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  1. I have always wanted to try the old Nut cracker but for what they cost nowadays ? I may never know lol
  2. Still Three click . Just eliminated the safety and made it more reliable
  3. I'm a fan of Phantom . He is like me and everyone walks around with hurt feelings . Because We speak & don't sugar coat sh*t . Plus Phantom is the only one I know who has been kicked off the Wire more then me
  4. I just stumbled upon this and thought I would share it here .
  5. Lol . I too have bought several of these old Lee loaders for Emergency loading on the go or to load other places then home . 9mm 38 & 357 44 S & 44 M 45acp 223 30/30 30/06 45/70 12g 20g 410
  6. I gotta say . This past year I purchased my first Pietta Great Western ll revolver and it has 4 clicks and as nice or nicer action as Any single action I have ever played with . So Uberti is no longer the Top Player in the game as far as Colt clones go . Rooster
  7. I reloaded the video. I hope this one is better. Phantom We both know this is Not the easy way or the best way. But it is a way to get started and or a Emergency way of making ammo on a needed basis. Just trying to show you don't have to have a lot of expensive equipment to make ammo . Pluse some of us enjoy the slower things in life . I enjoy loading many different ways . It's not a chore if you enjoy it . Rooster
  8. This video is for demonstration purposes only. I have been loading ammo for more years then I care to remember. On many occasions I have herd people say the can't afford all the equipment or don't have the space to load ammo. I keep telling people it don't take much to get started and learn . And you really Don't need a lot of space to do it. So now I'm going to show the people who just don't know how easy it is , or how little space is need . A Lee hand loader kit. This is 44 special loading with 6.4gr of Unique with a Lee 7cc dipper & Federal Large pistol primer , Hornady 180 gr XTP JHP bullet . No this is Not how I load regularly. But this would be my emergency backup plan if needed . Lee all in one loader kit is all you need to get started 20231124_142719.mp4
  9. I never said it was the same action or that I liked it. I just said Colt started out at three click action long before they had the four click action. Like I said I bought parts long ago to change the new 3 click back to the old 4 click action . So far I have never bought any guns that was the new 3 click action. Rooster
  10. Looks like a lot more and better options then 12 years ago when I started my adventures.
  11. Definitely cheaper to heat with wood over Electricity
  12. I know when uberti first started this . I seen the righting on the wall and bought two triggers and two hammers for in the future if I ever ended up with something I wanted to keep that was three click I could change it over . But realistically Colt was three click on all the Cap Guns long before the C.O.L.T four click . Just sayin. Rooster
  13. There is really no good setup for the Buffalo Classic. When I did mine . I ended up with putting two zert studs in the wood stock and the putting a Winchester Tang sight on so it was much stronger and secure then just wood screws . Good luck on your adventure. Rooster
  14. Appers to have some slight damage to the left side front upper tang area ? Maybe chipped off the edge of the wood ?
  15. I just bought a Colt Peacemaker .22 right here on the wire for quite a bit more then this . This is a good buy ! Free bump
  16. I have shot with and with out extra cylinders . Having to load all day sucks. You can't participate with the Posse. I would rather load all my cylinders at home and just cap on the range . Visit with other Pards and help do posse duties . As far as cleaning goes . There is a Thousand different ways and find what works best for you and enjoy the process. Prairie Dawg already gave you the way most of us do it after years of trying different things . If you love shooting Cap Guns . It's just part of the process . Really really try to enjoy it. Rooster
  17. Great idea. With four of my Grandsons I bought them a Life Membership to the NRA & Henry .22 repeter. On the day they was born . I figure I will give them a good step forward in life as Republicans
  18. Like Coffenmaker stated . Pretty much drop in once you cut the side plate . At best some small fitting of the rear plate . But most of them will drop right in. Some don't have a back plate and that one you don't need to cut the side plate . You just have to take them apart to load them. This one I dont have to take apart to load . No one makes cylinders anymore for the .31 caliber guns . Not really sure why . Seems to still be a demand for them . I got mine in a gun traid with a bunch of parts A few years ago. The best thing to do is keep your percussion cylinder . As long as you have the percussion cylinder it's still a Cap Gun and this is just a part . I can put my percussion cylinder right back in and shoot it or sell it as a cap gun and sell or ship the cartridge cylinder separately and it's still leagel . I just keep one gun setup as a cartridge gun and one setup as a cap gun . But there is a fine line on what and how you sell the gun . I'm not selling mine . I'm just showing all of you like minded Pards how it turned out . It's fun but truthfully I like the .31 cap gun more then the .32 cartridge gun . Rooster
  19. It converts to a 32 short . They are a little hard to find anymore because all of the manufacturers stopped making them for this caliber pistol a couple years ago . When or if you can find one depending on the type . Around 300 now . Rooster
  20. Mine come with Two Mec-gar magazines in the case with a nice hard case cleaning rod bore brush 1911 wrench . This is a great 1911 for the money
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