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  1. I just write ORMD on the box with a sharpie.
  2. Automatic knife with glass breaker Case Stockman knife Keys Truck key Nitro pills Tape measure Small magnifying glass Eyeglasses Cigar stub to chew on Pipe pipe tool Lighter i tell nurses that I really weigh 10-12 lbs less than shown. They look at me like I’m nuts!
  3. What year Remington 700 action are most desirable for building into an M24? I'm thinking 66-72?
  4. Davy, Daveeeeeeeeeee Crockett!
  5. Well, this one might hang with you a while! Home Grown Tomatoes
  6. I think this will get you going. Parts blowup, disassembly, reassembly.1881 marlin
  7. Ironic that this person hit the nail on the head in describing the state of the country.
  8. Get some Billy Beer.....then anything else is drinkable!
  9. You can still get Paulaner and other hefe weizen at least you can here in the Dallas metromess
  10. In the early 50’s “green” Coors was not uncommon. It didn’t have good shelf life at all but it was 5x superior to the stuff they put out now.
  11. I may forego college football especially if they start kneeling. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/big-12-conference-launches-anti-racism-campaign.amp
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