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  1. Find a friend with a laser printer. It is so much cheaper per page than ink-jet.
  2. My experience matches Concho Billy's. But I have to send to an FFL and pay a reasonable fee to them. So often times, I can get almost the same deal from a local FFL, thus easier and help local folks.
  3. A general rule is as match difficulty increases, you will first see an increase in misses, then an increase in Procedural s. That is true for the weather conditions as well as the match design.
  4. Funny how times changed. When I started several stages called for only some of the guns we now use. Sometimes only 1 pistol. Sometimes no shotgun, etc. I still have a bunch of old stage instructions that way. And it was not uncommon to have a shooter come with only 1 revolver. It was his or her choice to either reload on the clock or take the misses. We didn't have the Gunfighter category back then. But now, you might be able to shoot gunfighter with 1 pistol - just taking a miss for every other target . Don't see that it would matter much, but you could shoot in two handed category or duelist if you wish.
  5. That is definitely a change and is encouraging! When I spoke on the phone with them on two occasions, they refused to send parts to any gunsmith. I clarified if they would send to ANY gunsmith and at that time their police did not allow it. Everything had to be done by them or the warranty was voided. I certainly hope they come around!
  6. Yup, Josh Randall is so disappointed... https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0051327/mediaviewer/rm3 827668225/
  7. The GX4 series. I know it is for the regular and XL and suppose it is true for the GX4 Carry as well. Nice guns, so I wish they would support them better.
  8. I have one of their modern semi pistols and love it - But they will NOT sell most parts to ANYONE. I called them and asked several times about commonly replaced parts such as a spring or extractor. No explanation other than "It's our policy." If the parts wear, send them in (at your expense) and they will evaluate whether they will fix it as warranty or at your expense. So, once the gun wears, it is a "thro-away."
  9. If you don't want someone to get your goat, don't tell them where it's tied.
  10. The recoil is related to momentum so Momentum = mass X velocity. So a heavy bullet will definitely recoil more than a lighter bullet at the same velocity. For cowboy, the velocities are generally around 600 - 700 f/s. And limited in pistols to less than 1000 f/s but we generally only keep a few loads in case we have to shoot heavier knockdown targets. (And most clubs make sure a 22 round will drop them, but just in case.) So a 105 bullet at 650 f/s will have significantly less felt recoil (30%). And 125 will also feel a lot less. But felt recoil is somewhat is not easily measured (without a lot of work & some equipment.) (Remember that the recoil is normally more rotation for us than push back. More rotation = more time to return to target). Best is what feels best for you. Side note: Many years ago at a State match they didn't have as good of targets as they do now. I was in a shoot off so I had some 160 grain bullets loaded at about 950 f/s. Several were hard to knock down, but one target hardly moved as I hit it. I know I was in trouble. Only heavier 44 and 45 caliber pistols could knock it down - and not always. Shooters saw that and quickly forced their competition to shoot on that side of the set up.
  11. Not Johnny or have his expertise, but the Russia guns are generally hand fit. So switching the cocking arm MAY be valid or may not, depending on if they are similar sized. I would compare the two and see if there is more wear on the left one. If the left cocks with the "right' arm, you likely validated the issue. but then see how the "left" one does on the right side to see if the problem moved over. I'm not sure of the availability of parts for these. Start with Remington and go to https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/baikal/shotguns-baikal/side-by-sides/izh43-2 They have some parts but all in stock.
  12. I remember having reloads on stages. (We polished our cylinders and "took the edge" off the back of the cylinders to greatly help.) For most it was very discouraging. We don't want discouraged shooters. On a side note: I was on the posse with Single Action Jackson and he was amazing. After shooting five, his shells quickly fell to the ground like rain drops. Then five reloads appeared to quickly fall from his hand into the cylinder and ready to fire. It was wonderful to watch. He went to a big match (Hell on wheels maybe) where they had shoot offs for top shooters. They required a reload. He blew everyone away and won by 10 - 15 seconds.
  13. Another great one gone. May the Lord comfort his family.
  14. It was on a Thursday, as I recall....
  15. Being a "middle of the road" shooter, I would say target 1 is in the middle. . . Now I'm SO confused about that sweep!
  16. The rifle is most likely "out of time" thus bending the bolt tab. You need someone to check and adjust the time as well as replace the bolt tab. Since in the North West, you may check with local folks or Pioneer Gun Works http://www.pioneergunworks.com/
  17. Griff, Lone Star is where I first shot SASS. Great times. I remember folks sitting around after the match swapping stories about their alias, etc. My schedule didn't allow me to shoot there too often until they moved.
  18. Short barrels were fairly common. Also most gun makers allowed buyers to customize their orders. The "questionable" creation of ATF was not dune until 1933/34 when Roosevelt followed Germany's lead on restricting private rights.
  19. I'm having trouble finding the Cowboys & Indian website. Could you post the link? The search engines have been so taken over..
  20. Carolina, of course with what we are doing any good bullet should be accurate enough. But I would wonder about a bullet that keyholes at a rather short range. I would check the bullet diameter to be sure it was proper - .357 or better, .358. The 160 should be long enough for good contact but, so . . . It may be that the bullet is too hard so it isn't fitting in the barrel as much as is needed for good accuracy. Some do like a little more "roll" but most find the 125 grain loaded a little warmer to work well for that.
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