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  1. This might be a little long. I miss shooting Cowboy, especially black powder or substitute. I spent three years as range master master for Knob Creek Gun Range. Joyful time, except I only shot one match during that time due to health, just couldn’t serve the club and shoot to. Many other cowboys stepped up and made my time good. Dutchman Swartz, Creek, Shaddai Vaquero and many others. I hated had to quite, but I had two shoulder replacements, and and hip replacement in two years. I haven’t shot since 2016. I sold almost all of my high powered rifles for hunting. The doctor doesn’t want me shooting my 44-40 or 45 cowboy set. I have osteoporosis and my bones are slowly dying. I have my own range and shoot often. Recently I tried to shoot some cowboy gun black powder substitute and the smoke put me down. COPD is coming hard on top of the really sore shoulder for the past week. When would you make the decision to sell out i have plenty of lower calibers I can still hunt with, plus my extensive 22 collection. So, after, 6 years of not being able to shoot, when would you make the decision to pass on firearms and powder? Its painful for for me to sell anything, but I also have a 1951 Chevy Sedan Delivery tHat needs my dedication. Do I pull the trigger, or keep praying I can someday shoot again. Ill LL always have my cowboy friends. And maybe I need to break out my colt frontiers, colt lighting in 22s and spiff up a 4/10 double what do you think?
  2. PR. I have done the research thank you much. I’ve read everything you posted. This story is all over the place and causing a lot of confusion. I’ve also read information from reputable sources that go a different direction. I choose to believe that former military would never head down the wrong path. However, I’ve worked with former military on Fort Knox, special forces and infantry that would shock you on their 2nd admendment stance. I pray that BRCC is not in that group, but only time will tell the truth
  3. Rittenhouse was just a spokesman for the company. The company has been sold to another corporation that is anti gun. My LGS felt very fooled and has quite selling the coffee. No sense in supporting someone that is against you 2A rights. I did like the coffee, to bad they sold out. That’s the way of leftist companies. They buy the supporting companies and until the word gets out they make money off of us. It’s getting to where anyone you support you need to keep track of.
  4. Welcome to the greatest sport in the world
  5. I worked for Grocitto’s pizza on Staten Island when I was a kid. Mainly it was cheese pie or pepperoni. We did have mushroom and sausage but rarely got orders for that. A large pie was 24”. You don’t see that anymore. I would try those pies as long as there was no sweet. Pizza has changed a lot. Now you have to ask for pomodora sauce to get away from the sickenly sweet crap kids want on their pies. To each their own. When I want a pizza now, I make my own dough and sauce, special order the pepperoni and mozeralla. When I worked at Grocitto’s everything was imported. It really makes a difference.
  6. Bond arms stainless polished barrel in either 327 or 22 WMR. Longer the barrel the better, but will consider other barrel lengths
  7. Randingo, I used to wear XL all the time but have lost a lot of weight recently. How big are you. Meaning like what size shirt do you wear. I think I wear a size 42. I’m interested in the duster but want to make sure that I won’t swim in it.
  8. Trigger Mike. I’m going thru the same problem. I used to be a strapping 225. After several bouts of pancreatitis and now diabetes, then recently covid with pneumonia. I’m down to 146. I refuse to buy new clothes. Did that last year and lost another 2 pant sizes. I have so many holsters that I refuse to buy more. Instead I bought a tighter belt and wear my high rise belt holsters. Summer or winter my shirts are worn out and covers everything, they hang on my like a sheet now. With the tighter belt I don’t notice it. Wearing an IWB is so uncomfortable for me now. Good luck in your search. I’ll be interested. In what you find
  9. My little Minn Pinn ( God rest her soul and I miss her terribly) she developed that habit before she turned a year. She was born on Christmas Day 2009. We have the same fireworks problem here in Ky. So for the last 12 years she would get up at 2 am daily to go pee. And then back up at exactly 5 am wanting her breakfast. Dogs have an amazing sense of time. Kount , my German Shepard spent his first 18 months with her. Now he keeps the same exact schedule. He’ll bust through the bedroom door (it’s a folder) at the same two times a day. Obviously I have a very screwy sleep schedule. Thank God I’m retired.
  10. The link to the video didn’t work. Were your test shots at 100 meters?
  11. I got my birthday discount last month. Made an order, tried too get my discount. No dice. Canceled
  12. Is there a cylinder gap difference between pistols. I had a pair of Ruger birdshead in 45 . One pistol had a slightly larger cylinder gap. Using the exact same ammo the pistol with the larger gap would not reset the primer and lock up the cylinder. My only correction was to up the charge in the case. I got rid of the pistols
  13. I retired on a small farm in Cecilia Ky. The local town, Elizabethtown was also a small town. It is now one of the fastest growing in ky and sprawling out to out farmland. The wife and I love it here and are surrounded by great people that own very large farms but pressure is mounting for them to sell out. One is solar farms and the other is rich people moving into the are looking for real estate. Most come from California, Washington and New York. We are starting to look further out into the country. Most of them I here about from the LGS are coming from big cities. That scares us
  14. As I said, I got what my Aunt texted me. I saw nothing on the news. I never speculate and I knew I would more info here.
  15. Happened same day as highland Park I’ll. Don’t know much other than what my Aunt told me. Jayland Walker was fleeing a traffic stop. Eight officer shot him more than 60 times. Word is he had a gun in his vehicle but not on his person at the time of the shooting. Riots are expected
  16. Too old to safely hunt bear anymore. But as a younger person I ate my share of Tennessee black bear. Absolutely some of the best wild game I’ve ever eaten. Of course, it was prepared by those who know how to. Bear steak with garlic and onions was my favorite
  17. Thanks to all. I’ll be okay. Positive thinking is my way. Besides I have the best caregiver in the world. My Shepard won’t leave my side. Just kidding!
  18. Dog kennel converted to pellet storage and one rally happy puppy. Gets to live permanently inside with me. Happy me too!
  19. Just for those that have read my posts. This was before she tested positive for covid. She is already feeling better. Barney and his family are still negative as we have been checking thru text. I however am now in a longer quarantine due to now having covid myself. Aside from feeling really bad. For me, it’s worse that I can’t continue doing my daily projects. I have a lot of trouble sitting still no matter how slow I move. God bless everyone and a happy belated Father’s Day to everyone
  20. Not much of a writer, so I’ll try to not be boring. i live in farm country and love it. The people are hard working and dedicated to community. You need something they are there and vice verse. I live in one of the oldest houses in the area 1890s built. Recently I inserted a pellet stove into the fireplace. A $720 electric promoted the move. I did an early buy on 3 tons of pellets. I’ve picked up 2 ton on my 30 year old trailer with original tires. My neighbor let me back it into one of his barns until I could build a place to store it. I hava a 10 by 10 dog kennel. I ordered tarps to cover it for the pellet storage. Ready to move pellets Norm ( my neighbor farmer) owns a little over 900 acres and 4 houses. One house he has a family that lives there in trade for work. Seven family members, mom brother wife and kids. He (Barney). The husband, big man, 260 maybe 6’2”, is a joy to be around. Can’t read, write or drive. His wife is about 5’ even and maybe 85 pounds. He works for a septic company plus the farm. She drives him to all his jobs. Never seen a harder worker. So so I was ready for the pellets to be unloaded. I offered him a $100 to unload my trailer. In my shape I figured it would take me 2 days to move 100 40 pound bags. He did the job in less the 45 minutes. Unbelievable. Best $100 I’ve ever spent l Anyway, last Saturday, the wife laid out some chicken from the freezer and forgot to strap it closed. We have had problems and use a Velcro system to ensure the door is sealed. Well, we lost about $300 in frozen meat (last years prices) So, my wonderful wife waited til I took my afternoon nap, loaded up all the half thawed meat and delivered it to Barney’s family. Told them they had about 2 days to cook it all up. Venison, Cornish hens, chicken, roasts, hamburger, and more. Barney keeps coming by with his wife driving asking if I need anything. Which I dont I guess the next day he had the biggest Fathers Day celebration of his life with extended family included. My gift was having a wife that thinks that way. She was his and my blessing.
  21. I’ve used small pistol primers in 45 acp. Don’t like the performance. Of course there are a lot of variables but my experience is to much inconsistency in performance. It’s why I’m asking you experienced professionals. Thanks for your input
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