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  1. Works great in shotgun, I find it's a little stouter than App, needs to be cleaned quicker than App. I find that it was a cheap version of App, unfortunately they quite making it so don't fall in love with it. Sold for $9 a pound and I only have 10 lbs left. Rafe
  2. Depends on if he's shooting in my class, if he is then it a "p" and a miss, if I like him it's clean. Rafe
  3. Unless I know the shooter and his/her reloading process, my gun my ammo! That's why I always bring twice the amount needed Rafe
  4. Smokes more just no flame, can use same bullets as smokeless. Rafe
  5. At least 1cc lee dipper. 1.3 fills up the case, it is what I use Rafe
  6. Mustang, what color is the 1st pants? The one to the left of the light blue and tan pair. Rafe
  7. Sorry to hear this, prayers to the man upstairs! Rafe
  8. one of each! The Match I pulled my pistol cocked it on the way up hit the windowsill and blew a hole through the prop and gun flipped out of my hand! Stage moved with a loaded pistol, pulled it and coked at the wrong spot then moved my feet. Rafe
  9. That's what I started with and used for almost 10 years, will work well. Rafe
  10. Doesn't matter which hulls I use I only load them once, of course I shoot black powder Rafe
  11. Depends. I have a 66 carbine and a 73 rifle that I had cut down to a short rifle Rafe
  12. Wes Fargo used to sell a tool, it was a fork with one of the tines bent. Rafe
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