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  1. We had a 12+ shotgun stage at a monthly, yes barrel got hot left a little skin on it until I learned how not to ride my thumb on the barrel. Rafe
  2. Found some at the local ace hardware for$13 a box bought a case. Didn't need them but got them. Have enough to last a year or more since I usually shoot Black powder. Rafe
  3. I've used clays, unique and app, with good results I've also used real black and can get through it match with little more than a spritz of balistol in both mt 73 and 66. Yes not as clean as a bottle neck rifle but not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Rafe
  4. Winchester 30/30 Santa brought me when I was 14 sold it for party money when I was 19
  5. Are you using factory ammo or reloads, oal will cause my 66 to have issues my 73 not so much. Both are 45 colts Rafe
  6. Went by there today, didn't want to call for an appointment as we would just be looking around. Saw the buildings nice little town Rafe
  7. It's a great college and area we're there now to see the boys 1st football game. Live in the desert so this is great seeing trees going to hike through the woods to the falls tomorrow. Rafe
  8. Any sass clubs near decorah Iowa? Sons going to college there and we will be visiting often according to his mother ! Figured I might get some shooting in when we are down. Rafe
  9. Not sure where to start looking for one but here is a good picture of one of the hats worn by member of Terry's Texas rangers https://civilwartalk.com/threads/terrys-texas-rangers.131443/ Rafe
  10. Picked up a case at the local ace hardware this week, paid $13 a box but all Walmart in tucson haven't had any low recoil aa
  11. Student question,= I'm going to be gone next week am I going to miss anything? Teacher no I have decided to do nothing next week. Parent= how come my child received a 0 for 3 assignments they were absent? Teacher- the assignments were due last month! Students are required to make up all absent work in a timely manner. Parent= my child failed the unit test said you didn't teach that! Teacher = we covered this information on x week. Parent- my child was gone that week! Teacher- thinking right I should have stopped teaching my other 125 students because you took your child out of school. Yes there are students that can miss time and are responsible enough to make up the work but the majority don't/won't. And yes there are parents who will make sure that the child will make all the work up but there are more that don't.
  12. As a teacher I can honestly say that if a child misses school for more than a few days they are loosing out on information that will help clarify test questions and they struggle to catch up with missed school work while trying to keep up with what they are currently working on. Rarely does having a child out of school benefit them. I understand that there are circumstances that are unavoidable and those are excused.i know this will not be the popular answer but that is what i have experienced in my 19 years of being a teacher.
  13. Pam is what I have been using for over 10 years, only spam I have ever heard of goes great with scrambled eggs. Rafe
  14. I shot and signed a shelf of a false front my 1st big shoot at an old club in tombstone many years ago. Rafe
  15. Wife got really mad when she found out that I washed my blackpowder pistols in the dishwasher. Needless to say I don't do that anymore. Rafe
  16. Anyone have a low recoil load for 12 gauge? I have clays, wst, and tightgroup. Going to be a few more months before I go back to shooting, recovering from major shoulder reconstruction but don't want to beat the check out of it when I start back. Thanks Rafe
  17. Federal low recoil and winchester featherlite both yield around 900-980 velocity, you will have to look around for both. They sell out as fast as they are put on the shelves. Shorter shells are harder to slide/guide into the chambers on the clock. If you can find them get as many as possible, even if you don't need them. Rafe
  18. Yep, and I did a little Emory cloth work when I'd do a full takedown cleaning. Looking for wear marks. Rafe
  19. I used my stock uberti 73 for 10 years before I even had an action job, gained minimal speed, what I did gain was smoother cycling so that the rifle stayed on target due to less force. I did get a short stroke kit put in a few years ago and gained a little time but I'm a middle of the pack shooter. If I wasn't competing I'd spend the money on ammo. Rafe
  20. Yep! 1st big shoot pulled pistol cocking on the way up hit windowsill blew a hole through the prop, pistol spun around my finger fell to the ground. Packed up came back and did possie duty. Rafe
  21. Welcome! Don't stress to much on outfits or boots, eventually you will have way too much (wife always asks are those new) main thing is to get your shooting irons and ammo, leather goods. Outfits will come later. I always find stuff at major shoots. This sport is addictive but fun as hell! Rafe
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