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  1. Don't forget the government made a lot of 45cal. Revolver cartridges with a little bit shorter case. It would also fit the Schofield.
  2. I have used HSM bullets in 38, 44 and 45 calibers. They work fine but there are less expensive alternatives. I like S&S and Rim Rock for Cowboy quantities.
  3. Those targets and stands look great. Use them with the same caution you use when shooting ANY hard surface with a bullet. Set them at the recommended distance or further and ware your eye protection.
  4. Hammer and dolly leaving small dimple. Clean well, tin and fill with solder. Prime and paint.
  5. No need to bash Kalifornia. They can't quit the US. Evan if they could secede the US could just turn off the water and Kalifornia would be a very different place. That water can feed crops in other states.
  6. Indian has been reinvented two or three times in the last couple decades. Aftermarket frames with another company's engine. Stick them together with skirted finders and call it an Indian. You could build the entire bike yourownself with a catalog. Once they got their own engine in production that became lagit. I have three Harley's. The newest is a 1993 FLHTCU. I can not buy parts for my 93 Ultra from Harly Davidson.
  7. For high pressure and bottle neck rifle cases I use imperial wax or Rcbs case lube on a pad. This includes 50 BMG. For sass revolver type cases I use clean cases in a carbide die. Clean cases in a nitrited die works ok also.
  8. very good point. The spring is too long or stress risers from grinding the wrong direction will kill a spring
  9. Pioneer gun works has very good replacement front sights for dove tail or barrel band applications.
  10. Gave it a try in a 45-120 Q-Sharps. A full charge with 1/16" compression and one milk carton wad under a 535g Layman and no Greese cookie shoots 2" five shot groups at 100 yards without swabbing between shots. I have not ran it over the Chrony yet but it feels more energetic than Pyrodex or Goex.
  11. Hey Cool Gun! There is a lot of good information here that can be difficult to capture all at once. It's easy to see you must handload to do a lot of shooting. Step one; Purchase a Layman or Lee loading manual and read the step by step loading instructions in the front of manual. That will be a great help in understanding the process and choosing the tools you may want to work with or can afford. For now, you have guns and a place to shoot. Go buy a couple boxes of ammo and shoot a match with your club. Don't forget to save your brass. Yee Ha.
  12. Fully retired when I hit 58 and I love it. Wife retired at 55 and she's doing great also. I love it when a plan comes together!
  13. Spot weld or silversolder half a woodruff key to the back side of the loading gate tab and you will never have that problem again.
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