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  1. But only on people with frozen brains! Yep, Ole Josh hisself
  2. Yeah they can sure mess up their innards alright. Just imagine what if at 100 yards and a much bigger animal. Anyway, when I started finding jacket material blowed back into the guts I changed to the Pro Hunter.
  3. Got em loaded up in 6.5 Swede; 270; and 7mm....just havent' popped anything yet. I am hopeful they will offer better downrange ballistics than the Pro Hunter and be a lot tougher than the BT GameKing which I now have quit using because its just too thin jacketed.
  4. Am surprised that in this day and time given the revisionist twist that Brown hasn't been reincarnated as a martyr and statues put up.
  5. They were always too expensive for me to buy back 40 years ago. By the time I could afford one they were still too expensive for me to buy!
  6. Mostly in their navels and noses these days....maybe even some other places.
  7. Bama in 19 has been beat by Clemson, LSU, and Auburn Tigers. Word is Saban can’t get near Frosted Flakes without major anxiety attacks.
  8. Smoked brisket or ribs maybe some tamales
  9. How are you guys so dadgum neat and organized?
  10. Yep, that too but he was a duly appointed US Marshal and had Washington bosses. I guess had some sort of dual appointment because in the series he acts a town marshal, US Marshal, and basically as Sheriff. Seems odd theres no sheriff except in Hays City to the north where Matt takes condemned to be hanged. Oh yeah, There was an episode where a bureaucrat came down to admonish Matt of his hard approach to law.
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