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  1. This jest in from the "cowboy room" at Brookfield! It's supposed to rain Thursday! The odds are -- that it will rain on our match day Thursday! Can you believe it? In Ohio, yet! We are still having our match but "under the roof!" This way we can stay dry. Five rainy day stages, no lunch so bring your snacks, water will be provided, and bring any personal protective equipment you might need. It is written that nothing is better than plain ol' washing your hands frequently. We will be wearing masks and social distancing also. All the best, Mo
  2. Howdy, Seamus, I wish you and all you good folks the best. I was going to attend but my vehicle is badly in need of some serious brake repair that can't be put off any longer. Stay safe and God bless! Mo
  3. Hello Turkey Flats Jack! I will tell Hagan about the extra smoke! I'm sure he'll oblige! I'll see him tomorrow. We're working on the cowboy range for Thursday but it's supposed to rain the day of the match. How's the weather out in New Mexico? It's nice and hot in Ohio today and a good day for Margaritas! Stay safe and God bless. Mo
  4. Hi Marshal, If you shoot outlaw style, be prepared to miss a lot until you get good. It goes with the territory. Practice with .22's. Be prepared to miss small targets shooting outlaw style but shoot at'em anyway! Sometimes you'll hit them and the sensation is wonderful! Rifle targets are "set up further and harder to hit" BUT shooting an 1873 Uberti outlaw style ala "Rifleman" can be tricky! If you don't do it right; you will pinch your trigger finger so bad -- you will not soon forget it! It's worse if you draw blood! The sensation is not wonderful! Gunfighter and Outlaw are the coolest ways to shoot! Go for it! Mo
  5. Hi Chris, This is the last Thursday of the month "work-shirker" match. You call in sick and go shoot a cowboy match with all your friends. That's called "shirking." We get a pretty good turnout! Most of us are retired. After you retire Chris, you can shoot all the time! Mo
  6. CAS at Brookfield in Masury, Ohio Thursday May 28, 2020 Howdy! Come join us for a Cowboy Action match at the Brookfield Conservation Club in Masury, Ohio on Thursday May 28, 2020. It’s the Last Thursday of the Month Work-Shirker Open Class CAS Match! Five fast, fun-filled EZ stages to put us in a “goodly state of merriment!” Gates open at 9:00 am ----- Lead down range at around 10:00 am after the Pledge of Allegiance and a “brief” safety meeting. No lunch on this day so bring your snacks in case you get hungry! Water will be provided by the club in nice little plastic bottles! Sound like fun? You bet! Come on out and get yourself in shape for this year’s outdoor season of Cowboy Action in Northeast Ohio! You know you want to and you know you need to! It only gets better from here! If it rains: We’ll shoot “under the roof!” A good time might be had by all! Don’t forget your real shotgun shells! Welcome to the great outdoors! Bring your mask, hand sanitizer, and any other personal protection equipment you think you might need. Spectators and visitors are always welcome but you must wear your hearing protectors and safety glasses. It’s mandatory. Safety every time, that’s us! Be safe and God bless, Slow Mo Dern Shenango River Rats
  7. Howdy, Mr. Hicks, Sounds like you're getting serious! Welcome to Cowboy Action! Mo
  8. Thursday May 21, 2020 A good man is gone but not forgotten. Sad news. Our good friend James Stec aka Veddy Badman has passed on. The always dapper Veddy Badman was a posse member of the Shenango River Rats and competed in CAS matches with his wife Tiffany aka Suety Hawk at Brookfield, Wild West Point, Brown Twp., and the Beaver Valley Bushwhackers. He was a fine human being and we’ll all miss him. Rest in Peace, Veddy. Please keep Tiffany and the family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.
  9. Howdy SJS, Do you mean a stage "out line" with sweeps and target placement or do you mean how to build a stage that looks like a gold mine or fort? Mo
  10. Hi Gator, The wheels on the Amish cart look really weak. I would go with the rubber wheels shown on the collapsible Mustang cart at the bottom of the page. Some range areas are very rough and are not paved. Strong, big, "flat-resistant" rubber wheels are the best. Welcome to CAS! Mo
  11. Hi Stormy, I used to use A-Zoom snap caps but read on this wire years ago that the hard aluminum snap caps will put unnecessary wear on your rifles metal extractor. It was better to use brass in your rifle -- its softer. I use A-Zoom snap caps in my revolvers and snap caps from Unique-Tek, Inc. in my shotgun. If I were to use snap-caps in my rifle; I would look into making them out of brass. Mo
  12. Dutch is right, TFJ! I know where there's an elk that's not being used at the moment and Hagan would love to loan it to you!
  13. Very nice, Jack! You have to make a new set of holsters too, you know...
  14. Howdy LockLear24, The Shenango River Rats posse hosts CAS matches close to where you live. We're located in Masury, Ohio just north of Brookfield at the Brookfield Conservation Club. You are welcome to come watch a match with us when we start shooting again. Spectators and visitors are always welcome. Please wear safety glasses and hearing protectors. Welcome to Cowboy Action Shooting. You'll meet some of the nicest people in the world by joining this fun sport. Sixgun Seamus is of excellent character and will put you on the path to a goodly state of merriment. Sincerely, Slow Mo Dern
  15. This just in! Wild Wild West Point is still CANCELED for Sunday May 10, 2020. We need some global warming about now; it's being really cold around here... I wonder how Turkey Flats Jack is doin' in West Virginia... He's probably drinkin' margaritas and gettin' a suntan....
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