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  1. Belongs to the same clan as those who ignore yield signs as they merge and then glare at you if you don't snatch your vehicle over into the adjacent lane whether there is traffic or not.
  2. I bought some 6.5 but haven't had a chance to try. Maybe someone has.
  3. Marshal Mohare!!! Linnaeus ignorant!!!!!!!!! Holy Smokes! A brilliant Swedish naturalist (aka wizard of biological sciences) Linnaeus based his description on the European Wisant whom he also described as Bison bonasus. Ole Carl stuck with his binomial nomenclature which he developed and the word buffalo in America was familiar to him only as a common moniker. Ergo, the French provided the term Boeauf which lapsed into the very accepted label of Buffalo that we've used in history books and common publications for hundreds of years. My gripe is that while we've known the correct name since Carl L. and have used it when appropriately it seems that some of the PC crowd have only recently decided to include it in their narrative of revisionism. When and if I ever write another scientific paper that may require inclusion of B. bison as a species of interest, the correct latin name will be, of course, used. However, I refuse to use it in common everyday language and in the context of American History.
  4. Bison (Carl Linnaeus named it in 1758) and we've been calling it Buffalo ever since until some gifted literary geniuses decided to revise all of history) Cool Doooode!!! Lubbick instead of Lubbock Absolutely
  5. If its an original then lucky you!!! If not and a modern gun I nearly guarantee your bullets are way undersized and you may lead the bore like crazy. Do yourself a favor and slug the barrel before you fire it or buy expensive dies. PS All modern 40 cal rifles I know of slug out at .408 groove diameter. Originals fell in the .403-406 range.
  6. Which 40-70 are you referring to? Remington....Winchester....Sharps? At any rate you'll need fired brass or a chamber cast to make the proper custom dies which are danged expensive. That said, you may already know all that! So put an WTB ad in ASSRA classifieds and Cast Boolits. Also, watch ebay, Gunbroker, and the like. I have a 40-70 SBN Shiloh (.408) and hardly every use the sizer except for brand new brass. Once fired, i use a universal decapper then its trimmed and prepped for Paper patch bullets or thumb seated greasers. You don't need neck tension for Blackpowder loads so that part and crimping is skipped. Just food for thought.
  7. An adventure into cardiac extremes for sure!
  8. For more perspective into Hamer's life this book is a must read!! For that matter...any other of O'Neals books! Gladys was no slouch in a gun fight herself! https://www.amazon.com/Johnson-Sims-Feud-Juliet-C-Greene/dp/1574414755/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?keywords=bill+o'neal+feud&qid=1554766234&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmrnull
  9. Well, pile pro Bass fishing in on top of all that!
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