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  1. I will take the Mule Ear Boots Dan . PM Sent Once Already . Thank you. Rooster
  2. My Grandfather was a 1%r My Father was a 1%r. I was a 1%r all my life . Now one of my Son's is a 1%r. Unfortunately a lot of Rich urban Bikers today are 1%r Sons of Anarchy wannabes in there minds Every guy with a Harley a Leather jacket and a patch thinks he is a 1%r in his head . In reality he's lucky if he's a 50%r If you think the guy is a 1%r he probably is Not . You will know if he is a real 1%r if he is . That's why it's called 1% So Saith The Rooster
  3. I have always loved root beer . Some are great all are good . But we have a local brewery who makes a Amazing Root Beer . When I go in and have a beer once in a while I will usually buy a jug of Root Beer to take home. So Saith The Rooster
  4. I like to shoot Warthog loads . Full load BP with min 200 gr bullet . Big bang lots of smoke and a big clanging on the target No questions if you hit it or not
  5. I was setting at my loading bench a week or two ago . And I kept trying to move my feet around and kept kicking a box under the bench . I said to myself what the heck is that box in my way . I pulled it off under the bench and opened up a full case of Goex FFF in one pound cans . I said wen did I put that under there I opened up the powder safe to put it away, and seen the whole powder safe was full of powder. I must not had another place for it. I don't remember even buying it lol. I remember how hard it was to get .22 ammo around ten years ago . I said I would never be cought short again on any ammo or loading supplies . So Saith The Rooster.
  6. None . That's the way I have been loading my 44 Specials for Years now . The cycle good in my Rossi 92 and my Ruger 44 special pistols . But Not in my 66. So Saith The Rooster
  7. Lord Father you are the only one with the power to do miracles. Father you built this body and you know it better then any other. Lord we ask you for a miracle to heal Allie Mo's body and make her whole again . Father it's you that gives the Doctors the ability to heal threw you. But it's also you that can do the things we can't explain and just make tumors cancers and things alike just disappear. The Doctors can't explain it most of the time when it happens. But we your devoted followers can explain it . Because it's only you who can do all things . Father we are asking you to do this for Allie Mo . Lord our world has tried to push you out of everything. But we know you are still on your throne and are the beginning and the end. It's in Jesus mighty name we all pray and all the people say Amen .
  8. Mmmm we have it here in Michigan. Love me some Chicken fried stake for Breakfast or Dinner . So Saith The Rooster
  9. Lol One year I shot the whole year . With my Henry 1860 and a single shot Long barrel H&R 12ga . And a Pair of 1851 Colt Navy's . With Goex Pinnacle . I was so slow it just about made them pass out ! LOL It was so much fun
  10. Looks great . That's the kinda crimp I like on most all my loads . So Saith The Rooster
  11. No dog in the fight . But I was in Cabelas two days ago. They had new 51's steel frame 44's in stock for 279.98 So Saithe The Rooster
  12. Do the Ruger Vaquero 44 Magnums have all the Warning junk all over the barrel ?
  13. Lord Father you know what is going on here , Because it's you that is carrying Ms. Allie Mo threw this journey. Lord we ask you for your cloak of protection and healing powers over her . It's in Jesus mighty name we all Pray Amen
  14. Very good product and usually at a fair price too .
  15. I don't use FB for anything . I take it you don't need to be a SASS Member to post thing for sale on the SASS FB page ? So Sorry to hear about Tom's loss. Every real SASS member I have ever delt with has been easy to deal with. I pray that that's the way things go for Tom and all other cowboys and cowgals that does business with real SASS members So Saith The Rooster
  16. Won't be long to happen everywhere if it's true . It All Starts in Kalifornia and Bleeds over to America .
  17. Acknowledging our own mortality is the first step . Beautiful rifle . God bless Rooster
  18. I will call a second as a back up on the Yellow Boy 1866 in 45. Thank you Rooster
  19. Just passing on availability of buying ammo at Cabela's . I was in Cabela's in Grandville Michigan Last night . They had available just about any and all ammo at a much more reasonable price then seen in a while . So Saith The Rooster
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