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  1. Split hoof = no iron shoes = unshod pony. True to life, not Hollyweird.
  2. NFL free for 6 years NBA free for 16 years NASCAR free forever Still watch a little MLB......
  3. Definitely some dental work for the bearded lad.
  4. ALRIGHT, Dr. P! Very well done.
  5. Oh the horror....the total terror........At that kid's ukulele playing I mean.
  6. I always thought I could make it as a NASA astronaut............
  7. I was 145# playing j.v. ball in HS. That was @ 47 years ago.
  8. Just ignore that man with the shovel in your back yard. He's looking for utility runs. It's not me......., no really.......
  9. That's really great clarity. I think I see folks swimming and surfing in the Sea of Tranquility. And, they don't appear to be social distancing...
  10. No disrespect meant here.......but a U.S. Dept. of Commerce certificate sounds like you were purchased or bartered for, rather than born.
  11. Happy Birthday UB! You've had some great memories. Here's to making many more. I'll raise a Jameson Black Barrel to you later today.
  12. Remind me again........what's the NBA? Is it a union, like National Brotherhood of Allergists, Acrobats, Astronauts.....
  13. He is the most well educated man in America on 2A issues. I subscribe to his channel.
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