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  1. Hi GG, This happened to me. I over torqued my tool head years ago. Don't over torque the hex screws that hold the interchangeable tool heads down. If they're screwed in too tight; you will unintentionally back out the heli-coil thread inserts on the pot-metal housing when you go to change tool heads. If you back out the thread inserts -- you can't screw them back in. You will have to send the machine to Dillon to get it fixed. The part costs too much money and they will not replace it for free. T
  2. Silver Sam! That was a very fun and professional video to watch; I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing it. Mo
  3. Howdy, NCD, I received your PM and replied. I will call you Thursday January 7, 2021 if that's all right. Indoors is almost as fun as doin' it outdoors! Mo
  4. Indoor CAS at Niles, Ohio is still CANCELLED. Howdy, friends, Our fun winter indoor Cowboy Action matches are still cancelled at the Western Reserve Fish and Game Club in Niles, Ohio until further notice. Stay tuned to the SASS Wire for any additional information. I’ll pass along any news about future indoor CAS matches in Niles, Ohio as soon as I receive it. Be safe and God bless, Slow Mo Dern
  5. Happy New Year from all of us at Wild Wild West Point! Thank you for your support this past year! Be safe and God bless, Blue Eyed Bob and all the West Point Crew
  6. This is the photograph. The Gamer Hook is shown on the upper right side holding up the gun belt.
  7. Hi Doc, I'll get a picture for you when my step daughter, Speedy Edie, gets home. These gamer hooks are sold at J. Hornaday Dry Goods online; the folks that make the "cooler cowboy shirt." Six String Jimmy is a good man to shop with. This item is called a "Gamer Hook." It is originally made to fit in the back V-notch of a pair of trousers between the suspender buttons. It lets your gun belt hang lower and also holds up your gun belt. I use the "Gamer Hook" positioned on my gun belt so I can hang my leather or c
  8. Hi Texas, Check out J. Hornaday. He, Six String Jimmy, sells a star concho belt hook that's handy for hanging loading strips and other stuff from. I have used these for years. They clip on your belt and stay put. Use lock-tite on the concho threads. I hope this has helped. Happy New Year! Mo
  9. Howdy! We want to wish all our Cowboy Action Shooting friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We wish you all the best! Stay safe and God bless! Slow Mo Dern , Shenango Joe, the Shenango River Rats, and the Lake Park Raiders Thank you for your support this past year!
  10. Hi Montana, Those are made by a sweet lady at Jax Leather. A few of my friends and I have ordered these and she makes an excellent product. I understand that she might be on vacation right now. Jax Leather. She also makes fine canvas loading strips. My friend just bought products earlier this year. I hope this has helped. Merry Christmas! Mo
  11. Whiskey Hicks! How are you? Nice gun! That will be perfect for bustin' flyin' pop cans and water bottles! Flyin' birds too! I bet you can't wait to try that baby out! There's a lot of knowledgeable folks around our area that can help you with that shotgun if you need it. Ask me if you ever need a light smokeless load recipe. Merry Christmas! Stay safe and God bless. Slow Mo Dern
  12. The Lake Park Raiders Indoor Cowboy Action match in Niles, Ohio scheduled for Saturday December 12, 2020 is CANCELLED! Howdy, friends, Due to the current State of Ohio and Trumbull County health regulations concerning Covid-19; our indoor Cowboy Action match scheduled for Saturday December 12, 2020 at the Western Reserve Fish and Game Protective Association in Niles, Ohio is cancelled. We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and hopefully we can resume our indoor CAS matches at a later date. We hope to see you then. Bless you and
  13. Uncle Ethan is right! Here we go again! It's time for another Thanksgiving Day! Happy Thanksgiving everybody! God bless and stay safe, Mo
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