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  1. Stretched-out case, forty-five caliber, forty-seven grains 3f...?
  2. She shops at Harbor Freight.... $14.99 for a variety set of 10mm sockets.
  3. There is a major problem with this scenario. To wit: most ag people are of a conservative bent. As such, they receive very little support and a great deal of grief from the state capital. Good timing, Joe - this very topic was the subject of discussion in this afternoon's writing class in Clovis, a suburb of Fresno and smack-dab in the middle of that circle. There are several "ag types" in the class; the capons and wethers in Sackamenna would likely be surprised to know that many (most!) farmers and ranchers are actually intelligent, educated, and articulate citizens. AND partriotic.
  4. Thirty years ago I "upgraded" from a corded "weed-eater" to a 2-stroke Echo straight shaft trimmer. Worked that thing hard for the next 25 years on two homesteads - one 2 1/2 acres, the other half that size, current lot is 1/3 acre. Finally retired it when the carb wore out. Since 2-stroke machines haven't been available here for years, I replaced it with a Husqvarna 4-stroke. Much heavier, reversed rotation (quite annoying), and significantly lower RPMs. Thinking it's time to buy a new carb for the old Echo.
  5. DAMN! I missed it! Without a doubt one of my all-time favorites. My uncle and aunt to me to the drive-in to see it when I was eight ~ scared the beejabbers outta me. Technicolor nightmares! Pretty low-budget, but still one of the more memorable Si-Fi films of the era. Not up to Forbidden Planet status, but still a good 'un. Woulda liked to have heard Sven's "song tribute."
  6. To put in perspective... 'bout a half-mile of buildings built on fill - the bottom layer of the fill is boat hulls.
  7. Don't need it. Zoom in and the trees are growing "up." And then there's the dude straddling the fuselage like Slim Pickens riding the bomb in "Dr Strangelove...." And by the way... it's a glider ~ LET L-13 Blaník Danged insomnia....
  8. Same thing happened to me. Twice! First time I had a dry night; next day presented myself to the sater district offfice with a copy of the cancelled check. Apologies... workman would be sent out within an hour or so to restore service. 'Bout a year later, I came home one Friday night and again, no water. Notice tied to the front gate. Needless to say, I was a mite miffed. Went inside, downloaded a copy of the cancelled check, and called the "emergency" number. Sorry... nothing we can do 'til Monday. Horse pi$$~!! I don't recall exactly what my response to that nugget was, but suffice it to say that someone was called out and had my water back on within an hour. The person on the phone did say that I would have to pay a fee and penalty. Well... once again, on Monday morning I again presented myself to the office with copies of the bills and checks - and a demand that any "fees and penalties" be reversed forthwith. A quick investigation (the boss came out of his office prepared to defend his clerk; he had a quick change of attitude). Well... my name is Rod C****y; my payments had been posted to the account of one Charlotte C****y, who lived a mile or so away. She had a sweet credit balance and I had a dry faucet. They never made that mistake again.
  9. Actually... prisms refract, not reflect. Beat ya to it, Alpo~!!
  10. So there are six cats around the ol' scatter. Wanting to outfit 'em all with flea collars ~ have used Soresto in the past, but I'm here to tell you, I ain't wanting to drop $300 on flea collars. Any of y'all had any luck with other less pricey brands? I've noticed that some of the ones with good reviews are mosty "herbal" in nature, and I suspect that those reviews might be more their being "green" than effectiveness. BTW ~ I've used Frontline on the critters. Think water or beer might've been just as efficacious.
  11. Several years ago Sassparilla Kid gave me a Citizen Eco-Drive watch for... Father's Day? Birthday? Dang. Don't recall. At any rate, to date it's been the best watch I've ever had - does not need winding, is not inertial, no batteries to change. I'm sure it has some sort of internal storage, but the face is actually a solar cell! Supposedly, when charged it can still run for months in total darkness - which ain't gonna happen! Favorite watch I've had so far. Second favorite was another Father's Day present - a battery-powered Swiss Army watch, with a solid titanium case and band. That thing was tough, but did require battery changes every year and a half or so. Retired it when I got the Citizen, the day after accidently ripping out one of the pins that held the band on (a simple fix). Got the Citizen, put it on, and the only maintenance has been replacing worn-out watchbands - twice.
  12. I have a bunch o' revolvers... and most of 'em are single action. Load 'em up one sausage at a time. But I do have a couple of Ruger DA's ~ a GP100 (.357) and an LCRx (.38). And so I'm hoping for some opinions on speed loaders. Preferably some sort of "push button" types; the ones I have require twisting a knob - kinda tricky sometimes, since the cylinder wants to spin right along with the loader. Suggestions? Oh ~ might make good stocking stuffers for the Kid, come Christmas. He "outranks" me in the DA department.
  13. Started watching it last night ~ finishing it up tonight. So far I've enjoyed it. If you can handle subtitles you might find Night Witches In the Sky interesting. The Russians are a mite behind Hollywood on special effects ~ doesn't detract from the stories at all, in my humble opinion.
  14. Possible replacement for JB...? Governor of Maryland, Wes Moore...?
  15. Dubya-D Forty does that too. I once wrote a story....
  16. Farenheit / celsius (within six degrees F) I hate it when my 'nanner bread just takes forever to cook at 180º in my Whirlypool oven and still comes out gooey in the middle. But at that temp, heck... you might as well leave the other pots and pans in there.
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