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  1. Kapernick and Nike = so very, very stupid. Betsy Ross was raised a Quaker in Philadelphia, PA. Left that group when she married first husband, outside of the church. Wanna guess what the most active religion assisting the Underground Railroad in moving escaped slaves further North to New England? Yeah........ the Quakers. Sure, she was a racist............
  2. No different here on East Coast. Philadelphia ships to Wilmington Wilmington then ships to Baltimore Baltimore then ships to Newport News Newport News then ships to Asheville Asheville then ships to Charleston........rinse and repeat.
  3. Prayers of comfort for you, your wife, and her siblings. Prayers of faith and courage for your MIL.
  4. Same for my darn rowing machine. Have to pull the bar to count calories.
  5. RIP Eddie. Lot of memories for me in your songs. Thanks
  6. The 2 spotters who were actually spotting, agreed on 4. Four it is.
  7. Happy Belated Birthday !!!!! And with goal post physical numbers, here's to many more.
  8. Yeah, they'll need to pay me to watch this stinker.......
  9. Mama said: "Jesus , Mary and Joseph" "Jeepers Cripes" "Christ on a cracker" Same as Red Gauntlet, after a great meal or during vacation "I wonder what the poor people are doing?" "It's as easy to love a rich girl as a poor one." And, when referencing me, after a particularly curious lack of judgement "Long on brain power, short on common sense"
  10. I do remember home delivery, and the same for their pretzels.
  11. Male or female, large or small, young or old, enlisted or officer, active or former............you're all a** kicking war-fighters. That sorta precludes the cuddly part. I might be okay on cute (by appearance), but cute and cuddly. Nope ........
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