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  1. If Dutch is not intrested in them . Lickley they are built with Italian parts and not USA Parts . But that's just a guess on my end. They are a nice set of Colt Clones Guns . I would love to have for myself. I have been selling a lot of my stuff . So I just cant justify this kid of purchase. Good luck with your sale of some beautiful guns
  2. That's because your Colt Signature Model was made by Uberti. Just Sayin Rooster
  3. Our Law enforcement needs to keep a Eye on this kind of stuff and make sure these kind of people Never Ever see the light of day again !
  4. Even though it is not SASS legal. Looks like it would be a fun toy . And I bet it dont get cap james like most Colt clone cap guns . This should be a lot like a Remington and work right out of the box
  5. I shot some 51's with that Beautiful Lady you got from me . You will love two nice Cap Guns to shoot with it . Good luck Pard . I sure do miss that Girl . Rooster
  6. Original first gen Colt 1860 . I only shoot it one or two times a year .
  7. Sorry I'm getting out of the game . So no trades . Shot was and bottles are available threw your local store . Thank you . Rooster
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