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  1. I'm thinking "Man, that is a lifetime supply of slingshot ammo and I don't have to bust up old bearing on an anvil"!
  2. My initial reaction is that I've been full circle in 40 odd years of shooting BP and have used all of the above back to using warm water and a soft brush for tough scale followed by ballistol or mutton tallow depending on the firearm. Gonna disagree with Lump on using vinegar based cleaners because it will play hob with flash rusting when used in a frosty or pitted bore. Sure, it works great in our slick Shilohs but so does water and ballistol. Another chemical I shy away from is peroxide.....it just isn't needed in my book. Driftwood hit it on the head with his observation about grease and fouling....its just not that big a deal. IMHO taking care of the brass is a more laborious job than the firearm itself. Decap with a range tool and dump cases into a jug of water with a little oxy clean or simple green. Scrub inside and out when you get home or use a ceramic cleaner. Be advised that ammonia products may harm that shiny nickle finish....I stir away from those too.
  3. Just a thought. If you're loading blackpowder in a single shot you don't need to crimp.
  4. I thought it stood for the infamous Lumpy Grits Bar Tab!
  5. Well, it seems there really was a "Short Colt" and some attest to cartidge boxes having Long printed on the box. Venturino's article on this is pretty good. For references on the .45 Short Colt.1/ Sixguns by Keith, page 285. 2/ Shooting Times, November 1997, Mike Venturino's "The Shootist" column, page 14, subtitled 'According to Mike, those who have referred to it as the .45 "Long" Colt were correct; there really was a .45 "Short" Colt!'.3/ Cartridges of the World, 9th Edition, page 306.
  6. I'd rather watch a marathon of Big Bang Theory episodes with enhanced canned laughter. No!!!! Wait!!!! Maybe not that bad!
  7. Just wondered if you happened to have any references to the disassembly/assembly of the Type 33 Roller.



  8. A shoot is essentially the same as a clone here. The rationale for this endeavor being that the old giants likely possessed superior genetics..expressed in traits such as size, longevity, and resistance to pests and environmental pressure. It is ,of course, desirable to preserve superior germplasm when possible.
  9. Hmm....my birthday is 11/11/1940 for anyone like that asking out of hand and my phone number is 5808892697.....both completely fictitious but it works.
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