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  1. Pretty worn and battered by now, but here's a rig my son, Sassparilla Kid, made for himself back about '05, when he was fourteen.... he was wanting something "Rex O'Herlihan-ish."
  2. Um... are there s'posed to be dollar signs in front of any of those numbers?
  3. I have often said "My ex is in mourning..." Oh? Why? "One of her flying monkeys died." [What the heck? This was s'posed to be in the Cartoons thread! ]
  4. No... I think it's still limited to selected communities/cities/counties. For what it's worth, some semblance of common sense still prevails outside the densely populated areas. Unfortunately, the weighted concentration of citizens in those megalopoli make the entire state about 72% "blue." It's just a matter of time...
  5. Read all about it... SCOTUS Declines to Hear Prop 12 Case "A new white paper released by the Food Equity Alliance last week said an expected 50% reduction in pork exported to California will create supply shortages and raise pork prices for consumers..." "According to the National Pork Producers Council, less than 1% of pork produced in the United States meets Proposition 12 requirements..."
  6. Wow...! That's an amazing story!! Good on the Hartford PD~!!
  7. I could see it in Austin. Maybe even Houston, but definitely Austin ~ "the San Francisco of Texas." I have a sister near New Bruanfels, about fifty miles from Austin. She won't even shop there.
  8. I'm a little suspicious. Combined Hispanic and Asian population is about 54% of the state's population; pork is a significant part of both culture's diet. I suspect many voters did not understand the wording of Proposition 12... it's typical of the Attorney General's office to craft ballot measures so they are very, very unclear. There have been a number of propositions that were worded so that "No" literally meant "Yes." One infamous example was Proposition 47, which made many felonies misdemeanors, made property thefts of $950 or less basically a ticket-able offense, and relea
  9. Bacon. Chops. Roasts. Sausage. Hot dogs. Even pepperoni ~ there goes the pizza industry! And LOTS more, I'm sure.
  10. Yep. The "protection" term long pre-dates AIDS/HIV... think 1950's, Saturday night at the drive-in theater... "Oh, Jimmie! Did you bring 'protection?'"
  11. "I always use the heaviest bullet I can!" "No, I cannot own firearms. But my wife has a terrific collection!" He passed away last March.
  12. The actual process is downright stoopid - there are over 40 people on the ballot. In true California fashion, a mess. To be expected from the state that brings us the "jungle primary."
  13. Right off the bat, the present Guv's push to ban lead at shooting ranges. Actually, that's not his brainchild, but he supports it. I doubt you're seeing all the "Save the Emperor" commercials we're being blasted with...
  14. It could potentially have a bearing on whether SASS continues to be a presence in California.
  15. The Ag Commissioner has the authority to cancel someone's carry permit?? Can she also perform marriages, grant pardons and declare war?
  16. That was me yesterday, working on Half-Breed Pete's Jeep Liberty. But I know what's coming, and keep a boat cushion handy. Unfortunately, it was 104 degrees outside... and after fifteen minutes in the sun, that cushion was a heck of a lot warmer than 104!! Who knew knees could be so sensitive to heat...
  17. No problem, although if I don't take my hat off it'll get knocked off during entrance/egress. When I bought my '02 Miata about six years ago, it had an almost new canvas top. But someone had just done exactly that - sliced the hell out of it. Two cuts, one 7" and one 13". The PO had unfortunately effected a "field expedient repair" with duct tape. Yuck! Well, I was a mite reluctant to shell out a grand or more for a replacement at that time. So, I removed the tape, and after studying the wounds, broke out the suturing instruments. Closed the inci
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