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  1. Congrats! to both parties on their new endeavors. Patrick, at BB, is a great businessman. Their products are reliable, service is great and delivery is always on time.
  2. Hey, that's mine and has been for 2+ months...........
  3. Lived in MN for two years, @ 20 years ago. Saw the yellow/green sky and the funnel clouds twice. That was enough for me.
  4. The Shepherd of the Hills The Conqueror Hatari The Green Berets The Comancheros The Train Robbers
  5. Warning! DO NOT JOIN. Next thing you know you'll be cranking out 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, laying at the edge of a freezing cold surf, have an inflatable raft on your head, running gassers on the sand, be sleep deprived, .......... Sorry, wrong BUDS.
  6. The Quiet Man Red River She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Sands of Iwo Jima The Searchers Rio Grande Hondo
  7. LL, If you feel you've had a good run, did your part in the most ethical way possible, made a small difference in some lives, and are financially secure; saddle up and head for the sunset. Retirement is not too shabby. Best wishes! Capt R Hugh Kidnme
  8. And, the CG defaults to the Navy in war time.
  9. The Army took the dogs because they are easier to control, less dangerous, and better behaved than Marines.
  10. NO. But I hear there were 3 cattle drives, 4 silver mine claims were staked, and a wagon train left the state for Oregon.
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