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  1. Hi G.W., If you use a MEC Sizemaster, make sure the charge bar says 78 on it if you're using 7/8 ounce of #8 shot. 7/8 oz. has 78 on the charge bar. 1 1/8 oz. has 118 on the charge bar etc. I have been using the Prairie Dawg Lite Load for years and it works wonderfully. All the best, Mo
  2. Howdy Johnny Prince, If cost is not the primary factor, look at sxs shotguns for sale by all the popular cowboy gunsmiths. You can find a variety of "match ready" brands that are already "tuned up." That's what I would do if I was looking for another shotgun and cost was not the primary factor. Good luck. Of course, having only one or two shotguns is never enough! All the best, Slow Mo Dern
  3. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! all the best, Slow Mo Dern
  4. Howdy, Rye Miles! That sounds like a good plan! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Slow Mo Dern
  5. Thanksgiving Day Thursday November 28, 2019 No Thursday Cowboy Action match in Niles, Ohio! We’ll be closed for Thanksgiving! The last Thursday of the month is the day the Lake Park Raiders host their Thursday Work Shirker Open Class CAS Match but this year the last Thursday falls on Thanksgiving Day. We have decided to cancel this month’s Work Shirker match on the last Thursday to spend time with our families. Many of us have family coming to visit from out of town, places to be, things that need done, and it looks like the weather will be good for traveling. Please join us this Thanksgiving Day to spend some quality time at home with your family and friends and we wish you a safe and happy holiday. We will be back in December! Come join us on Saturday December 14, 2019 at the Western Reserve Fish and Game Club as we shoot 5 more fun-filled stages of Old West wackiness and jollification! A goodly state of merriment could be had by all! You betcha! We wish you all the best from the Shenango River Rats and the Lake Park Raiders and hope to see you in December! Thank you for your support. Visit us at: http://shenangoriverrats.wixsite.com/sass
  6. CAS in Niles, Ohio with the Lake Park Raiders! Saturday November 9, 2019 Thank you to everyone for coming out to Niles, Ohio to join us in our first CAS match of the indoor season. After the outdoor season at Brookfield, the Shenango River Rats move south to Niles, Ohio to become the Lake Park Raiders for the next 6 months. Thank you for your support and thank you for your patience! It’s always a challenge to go from outdoors with steel targets to indoors with paper and cardboard but we’ll get back in the groove after a few matches! Willy Goodnews was our first place winner on Saturday. Congratulations, Willy! We all know he did so well because he didn’t have any of that thick smoke blocking his vision bein’ indoors an’ all! Special thanks to everyone who came in to help with set-up and take-down and thanks to Joe for putting up a new batch of cardboard for us to shoot up. Our next match will be on Saturday December 14, 2019, weather permitting. We are not shooting on Thanksgiving Day this year because a lot of us want to spend time at home with our families so we will resume shooting in December. Visitors and spectators are always welcome but you must have safety or shooting glasses and hearing protection. We like to be safe indoors as well as outdoors. See you in December and I wish everyone a safe Thanksgiving Holiday season. All the best, Slow Mo Dern and the Lake Park Raiders
  7. Howdy! We didn't get 3 foot of snow this morning but we got 3 inches in Northern Trumbull Co. Route 680 is a mess this morning. Hopefully the roads will all be clear on Saturday morning. Please be safe if you're coming to Niles in the morning. All the best, Mo
  8. Hi Jack, What happened to your famous .22's? Didja get some new shootin' irons? See you there and have a safe trip! Mo
  9. Howdy! It's time again for : Winter Indoor Cowboy Action Shooting with the Lake Park Raiders! YeeHoooo! When: November 2019 thru April 2020. 2nd Saturday and the Last Thursday of the month! Where: Western Reserve Fish & Game Association in Niles, Ohio ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It's time for another season of indoor merriment with the paper punching posse of proud pistoleers down at Niles, Ohio! The match is Saturday November 9, 2019! The Club will open at 9:00 am and shooting will start at 10:00 am. The match is for Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun. Please use only approved Cowboy Loads: low velocity rounds and lead bullets for pistol and rifle! DO NOT bring shotgun ammo. 12 gauge and 20 gauge shot shells will be provided by Shenango Joe. We'll shoot 5 stages of indoor Old West wackiness just like they used to do up north at Yankee Flats only different! No lunch is scheduled so bring your snacks in case you git hongry! Come on in where it's warm all winter and get ready for the 2020 outdoor season! It's only 6 months away! Note: Smokeless powder only, pards. We like our black powder aficionados but we can't do the smoke indoors. All the best, Slow Mo Dern
  10. Hi Wade, I use the exact same loads for my .357 rounds, that go in the rifle, as I do for the 38 Special rounds that go in the pistols. I shoot smokeless. The only difference is I use only Starline brass and Federal primers for the rifle and I sometimes use a 158 grain bullet for my pistols. The heavier bullet makes a good clang when it hits and the bullet hits higher out of my Rugers. Your questions are valid. Reloading your own ammo is a very big step to take and not to be taken lightly. The folks on this forum will steer you in the right direction. I have been helped numerous times. All the best, Mo
  11. Howdy, Rye! We welcome everybody! We will leave the light on for ya! Furnace too! We encourage folks to stay home if it's bad out. The last thing we want to do is have people on bad roads! We're scheduled for at least 10 matches for the indoor season so if you miss a couple, there's plenty more. May is a long way off. Remember, 22 caliber cowboy guns are allowed as long as they can make a visible hole in the cardboard. Joe provides our wax bullet shotgun shells. All the best , Mo
  12. Brookfield, Ohio CAS! Thursday October 31, 2019 Thursday Work Shirker Open Class CAS Match with the Shenango River Rats under the roof at the Brookfield Conservation Club Howdy! Big thanks to all the cowboys and cowgirls who came out to shoot the last outdoor match of the season at the Brookfield Conservation Club. A good time was had by all in spite of all the precipitation! Mercy! That was a lot of rain! “Nice weather for ________!” “Soup and cookies!” Krazy Thom was the champion of the day. Congratulations, Krazy Thom! Thank you to all who came early to help with the match, we appreciate it so much, and thank you to the folks that helped with set-up and take-down afterwards! Thanks to Hagen for bringing in his famous soup, Barb for baking the cookies, and the Brunswick Kid for bringing in the Ghost Pepper Beef Sticks! YeeeHooooo! Our next match is on Saturday November 09, 2019 at the Western Reserve Fish and Game Association in Niles, Ohio. We will punch the paper indoors for the next 6 months. Matches will be held on the second Saturday and last Thursday of each month. Watch the SASS wire for weather cancellations and be sure to give us your email. I have enjoyed shooting all year with a fine bunch of people! Thank you for your support. All the best, Slow Mo Dern
  13. Howdy! Howdy! The range is all set up for 5 quick stages "under the protection of the roof." Hagen's bringing soup and Barb made cookies; What could be better? Excuse the mess in the back parking lot; a tree had to come down and we didn't get it cleaned up yet. Happy Halloween!
  14. Howdy! Looks like we're in for nasty weather for the Brookfield Thursday Work Shirker match so we're going to have the match "under the roof" at the 25 yard range. Hagen's going to bring in his famous slow cooker gourmet soup and Barb's going to bake cookies! It's Halloween so I'm going to dress up as a cowboy!
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