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  1. That would certainly be an alternate universe to the Shenandoah Valley. And, if it comes true, I'm leaving.
  2. Takes 4 decent sized ones to make a sandwich. Just sayin'
  3. Agreed. Then my second favorite, is similar to this. It's from Hostiles. Change of emotion in a few seconds from serene to terror. Quickly goes from a very happy, placid scene (home schooling) to a violent, murderous scene (home invasion).
  4. Along with Brooks & Dunn........
  5. Whatever you drop, snort, inject or take transdermally, keep it to yourself.
  6. In order to shoot faster stages, begin by looking down range. Then, I also find that making the lead go in that same direction, greatly helps. Even at that, I only get out of the low 30s every so often...........
  7. That right there, is just BRILLIANT.
  8. Very cool. Especially the young soldiers in the video holding the ancient Maori weapons (clubs, batons, coral knife, etc....)
  9. I thought it was a pic of Nancy Pelosi's inner ear. But Hey, I'm not an ENT Doc.
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