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  1. Mike does amazing work . This is good buy for someone who needs some cap guns . So Saith The Rooster
  2. I'll take it ! Wait my wife is pretty mean too . She said I better Not go to sleep again , if I buy another gun ! I'm going to have to pass . Free Bump for a beautiful rifle .
  3. It's a deal Have your FFL get in touch with my FFL. Rooster
  4. I will wait for the Italians Clone of the 1873 150th anniversary for 1/2 The price of the Japanese 1873 Clone of the 150th anniversary Rifles
  5. Dawn dishsoap hot water and the Wife's toothbrush that's all you need
  6. If some how it don't work out . I will call a second I will take it . Thank you. Rooster
  7. This is just brass right ? Not loaded ammo .
  8. This is my Dog Tom . Greeting the neighborhood cats in our yard !
  9. Profit or No Profit . You can ask any thing you desire for YOUR Stuff ! It don't matter what someone else's thinks . Good luck on this sale . God bless Rooster
  10. After getting her out . I have decided to just keep her . Thank you for the interest in the first place. God bless. Rooster
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