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  1. Let's see my uses for Unique are . .32 , 380 , 9mm , .38 , .357 , .44/WCF , .44 R , .44 C , .44 S , .44 M 45 CB , 45 Schofield , 45 Colt, 45 ACP . 16, 20 & 12 G . 30WCF 45/70 50/70 Like I have said before. Unique don't do anything Great. But Unique will do anything good . Rooster
  2. I own a Appliance Service Company and have been doing Servce Repair Work Sence the 80,s Unfortunately nothing is quality anymore. LG & Samsung are out of Korea GE has sold out to Haire out of China ! Only Product I will give my recommendation too is a Whirlpool brand of product. Life expectancy of a modern appliance is between 6&8 years. And as far as I'm concerned. That's junk ! Rooster
  3. Unique is the smokeless Black Powder Equivalent. Anything and Everything with it just like BP. It's been my goto powder for ever . My Granddady and My Dad both used it . I buy it by the truck load . Like I said in the past . You can load anything with Unique. It don't do anything Great . It does everything good . OLG has been preaching it long before I come here . We both agree it definitely a must have powder in your loading room . Rooster
  4. Unique can be used on just about anything that has gunpowder in the recipe. Unique is great at nothing but good at everything. It's been my go to powder for 45 years .
  5. I had two consecutive SS & Two Blue . I really like the Rugers alot , I just can't get over the book written down the side of the barrel. They have started to get better and at least move it to the bottom of the barrel. Free Bump and a great revolver in a awesome caliber .
  6. Good morning Pard . If I'm reading this correctly, #8 is for 12g . If this is correct. I will take it . Rooster
  7. Hell I run stock springs in all my guns . They will set off any brand of primer available. I don't care if they are American , Russian, Turkish or Pink ! My guns will make them go pop . I buy what ever I can get the cheapest. I usually pick them up 50K at a time . Seems to be the magic number for a good discount.
  8. I own several Taurus Revolvers. Got No Complaints. Rooster
  9. You can make most any of the parts fit with a little work and common sense.
  10. This one scene in Debbie Does Dallas . She looked up and they made eye contact wile she was Never mind I'm already done !
  11. With the Henry Homesteader now on the market, I'm not surprised to see it come out in 9mm. Looks like a beautiful rifle at a high price marketed to a small audience. They will need to recover the investment. But I see it dead as fast as it shows up . Unfortunately I got sucked into the American made Allure when HRA come out with the 1860 Original Henry Rifle . I desired to have an American Made Henry 1860 so bad with the name Henry on it . I sold my 25 year old Uberti 1860 with beautiful patina on it . And almost regretted it from the moment I did it . I wish I had that rifle back so bad . With No aftermarket parts on the market for the Henry Original 1860 New Rifle. It was a dream that turned into a gimmick nightmare. Uberti ownes the reproduction market. Always has always will . Even the Japanese Winchester is a dieing joke compared to the Italian clones .
  12. Some very nice work ! We have talented people here in SASS . This is by far the best shooting organization in the world . Rooster
  13. Hi-Point gun owners need a truck too
  14. Beautiful rifle with nice wood . (Ugly Coin) , Nothing a Butt cover won't take care of ! Free Bump on a good buy.
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