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  1. Last night, in front of a record crowd for a Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board voted unanimously (7-0) to declare Augusta Co. a 2A sanctuary. There were 50 speakers called to the floor. Augusta Co is VA's largest county, and joins 40 other counties, or cities , in VA in making the same statement. When we are united, we are a force to be recognized and respected. As a responsible gun owner this is not only your right but your duty.
  2. Great news. Good for her, and all your family. A true Christmas present from the Lord.
  3. Pandora for multiple charms,, Alex & Ani for singles, etc....... Look deeply into my eyes and repeat: Seek for Google, seek for Google, seek for Google............Until it's second nature .
  4. Certainly the last place that you want an out of battery discharge.......
  5. A big OohRah! to this young woman on completion of the 12 week BRC. She's the first female to hold this MOS. Bravo Zulu, Lance Corporal! https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/your-marine-corps/2019/11/21/first-female-marine-earns-recon-mos/
  6. That thing had one very long fuse....
  7. Not the Deep South. It is served as a Tday side in VA, NC, TN, SC... At least I have seen it used there.
  8. It's a "thing"in the South, for Thanksgiving. And has been for years.
  9. Gunfight at the K.K. Corral, just loses something in translation........
  10. Love shrimp and grits. That looks real good. I have got to try that recipe; as my mouth started salivating reading the ingredients section. Long before I got to the process.
  11. My Mom was a hugger. I picked it up from her. But, only relatives and true close and long time buddies.
  12. Feb brew airy. I'm a beer lover, what can I say?
  13. Elon Musk is trying too hard to become the Howard Hughes of his generation. Poor little rich kid that nobody pays attention to..........
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