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  1. Especially New York never really had a Wild West.
  2. Yes sir. Completely agree. I think only John Roberts embodies that stance on the current bench. All the others vote along strict partisan lines
  3. I am blown away that liberals aren’t celebrating this ruling. What it does is return the fairness in issuing of licenses across the board. It’s been proven without a doubt that “may issue” areas disproportionately affect people of color. I would think that they’d be more supportive
  4. I disagree. The Bible is incredibly hard to hard, in particular trying to reconcile all the many contradictions. There’s a reason that biblical scholars exist.
  5. Buying in Calicut is us not all that difficult. Nothing like New York. Carrying is something else entirely. In many counties, mine included, it’s up to one individual to determine if you “need” to carry concealed. I think last I checked there was one issued license in my county in the last 15 years and it went to a politician.
  6. Absolutely. I have always found the term liberal or conservative judges to be utterly appalling, especially at the Supreme Court level. It’s quite interesting that cases before the Supreme Court can be looked at by constitutional scholars on how they should be decided, but instead end up being decided exactly on partisan lines with very little consideration on actual law or precedent. This is a relatively new phenomenon starting around 30 years or so ago
  7. Lurking mostly. Haven’t been able to shoot much the last couple of years. Wife is a nurse and seems to be called in every weekend there’s a shoot. I’ve been working from home the whole time, which sounds great, but in reality your boss assumes you now work 24/7. So been pretty busy, but still love looking at really nice guns and grips
  8. Don’t forget to mention that the 66 carbine has that big beautiful brass butt plate.
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