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  1. I know nothing about the F-4 I thought this was about Our Phantom ! 1. Chastise 2. Ridicule 3. Reprimand 4. Degread 5. Disagree 6. Argue 7. Agitate 8. Irritate 9. Kick a dead horse 10. And Be Your Pard all at the same time ! Just giving you a hard time Phantom . I could Not pass up the opportunity. Rooster
  2. Lord Father I lift up in Prayer Mrs. Nilsa I ask you to put your cloak of protection over her. Lord Her Dawg is worried about Her . Father We all know your Power and your Mercy . I Pray you give Dawg Hair Comfort knowing your in control of everything . Father we all ask for your Mercy and Guidance each and every day . Its in Jesus name we Pray . Amen . Rooster Ron Wayne
  3. I too will never be a fast shooter . More like a 30 to 40 second shooter myself ( Im OK with that ) I lead a fast paced life . I own a 24/7 Service company and Im on the road all day every day . I dont practice at all . I shoot cowboy to get away from my fast paced life . And I dont care how long a stage takes me to shoot . Enjoy your game your way . Rooster PS. Looks like your having a great time !
  4. I see this as something to get tangled up in at night when getting up to pee . The wife will find me in the Morning all tied up laying on the floor in pee Me telling her how I was jumped in the bathroom By a Intruder Free Bump
  5. When I have the time and they call me. I will start talking with them about God and ask them to except Jesus Christ . They usually hang up on me . But they dont call back . The Power of the Lord is amazing ! Just sayin . Rooster
  6. This would be a big mistake for anyone wanting to invade our country . So many Americans have firearms compared to there country , they will have a big surprise ! They need to be smarter about it . Like Mexico ! They just keep coming and we are Now printing everything in there language for them . So they are invading and taking over slowly with No War taking place in our streets . Just sayin . Rooster
  7. I could never justify paying that much for a 1/2 a bottle of powder of Trailboss I use Unique or Universal when shooting smokeless . But most of the time I shoot APP a Black powder Sub. The 44 special actually shoots Black powder quite well . But for that matter the 44 special or Mag shoots everything well. I cast my own bullets with a Lee 200gr RNFP . And I shoot in all my 44 specials or Mags . 1. One Uberti 66 44 special 2, Two Uberti Cattleman 5" 44 specials 3. Two Uberti 72 Open Top 7.1/2" 44 specials 4. Two Ruger 4.5/8 SS Vaqueros 44 specials 5. Two Ruger 4.5/8 Blued Vaquero 44 specials 6. Two Ruger 4.5/8 Blued Blackhawk 44 specials 7. Two Ruger Blackhawk 7.1/4 44 Mag/Special 8. Two Rossi 20" Carbines 44 Mag/Special 9. Two Marlin 20" Carbines 44 Mag/special 10. S&W Mountain 3" 44 Special 11. Ruger Redhawk 7.1/2 44 Mag/Special 12. Henry Bigboy 20" Brass 44 Mag/Special ( The only off Caliber gun is the ) 13. Uberti Henry 1860 in 44/40 and I still us the same Lee 200gr RNFP Bullet in that too. I have read about some being Converted to shoot 44 specials . But have never found anyone who could or would do this yet . I have found that Loading the 44 Special long , By seating the 200gr Lee bullet only to the first lube groove . They will fit in all the 44 special guns and feed just as good as the 44 mag cartridge . This way you can getaway with loading only one Cartridge for all your 44 guns . If you need any 44 Special or Mag Info I have been at it with this caliber for many years . Just PM me and I will try to help as much as I can . Good luck with this adventure . PS. You will find most powders will go much further then Trailboss for the money spent Rooster
  8. When I was new to the sport . I went to Wrange War hear in Michigan as a spectator . One of the Vendor's selling Clothing had a nice setup with everything a new Cowboy could want . I was looking at a complete outfit with paints shirt vest scarf and boots . I asked if he did business by mail because I did not have the cash with me to purchase his merchandise. The vender told me to take the stuff home with me and mail him a check next week ! I was floored at his offer . With a hand shake and a Mans word we made a deal . I have always lived by this creed myself , But to have a complete stranger who was willing to give up his merchandise on a hand shake and a promise. That my friends is The Cowboy Creed ! Just sayin . Rooster
  9. The Shotgun and Rifle can be closed with a Sleeve over the gun wile in the Cart . Just sayin . Rooster
  10. You are going to love this little pistol . I have one with both Cylinders , Its a hoot to shoot . Rooster
  11. I have one in 45/70 . I Have Not got any objections about it yet . Just sayin Rooster
  12. You can buy as much or as little as you want right hear . https://www.trackofthewolf.com/List/Item.aspx/1175/1
  13. I bought one last year with two extra packs of shells . Mush winter fun in the basement shooting
  14. for what your going to pay for shipping . You can buy a Lee 405 Mold and never have to buy bullets again . Just Sayin . Rooster
  15. I think adding Magnesium would get you much for flash ?
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