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  1. Stout loads in either Ruger: Flat top 3 screw 44 mag (don't know how Skeeter stood it) 3 screw 4 5/8 barrel 41 mag (the torque is something else) Am surprised no one has mentioned their 3 !/2 in Turkey Gun.
  2. Far and away a Ruger Single Six bought in 66. For its first 30 years I avg around a brick a week.
  3. I remember when there was just country &westerm or hillbilly music. The latter morphed to bluegrass and the former....well, I quit listening 15 years ago with the advent of line dancing, hip/hop/rap, earrings for boys, and britches with more than a couple lines of stitching on the pockets.
  4. Without a doubt my old faithful 3 Screw Single Six. Probably over 150,000 rounds and still ticking. Runner up is a halfstock Carolina 50 cal that I built. It has over 5000 through it.
  5. Check w Charps first. They have been out of standard Badger barrels for quite some time as the company went out of business some years ago. They do still have a few though in the Creedmoor configuration.
  6. If you want a clue about best Sharps rifles in match situations just take a gander at winner equipment list and make up your own mind. Personally I think Shiloh has had the edge on fit and finish for many years and certainly their current barrels will shoot with anyone’s. That said , I have a CSharps in 44-90 straight coming and expect it to be a fine rifle as well to compliment my Shilohs and original Sporting rollers Incidentally, C Sharps now uses Green Mountain barrels and Shiloh never has gouged extra fees from anyone! If you’re determined to use a sub powder or heaven forbid smokeless I highly suggest you stick to the 45-70 or 40-65. Maybe even the 50-70...which is probably the most historical of all.
  7. I didn't see their 1911 on that verboten list.
  8. RE: Vegan - any reference I make of Tarzan is of the TV character. RE: Kindle Maybe I haven't figured them out but they drive me crazy. Touch the wrong area and it jumps many pages. Hard to find where I left off sometimes.
  9. It does lightning in Africa and it does cause fire occasionally but then I imagine Cheetah always carried matches.
  10. Okay, I'm not paying attention somewhere. Why is Ruger not available in California and others are?
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