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  1. Howdy, Golf clubs make handy cheap walkin sticks. Putter especially. Best CR and golf balls make great targets too. The golf guys give me lots of nicked up targets. Hit one right and it goes flying over the berm.....fun.
  2. Howdy, If you find a stone that looks like a typical donut but solid in the center That is a target. One fella would roll it along the ground and another would shoot an arrow at it. The idea is to practice shooting rabbits and such. I have no idea what they are called other than targets. I know one fella who can find arrowheads almost anywhere. He does go on vacations along rivers he finds a lot. I havent seen him since the C19.... Best CR
  3. Howdy, I hope they can keep good quality control. Working 3rd shift is hard. Ive done it and didnt like it one bit. You cant do maintenance on a machine that is running. I have seen video of a tire being changed on a car while it drove down the road. Best CR
  4. Howdy, Selling a fun car is a very emotional thing, Ive heard of guys selling a miata and buying another one in the same year. A long time ago I decided I had to have a fun car and a daily driver. Once I got over the idea that I was wasting money I realized my needs are just different from others. Show me a woman with one pair of shoes...... Best CR
  5. Howdy, Not that exact one but I got a bunch of popups about drove me nuts. last week. I first tried to switch to firefox but they had some weird password that I couldnt guess. Finally signed up with a year of McAfee. Called a number at the bottom of their ad and contact a helpful fella who helped me get McAfee running right. 37 for a year on up to five machines. We gotta get more serious about this as it is international. You might get lucky with avoiding but having the computed messed with is bad. I feel I have a year to get something better than
  6. Howdy, My Dad started hauling fish home from the lakes in a 120 v cooler. He caught the fish and cleaned em and had them frozen at a shop. That shop was the last stop on leaving the lakes. He rigged a converter to keep the freezer cold on the drive home. Whoever bought the camper was happy to take that freezer too. Best CR
  7. Howdy, Sometimes I wonder how much more would get done if self appointed experts didnt have to fuss about every little thing. Hours and hours of real valuable computer programmer time was wasted due to a missing apostrophe. I wanted to write it up and send it to a newspaper. I wanted to document the wasted tax dollars but my boss said no. I wondered what would happen if the self appointed expert got a bill for the programmer time and the computer test run time. This was at a time when companies needed programmers so bad that they offered colle
  8. Howdy, See how many uses Zippo has if you watch Burn Notice. Fun to throw into a car which has had the interior soaked with five gallons of gas. Wow. I wonder what the lighter looks like after? ymmv. Best CR
  9. Howdy, A while back I got burned taking things out of the oven. One thing leads to another and it took a while to mend. Ive been shopping for a good hot pad and finally found the Lodge folks make them.... The also make those real nice black iron fry pans. One handle cover is supposed to be good for 600 degrees f. The pads really stop heat. So with grille season comin I thought some pards would like to avoid gittin burned even a little. The one is part leather and couldnt look more western. The last couple years Ive been using black iron pa
  10. Howdy, I asked similar back mid March. Irish mist is tasty. I tried a little in coffee, good too. Best CR
  11. Howdy, I always enjoyed doing my own research. I never understood the bourbon vs scotch thing. I found a few of each to be disgusting and a few of each to be excellent. Best CR
  12. Howdy, I have heard others say shooting matches while hurt exhausted etc slows one down a tick and often gives surprising good ressults. ymmv. Best CR I will never get the ammo back I loaned the winner.....
  13. Howdy, That be it. Cool. Best CR
  14. Howdy, I spend too much time looking at the offerings of the zippo company. From time to time I see one I just never noticed before. This time its a Happy Halloween zippo. Its all black with cats eyes. So cool. If you like cats you might check ebay or zippo for the details. Shopping can pay well. Some identical lighters are double the price of the same from a different vendor. There are several great western styles and John Wayne etc. Best CR
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