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  1. I have a second Gen Colt Unfired in the box could part with
  2. PM Sent Sold per our Conversation and agreement . Thank you. Rooster
  3. When or if Guns become outlawed . Only Outlaws will have guns . I already know where and how I stand . This is a public forum so lets leave it at that .
  4. LOL I bought a consecutive pair of SS and a Consecutive Pair Blued when they come out . Very Nice shooting guns , If i do say so myself . Your going to love them . Rooster
  5. I would never know . Because I would not even go in for a drink of water
  6. That is a First Year Ruger 44 Mag . Beautiful gun ! But Im going to have to say a Re-Blue Gun IMHO All The Old Ruger's Turn a Plumb Color . Im a Ruger Collector and NEVER Ever seen One That Did Not Plumb . PS. Still A Beautiful Gun And a Fair Price . Just Sayin . Rooster
  7. I bought one and it was Junk ! No mater what you could not get it to work at all. Sent it to Lassiter to work his Black Magic . She Come back working like a charm . BUT STILL UGLY !
  8. Open carry is just plain stupid anyways . Its just looking for attention . ( in a Bad Way ) But I stopped shopping at Walgreens 15 years ago . When they thought is was a good idea to stop selling beer. I switched to Rite aid across the street and never went back . I know that backfired on them and they started selling beer again . But whats the point in switching back . Im happy at Rite aid . Just sayin . Rooster
  9. But it probably qualifies you as a dirty player by the end of the day LOL I love my Henry with My two Open Top Colts and My Hammered Shotgun . Im so slow it leaves them all choking for over a minute plus lol Just sayn . Rooster
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