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  1. Hey... Mo... I know you are an inadvertant... have to... follower of mine.


    That dam... Whiskey bidness... but she sure a good-lookin' waman... ain't she?  Not unlike you.


    Please... C'mon... before you ban me forever.... allow me to bury  my shotalls.  C'mon... it won't hurt nothin'. 


    Hell... it does not matter, pretty woman... I think I will be dead.  i less than 90 days.  Ha?!! surprise?   I don't think so.


    Hey.... Ali Mo...You did greatly resurrect my status by bringin' me back from the dead.


    You sure do look great....  I wished I could have met you.


    Hope you have a great life.



  2. Sorry friend... hate it when I read something wrong... and with me takin' these prescribed opieods.  Hate it when these things are screwed up by me.


    I have to go... maybe for good.  But I did want to tell you... you have a lot of friends... mutual friends... and they ALL... TO A ONE... told me that I did you wrong.  I believe 'em.


    Sorry again...


    Good bye... and good luck in life.  You are welcome to copy and post this in ANY SASS forum that you want.







    1. Assassin




      No worries friend. My dad is from Mississippi, mom from North Carolina, and I was born in Louisiana, southern folks always stick together. Heck, we're probably kin if we look far enough back and life's too short to mull over all the B.S. thrown at us on a daily basis. I enjoy your posts. 



  3. Would you stop it? It really, really hurts when I laugh that hard... just got out of the hospital. (joshin'... that was funny, Widder. Not yore fault... but it did kinda hurt some.) ts
  4. I liked Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road... also his part in Pinkey Blinders Netflix episodes. (<- Think that was the name of it. Watched that on my daughter's tablet-deal.) For Taboo...had to cut-on the hospital TV "closed-captioning"... 'cause them folks don't speak American, Italian or German. Ya know... when yore in the hospital pushing a thumbbutton to get relief from pain... Taboo is extremely bizarre. WEIRD! Afterds... a man can have some really, really wild-a$$ dreams. ts
  5. Predator. And not that ugly Schwarzenegger-movie deal. ts
  6. My HSM .44 WCF (44-40) cartridges are all Cowboy loads. Already shot a bunch at groundhogs... but still have a little over a 1,100 rounds of HSM ammo remainin'. https://www.outdoorlimited.com/HSM-Cowboy-Action-s/1999.htm?searching=Y&sort=7&cat=1999&show=12&page=1&f-44-40 Win=2300 ts
  7. Yeah... but Calico Mary says that takin' some "bad SASS advice"... would be that yore a nice guy. Is that true? What did you ever do to her? Just askin'... don't mean nothin' by it... Topic over on the Saloon... ts
  8. Yep... so much so... there is a steerin' wheel on the fly of my britches. When an odd noise goes off... it grabs holt... and begins the turnin'. ts
  9. Seveal months ago... was in the Wildhorse up in music-city. Sittin' at a table with a former manager fella... from a guy named John Anderson (hit-single... Swinggin')... and then the scarred-up guy at our table got up... and went and sang. Surprise like. Bocephus (sp?)... is that how you pronounce that name? But that fella can sing some good stuff... not just country stuff. He is shore scarred up some... like me... but his is much lot worst. He got hit in the head with a ugly-stick... dam. Not sure how he survived even... why he didn't report it none. gosh... he's tuff, no doubt.
  10. That's not a bad lookin' Marine... But you know... with the lingerin' crap from the previous admin... I'd have to check that out in a transdender bathroom... to pass muster on it. I would carry a knife. ts
  11. Non-Profit status for this Company... should be a slam-dunk. Wonder why not? Strange... ain't it? Only got to be owner-related. In the past... that's the only reason given to be by the Cincinatti Office... other than politcal considerations.... on the Form 1023 or 1024. hmmm... Anybody can get by them impediments. Piece of cake.... they got good accountants. ts
  12. Are you kiddin'?... my lever is my main go-to. They are great brush-guns... 100 yds or less. Don't know if I would trust a semi-rifle caliber like the 44-40... or a .45LC... any further than that. But they are great on groundhogs... in the fencerows of the fall. That's when... great horses... break legs. Gotta protect 'em... $5 a head bounty on whistlepigs. This photo was taken on a neighbor's farm... three or four years ago... had to let my hair down due to a big-a$$ rain. Had to dry it up some. My daughter, Kaitlyin... took this picture. This shot... only 'bout 75 yds. out fro
  13. You have to use som sonic cleners... my uncle tells me that polident don't clean guns. Howver... got all my teeth 'ceptin' 1 of my fronts (knoked out by a saddle horn buck) and 2 in the back. btw... I got 36 teeth... jes like a friggin mule.
  14. He was a fine fella... he will be missed. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.
  15. What difference does it make? Do you spend more money than you make? Just askin', friend. Ya see... companies have to make money... in order to survive. But this a quasi-profit makin' company. Their not Wall Street. But they got folks they got to pay... and good'uns,too. And they got General, Sales and Administrative Expenses... and Moon and them folks have got to overcome them monies. They have to make a profit. No ticky... no laundry. You think 'bout that. ts (corrected by family members) You like SASS... make a voluntary contribution to help. I am goin' to.
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