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  1. I'd like to be under that one when we shoot it down. Can that be arranged? What government office do I call?
  2. Option c Hooray! Good job Joe and all US military.
  3. Yes, my son in the USMC has a pair, They're still called BC glasses
  4. Government (political) indecision and on-going analysis, always = military inactivity and paralysis. It's been true since the beginning of time.
  5. I would have used a Buntline. But heck, his eyesight is probably better than mine.
  6. What's the hold up here?????? a) China shares the technology and balloon capabilities with U.S. (if it is indeed innocuous) b) if it's controllable, they fly it home within 24 hours (or at least out over the ocean), while US jams all outgoing signals c) China refuses to play and the minute atmospheric currents (or whatever they're called move it over a tract of unpopulated area or the ocean(PEW..PEW..PEW)
  7. I can tell you that Big Gus is a top notch Pardner, and keeps all his guns in top notch shape. You won't be disappointed.
  8. I'm thinking maybe it would be a good lesson to give some anti-2A politicians a dragoon, loaded with full black powder loads, and let them shoot it with the charging lever down (like a SBR). As the later, slower burning, black powder starts landing on their hand holding the lever......they'll change their minds.
  9. Most football fans don't know much when viewing except to watch the ball. What people really need to watch in this year's Super Bowl are the 2 O lines. Without a doubt, the Eagles and the Chiefs have the the most athletically talented lines in the NCF and AFC respectively. Watch them slant, pull, get to the D's 2nd level and never quit. Both sets are really remarkable.
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