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  1. Bingo! Same deal....it just doesn’t fit and I shot low on the prettiest pair of rooster pheasant busting out of a fence row. Those two shots haunt me to this day! If I’d been carrying my old 16 ga 870 or the Browning Citori they would have been toast. Yet I still have the Ruger!
  2. Ask to form a line? If they refused....certain to be a veteran! My uncle swore he'd never stand in line again.
  3. Definitely all the above and I think you have to keep his early Westerns in proper context and not judge them too harshly. However, of his postwar westerns El Dorado gets a thumbs down.
  4. That brings back memories of watching old films in study hall ...mostly WW2 stuff in study hall. Study hall was a euphemism for the teacher saying "I'm gonna go smoke and y'all be quiet or else!"
  5. Something else to bear in mind is "does your carrier recognize that it may be/is legal'. Even at that they may refuse to ship except from dealer to dealer or at all.
  6. One of our club pro's used to take on all comers armed with a putter and a 7 iron. He was never beat.
  7. Well, have been there many times and didn't know the story!
  8. My favorite is by the Original Lumpy Grits who is absent here for some reason. 'Having you along is like losing two good men!'
  9. There are a few sellers on ebay that back their watches. If you should run into a situation where repair cost is prohibitive you might find it cheaper to find a decent Hamilton or Elgin in running condition thats been serviced and backed by the seller. Not necessarily belittling Waltham or others but parts are getting pretty scarce and people who know how to work on them are scarcer.
  10. Skeeter Skelton wrote about BBQ guns. His books might help those that are interested.
  11. You can usually get the small sampler bottles at bigger likker stores like in Lubbock...don’t know what they have in Littlefield anymore as it was dry last time I was there. That way you can try most any for less than a couple bucks. I don’t care for Beam either so try Devil’s River, Bulleit, Or Knob Creek for Bourbon. If too stout I really think you’d like Rye whiskey especially Devils River. Bulletin Rye is pretty good too. Nowadays I prefer rye over bourbon. By the way, rye whiskey was more popular than bourbon up till WW2 and it’s making a big comeback
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