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  1. Why not just but a 66 then ? Just sayin Rooster
  2. I bought a pair of the for the Grandkids to shoot with the Henry rifles I bought them . With some Single six springs installed in them . I don't think you can buy a better gun for less money period IMHO. So saith the Rooster
  3. Switch too the Open Top Cartridge guns in the hi humidity and rain lol
  4. I never understood why they was so cheap in the first place . They are definitely the best Cap Guns ever built . I used to buy them unfired like new for 150.00 and over the years I probably had 70 or 80 of them . They definitely are worth 600. But the price everything demands today is Ridiculous !
  5. When I was shooting full time . I had a pair of Uberti open top 44 Specials with smith shop pins and action work by Long Hunters shop . With Army grips and 7in barrel's They shot very nice . The best part was they feel and point just like my Colt 1860 Army's . So it did not matter if I was shooting Cartridge guns or Cap guns . The gun in the hand pointed and felt the same . Just sayin Rooster
  6. Now that Colt has been bought out . You might regret this sale . Free bump
  7. Sounds like Joe Biden Jebbern in writing
  8. My Tab is open for You to have a drink with Yosemite Sam !
  9. Loved the original show . I don't think there is a episode I have not seen several times over . The new show would be a good show called something else ! IMHO
  10. In sted of complaining about Her . Let's try to make Her Great Again Together.
  11. Hoss Shower has first rights of refusal . If he don't take it . I will if I can call second in line . Thank you. Rooster
  12. You would be better off buying some used hulls and loading your own . Finding 410 shells is like finding Hens Teeth .
  13. Happy Heavenly Birthday Newly . RIP .
  14. Ok . Stupid question. What is the Patriot badge for ? What are the funds being used for or supporting ? Inquiring minds would like to know ? Thank you. Rooster
  15. Lord Father in Heaven . I lift up this family to you at this time of grief and need . Father your Son gave up his life for us all and Jeff Armes gave up his life for others himself. Father I pray for Guidance and Peace for this family. Lord give them the peace of knowing in there hearts and minds that when someone gives up there lives for others that they themselves are by your side in heaven . Its in Jesus name we all pray Amen .
  16. Hot water and Moose Milk . Quite Simple Actually .
  17. Only Spanish I speak is Taco Burrito chimichanga & Corona en gracias
  18. Take a grinder and cut some groves in the cylinder pin and grease .
  19. A Mans Gun Collection is Never Complete Especially with out at least One Henry 1860 in it . Congratulations.
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