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    I wont be Wronged , I wont be Insulted and I wont be laid a Hand on . I dont do these things to others and I require the same from them !

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    God Guns Guts - Family - Ridding My Harleys - NRA Certified Range Officer - NRA Life Member - GOA Life Member - Warthog Life Member - An Armed Society is A Polite Society - Lube Your Balls & Cap Your Nipples

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  1. Dawn dishsoap hot water and the Wife's toothbrush that's all you need
  2. If some how it don't work out . I will call a second I will take it . Thank you. Rooster
  3. I tried to go on GunBroker.com On my phone and could not ? I thought what the @#$& is going on ? I went to the PC . Apparently gunbroker.com has gone down just sayin Rooster
  4. They are just a less expensive built single six . So they have tons of springs and holsters and grips available for them already. I bought a couple for my Grandsons to shoot with a couple Henry's. And I keep my three screw single six's and Winchester's in good condition for myself. They are a great little gun for you to get the kids shooting and interested in to firearms and Cowboy Action shooting . Rooster
  5. Big difference between .357 and .355 Most don't shoot the 9mm very accurately at all . Just sayin Rooster
  6. This is just brass right ? Not loaded ammo .
  7. I will call second I will take it if it don't work out with Tulsey first .
  8. The real question is ? Why are you buying ammo instead of loading your own ?
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