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  1. CC. I very much enjoyed your video and congradulate you for the way you pulled it off. I would have at least forgot the string. This is suposed to be fun. Ye-Ha.
  2. I have a H&R Cavalry Carbine. It shoots just fine with smokeless or black powder trapdoor level loads. I replaced the lame dovetail mounted rear sight with a real Springfield carbine sight so it looks more correct. I also have a 1880s Rod Bayonet rifle that shoots black powder only. It loves 500gr bullets. I do not risk original Black Powder firearms with smokeless loads. If you insist on a Trapdoor rifle and intend to use smokeless powder then one of the Italian brands that are proofed for modern powder is your best bet.
  3. 60 grains of GOEX FF, Fed 215 primer and one milk carton wad under a 405 lead bullet. Tune it to your taste and have fun.
  4. Another vote for 5.0 grains of Red Dot and a 200 grain LRNFP. I use S&S or Rim Rock. For the 12 gauge I use the AA hull with 14 to 15 grains of Red Dot and the Claybuster 7/8 oz. wad.
  5. I think it would be a mistake to make RO certification mandatory to play this game. The RO 1 coarse, test and cirtification should be conducted on line without fee and available to any SASS member. Recertification should be handled the exact same way.
  6. There are simple ways to snug a bushing so it will not just fall out. Use a small wheel type pipe or tube cutter. Very, very lightly turn the bushing against the cutter wheel and guide rollers to raise a tinny ring around the bushing. Do it to both ends just enough so you can feel it drag in the cylinder as you push it in. Now it will stay put but can be removed with ease.
  7. Those guns are payed for so they aren't bothering anything. Use them once in a while. I like to have other model firearms available for when I feal like shooting something different. Instead of two 92s throw a 66 in the mix or a revolver with no top strap. Different guns allow for more category options.
  8. A 1/4" brass drift that is tapered is what I use to remove snug fitting cylinder bushings. A steel drift will work also just be careful. Many revolvers come from the factory with cylinder bushings that do not just fall out. I have seen Piettas quite snug and a USFA rodeo the same way. Seems like Uberties just fall out.
  9. Let's not forget that we are the spotters. Many of us also run the timer. Does that meen we all need to do a better job or just the ones I don't agree with?
  10. So, you want to get rid of the spotters but keep the spotters. Huh?
  11. This is a long and winding road and I can't figure out how I got here.
  12. Flitz past is an excellent polish. Very little rubbing is required to make yellow alloys shine.
  13. Bushy Blonco. I think the way to look at it is the SASS rules apply to coarse of fire and the firing line. Different ranges and clubs have there own rules about conduct on there range and behind the firing line. Dropping a revolver from your gun cart before going to the loading table would not be covered under SASS rules.
  14. Leave the rule the way it is. That way it is consistent that you can't change locations with the action closed and the hammer cocked. This is not hard.
  15. I don't know what the heck happened.
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