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  1. Howdy, Now I was just trying to turn the debates in to kind of a game. Call it Political Chess if you will. Notice in the op I didnt mention party or candidates by name. Plueezze dont get the post pulled. Best CR
  2. Howdy, I havent fired up a cigar in a while. But I seem to keep finding Zippo works of art. Some nice old Zippos go for a pretty good buck. And you can light campfire, candle, Molotov cocktails...whatever. they used em a lot on Burn Notice. Second holster could be behind the back, perhaps?? Best CR
  3. Howdy, Yep ya red rite. Zippo has a Saloon zippo. A skeleton with six shooters. Who would buy a zippo like that? Best CR
  4. Howdy, Shock collars. The mind boggles. Should they be zapped when they tell a lie? Or just stick to pants on fire?? Best CR
  5. Howdy, The debate generated a lot more heat than light. I challenge pards to predict what the candidates are going to say during the next debate. Im not takein any sides here, just betting we can predict what they are going to say. And what reactions are going to pop up around the country. As citizens of this great country we should watch the contest for the most powerful office. There is time to think about it. Best CR
  6. Howdy, I think it would have been better to have Drew Barrymore as moderator. I just kinda like lookin at her.... And control would have been about the same. Best CR Keep your friends close and your enemies closer....
  7. Howdy, Hey ya rarely have to appoligize fer what you DONT say. Best CR
  8. Howdy, Doctah doctah it hooits when I go like dis.... Best CR
  9. Howdy, Dont be taking things apart and stuff dont git lost. I learned this when I was six. I took apart my stallion six shooter and wanted to see how it worked. So I pulled the trigger and parts flew everywhere. So I gathered up all the parts and took apart the other one and assembled the first one to match the second and closed up both. And never told my Dad. Best CR
  10. Howdy, INVESTMENT. Best CR I have several worth a good bit more now. And then there are the morons who sold their gold class rings when gold went way up to 150. I had the only class ring at one reunion. Real gold blue stone. I liked it....still fits my little finger.
  11. Howdy, Occasional limp wrist could be it. I will mention having a range officer watch her hold. She does clean it from time to time and said when someone put some sort of wonder oil in it, jams went away for a while. And either mag seems to jam.... She did get a ruger 22 and it runs flawless. It might be better than nothing. She might even log in as she knows all about SASS but just no intrest....yet. Best CR
  12. Howdy, I was asking for a very accurate .380 carry piece. My sister has a springfield armory .380 which looks terrivical but has a habit of jamming every trip to the range. She would like something more accurate and not a jammer. And she has made a lot of noises about gettin a 9 and keep the 380 or at least a 380. Several comments in the other post about 9. Maybe she could just get a carry 9 that is accurate and no jamms. To be a little more clear....she lives in da UP and walks her dog(a real dog not a toy thing) and she is concerned about coyotes. Best CR I have something she wouldnt be able to get very easy. And might not like anyhoo. I dont go bad places much anymore.....
  13. Howdy, I hope Rusty Marlin gets in touch with them. Best CR
  14. Howdy, Bet I suggested laser. I dont think she listened. Now she has some ideas on what to try. Thanks much. Best CR still reading toooooooo......
  15. Howdy, I have a Buck sharpener. I have not seen any for sale lately except on ebay. Two crock stix just like lansky. But mine only has one angle. A friend of a friend was going fishing and had a box of knives he was taking somewhere to sharpen. I just happened to have my little sharpener. He brought in the box of knives and we talked and had a couple beers and I started sharpening the knives. When he was ready to leave he asked when the knives would be done. I asked him to pick one. He had a puzzled look on his face as he pointed to one. I took his choice and pulled a sheet of typing paper out of the wastebasket. With one swipe the paper cut in two. Smooth as could be. He thought that would do and took the box home. Best CR
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