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  1. Stocks that have a lot of drop like the Sharps 1874 Hartford and the Remington Sporting Model roller will kick the snot out of you off the bench. They are better from off hand or sticks.
  2. Those of us here that knows whats good for us do.
  3. Has the National Enquirer disappeared or just re appeared in the form of Fox?
  4. If you don't watch anything else catch Part II to the end! https://www.coltforum.com/threads/if-you-like-frank-hamer-this-four-part-series-may-be-of-interest.398732/
  5. Browns Funeral Service, Atoka, OK......among other choices.
  6. Maybe the best script ever to explain and advance how ranchers are the best stewards of the land.
  7. Ha. The number one reason I stick to the 1911.....no confusion there.
  8. Okie, you know its gotta be a famous song by the Melvins aka Tie my P____ To a Tree. Its on Youtube.
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