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  1. Yup... that's what I said... but for the price of $179.98, I won't mind pre-ordering. Unfortunately, Turner's seems to be only a California chain. And the only reason they can do this is because single-action revolvers are exempt from the state's egregious handgun law ~ thanks to the efforts of the SASS leadership back when they were headquartered in this state.
  2. But the innards is s'posed to be good....
  3. My ex- used to make 'em ... Darned crunchy, too.
  4. That's what I did~! Cats love it almost as much as I do. Calico... your cats is plumb spoiled. Can I come back as a Calico Cat...?
  5. Not to be confused with SDJ's "tree" story... Big ol' tree in the back yard died ~ drought victim. Right at 40' tall, too close to the house, an obvious hazard. Would have done considerable damage if it came down on the house. Estimate to take it out many hundreds of dollars, just to drop the thing; no cutting it up, no hauling it off. Okay; no problem ~ I have plenty of chainsaws and a chipper. As soon as the weather dries a bit... Two weeks ago we had a windstorm, and I sweated it... any branches that might snap off would hit the house. It survived. last week we had another, stronger windstorm. I came home late that night, went out back with a flashlight, and - that sucker was DOWN! The only damage was a palm tree that I wanted to get rid of and a broken ladder by the palm tree. It missed everything else - Paul Bunyan couldn't have done it any more perfectly! Thank you, God! So I've been a chainsawing and chipper-ing fool ever since.
  6. Alpo, if you enjoyed that book, you might like Earth Abides, by George Stewart.
  7. This is California. I used to have beautiful lawns, front and back. I now have dirt, pending the importation of rocks, gravel, cactus and the like for a "xeriscape" yard. It sucks. Not only can we not build more dams for storage, water from our local lake (Millerton, built for irrigation and urban use) is discharged downstream to eventually pass through the Delta, out to the Pacific. Arguments for this range from the questionable to the absurd, including - and I kid you not - "The water off the coast is getting too salty for Orcas!" I think I sprayed coffee all over the inside of my windshield when I heard that one on the radio.
  8. Of course! And don't forget the meticulously sharpened steak knives for emergency surgeries...
  9. From the time I was a little kid, my late Uncle Bob always insisted it was for stealing the horse. I'm inclined to accept that explanation.
  10. Ryder, I honestly don't think subtitles would make much of a difference... Badger... would you be awake 'cuz it's scary or 'cuz you'd keep snickering and giggling yourself awake...? Miz Pete... all in all they can grab ya! My worst was the werewolf stories. I remember many, many years ago, ol' Hank and I up late one night out at his ranch, watching werewolf movies and unsuccessfully tryin' to figure out how to melt down his Ma's silverware into bullets...
  11. I believe the same size as the Single Six - but 8 oz lighter.
  12. So... is it comparable to the JAG series that ran from '95 to '05... with Catherine Bell?
  13. Well... Turner's Outdoorsman is taking pre-orders at $179.98... https://www.turners.com/all-products/browse/keyword/wrangler?utm_source=PRE-ORDER+SPECIAL+-+Ruger+Wrangler+.22lr+&utm_campaign=Ruger+Pre-order+Special&utm_medium=email Uh... do I need a new toy...?
  14. I worked with a fella whose dad flew P-39's in the Pacific (he even dropped a Zero!). When he came home after the war he set out to follow his life's ambition and became a dairyman. For the remainder of his life he lamented not buying a surplus Airacobra... "But I could buy two heifers for what one airplane sold for!" He had his dairy and continued as a reservist, finally retiring as a Lt Colonel with a two-seater - don't recall if it was a Cessna or Piper... but it warn't no fighter.
  15. In some of the movies they do these outrageously graceful 40-foot leaps, usually in slow motion. And they seem more into stabbing with long, sharp nails than biting necks...
  16. SDJ's Vinegar Taster's thread brought back a memory... Over thirty years ago some of my Chinese friends decided I needed to experience some "cultural diversity." To this end, they brought me a number of VHS movies, including several with vampire themes. "They don't turn into bats and fly, Rocko! [my OTHER alias] They HOP!" Indeed they do! Some of the films were actually quite good. This sample is one of the more campy ones, but will give a hint. (Compared to the better ones, this is like the TV Batman vs some of the modern movies.)
  17. Let's see... how to put this delicately: Noting where this occurred, I'm a mite curious as to the driver's origin and license status.
  18. Not a problem. "Block" is not solid; cylinders are replaceable, likely done as a set at rebuild time. Depending on use, MTBMO (Mean Time Between Major Overhaul) for the Merlin can range between 100 hours to 1200+ hours. That "+" can be a lot of hours!
  19. So, as a follow-up to the recent thread about Dana Delany in a new program called *The Code*... Has anybody seen the show? And other than Ms Delany being in it, is it worth watching...?
  20. Well, this'll surely answer that age-old question about what to start the kids with...
  21. Alas... not legal for hunting in California. Contains evil plumbum.
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