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  1. Uncle Ethan is right! Here we go again! It's time for another Thanksgiving Day! Happy Thanksgiving everybody! God bless and stay safe, Mo
  2. Hello Yukon, My suggestion is to buy a quality slicked up shotgun from one of the numerous "cowboy action gunsmiths" out there, maybe a gunsmith close to home, and use that for enjoyable, hassle-free shooting. A slicked up shotgun will make you a faster shooter. Faster and hassle-free = more fun. The important thing is to buy what you like and enjoy the first time around. Keep looking in gun shops for spare/backup shotguns too. I hope this helps. All the best, Mo
  3. Thanksgiving Day Cowboy Action Match is cancelled! Thursday November 26, 2020 in Niles, Ohio Howdy pards, The Thanksgiving Day CAS match at the Western Reserve Fish and Game Protective Association in Niles, Ohio is cancelled because of our county’s current Coronavirus situation. It’s too great a health risk to hold matches indoors at the present time and we want our friends and contestants to be safe. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day and we hope to see you in December. I’ll keep you posted. We wish you all the best, Slow Mo Dern, Shenango Joe, all the Lake Park Raiders, and Shenango River Rats Thank you for your support.
  4. CAS in Niles, Ohio with the Lake Park Raiders on Saturday November 14, 2020! Howdy, Friends! Thank you for coming out to join us, the Lake Park Raiders, in the first indoor CAS match of the 2020-2021 indoor season. We’ll be CAS indoors until the merry month of May of next year. New shooter Wright Wily got the first place award for comin’ in first. Congratulations, Wily! Speakin’ of fast…Slow Mo came in second with 3 misses! Ain’t that a wonderment? Clean shootin’ Hagen came away with the third place award. A clean match was had by Hagen too! Congratulations to all our winners and contestants! Thanks also to everyone for being “covid conscious.” I know it’s hard to do and to remember to do it but we’re doing it. Thank you. Our next match is on Thanksgiving Day; November 26, 2020. We hope you’ll come join us but if you can’t; we wish you and all your family a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday. Spectators and visitors are always welcome to our cowboy matches but please keep safety in mind; wear your hearing protection and wear your safety glasses. Thank you. See you next time, Slow Mo Dern and all the Lake Park Raiders Thank you for your support.
  5. This jest in from Weather Central! Where's Weather Central? Same place it always was! Weather in Niles, Ohio will be around 68 - 72 degrees on Saturday with no rain! Of course we'll be in the building... Everything you just read is true, I swear. Mo
  6. Cowboy Action in Niles, Ohio Saturday November 14, 2020 Howdy, Partners! The Shenango River Rats have moved slightly south to the city of Niles where it will be slightly warmer through the winter months. We will be the Lake Park Raiders for the next twelve indoor CAS matches! Come join us this Saturday as we shoot 5 fun-filled indoor stages at the Western Reserve Fish and Game Protection Association. 1058 West Third Street – Niles, Ohio 44446 – Right off Route 46. Doors open at 9:00 am. The match starts at 10:00 am after the Pledge of Allegiance and a brief safety meeting. Tons of fun at last year’s prices. Hot Coffee and Cold Donuts No lunch so bring your own snacks, vittles, or grub so you don’t get hungry! Bring all your cowboy guns: 2 six-shooters, rifle, and shotgun. Bring your light cowboy loads with lead bullets – same as outdoors. Leave the shotgun shells at home! The club will provide the shotgun ammo! 12 gauge and 20 gauge. If you want to use .22 ammo in your .22 caliber cowboy guns; it would be all right! Visitors and spectators are always welcome but bring your eye protection, hearing protection, and bring your personal protective virus equipment: masks, hand sanitizer, etc. Saturday November 14, 2020! I hope to see you there! Be safe and God bless, Slow Mo Dern
  7. Thank you, C. C. and thank you Lefty. I didn't know they were called Cartridge Guide Tabs and I didn't know the bolt was called a breach block. Thank you for cluing me in. I knew I was asking the right people. Thanks again, Mo
  8. Howdy! The weather report is in: No rain is predicted -- 56 degrees in the morning with a high of 74 degrees in the afternoon. It's lookin' pretty good! Mo
  9. Hey, T.J! Good luck with that knee surgery and we all hope everything comes out all right! One has to have good knees to chase elk and bear up an' down all those mountains! All the best from me, the Shenango River Rats, and the Lake Park Raiders! We'll be thinking of you!
  10. Hello, I need some more knowledge so I again came to the smartest folks I know; maybe you can clue me in. What causes the tabs on the 1873 Uberti rifle bolts to break off or bend? Is it because the rifle has gotten “out of time” or is it from inadequate bolt cleaning? Why and how does an 1873 rifle get “out of time?” Is it from normal wear and what precautions should an 1873 owner take so this doesn’t happen? Thank you for any and all replies. Mo
  11. Howdy! The weather is lookin' pretty good for this comin' Sunday at Wild West Point!
  12. Wild Wild West Point Last Match of the Year! November 8, 2020 Howdy! Blue Eyed Bob and that Wild West Point Crew are preparing the West Point Range for “the last cowboy shoot of the season if the weather permits!” Sunday November 8, 2020 will be the date for the “brave and crazy” to come to West Point and “shoot’em up one last time!” The match starts at 10:00 am. Hopefully, Indian summer will have started for us. Be safe and bring any PPE you may need. We hope to see you there!
  13. CAS at Brookfield! Thursday October 29, 2020 Thank you for coming! Thanks to everyone for coming out to Brookfield and joining us in our last outdoor Cowboy Match at Brookfield. It was a Thursday Work Shirker Open Class CAS Match and a good time was had by all! Nice weather for ducks and vampire killers! Krazy Thom won the First Place Ribbon today and also won himself a pretty brown one too! Congratulations, Thom! Clean shootin’ Ranger Justin took second place and brown ribbon winner Shenango Joe came in third! Congratulations to all our winners and contestants! Big thanks to Hagen for bringing in another cooker of his famous soup and big thanks to Gramma Barb for baking another load of her famous chocolate chip cookies! The next match will be indoors at the Western Reserve Fish and Game Club in Niles, Ohio on November 14, 2020. We hope to see you there! Happy Halloween! Be safe and God bless, Slow Mo Dern and the Shenango River Rats Thank you for your support!
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