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  1. 12 Louis Lamour novels (And a bonus novel to make 13) to read while being quarantined. All are hard cover. The first 9 are Leatherettes. The titles are: Brionne The Californios Callaghen Kiowa Trail The Man from the Broken Hills Sackett Shalako Silver Canyon Tucker Smoke from this Altar Last of the Breed Monument Rock For a #13 bonus is a hard cover William Johnstone's The Last Mountain Man Thanks for looking
  2. Sold pending funds to Rio Hombre I have 14 Louis Lamour books for sale for $50 shipped. 7 are leatherette. 4 Hard cover. 3 paper back. (Pictured left to right). The Californios Flint Kiowa Trail Sackett Shalako Silver Canyon The Tall Stranger Hondo Outlaws of the Mesquite Rustlers of West Fork Fair Blows the Wind Sackett Conpanion Killoe Kilkenny
  3. Hey Ruff Kut, Are you going to come up and visit us this year?
  4. I've got lots of grips (Black micarta). Pretty sure I have one or two grip frames. I'll try to remember to check when I get home from work. Leave for vac in the morning though. Back the following weekend.
  5. If you (or one of your friends) get anywhere near the Lacrosse/ Holmen area, I could meet you there and take #11-14. (I'm in Rochester). We shoot at Holmen second Saturday all year long.
  6. Bailey Creek, I have them set aside for you. Mark 32643 Yours have shipped with an expected Wednesday 1-22 delivery date.
  7. Payment received and packages shipped for: Alan 85710 Ken 35633 Tom 72007 All have an expected Tuesday 21st delivery
  8. Back to the top. Surprised that my favorite ones are still here. I guess that shows how good of a writer Louie was...
  9. Graybeard, why do you think I'm selling??? There ain't no pictures. List updated
  10. For Sale Louis Lamour Leatherettes and Hard Covers. Those that are listed multiple times are because I have multiple copies. Price is $4 each plus shipping. Book rate or Priority Bulk Rate. I will edit list as each gets sold. If you see it on the list with SPF, it is Sold Pending Funds. I will erase from list when funds arrive and I ship. Thanks for looking NOVELS Brionne Californios, The Californios, The Callaghen Daybreakers, The Fair Blows the Wind (HC) Flint Guns of the Timberlands Hondo (HC Special 30th Anniversary Edition) Key-Lock Man, The Kid Rodelo Killoe Kiowa Trail Kiowa Trail Last of the Breed (HC not leatherette) Lonesome Gods, The Man from the Broken Hills, The Night over the Solomons Passin' Through Radigan Rustlers of the West Fork, The (HB Large Print) Sackett Sackett Shadow Riders, The Shalako Showdown at Yellow Butte Silver Canyon Silver Canyon Silver Canyon Tall Stranger, The Tall Stranger, The To Tame a Land Tucker Under the Sweetwater Rim Walking Drum, The Westward the Tide Short Stories Monument Rock *(HC not leatherette) Outlaws of Mesquite, The (HC not Leatherette) West from Singapore Non Fiction and Poetry Sackett Companion, The (Paperback) Smoke from this Altar (HC)
  11. With the load data on the can, you can pretty easily interpolate loads by comparing modern loads of equal volume, weight, and velocity. It is obviously a shotgun powder. Making it good for Shotgun and Pistol loads. If it were me, I'd find an equivalent data recipe and reduce the load by 5% and load a few up. Looks like it's close to Red Dot-Clays-Promo, etc.
  12. I've got one or two stainless ones. Send me a PM to remind me to look. I'm at work right now...
  13. So at the point that someone notices that the hammer is back, the old rule and new rule have the shooter standing in the exact same spot. Old rule says "you're done. Go to the Unloading Table." The new rule says "stay where you are standing. Fully cock the hammer. And aiming downrange, engage the trigger." I'm not going to argue either side. Just point out, that the moment that it's noticed, the safe/unsafe condition is still identical in either rule situation. The difference being whether you find out the chamber has a live round in the bay or at the Unloading Table. I don't really have a say one way or the other due to the fact that of the three clubs that I shoot at over the 4 weekends a month, Not one TG polled this question within my earshot.
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