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  1. You may have to educate the Postmaster concerning the laws thereof.
  2. If you were to press info for the Searchers on 259 Insp channel on Dish you'd learn that John Waynes character is a bigoted ex Confederate soldier. Nevermind that the natives who stole the girl were the worst kind of brigands, cutthroats, and thieves worthy of any pirate ship.
  3. We already have this in Oklahoma and much to the lefts dismay we didn't replay the Wild West at all.....more of a hum okay. That said, hooray for my native state of Texas.
  4. Santa Anna declared the constitution of 1824 null and void....an act that inflamed both Mexican and Texicans alike. The defenders of the Alamo flew the 1824 flag! Just more cancel culture from Time! Besides, the Texicans were there legally in the beginning ......not like they were invaders
  5. Been there done that. Embarrassing to send daughter Christmas present she wasn't supposed to see till Christmas.
  6. My idea of correctness would be a disclaimer at the beginning of most old western movies: Warning! Custer's troops did not have 92 Winchesters! The use of Colt Peacemakers in Civil War settings is false. Plus, any idiot that believes this may be a true representation of history needs to do some research!
  7. There is a biocontrol in the form of Mosquito bits that works well for small areas. Available at most Lowes, etc or get from amazon. Eliminate all the standing water you can except for one small spot you know they are using to lay eggs and treat that. Eat more garlic and get the Thermocell mentioned....it really works. Matter of fact I often keep water in a shallow dish just for the skeeters to lay in. Once a week it gets kicked over and refilled with fresh water. All the little wrigglies make good snacks for the fire ants.
  8. I had a German Shorthair that found skunks irresistible and went out of his waay to let every copperhead on the place bite him.
  9. Basically mirrors my experience starting in 2011. I felt like a young man for a while but had another artery 40% clogged that confounded my recovery. My advice is give it more time and continue to monitor blood pressure while communicating frequently any changes. Assuming that a whole array of meds were prescribed and sometimes it takes a while for the body to adjust
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