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  1. Howdy, Now I had to watch a few episodes as weather has turned wet and gettin moreso. I just wish I had some idea of Chinese. Love that cut down lever gun. Any one carry one? Too much fun. Best CR
  2. Howdy, Congrats on a set for seven bucks.... The movie pulls it all together but I dont know where it fits in. Maybe watch some episodes then part of the movie....then... naaa thats too much like work. I like Firefly treatment of gravity. Too much gravity in Star Trek.....think about it...or dont. Best CR
  3. Howdy, If you get a chance, read the book.... Best CR
  4. Howdy, I watched with no such stuff. Very unusual moon. I just saw it at 2300 hours. Best CR
  5. Howdy, A club out Colorado way insisted on ID for everyone. Little old ladies got a big kick out of being stopped and having to prove they were 21. They also card everyone at Halloween. Best CR
  6. Howdy, How common is this 'only right' and 'only left' qualification? If carry is optional it seems contradictory. Similar to roll bars being optional but if one is installed it has to meet expensive complicated standards. And a bar that didnt meet standard disqualified the car. WE live in a complicated time. Best CR
  7. Howdy, Seems some clowns are hitting airliners with laser beams. This often blinds the pilot and copilot. A number of agencies are offering $10,000 for information. Im not sure of details, Im sure it varies. Find a place where kids like to goof around. 10 G would come in handy for summer vacation. And you might save someones life. Best CR and if you think of it, cut me in for a bit....
  8. Howdy, This ddnt come with a shoulder stock, right?? Best CR
  9. Howdy, Might look nicer on blue gun. I like contrast of dark grips on stainless or chrome. Just me. Best CR
  10. Howdy, They were 18 minutes late in getting back to the chopper. They had some notes and computer stuff. oh and they had ben lowdon too. May 2 2011 Osama Ben Lowdon was hit by Seal team 6. Now for the news pards......... those notes have been translated and put together in a book. the Bin Laden Papers Best CR
  11. Howdy,

    How much and what size coins??

    Lets talk at least.




    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Chili Ron

      Chili Ron


      Please contact me soon.





    3. Boomstick Bruce

      Boomstick Bruce

      Sorry, ive been busy with work. with everything going on right now in the world, i think i'm just going to hang onto my gold and silver. if i decide to sell in the future, ill let you know first



    4. Chili Ron

      Chili Ron


      I hope all is well with you and yours.

      There are many places to shop.




  12. Howdy, Buy most any Henry and they will probably sell you a youth stock for decent price. Best CR
  13. Howdy, I cant read the label. Can you read your copy? Best CR
  14. Howdy, I got to reading and it seems the short ones were damaged ones that were cut to remove damaged areas. Lighters and all sorts of other stuff was dug up and repaired and sold. Im intrigued by the idea of a short slim model. No real use for it, could look cool. Seems the short ones were NOT done by GI. Best CR thanks fer reedin.
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