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  1. Plenty of room on the unloading table to not stack brass. It is lazy, rude or spiteful to dump brass so it mixes with other peoples brass.
  2. Gentlemen, the later JM Marlins were also crap. So don't just rail on the Remlins. That being said, besides sending your Marlin off to someone who will time it correctly, the two things that I would change out is: 1. Get a one piece firing pin. ($25ish) 2. Get a Ranger Point Precision extractor ($50ish) I would NOT replace the trigger. Just straighten the factory one. Don't need to spend money on something that 10 seconds with a hammer will produce essentially the same thing. On the other hand, If money is no object, then spend away...
  3. Tracking numbers: 49740 9505 5148 5422 1137 5700 91 35645 9505 5148 5422 1137 5701 07 44730 9505 5148 5422 1137 5701 14 75103 9505 5148 5422 1137 5701 21 71909 9505 5148 5422 1137 5701 38 70124 9505 5148 5422 1137 5708 49 47907 9505 5148 5422 1137 5708 32
  4. Any way you want is fine with me... PM sent with further instructions
  5. Sold to Jan Hawkins 818 pieces of brand new Starline brass for sale. Staline is currently out of this. But you can get it here for $160 shipped in a medium flat rate USPS box. Thanks for looking, Buzzard
  6. Brass prices are shipped 32 H&R Starline Brass One Bag 1000 twice fired - $160 Sold to the Reb One Bag 1000 twice fired - $160 Sold to Seamus One Bag 750 twice fired - $130 Sold to OKIE 32 Caliber Lead $.08/ round plus shipping ACME 195 78gr RN $15 Sold to flatapple Partial box (194) of Badman 100gr RNFP - $15 Sold to OKIE Badman 1 box 500 78gr RN - $40 Sold to flatapple Badman 3 boxes 500 100gr RNFP - $40/box Sold to OKIE Desperado 2 boxes 500 90gr RNFP -$40/box Sold to Mark All
  7. Another HUGE endorsement for Annie Hillman aka Miss Annie Sewansew leatherandlogs@chibardun.net I've lost count on how many things she has sewn for me...dozens, for sure
  8. I have a like new pair of blued/cch with 4-5/8" barrels and plowhandle grip frames. Lassiter did the action work and added 1/2 cocks to the hammers. They come with the ivorex factory grips and gunfighter grips (Altamount IIRC). $1800 shipped.
  9. That configuration is in the $600-650ish range. A bit less for the 5-1/2" barrel. Condition is everything. Good condition means nothing really. If in the 90-92%, the prices I quoted are pretty much ball park. If in the 80-90, then $100 less. If in the 95-98, then $100+. If the original two piece box ($100=/-) or paperwork ($50-75) or complete warranty card ($25-50) is with it, then the price adjusts accordingly.
  10. Thanks for NOT buying those primers from me. I'm getting $80/brick ($400/case) from a guy here in town. Were you able to find any?



    1. Old Man Graybeard

      Old Man Graybeard

      Haven't yet. But I do have some yet. Did find 3000 small rifle primers the other day

  11. If you find a seller who would rather have cash, I would be willing to buy the coins. He gets the cash. You get the guns. And everyone is happy... Buzzard
  12. GW, What was the company that has the Marlin ejector you were mentioning?

    1. G W Wade

      G W Wade

      Howdy Buzzard,  happy you remembered.  Ranger Point Precision makes new extracter and other parts for Marlins   Hope it fixes the problem      GW

  13. They are either the original Ruger Vaquero or the Ruger New Vaquero. All of them are New Model Vaqueros. None of them are Old Model Vaqueros. No such thing.
  14. Or...You can sleeve it for a 40 or 41 caliber (405 Winchester) and keep it black powder only. I've got an 1895 in 405 Winchester and it's bullet is .410 diameter. And holds 65 grains of Black. When people ask me what chamber my rifle is, I tell them it's a 41-65.
  15. That's a really really good price on the Red Dot.
  16. Up here we have a few clubs that at times allow a Wild Bunch Military category. (1911, Model 12 shotgun, Tommy Gun) We also have one club that once or twice a year sets up a course for "Cowboys and Aliens." Lots and lots of targets from up close to 100 yards. Any and all guns you want to bring are good to go. From Cowboy guns to AR's to M1's to???... No times, No misses or hits called. Just follow the course correctly. Blast as much ammo as you can afford and have fun.
  17. An already checkered forearm for $50 is money way ahead. You aren't going to find anyone for less than that.
  18. I used to cast 45 round balls. They were right around 120 grains. I cut down split necked (not to far) 45 Colt brass to 45 auto rim length. With a mid level volume equivalent loading of 45acp powder recipe, the round ball just burps out the barrel. I did have to experiment to get a load hot enough to raise accuracy.
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