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  1. That man cuts a dashing figure. If photos are worth 1000 words, that one says "Land of the free, and the home of the brave" 'Merica
  2. Being a USMC Recon parent, I found it interesting that leathernecks were involved in WWII, prior to Pearl Harbor. I realize it was not direct combat, and more like guard duty at a shipyard. But, I like to throw these factoids at my son just to keep him challenged.
  3. SDJ, Again, another fascinating piece of history. And once again, it shows your usual caliber of work.
  4. So you agree, he has the Cowboy Jesus look. Now where are those other 12 Cowboy disciples?
  5. But, does it tell you how long the overcast skies lasted ? That's really what Alpo wants to know........
  6. SDJ, Congrats to you and Lisa. And, here's to many many more. In Oct. it'll be 34 for Janet and I.
  7. Marlin 336c, 30-30, 24" brl. Dad bought for me in 1973. Wish I'd hung on to it
  8. Ah, the Abbot and Costello school of gun ownership. Not seen that one before........
  9. I think an inter city BLM hunt with pink or red paint balls would be fun.
  10. Get down on your knees, and tell whatever higher entity you follow that you're grateful.
  11. I'm officially retired 3 years next month. There is plenty to keep you busy, engaged, and networked if you want. I'm active with my church as an elder, with my house and yard maintenance, with my SASS club, work outs, still interested in my children's adult lives, use the lifelong learning institutes at UVA and JMU for classes.......... You get to make your life how you want it, as all the time is yours. And CR is right, your health needs to be prioritized. God has been very good to me.
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