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  1. Look closely at the surface of the metal inside the bores of both shotguns. You will see that the Stogers bores are quite rough and the Cimarron bores may be much smoother. The smoother barrel will be easier to clean. If chokes are fixed on both guns, what are they? I enjoy shooting my open chocked hammer gun.
  2. I have a PW87. I had to put many hours into it to get it to work. It would not extract or eject. Most of the time the last shell would hang on the extractors. I have never handled a firearm that is more difficult to get shells into the magazine tube. Mine does not have a load two mod so it is not fast to operate. It makes a great single shot and looks cool in the gun cart next to the Taurus Thunderbolt.
  3. I tried making paper cartridges for my Pietta 1860s. For me it is too much work and not worth grinding the barrel assembly for loading. I did not like the bits of paper remaining in the chambers after firing even when using potassium nitrated paper. I have been told that flash paper works much better but have not tried it. A powder flask and round ball with lube on top has never let me down.
  4. One of my favorite loads for 45 Colt is; Starline brass and fed standard pistol primer. I use a 24grain spout on a powder flask to dispense GOEX FF in the case. Then a .7cc scoop of cornmeal on top of the powder. Finish with a 250g Biglube bullet full of SPG. Shoots very well in a 66, 73, 92 and several revolvers.
  5. I don’t understand your argument. Are you suggesting there needs to be more rules? A procedure for testing shotgun ammo for speed? Maybe a clarification or definition of what hi velocity shotgun ammo is.
  6. If the box says hi velocity or magnum I’m thinking that’s a hint. If I put four and a half Drams of 2F in A 12g shell with 1 1/8oz of shot you know it came from the magnum section of the loading manual. Common sense.
  7. Magnum and high velocity shotgun loads are not allowed and there is no propellant mentioned.
  8. I suppose people play this game for different reasons. Must be why there is an endless number of categories. I can’t imagine wearing hearing aids while shooting. No wonder you are concerned. The very best plugs are good for little more than 20db reduction. The best fitting muffs are good for about a 30db reduction and wearing both together only gains a dB or two. I spent a lot of time in a Gas Turbine Generator room that was 127db. Do your ears ring? Mine do.
  9. Pyrotechnics are easy to solve. Do not allow them on your range. The range where I play does not allow exploding targets either. As far as this gun or that is too loud! There is no rule for that. Ware hearing protection. If you think the ammunition is unsafe, that is another matter. How will you prove it? Is a five Dram charge a hi velocity load in a 10g? I think it is so maybe that is grounds for illegal ammo. Not because it is too loud. As a 12g shooter I know that a 4 Dram charge is a magnum load and would be inappropriate for our game. Again, not because it’s too loud but because it is too fast. Hearing loss is no joke. Over 30 years in a power plant with screaming pumps and turbines I have lost 50 percent in one ear and 35 in the other and I used ear plugs or muffs. At times both. My hearing aids only cost 6,000 five years ago and I do not ware them around firearms. I use ear plugs so shooting is not too loud.
  10. Something I have found loading 12g with GOEX 2F is I get more BANG when using plastic shells with a folded crimp than when using brass shells with a glued in over shot card. No reason to think the 10g would be different. I also use one notch more shot than powder when using my old adjustable shotgun measure.
  11. Three Cut repaired a 38 cal. 66 bolt for me three years ago. Did a fine job and it’s been running without a problem. If it ever breaks again it will be easy to repair.
  12. CC. I very much enjoyed your video and congradulate you for the way you pulled it off. I would have at least forgot the string. This is suposed to be fun. Ye-Ha.
  13. I have a H&R Cavalry Carbine. It shoots just fine with smokeless or black powder trapdoor level loads. I replaced the lame dovetail mounted rear sight with a real Springfield carbine sight so it looks more correct. I also have a 1880s Rod Bayonet rifle that shoots black powder only. It loves 500gr bullets. I do not risk original Black Powder firearms with smokeless loads. If you insist on a Trapdoor rifle and intend to use smokeless powder then one of the Italian brands that are proofed for modern powder is your best bet.
  14. 60 grains of GOEX FF, Fed 215 primer and one milk carton wad under a 405 lead bullet. Tune it to your taste and have fun.
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