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Best westerns of all times

Red Cent

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Who and how did they came up with their rated choices. Boy, do they need some SASS advisors to get it right.



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W T Frick ?

Who did that rating ?

A Kid with A.D.D

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Page not viewable if you are using Adblocker. No thanks......

Yeah. I know they have to pay bills too, but no thanks.

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WoW! All I could do was shake my head.

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Where was The Cowboys??? <_<

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Did I miss Nevada Smith or Tom Horn or Ride the High Country and the Culpepper Cattle Company ?

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Many moons ago SASS had a monthy paper and one of the first ones I ever got

had a top 25 western movies.

I took it to the local video tape rental store and he did get a lot of the

classics in during the next year.


When DVD started and the players were a thousand dollars I asked him if he was

going to get disks and he did get a few, then the tapes were sold and disks took over.

Later the store was sold and torn down and its a POPEYES now.



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#80 - Return to Snowy River

#79 - Quigley Down Under

#78 - The Salvation

#77 - Red Hill

#76 - Appaloosa

#75 - Blackthorn

#74 - Legends of the Fall

#73 - The Alamo

#72 - Maverick

#71 - Back to the Future Part III

#70 - Let the Bullets Fly

#69 - Shanghai Noon

#68 - Tears of the Black Tiger

#67 - Meek's Cutoff

#66 - Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

#65 - Django

#64 - Major Dundee

#63 - The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

#62 - The Long Riders

#61 - Dead Man

#60 - The Hateful Eight

#59 - The Horse Whisperer

#58 - They Died With Their Boots On

#57 - Hondo

#56 - Bone Tomahawk

#55 - Near Dark

#54 - Open Range

#53 - Hang 'Em High

#52 - El Topo

#51 - Slow West

#50 - The Good, the Bad, the Weird

#49 - Sweetgrass

#48 - The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

#47 - The Proposition

#46 - Tombstone

#45 - Pale Rider

#44 - 3:10 to Yuma (1957)

#43 - Will Penny

#42 - 3:10 to Yuma (2007)

#41 - McCabe & Mrs. Miller

#40 - High Plains Drifter

#39 - Jeremiah Johnson

#38 - Johnny Guitar

#37 - Blazing Saddles

#36 - The Outlaw Josey Wales

#35 - Dances With Wolves

#34 - A Fistful of Dollars

#33 - Little Big Man

#32 - The Revenant

#31 - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

#30 - Rio Bravo

#29 - Hud

#28 - How the West Was Won

#27 - True Grit (1969)

#26 - She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

#25 - Lone Star

#24 - Aferim!

#23 - The Sons of Katie Elder

#22 - Shane

#21 - True Grit (2010)

#20 - Fort Apache

#19 - The Shootist

#18 - The Magnificent Seven

#17 - Once Upon a Time in the West

#16 - Django Unchained

#15 - Winchester '73

#14 - My Darling Clementine

#13 - Bad Day at Black Rock

#12 - Stagecoach

#11 - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

#10 - The Ox-Bow Incident

#9 - Greed

#8 - The Searchers

#7 - The Wild Bunch

#6 - The Big Country

#5 - Unforgiven

#4 - High Noon

#3 - For a Few Dollars More

#2 - The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

#1 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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They forgot Angel and the Bad Man,

Red River and Along Came Jones with Gary Cooper!

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I read thru that list and I think it was based on how much money each movie made and adjusted box office numbers.

Those of us that saw them when they first came out have a different view of what a movie should be compared to those doing the ratings on that list.

Just look at the remakes of those movies and how hard it is to sit thru them when you saw the original.


I liked the original 3:10 to Yuma (good story, good shootouts) and the remake was a poor copy of the original (messed up story, poor ending and max violence).


Since when is "Back to the Future 3" a western? It was SyFy set in the old west.

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That Tyrel fella is a jewel on this forum... and just think... he is a member of the Wartrace Regulators. My club... hope to meet him next warm shoot-day....


That list is SO screwed-up... it's rediculous. OK... some of 'em... in the top ten are good.


But there are some on that list that ain't even westerns. Ya know... when I first read Tyrel's list... I thought... they accidentally left out... The Sound of Music.


Julie Andrews as a rooten-tooten Cowgirl... shoulda been included in that teenager's list of westerns.



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There will never be a movie list or any other kind of list that makes everyone happy. Westerns is probably the hardest because folks here can find just about anything to complain about. I can't say I fully agree with the list, but these days anything at all that even mentions westerns is a bonus in my book. And unlike most lists, these folks provided their methodology as well so you can see how and why they chose what they did.

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The dollars were all over the place. No way you could have used them to rank the movies. For instance:


#75 - Blackthorn

Smart Rating: 80.65
Release Year: 2011
Inflation-Adjusted U.S. Box Office Earnings: $210,357


#79 - Quigley Down Under

Smart Rating: 80.18
Release Year: 1990
Inflation-Adjusted U.S. Box Office Earnings: $36,426,200


Quigley next to last!!??? Balderdash!!!!

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