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  1. I have had very good performance in 45 Colt rifles and revolvers with the Big Lube 250g bullets and SPG lube.
  2. I have two lowers and four uppers so far. 556 and 762X39 share one lower receiver and 762X51 and 450 Marlin share the other. They are all fun and useful.
  3. Yes. GOEX will foul guns. For me, some guns tolerate it more than others. 1851s, 1860s and 1872s were made for BP and with a little prep will easily run through a five or six stage match without problems. Shotguns love BP but may need the chambers brushed after a few stages. Rifles, I shoot a 66, 73 and a 92. All in 45 Colt and they work just fine. If the carrier gets sticky on the 66 or 73 I just dribble water or moose milk on the carrier and cycle the lever until free. Wipe the goop of and go again. It is not difficult and does not take that much time. If the weather is dry you have a day or two to get the guns cleaned. If it is damp out it is best to clean right away.
  4. 14 grains with a 3/4 or 7/8 oz clay buster wad.
  5. For my 1860s I remove the barrel and cylinder. Wipe the frame clean with a balistol dampened cloth and set it aside. Remove the cones from the cylinder and drop them in a cup of hot water. Use a bore brush or mop to clean the barrel and chambers under a hot water tap. Blow dry and wipe with balistol. Clean the cones with a brush and pipe cleaner and put a dab of anti-seize on the threads. Make sure the hammer face is brushed clean and put them together.
  6. I have an 87. It’s fun to play with. It looks cool especially with black powder but it is awkward to operate and stuffing the magazine is not normally done. Charging the magazine is a chore unto itself. My opinion is different than yours so you get snarky??
  7. Spend $1,400 bucks on an awkward two shot shotgun and then have to send it to “ the guy” to make it usable! There are so many nice double barrels out there with a shorter learning curve.
  8. Funny. My right hand shoots a little left and my left hand shoots a bit right. I have the tools to rotate the barrel on colt clones but that few thousands of an inch is a pain to get perfect. Takes more than one shot to get it right. Ha,Ha. Elevation is easy. File the front sight down to match your favorite load at the range you want. I shoot open-tops a lot and for them I just use a load that shoots to point of aim. Adjust powder charge and bullet weight until I like what I get.
  9. I always thought “strap pistol” was good for a raised eyebrow. Peacemaker, if my auto correct will allow it.
  10. I totally agree with a youngster starting out with lightly loaded 38s if they can handle revolvers comfortably. The open top and conversion pattern revolvers are lighter than the piece maker and vaquero pistols and may be appealing. A 66 or 73 Trapper in 38 with a shortened stock is incredibly handy and easy to maneuver. A 12gauge double with a correct length of pull and light loads is very hard to beat. They seem to eject empty’s much better than 410s.
  11. It’s clear to me that the wall should turn north at the Arizona/California border until at least Sacramento. Turn off the lights, shut off the water and lock the door. They can Sanctuary themselves all they want after that.
  12. Hi pressure in a 92 or 94. I have a friend who has a Rossi 92 rifle chambered in 454 Cassual. It is the most obnoxious rifle I have ever fired. It is light weight, laude, has a massive blast and more recoil than expected. I would rather shoot a Marlin guide gun in 45/70. .
  13. The whole point of the 94 is to handle the larger higher pressure cartridges the previous models would not. The action handles 3 1/2” cartridges much better than 1 1/2” cartridges. That’s what it was made for. There are other actions better suited to the 44WCF.
  14. I’ve swapped the triggers left for right on two Stoegers, two Cimarrons and one CZ. Some filing and a little bending works on these three brands just fine. For me and my wife the advantage is we can just drag our index finger across the triggers in a smooth sweep. I can tell the difference in the wife’s shotgun cadence once she got a feel for the change. It use to bang-bang. Now it’s more like ba-dang.
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