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  1. I have a Marlin o/u that I’ll take $450 for. I’ll have to get it out if you want pictures. PM me if interested
  2. Point taken. I don’t disagree with you. I stay in the right lane unless I’m passing. I just want to be safe and respect others. Sorry that I’m not clear in my post. Conversation is good. I hope we can someday meet on the cowboy trail
  3. Not stepping on your rights. Go as fast as you want Blackwater. I have meet and shot with you. I know that you are respectful of others and know you would never endanger others for your own desires. I wouldn’t either. I wouldn’t never force my opinions on you. Please don’t paint me that way
  4. Sorry for the confusion. Good point. Our four lane going into town is 55. Most drive about 57 to 58. I keep my distance and drive with them. My brother in law is a law officer in San Antonio. He says that driving with traffic is safer than being to slow or to fast. If traffic is moving at 70 in a 55 but flowing smoothly they don’t stop, as their stop can create more problems. Most traffic around here moves about 57 in a 55 except for the speedster that ultimately slows everyone down I try not to cause problems
  5. I’m never under the speed limit. Right lane two to five above. If someone is slowing me but doing the speed limit I back down. Get distance and wait for a chance to turn. It’s a headache trying to pass because of the Ricky Racers in the left lane. Not going to join them as it’s not safe. They make the roads unsafe. They run up my arse like I’m the problem. Even though I have twenty cars in front of me. BTW fast lane changers who have a broken right arm or no installed turn signal are a problem. Blaming law abiding citizens for their problem. It’s amazing to me going to town the number of zippers. ( people that think the road belongs to them in their fast autos). Get to town after. A 30 minute ride and they are next to me at the light in town. Hope. They got an orgasm slowing everybody down to get their jollies. Lane jumpers ugh. if I want to press the peddle, I do it on an open road, then back off at traffic. Want respect, give it . in Europe they flash their headlights well before your bumper. ( citizens typically respond) We’re all in this together. I’m getting older, reaction times are slower. Glad that after 38 years of riding, I got off the road, truck and hot rod only. My wife is worse then I am with speed. She’ll wait til the last moment to leave for work, then Ricky racers it to work. Aggravates the hell out of me. I have to change her brakes well before normal wear. Leave early, brake less and get to work on time. its your freedom to speed as much as you want but don’t blame others for adhering to the law. You’re in the same category as poachers. F#&$ everybody else. You’re joy is more important than the safety of others. Im quite sure I’ll get beat up for this post.
  6. On a trip to Dollar General to I stopped for gas. PAid $1.59.
  7. Around here. They aren’t making a play on the name of corona or quarantine. They are being referred to as the Asswipe gen
  8. Good luck PR. I also have spine issues. Luckily I’ve been dealing with it for now. 3 three years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Had my right hip and left shoulder replaced. When I finally got to a point of getting ready to shoot again. My right shoulder got real bad. Just had it replaced 2 weeks ago. Because I’m right dominate, doc told me I would never be able to shoot anything that had much recoil. He said the stem that is driven into the clavicle is to thin and can break, causing an even worse situation. praying that surgery is a success for you.
  9. Postal money order and a copy of FFL are in the mail


    1. Dakota Steele SASS# 34757

      Dakota Steele SASS# 34757


      i appreciate it



  10. Pm me the information for where to send the moola and I’ll get it in the mail. I’ll include a copy of my FFL


  11. Pm me the information for where to send the moola and I’ll get it in the mail

    1. Dakota Steele SASS# 34757

      Dakota Steele SASS# 34757

      Thank You


      Brad Sacco

      36040 N Corbin Rd 

      Walker LA 70785


      please email/Fax/ or include FFL in payment


      225-673-4827 FAX



  12. Happy New Year all my SASS family. Wether we've met or not. Y'all are the best of he best
  13. While it was funny, I think the joke was on the rest of the world. Never meet a scot or irish that would have waited. We're not a bashful bunch. Gotta go. Go!
  14. Public stoning or hanging. The public needs to be witness as a deterrent to more crime.
  15. Try doing that with common core math lol
  16. Going to be close to 70 here as well but a lot of rain
  17. Wishing you a joyous and safe holiday and travels
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