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  1. If those jackasses are on abbey property harassing the Good Father, while he is harvesting game to feed the poor, then it's time he learned to set traps. Bear size traps.......
  2. Hang up callers we have a winner. And, he says “Welcome to the Corps Maam”
  3. Correct on the USMC Bday cake. Good on the sword arch at the end of aisle, but what does the junior officer do with his sword when the bride and groom have passed?
  4. Correct on the Nov 10 birthday cake cutting. Take another crack at the wedding.....and it happens at the end of the aisle to the new bride
  5. USMC officers carry a sword named the Mameluke (after the N. African tribe of the same name). Who was the first Marine to receive this style sword? And, what are the two traditional ceremonial uses for this sword today? {Hint USMC birthday remembrance and weddings}
  6. Now that right there is just plain awesome. Marketing hit a sweet spot.
  7. That's a big assumption that Bernie will be coherent in 4 yrs. He's slightly older than Joe. I think they're both likely to be dead.
  8. I'm right there with you. I'm thinking the hole from the wax cap is just another exit hatch for the wasps from the hive. Twice the wasps in half the time. And, I'm too old to run.
  9. SDJ Wonderful story about a truly caring, and great man. A life of service, well lived.
  10. Crikey! An encounter with the dreaded, stealth swooping, banger swiping, kookaburra. Where is Mick Dundee when you need him?
  11. If they park at a wooded campsite, I hope they aren't expecting no termites......
  12. I had surgery on my labrum, supraspinatus and other things rotator cuff related in '15. Most ortho Docs will tell you the shoulder is the worst designed joint in our anatomy. My advice is to follow Pat Riot's advice to the letter. Do the PT, as directed no shortcuts........ then do more PT
  13. UB, Didn't you have a post early this week titled "It's Good to Live Out in the Country". How the times have changed. Sit tight, they'll probably change again.
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