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  1. Not very nice to step on someone's sale with your own sale! So saith the Rooster
  2. Funny story My Father-in-law is a Scotch drinker . I'm a beer drinker . One day he asked me if I would like a sip of this 100 Year Old bottle of scotch he acquired ? Hes got money and he said it was very expensive lol So that tells me , He must have paid a lot for it . I said No thanks I'm a beer drinker. He insisted that it's the greatest thing sence sliced bread . So he pored us both a shot of this turpentine syrup elixir. Lol He sipped his and like I said I'm a beer drinker so to me a shot glass is a one time drink , you shoot it down and take a hit of your beer to quench the aftertaste. Lol And so I did And my eyes bugged out of my head and I started to gauge and cough. I looked at him and Said . Someone should have dumped that nasty $h1t out a long time ago. No wonder Nobody drank that stuff it's like Turpentine Needless to say . He never offered me Scotch again So saith the Rooster
  3. It was interesting to say the least . As a Tyson fan I never thought I would see him in the ring again . He looked great for a 54 year old man in a boxing ring. Just Sayin. Rooster
  4. I'm a 44 Shooter myself. A few years back I went to shooting BP only . I cast my own but I use a Lee RNFP 200 gr mold . I pan lube with 60/40 Beeswax and lard . Zero issues with pistols or rifles myself. I will say once i switched to using APP powder though clean up is much better and its self lubricated anyways . So you really have Zero issues with using regular bullets . So saith the Rooster
  5. I fell down over a prop one time and had a pistol come out of a holster and got a DQ once . Son of @ %#$%#
  6. I got enough lead , primers . brass , and powder to last me 4 life times . I have not looked for stock ammo in years now . About the only ammo I ever buy is 22 now and then . And i got enough of that to last me too . After the last ammo crunch about 8 years ago or so . I said I will never be affected buy the market again . Just sayin Rooster
  7. The last time I talked to Brett everything was Ok and running strong American Pioneer Powder Company ( Brett ) 1-888-423-2310
  8. Oh you want too see my rifle ? Here you go
  9. Works great for your .32 caliber Cap Guns ! So saith the Rooster
  10. About 8 years ago I got tired of hearing everyone Repeating what they read about the Henry BB , But never owning or shooting one themselves. So with that said . ( I'm really a 92 man myself ) I bought a Henry BB 44 Magnum. I took it to a shoot at Hidden Valley. Straight out of the box brand new. And Shot a Clean Match with it . Is it fast ? No Is it clunky ? Yes Will it work ? Yes Now I'm not a fast shooter and never will be . But the Henry Big Boy will work for 80% of the shooters in the game . You just have to understand the rifle and its limitations. Run it hard with intention of fully cycling the lever . I put the rifle in my gun safe and never used it for SASS again . But I can say I have used it . And I personally know it will work. So saith the Rooster .
  11. I have a 2019 Mule SX 4x4 . We love the toughness of the Mule. Much more power and usefulness over a golf cart. And with the dump box on the back , you can install the jump seat to carry two or three more people.
  12. When I load and or shoot Smokeless powder . I use Unique powder . Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun . It's not great at everything. But it will work for anything. So saith the Rooster
  13. Ye tho I walk through the valley of the Shadow and death I fear no evil for the rod comforts me. Rooster : 2021
  14. We all tried to talk you out of moving to Kalifornia in the first place . But the count down has begun lol
  15. By the looks of things all guns might become illegal to own under this new Administration. (A Sad Year for America For Sure !) We are the laughing stock of the World . So saith the Rooster
  16. Looks like we have another up and coming DemocRat !
  17. I had just the Opposite Experience 100% with Tuarus myself . They has my gun for over a year . I never did get it back . They said it was Not fixable and they would Not return it to me . They would give me a Voucher for 300 ( for a 600 Rifle ) too buy a New Taurus gun at retail price . I told Tuarus to stick it where the sun dont shine ! I would Never buy one of there products again and I would share that info every time I had the chance .
  18. I have used them many times . They Always go bang ! So saith the Rooster
  19. I have shot 6gr of Unique for many years in 44 and 45 with 200gr bullet with very good success. This was my main load before I switched to APP for everything. But it's still my go to Smokeless load when needed . So saith the Rooster
  20. Call Stevegunz.com The 92 specialist. 1-512-564-1015
  21. Wouldn't a 22LR be considered a 22 Sort Magnum lol
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