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  1. A local gunshop has some IMR Target powder. Anyone shoot it? I shoot .45 colt. I’ve shot Trail Boss for quite awhile and I’m running low.
  2. I'm a Respiratory Therapist. There's Covid brain..Covid eyes. on and on with the symptoms. It's horrible.
  3. I got my 2nd Moderna vaccine on Tuesday (26th). No side effects . I was the only one in the department that didn't have side effects. Everyone else had side effects and took off a day (I'm a Respiratory Therapist). I wouldn't put it past some of them to fake it to get off a day. The yellow fever vaccine I got in boot camp was worse. On Friday the blood center was at the hospital for a blood drive. I donated. They check the blood to see if you have the antibodies. Can't wait to see the report.
  4. RIP. She was from here in Des Moines Iowa. I met her a couple times at the family business Leachman Lumber Co. Very nice lady. https://www.leachmanlumber.com/#&gid=1093197515&pid=3
  5. I used Wolf large pistol primers before. They all went off. I did find them to be harder to seat than other primers, made for more high primers.
  6. Merry Christmas pard. Did Santa bring you anything?
  7. can you see them in this photo? He’s third from left with yellow shirt.
  8. My pard HalfFast has a pair of these in 11 1/2 that he is selling $75 + shipping. He added silver spots around the top. http://stores.worknranch.com/gunfighter-brown/
  9. I got this Char-Griller Duo grill. I would say it's 10 plus years old and still going good. Love it. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Char-Griller-Duo-Black-Dual-function-Combo-Grill/1245537
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