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  1. 1) The now-defunct Roos/Atkins store in San Francisco was an upscale men's clothing shop that sold guns and hunting good in the basement of their downtown (main) shop. I took my first Hunter Safety Course in said basement. 2) In 1972 I was with a buddy when he bought a new 7mm Magnum Sako Finnbear from the Long's Drugs in Daly City (just south of San Francisco). He shelled out a whopping $150, and the clerk threw in a nice leather sling and a box of ammo. And.... 3) About fifteen years ago I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into a place in Sonora
  2. If interested, here's the list of "approved" factory loaded ammunition and bullets for handloads: https://www.nps.gov/grca/learn/nature/upload/Approved-Ammunition-and-Bullets-for-GRCA-v1-3.pdf
  3. https://www.irishcentral.com/culture/giant-killer-richard-james-flahertys-life Amazon Prime has a film about him. All in all, pretty remarkable.
  4. Not too far west, 'Lefty, or you'll be jumpin' from the fat into the fire. Gee, mebbe I oughtta be ashamed of myself - I just can't seem to remember any of my family and friends who've passed on from ingesting lead-shot game.
  5. The first time I did a complete disassembly of my Rossi '92 I was seriously wondering what ol' John Moses had been smoking when he designed it. Not a problem now ~ but I reeeally recommend Nate Kiowa Jones' DVD on the '92: Steve's Gunz Non Sequitur - When disassembling a single action Ruger all experience with Colts and clones won't help ya much. Hint: You can slip the hammer and trigger pivot pins into their respective holes and assemble the internal parts on the outside of the frame to check fit and function.
  6. Just about fifty years ago I was agonizing over what rifle to buy. I narrowed it down to a Savage 99 in .243 or a Marlin 336 in .30-30. Then I opened a magazine and saw the ad below and my mind was made up. The rifle itself was $115, and a separate ad announced a package deal with scope for $144.45. I popped in to F Bob Chow's shop on Mission Street in San Francisco and they ordered it right up for me. It was SO cool with that scope - it had a post-type reticle that almost glowed in the dark. But it didn't take me long at all to relegate the scope to a J C Higgins .
  7. O Swell. Time to pray for our brethren in Minnesota... Minnesota Wants To Ban Lead Ammo and Fishing Tackle Just like when the wethers in Sacramento banned lead statewide, and even cited "evidence" of rampant lead poisoning from eating game. Good grief.
  8. Ooo.... the dude needs to stock Fudgesicles and Eskimo Pies too! Oh - and don't forget the sherbet "push-ups!"
  9. Very cool! But I think it might've taken a few tries to perfect the technique... anyone notice the missing finger...?
  10. Brittany [Spaniel]. The AKC "officially" dropped Spaniel from the name back in 1982, but for us old Brit folks they'll always be Brittany Spaniels. I've owned two and known many... love 'em. Intelligent, loyal, affectionate, and excellent hunters.
  11. I dunno 'bout no caption, but there's a cat sneakin' outta the bottom box....
  12. Nice find, Charlie. Injun's correct... 'zackley like the one I just gave the Kid for his IH Garand.
  13. My Grand-dad was living in Michigan, about fifty years ago. Told me on the phone one night that he'd gotten himself a new hunting dog - a Beagle! Next time I talked to him I asked how his dog was working out. "I got rid of that worthless s**-**-*-****h!" he snarled. "I was lucky to find some fool to take 'im or I woulda shot 'im!" "What? He wouldn't hunt?" "Oh, he hunted, alrighty! Every time I took him out I had my gun and sent him out to find a rabbit and chase it back to me so I could shoot it! Well... that worthless SOB wouldn't listen t
  14. Well... not exactly an "outhouse" story, but close: Early one morning up at Fort Miller (well before shooting time) fifteen or twenty years ago, I decided to mosey on over and take advantage of the indoor, honest-to-Gosh flushing facility at the Fresno Rifle and Pistol Club. There I was... all settled in for a relaxing morning sit-down, totally unaware of the colony of small tree frogs who had set up housekeeping for the night under the rim. I suspect they were initially curious and perhaps a mite alarmed about the sudden "overcast." But when what happened next happ
  15. First picture is of one-time Bavarian king David von Lëttermän. Second picture is of retired late-night talk show host David Letterman.
  16. Rumor had it that after the White House staff saw the public's reaction they were collected and sold to some college to be used as marching band uniforms.
  17. Was this what ya meant to post, Dave...?
  18. Whoever thought those up is likely related to the clowns who came up with New Coke... and the Nixon White House Guard uniforms. (Anyone remember THAT??)
  19. I had one next to the fireplace in my frat house bedroom. Unfortunately, after a couple years of guys tossing the dregs of beer cans, cigarette butts, and firecrackers into the danged thing the bottom finally blew out.
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