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  1. Old Colts and likely Winchester. He is a treasure trove of Texas history and firearms.
  2. I just got through toting a 50 lb sack of corn on my shoulder out of Tractor Supply and then I near have to fight a nitwit kid at the grocery store to convince him I can carry out a couple sacks .
  3. The post about the Pawnee Bill Colt got me to thinking of another collector namely Texas Man whom I haven't seen on here in ages. Sincerely hope that all is well with him....sure miss his stories.
  4. I can relate to the big money. As a youth of ten I used to infrequent a pawn shop in Littlefield, Tx that literally had 2-3 dozen Colts many with carved bone or ivory. Yeah, I knew about such then as I read everything I could about them. None sported tags over 90 bucks and I bet you could have got them to back way off that. The kicker is that I couldn't dream of having that much money, didn't know of anyone with that sum, and I'd never seen much over a 10 dollar bill. I think I was 15 before I saw my first twenty. What a find....glad he hung on to it.
  5. Evidently Hickok was horrible too but we'd watch him if we could! Hey maybe Adkins could play Hickok!
  6. They may not be skilled actors but I'd rather see some of the country music people in western movies. Reba McIntyre, Travis Tritt, and Toby Keith already have made movies. Probably too late to dust off Willie or Kris though. Anyway, I bet Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, George Strait and a number of others would be up to the task. I didn't even mention anyone from the Bluegrass side. Heck, we could finally see Tritt throw a quarter at Bill Ray Cyrus feet and exclaim "Heres a quarter, go telegraph someone who cares!"
  7. Badger make sure your frizzen is roughened a bit (a little rust don't hurt a thing) and absolutely free of oil. Emery cloth is good to roughen the frizzen surface. After each shot wipe it and the pan clean with damp cloth or your thumb. Lots of times I just lick my thumb and use it to wipe the frizzen. A toothbrush can be used to dry brush the pan and the top flint edge. Again, I use my moistened thumb for the latter but be real careful not to get over zealous cause it can cut like a razor. In general, if the frizzen is too soft it will have gouges in it. If properly hardened you shouldn't be able to score it with a mill file. Make sure the flint is sharp, secure, and square to frizzen face. If the flint won't spark good one way then turn it over and try that. I like black English flints and get really picky about the ones I buy and use. Rendezvous are a good place to get them but you better get there early for the best ones. If all that doesn't work have someone that has some experience look at your rifle and then decide about re hardening. There are plenty of how to on youtube. If push comes to shove then video it close up and post here.
  8. If you could be PC with it and have the main character(s) apologize at the end maybe it would go!
  9. So that’s where all this foul music started!
  10. The plant has a long history of medicinal properties and rich in Vitamin C. As with any herbal do your research.
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