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    I wont be Wronged , I wont be Insulted and I wont be laid a Hand on . I dont do these things to others and I require the same from them !

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    God Guns Guts - Family - Ridding My Harleys - NRA Certified Range Officer - NRA Life Member - GOA Life Member - Warthog Life Member - An Armed Society is A Polite Society - Lube Your Balls & Cap Your Nipples

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  1. When the insurance company's start dropping customers because of this kind of issue. I bet they will figure out how to do it really fast .
  2. If you own a gun shop these days . All firearms should go in a locked safe every Evening when you close shop . Period .
  3. I'm never un-Armed if I have a gun on me or not , Within my home ! But I can also tell you . If I have pants on . I have a loaded gun in my pocket. Period .
  4. Much smaller Case . Much Cleaner Burn . Less Recoil . What's Not to Understand?
  5. I don't understand your statement . Did I piss in your Wheaties somewhere ?
  6. Wow blast from the past . I do things different all the time . One time I will shoot with my 51's in cap & ball in a cross draw with my Henry 1860 and a single shot 12g. The next time I will use my Cimarron 1873's with a 73 Rifle and a SXS 12g . Then shoot some Blackhawks and a 92 with a 97 pump . I never know what I'm going to show up with till I load up my truck that morning.
  7. Hay Granpaw. I'm looking for a good patch knife for my Hawken rifle . Can you please post a Pic with some kind of perspective of size. Maybe next to a dollar bill or something . Thank you Rooster
  8. That has been going on for a wile now . I warned my wife about a year ago to block them messages. I own a business and have parts shipped every day . Beware of text messages and email looking to get your information. Rooster
  9. It says OLG can not receive messages . Not sure why ?
  10. I'm not supper techy and I don't know how to surch for someone. I just usually looked threw post and found them . But I'm trying to get in touch with OLG . If anyone can point me in the right direction. Thank you . Rooster
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