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  1. Lyman. Does a good job with SS pins but leaks water.
  2. Winchester AA hull, CB1138-12 wad, Fed 209A primer, Lee 4cc scoop of GOEX 2F and 1oz of #8 shot. Sometimes I use the same scoop of Pyrodex Select in the shotgun because it cost less.
  3. If the tab on the bolt is getting bent down the extractor may be too stiff.
  4. I have one. It took several hours of reading, rubbing, filing and polishing to make it cycle a cartridge from the magazine to the chamber and eject a spent case. Getting the extractors to work and the ejector to knock the last empty out of the action is a real pain. Awkward is a word that comes to mind if you have played with one. But they look cool!
  5. Florence. Went to Jr. High there. Go Braves!
  6. I never hitched on to the Trail Boss train. Too expensive and does not perform any better than other powders with decades of data behind them. I like Red Dot, Green Dot, Bullseye and GOEX for SASS level loads.
  7. And you would be out of category.
  8. Local NAPA store has VP Racing MS109 unleaded for $185.00 per 5 gal can. I don’t think they sell much. I would be thrilled to have access to any 93+ unleaded.
  9. I thought RNVs already had low, wide hammer spurs.
  10. I load the AA hull without the slightest problem. I use a Mec Sizemaster as follows; decap and size hull. Seat primer. Drop in GOEX 2F through a funnel from a Lee 4cc scoop. Seat a CB-1138-12 wad with 30# pressure and dump in 1oz. of #8 shot. Hit the starter crimp station and move to the final crimp and done. Makes a very good load. If I were you I would try using the Lee 3.7cc scoop with 1oz of shot. When I used the Load All; a long time ago, I had my best luck when I cycled it fully and matched the column height to the machine.
  11. I use that powder charge (4cc), wad and Hull with one oz of #8.
  12. Those pins look like they will work just fine. Have you checked that the bolt fits into all the cylinder slots on both revolvers. Pietta bolts are often fat and will not fit into the slot very well. This will mess up the edges of the slots and may allow the cylinder to over rotate when run at speed. If the hand is a little long and you run them with authority it is easy to tear up the slot also.
  13. If you had a vise clamped to your kitchen table and a Dremal tool you’d be all set. I really like that color steel. Must be beautiful revolvers.
  14. I just toss my BP dress in a open bucket till I get home. Within a day I deprime, rinse in hot water and in the wet tumbler with SS pins and dishwasher soap they go. Spread them out on a table overnight in a warm garage to dry.
  15. I bring her all the time and she laughs at me!
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