.
  5. I wear batwings. Cooler in the summer and easy to get on & off.
  6. My faves are a Buck 110 and several sizes of swiss army knives.
  7. Yes!! Great shoot. plenty of room. The shoot is over the Memorial day weekend. Waiting to hear back from SASS if we get the 2020 state match. Regardless of state match that is when the Fort Des Moines Rangers will be holding the annual match.
  8. Estate shotgun shells. I get them at our local Sportsman Warehouse with a discount for buying a case. https://www.estatecartridge.com/html/target.htm
  9. I remove my shotgun belt. Leave gun belt on and put pistols in holsters on gun cart to lessen the weight. Unless...We are shooting in order and I'm the first shooter then I take both off cuz it's gonna be awhile before I shoot last on the next stage. Hope to see you tomorrow at Zen Shootists.
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