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  1. Awesome. I love a strong young woman who is proud of her life and able to show her growth in a fashion other than pencil measurements on a door frame. Go get 'em girl.
  2. West Virginia has been a hot retirement area for better part of 15 - 18 yrs. Low property and sales tax. Good hospitals/health care, low cost of living, plenty to do outdoors. Pretty certain it's in the top 5-8 or so states for retirement.
  3. Good for you Charlie! She's a keeper. And, good that your son and DIL are getting a needed break. I've not met my first grandchild as yet. She is headed stateside though, in 2 week, as Dad has dive school in FL. My DIL will alternate staying with her family (@2 hrs away) or with us for the following 7 weeks. Can't wait.
  4. Is that just because it's a left handed one?..........
  5. Yes and no. I buy my jeans long at 32 inseam (I'm really a 31) cuz I like to have a little bagginess, wrinkle with my cowboy boots. But, in any other shoe or flip flops, they get rolled up about 1".
  6. Canoodle = Chef Boyardee Beefaroni or Spaghetti & Meatballs ?????? That's the only can noodles I know of.......
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