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  1. That is a First Year Ruger 44 Mag . Beautiful gun ! But Im going to have to say a Re-Blue Gun IMHO All The Old Ruger's Turn a Plumb Color . Im a Ruger Collector and NEVER Ever seen One That Did Not Plumb . PS. Still A Beautiful Gun And a Fair Price . Just Sayin . Rooster
  2. I bought one and it was Junk ! No mater what you could not get it to work at all. Sent it to Lassiter to work his Black Magic . She Come back working like a charm . BUT STILL UGLY !
  3. Open carry is just plain stupid anyways . Its just looking for attention . ( in a Bad Way ) But I stopped shopping at Walgreens 15 years ago . When they thought is was a good idea to stop selling beer. I switched to Rite aid across the street and never went back . I know that backfired on them and they started selling beer again . But whats the point in switching back . Im happy at Rite aid . Just sayin . Rooster
  4. But it probably qualifies you as a dirty player by the end of the day LOL I love my Henry with My two Open Top Colts and My Hammered Shotgun . Im so slow it leaves them all choking for over a minute plus lol Just sayn . Rooster
  5. No sleeving needed really . Maybe just a short sleeve in the chamber of the barrel . A short carrier and a recut bolt is the main issue . The modern 44/40 is .429 same as 44 special . The difference between the two is more the Case head . You can actually shoot a 44 special in a 44/40 barrel . Its just the cartridge case head is smaller and wont always eject. And the chamber is longer on the 44/40 of course . Anyways good luck . I have been looking for years . Rooster
  6. Original Freebirds Michael Hayes , Terry Gordy , Buddy Roberts
  7. Looks too nice to cut down for me . I would keep and shoot her just the way she is . Just Sayin Rooster
  8. There has been some made a long time ago . I have posted and been looking for years with ZERO luck . Anyone who has them wont sell them . And I have asked several gunsmiths to custom make one out of my 44/40 . Again with ZERO luck . So I bought a 1866 in 44 special instead. But I keep looking for a 1860 Henry in a 44 special . Good luck pard . Rooster
  9. I think them deciding to Stop Selling Black Guns And Stop Selling to Under 21 , Hurt Them Badly . This is just another ploy , Too the Under belly of society, Trying to win back some Anti Gun Customers . Saying See ( We Stopped selling Guns all together ) I could care less if Dicks closes for good . I will NEVER Darken Their Door Steep Again ! Just sayin . Rooster
  10. I have NOT seen any yet . But I have two on order . I will let you all know ASAP. Just sayin . Rooster
  11. I moved away from home when I was 16 years old . I found if you want something in life you just had to work for it. I never went back home . My wife and I got Married at 20 years old . We are still together and at 52 we are debt free . With Not a single handout from the State or Government or Mom and Dad . Kids today dont have a clue what a hard days work is . Or How to put one in ! Rooster
  12. I send mine all out to Mike @Goonsgunworks.com They all come back 100% reliable . No more suppository guns needed PS. Thanks Mike for removing all the Frustration out of shooting Cap Guns
  13. Dang dang I will take it take it if the first and second falls threw
  14. I have the same rifle . Love it . I did upgrade the sights with Buckhorn sights and a large bead front sight. Love it too I will try to post some pic's later .
  15. 100% Enough Said LOL
  16. I did not know her myself. My Prayers go out to Family and friends.
  17. Lord I pray you walk with Johns Family and friends threw this journey. I pray for peace and forgiveness. In Jesus Name . Amen.
  18. Maybe if you removed that ugly none fitting buttpad , and put a stock cover on it . You would have a better chance of selling it . Just sayin . Rooster PS. Nice looking shotgun otherwise
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