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  1. I once again successfully resisted blurting "Son.... Yo' Mama Riiiiides Tonight~!"
  2. Well, Mike... many have said that good work is worth a wait. But isn't telling someone 2 - 3 months then taking 2 1/2 to 3 years just a bit "over the top?" Especially after requiring "up-front payment?" After a bunch of "It'll be shipped by the end of the week!" promises over that time period?? So Jeeze, man... finish Palouse's unfired 2nd Generation Colt Navy (NOT an Italian reproduction) and send it back to him. That is NOT a low-quality, out-of-spec piece of junk requiring any "extra" work.
  3. Um... Wasn't this the job that you were assured would take just two to three months??
  4. Wow...! Just knowing that there are people and organizations like this is seriously alarming.
  5. I'm hopeful, but not confident. And I'd rather see the court resolve Newsom's despotic ammunition purchase law.
  6. Totally out of character for me ("Buy high ~ sell low!" ), I bought my li'l cottage at the nadir of the market. Supposedly, it's "value" has increased to about 2 1/2 times what I paid for it just under ten years ago. I'm sure this'll be changing in the not too distant future. Let it. Like Forty, I ain't goin' anywhere.
  7. One of the few good things about California is our "Proposition" process. Ordinary citizens can gather signatures and petition to have things put on the ballot that the wethers in the state legislature might not want to address. Because of this and to the great annoyance of today's political "leaders" in the state, we have Proposition 13, passed in 1978 in a taxpayer's revolt. Proposition 13 severely limits the amount residential properties can be re-assessed for taxation purposes - something like a maximum of 2% per year, until the property was sold. This was needed... I knew pe
  8. Hm. I'll pluck some chickens or rip up a few pillows if someone else wouldn't mind boilin' up some tar....
  9. Mike Richards - producer of the show and Wheel of Fortune - is this week's host. In my occasionally humble opinion he's quite good ~ I think he's going to be hard to top. Katie Couric is up next (March 08 - 19). That's the weeks I'll be watching YouTube videos of James Good flying around in his Ercoupe.
  10. Yup. I limit myself to one or two a year. There just ain't no pain like stone pain~! Did y'all know that morphine lets you hear colors...? And paisley tastes like bananas and strawberries!
  11. Got my first Pfizer on Saturday, after jumping through an absurdly ridiculous set of hoops getting an appointment. They held on to the official vaccination card until I'd waited fifteen minutes in the "laagering zone." The shot itself was no worse than the flu shot; felt sleepy most of the afternoon but heck ~ I'm always sleepy in the afternoon! Well... maybe a bit sleepier than usual...
  12. In my lifetime I've enjoyed knowing a bunch of Japanese-Americans who'd been in the camps, including a high school best friend's parents. Several of these folk are still with us. One is an absolutely delightful lady in one of my writing workshops, who has written extensively about life in the camps as a teenager and after. A most remarkable lady - sweet, humble, and extremely bright. After the war she finished school and graduated from college. She then joined the Navy, becoming a Lieutenant before resuming civilian life. Many years later, at her own sons promot
  13. Walt had nothing to do with the Muppets, but I suspect he's still doin' a high-speed rotisserie number in his grave...
  14. I'd never heard of the Marlin 27... sounds like a neat li'l shooter!
  15. An earlier darkness... oft overlooked is the history of German Americans during World War I.
  16. Finally got an appointment for Saturday afternoon 02/20. When first available I tried hard to get an appointment... what a mess. First off, I have Medicare, and subscribe to Kaiser Permanente's Senior Advantage program. KP, a premier provider, cannot get vaccines; they're still limited to providing for first responders and others age 75+. But some pharmacy chains and even independent pharmacies can. CVS announced that they were making appointments for 65+; I tried to get in, but by the time I could get through the sign-on process none were available. Earli
  17. Noodling about the 'net tonight I came across this picture of a... well... interesting sculpture. I have no idea who the artist is, or what it's named. BUT it looks like it could use a good caption. Have at it!
  18. And there you have it. The infection of other states, à la the downfall of California.
  19. Yup. I figgered out we don't have to shovel rain. Now... if we could just get some rain!
  20. Might recommend warmin' your hands up a mite come milkin' time...
  21. Well... "contact evenings only" I think would apply to phone calls or visits - with email, no one knows when it will be opened - likely the wanted it to be there when you looked for it; likely in the evening. Standing you up for an appointment is another matter entirely. THAT would make me grumpy... perhaps worth a discount?
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