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  1. I stroke in a slicing motion but I used to have those some of those fine carborundum stones that were giveaways for advertising and thats all we used then. They were so small the safest method was a circular motion. My Daddy could get a pocket knife razor sharp with one....somehow Ive gotten away from that with all the fancy doo dad sharpeners. One thing he did do though was lay the blade down and just lift the spine to get a 10-15 degree angle. Then he'd strop it on his boot. Scary sharp.
  2. I tend to put old Weavers and Redfields on older guns. Also, gloss Leupold goes on shiny tang safety Ruger 77's and Model 70's. But thats just me and I don't like bead blasted finishes and synthetic stocks either. Showing my age I guess.
  3. Horrible commercial and drink....thats Dr Pepper with the sweet cherry......gag, gag!
  4. Haven't drank a coke or pepsi in many, many years. Stuffs just not good for your teeth, stomach or anything else.
  5. Seems like Hitler had a slight weight problem with his rail guns.
  6. The National Weather Service measures and publishes soil temp data. Look it up for your location. You're going have problems trying to shut that water off if it does freeze in the cabin.
  7. Cattle that are a bit thin are most at risk. Most of what we saw was a dry snow. Wet and cold from wet snow or freezing rain is the hardest on cattle
  8. In addition to water cattle need good pasture and preferably plenty of good hay to do well in this weather. Windbreaks sure help out. During these times most ranchers here have to chop ice or haul water...some have electric tank heaters
  9. I'm sure the answer is to build more solar panels and windmills!
  10. All standard fare for us in rural Oklahoma just northwest of you maybe 120 miles. You nailed it on the urbanites....don't have a clue. This guy is out but a lot of what he says is spot on! Colorado City Texas
  11. Chicken fried steak and gravy Homemade Biscuits Garden Fresh Black eyed Peas Meatloaf Roastin ears Fried okra
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