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  1. Just wondered if you happened to have any references to the disassembly/assembly of the Type 33 Roller.



  2. They don't necessarily even try for authenticity...they want sensationalism and wow factor. Kinda like the news industry.
  3. I don't see the mini shells anymore. Does Aguila still offer them?
  4. Actually the mid seventies wasn't it? Anyway I doubt the Aussies had caught up to Sam's new cartridge guns by then. Americans didn't immediately embrace them either.
  5. Yul, I learned pretty quick not to stuff several matches in my jeans pocket....they tend to rub together and well...!!!! Cat, you might look through that long list of Diamond matches...they might have some hot as they used to be.
  6. Strike Anywhere .......take your pick!
  7. Years ago in one of the muzzleloader magazines an event was related by an anthropologist who also made Iroqouis war clubs in his spare time. Parking at a museum he unloaded his wares for a show and tell session and had them in a bag. As he moved toward the door three toughs accosted him asking if he had some expensive cameras and cash to give them. Their menacing smirks disappeared when he withdrew a club and commenced to put all three in the hospital. They were lucky they weren't put in the morgue.
  8. Well, look here what changed! I can carry my Bowie too: TULSA, Oklahoma - One of the many new laws that went into effect this month in Oklahoma is a change to a knife law that was originally put on the books in 1921. SB 1159 became effective November 1, 2016, which removes dagger, bowie knife, dirk knife and sword cane from the items prohibited from carry in Oklahoma, according to the law. It also repealed the ban on carrying switchblade (automatic) knives I think Texas still forbids big knives and such as sword canes.
  9. Within private groups you don't have to worry much and thats where I stay except to rattle Jakes chains and post a political cartoon or three.
  10. That would do it! Also be handy for spearing the last piece of steak at the end of the table!
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