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  1. Howdy, Don't they still make the Just Right Carbine in 45 that uses glock or colt?? Ive never shot one but looks interesting. Best CR YEP, 539 with free shipping on gb looks a little clunky but I bet its a blast. Check out the muddy girl camo......
  2. Howdy, Some nice ideas, thanks....more? The Bobcat was one I had forgot about. That is real interesting. And the Bobcat has been around long enough to have some nice used ones on the market. Best CR
  3. Howdy, Any recommendations on a .22 small enuf to conceal easy and large enuf to get a decent grip. The little single action 5 shooters are too small for my hands. Im looking for the right size..... Best CR
  4. Howdy, McDonald burger has bacon...not bad. Mc Fries with cheeze and bacon....wow. My new candidate for worst food in the world...but very tasty. Best CR
  5. Howdy, I had a personal message that answered the phone and I got LOTS of calls and messages. One day there was a power out and the factory message started playing. And hardly any messages were left. The calls still happen and if I know the number I answer, but way less messages. Just try switching back to the factory message for a while. It worked great for me.---Total accident. Best CR
  6. Howdy, I wonder how much paperwork and waiting periods I have to do, in order to stop gangbangers from shooting up Chicago neighborhoods??? Best CR
  7. Howdy HK, If you want to let go of those wood grips, I have a good place for them PM me if you want to talk or whatever. Best CR
  8. Howdy, I like well fitted wood. I never cared for any slick grips. I like stag if they have the right pattern, hard to describe. Best CR
  9. Howdy, I wonder if a cat would react to a sausage of about the same size? Best CR
  10. Howdy, Several tv shows have people finding electronic evesdropping bugs by using a cheap radio, am fm radio. They show the output from the bug caused static on the cheap radio. Any pards know if that really works?? Just wondering. Thanks aheadotime. Best CR
  11. Howdy, Marshal, you have just made my day. Best CR
  12. Howdy, If you have a minute, just click on your original post EDIT and just delete it yourself. No waiting for SASS hq to come in. You can edit the header too. Best CR sometimes hq takes a good while to get to this sort of thing.
  13. Howdy, 8 ft tall. They are on ebay but I got one at the local Farm and Fleet. It takes a good while to assemble but simple tools. If anyone wants to put one up, forget the pins that come with it. Use those curly stakes for dog chains. Much more stable. Best CR
  14. Howdy, I bought a decorative windmill and lately with all the wind I keep getting comments about it generating electricity. The company that makes the windmills has no such generators. Any ideas on making such a toy and how much it might put out? Best CR
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