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  1. A couple of the 1x4 facer boards on my house are getting pretty shabby and I want to do something before it starts rotting the soffit. The wood is western cedar and the boards are mostly intact except an apparent flaw in the grain which making the surface cracked and open. I think a once over with an exterior wood filler would be easiest. Is there a favored brand?
  2. Canned air for cleaning keyboards is another trigger. Seriously....canned air? And a box of ammo....they want age verification but why are they taking down all that other info?
  3. Was standard in Oklahoma until just a few years ago.
  4. Yeah, I don't think shine is ever aged. They might put in a little food coloring or something. Lets hear for bathtub gin!
  5. Well, plot and acting aside, Roy had one of the best voices there ever was. Pretty good guitar player too.
  6. Am betting there’s a good many Resistol and Bailey hats worn as well.
  7. I had read nearly all the L'Amour books by 1970 or so then decided that one wasn't all that much different from the other. I think the last one read was Lonely is the Brave. Read all of Terry Johnstons, Elmer Kelton, and J. Lee Butts plus several more. They don't entertain me like they used to.
  8. LEO's open carry all the time and occasionally they get one taken away.
  9. BB's and primers can be picked up with a magnet.
  10. If you're using your own brass for single shots keep the different rifles brass separate. There is no need to full length size. Just bell slightly and seat the bullet.....no need to crimp whatsoever.
  11. The new ten dollar bill!
  12. Mines not much different than the usual except that I use Hatch green chii's instead of bell pepper and i use dry oatmeal for the fillier/binder instead of cracker /bread crumbs. About 20 before done a layer of catsup is spread over the top and allowed to carmelize.
  13. It looks to me that raccoons would play a big role. They are very numerous and eat all kinds of eggs and everything else including gator eggs
  14. Seems like the worst of the music finds its way into halftime shows and commercials.
  15. Inside the pants holsters and pot bellies don't work all that well even with custom cut pot belly shirts.
  16. Bob, like you I'm alone so, in addition to a Fender Tele, I bought me one of these to help entertain and train myself. Spark Amp Check it out.
  17. No, but we had an icebox that held a 50 lb block and we kept milk and a few other perishables in it.
  18. In my part of the world, growing up in West Texas, there were cowhands and wranglers then there were cattlemen....The latter could be any and all of the forementioned but he usually owned the land. Cowboys were shiftless, lazy bums who couldn't get any other meaningful job and generally were worked seasonally.. Thats the way it was.
  19. Aberlour scotch Bulleit Bourbon Tin Cup Rye
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