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  1. Good point and well taken . This post was about the Ruger Wrangler. And yes they have a free spin Cylinder. And yes they have the tried and true Transfer bar system .
  2. How ? If you do it PROPERLY you CAN NOT Get a live round under the hammer !
  3. Were would that be ? What are we coming to when you cant have a Single Action .22 Revolver
  4. Welcome to the dance Pard . I'm a Warthog shooter so I'm saying 44/40 every time ! As far as Hunting goes you can load a 44/40 Plenty hot for hunting . No problem ! 38 357 ? I never said I did not know how to use one . I said I have No use for one . Just Sayin. Rooster
  5. I have loaded that way for 40 years now . Tought both my Sons to load that way. I have never had a round go off yet. You guys must be doing it wrong . Just Sayin. Rooster
  6. Dead as soon as they got in range. Dont come for my Life or Stuff . Just Sayin. Rooster
  7. I have no idea how SASS would approve of this with recessed cylinder chambers . But I have NO intention of using them for SASS . Just Sayin. Rooster
  8. That sucks ! They are the best new inexpensive .22's in the game today . I see them only going up in retail cost .
  9. This is my 71/72 Open Tops Army's in 44 Special with a 66 in 44 Special too.
  10. Interested minds who wants to know . One at a time , I cut one ring off the hammer spring . Then I put back together and tried the gun . I ended up cutting off six ( 6 ) rings off. And left One leg off the trigger spring. Wow ! What a difference it made . I have No scale to measure by . But I ended up with a pretty nice hammer draw and a decent trigger pull . Best part . No extra money spent . So if you didn't know . Now you know
  11. I have been preaching for years to Go Vote Them Out of Office ! ! ! They work for us ! I have even been band off the SASS Wire because of it in the past , Because people got their feelings hurt ! So I have just been laying back and Watching. Now you can see what I was saying . THEY WORK FOR US ! We put them in office . WE NEED TO PUT THEM OUT OF OFFICE ! YOU GET IT NOW ?
  12. Nice ! Thanks for posting pic. Wranglers are a Great Buy . 20 Years from now Our Grand kids will be saying , My Pappa only Paid !@# for his Ruger now they are !@# I wish he would have bought Ten more LOL
  13. Offer to buy pizza for all Veterans who bring in their dd214 for appreciation day !
  14. No pics it didn't happen Sounds like a good story though
  15. Very Nice look ! My Grandsons Might Want that some day , But Not Today LOL !
  16. I did not know the Pard . My Prayers go out to his family and friends for peace and understanding. Amen
  17. That's a great value. I have seen them as high as 249.99
  18. I will order them on Monday. Thank you Pard .
  19. That's what I need to do for the Grandkids. They got strong hammer springs in them for sure.
  20. There was some Great TV back in the day !
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