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    I wont be Wronged , I wont be Insulted and I wont be laid a Hand on . I dont do these things to others and I require the same from them !

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    God Guns Guts - Family - Ridding My Harleys - NRA Certified Range Officer - NRA Life Member - GOA Life Member - Warthog Life Member - An Armed Society is A Polite Society - Lube Your Balls & Cap Your Nipples

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  1. RIP Sr. Thank you for a life time of great memories
  2. Unfortunately they don't make them anymore. I surchered for about a year here on the wire to get one . I ended up buying a complete gun to make it happen sooner then later. Rooster
  3. Never had a issue . Been using Windex at the range for years with my Cap Guns.
  4. They really should have made it compatible with Glock Magazines . Just Sayen Rooster
  5. I never understood why someone would pay full price for a 1/2 bottle of Trail Boss . You have to use so much more of it then Unique . Unique has been and always will be my go to powder . Unique does nothing the best . But Unique can do anything good. It's a do it ALL Powder ! So Saith The Rooster
  6. Allie Mo and I Bumbed heads on about everything. She was a passionate person and strong willed . But she also had a big heart and tomorrow was always a new day . Rest In Peace Allie Mo Love you more . Rooster
  7. I own several single six pistols . The Wrangler ant No Single Six by any means of the imagination. I have two Wranglers so my Grandkids don't have to shoot my Single Six three screws or my Bearcats . These Three screws are becoming worth so much money now a days. I bought two more 22 for the kids to play with This time I bought two Rough Riders . The kids seem to like the Rough Riders more ! At first I hated the stupid looking safety on the side of the Rogh Rider . But I found it to be usable for training a Child with zero experience in shooting . Both are decent cheap guns . So for myself. I will keep my Single sixes and Bearcats . And let the kids play with the Wranglers and the Rough Riders. So Saith The Rooster.
  8. Shoot the ORIGINAL Trailboss Powder . It's called Unique !
  9. Congratulations Pard ! You do know . You would be out of prison already don't you
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