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  1. Hi pressure in a 92 or 94. I have a friend who has a Rossi 92 rifle chambered in 454 Cassual. It is the most obnoxious rifle I have ever fired. It is light weight, laude, has a massive blast and more recoil than expected. I would rather shoot a Marlin guide gun in 45/70. .
  2. The whole point of the 94 is to handle the larger higher pressure cartridges the previous models would not. The action handles 3 1/2” cartridges much better than 1 1/2” cartridges. That’s what it was made for. There are other actions better suited to the 44WCF.
  3. I’ve swapped the triggers left for right on two Stoegers, two Cimarrons and one CZ. Some filing and a little bending works on these three brands just fine. For me and my wife the advantage is we can just drag our index finger across the triggers in a smooth sweep. I can tell the difference in the wife’s shotgun cadence once she got a feel for the change. It use to bang-bang. Now it’s more like ba-dang.
  4. 1857. Defiantly would have been working with or on machinery.
  5. I like my 1860s and my 1872s. They are 3 click guns. Oddly, I don’t like the feel of Ruger revolvers. I don’t think it’s the clicks.
  6. I would check with friends and see if a 1851 Navy grip frame and back strap will fit from a Uberti or Pietta revolver. One or the other just mite bolt right on.
  7. I have both. The cam lock is kinda nice on the Hornady but the RCBS has more collets sizes available. I purchased the RCBS in the 80s and have more collets for it so its the one I use when I need one.
  8. I did some polishing, smoothing and fitting on my Steiger coach gun when it was new and have been beating the heck out of it for six years.
  9. Measure the diameter of the base pin. If it is .250” you can get a Colt or Belt Mountain base pin that has a single notch and will not rotate in the frame.
  10. I most often use Fed. primers but bench testing showed the Rem. primers produced tighter groups with those bullets and powder. The Fed. primer is outstanding with GOEX and the 200gr. big lube.
  11. Shooting on the move. Ya,Ya, Ya; I’m all for it.
  12. I love it when people think it’s cold down there where they have 4 seasons.
  13. My long barreled open tops love 16 grains weight of GOEX 2F, Fed. LP primer and the 200gr. Big lube bullet full of SPG. Smokeless is 3.2gr Red Dot, Rem. LP primer and a 180gr. FPRN or TC from Rim Rock or S&S. 3.4gr. Red Dot, Rem. Primer and 165gr. Coated bullet from Missouri bullets is a very nice, soft load also
  14. I remember when Ruger would not sell 20 round mags to civilians. My 1982 mini 14 liked the Ruger mags but they were nowhere to be found. Everybody loves Ruger now; What’s up with that?
  15. My wife purchased a new cobra a year ago. It was the smoothest double action revolver in the store and one of the very best feeling actions we own. I am looking forward to getting my hands on a new python.
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