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  1. I have not and will not take any Coved19 shot . It's a 98% survival rate first of all. I'm not going to be a ginnie pig for a Farmasudacal company to experiment on . There are already recalling the Johnson & Johnson shot . 51% of the Medical community refused to take a Coved19 shot. If a person has the right in this Country to have a abortion and say it's my body and my right to abort a baby. Then I have the right to say it's my body and my right to not take your vaccine ! So Saith The Rooster
  2. I got the Steal single shot and the Brass Carbine. Thank you for the beer . God bless Pard. Rooster
  3. Welcome back home . I'm glad you had a good time . Your tab has been open the whole time you was gone . So I'm sure the bar tender is happy to see you back !
  4. Wait till you get your next one . They start to breed in the safe.
  5. Lol sorry . Ground up tires and dirt for ground cover . Tires filled with dirt for back stops and walls . Better explanation this time . Sounded OK in my head lol
  6. I have shot my Winchester 94 in 30/30 with Black powder loads and 170 gr Lee lead bullet for many years with Zero issues. So I dont know where that info come from . But hell they been trying to kill the 30/30 for 100 years now lol.
  7. My First shotgun was a H&R 410 single shot. First rifle was a Glenfield modle 60 .22 First Centerfire rifle was a good old Winchester 94 30/30 First hand gun was a Ruger Black Hawk 44 Magnum.
  8. Any 12g 2 3/4 Hull with Claybuster wad. 3 cc's of BP or APP fff. 7/8 oz of shot #7 or #8 shot. Will knock down any target . So Saith The Rooster
  9. That is a John Kline cover . I have several of his covers . John does top notch workmanship. Only problem with this is you cant put cartridges on your butt stock in SASS . But would be a nice cover for a Hunting Rifle . Free bump for a Quality Cover
  10. Good morning Pat. I bought my Henry single shot around the same time you did . I like it a lot. It's a lot lighter then the Pedersoli Rolling Block I was using. But I did also by the Brass Henry 45/70 lever action rifle just because I want one also. I have to say I'm 100% happy with both the Henry's I have in 45/70 . I only shoot them with APP FFF powder. I think the recoil is very manageable on both guns. Of course the heavier the gun the less recoil.
  11. Ballistic products. Com I just bought 410's today . They sell out fast . So Saith The Rooster
  12. Instant Classic. And with Colt selling out . You might regret the sale . So saith the Rooster
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