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  1. I will order them on Monday. Thank you Pard .
  2. That's what I need to do for the Grandkids. They got strong hammer springs in them for sure.
  3. There was some Great TV back in the day !
  4. I read the same thing . But so far we still have APP. I personally think Trail Boss is just over priced. I Wont buy it . Just Sayin. Rooster
  5. I just picked up two Black Ruger Wranglers at the gun show today. 199.98 each . I bought them for my Grandsons to shoot with there Henry Lever Action Rifles . A little too heavy of a hammer spring for the Grandkids. But with the grips pulled off . It looks like a Single Six spring kit should drop right in . Should be years of fun for the Grandkids and two at a cheaper cost then One Single Six .
  6. Congrats . Nothing in life is better then Grandkids except maybe Great Grandkids
  7. Oh yes they make a 73 in 44 Mag. Just Sayin. Rooster https://www.gunbroker.com/item/835061240
  8. Mike @goongunworks.com is the guy to really talk too. I'm 100% happy with my Pietta 51's .
  9. I went with a New In the box Russian Bakal Hammer SXS I found old stock at a gun store . Built like a tank . I dont think I could ware it out !
  10. Some Pards care about shooting fast and where they end up on the score sheet . Some Pards dont . I say come shoot your own game what ever way you want to play . Its Your game ! I'm self employed and work many hours a day . I'm Not looking for a second job trying to practice three or four times a week . Working on transitions or dry firing practice for a hour or more a day . It all sounds like work to me . I shoot slow and enjoy shooting with like minded people, Who Love Cowboy Guns and Single Action Firearms . That's My Game
  11. I have Three German Shepherds who's Job is to take care of stuff like this ! I see this to NOT be a problem at my house
  12. I remember back in the early 70's Pabst blue ribbon was the #1 beer everyone drank . Long before Bud light was the #1 beer .
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