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  1. Lotsa difference in racing pigeons and barn birds. Pigeon racing is a big deal in Europe and Asia...much more than here. Have a friend in South Georgia that has raced them for 35 years now. Intensely competitive he bought good birds for a while and now sells quite a few for big bucks. Not anything like this deal but it makes him pocket change and some. The biggest smile I’ve seen is when he clocks in a day bird on a 500 mile race. To me that is phenomenal but they can do it when conditions are optimal
  2. It gave me just a peachy surprise....positive for Covid!
  3. When I was about 9 a bunch of cherry bombs came into my possession and a buddy of mine came over who like to play WW2 as much as me. Lo, there was a pea gravel pile about 50 yards from our barn where all the krauts were holed up and they needed flushing out. Any survivors could be picked off with our BB guns you see. So, we found a 2 in galvanized pipe about 3 ft long and buried one end in the gravel and slanted/aimed it by country reckoning. One would dump a lit cherry bomb down and the other would quickly pour a double handful of pea gravel down the muzzle. Worked fantastic but we had to quit when our barrel developed a lengthwise split. The angels were kept busy guarding two West Texas kids for sure.
  4. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Gene Autry and a close 2nd Davy Crockett.
  5. I was raised on an 870 Wingmaster but later in life thought I had to have an 1100. I never did get over trying to pump that auto.
  6. He and Harold Lloyd were the funniest of all in my book.
  7. Have seen a lot of 50 yr old woman, mostly teachers and nurses, that scared hell out of me!
  8. Interesting, I never had a cat out of dozens to get sprayed but I had a German Shorthair that never did learn to avoid skunks or copperheads, or pickups for that matter.
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