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  1. If I had to eat game meat cooked at 165, I would forego all game meat. What’s the point of eating anything that overcooked? I’d rather live life as a vegetarian. Luckily this is not the case. SD is spot on with the science. Well said
  2. The vast majority of people over bake everything, including cakes. If you want it to stay nice and moist, take it out earlier than you think you need. Carry over cooking comes into play here. Think of it like hits and misses. If you know it’s not ready, it’s not ready. If you know it’s ready, or you think it’s ready, or you think it’s not ready, it’s ready.
  3. Oh man I really want this gun. If I get that stimulus money I’ll be all over it. Hardly likely though
  4. Here’s a lot if information Colt’s records indicate that serial no. 309795 left the factory as a Bisley Model not in .44-40 but in .45 Colt. Instead of originally being made with a 4 ¾" barrel, it came from Colt with a 5 1/2" barrel. Thus, we have a Colt Bisley in .45 Colt with a 5 ½" barrel that, sometime, somewhere, was converted to a .44-40 with a 4 ¾" barrel. Colt has no record of the gun coming back to the factory for these modifications. Colt's also reported that the finish was blue with no information on the grips. It was one gun of a shipment of one sent to a John E. Dougty on August 7, 1909. Unfortunately no address for John E. Doughty, or other information was recorded. http://www.jcs-group.com/johnwayne/american/trademark.html
  5. I was kind of wondering that myself. Especially the finger groove 44-40. The real John Wayne Colt with finger grooves did start life as a 44-40, but was converted to 45 by Hollywood to shoot blanks.
  6. The real answer to the question is there ain’t no such thing as a forth down.
  7. Cabelas has the brass frame ones for $200 and often on sale for $150. EMF was running a special recently fit brass frame and an extra cylinder for $200. Just gotta shop around is all
  8. As opposed to the first senate version that the republicans tried to sneak in a slush fund? Neither party is any less guilty of those tactics. They are both beholden to the same masters.
  9. Can you tell me where you get yours? It’s apparently better than mine. I always like to say “you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts”. but apparently I’m your case, you’ve decided to go the route of “when legend becomes fact, print the legend”
  10. I have heard all kinds of stuff about what goes on in Canada. Most of them are so far fetched that I feel like this Canada place doesn't really exist. It's a mythical place teenage virgins claim there summer girlfriends live.
  11. I love it! Now you got me thinking about a stage with down range movement, a few barrels along the way with my mags staged
  12. Sounds like the guy needs some more experience shooting gunfighter. Start with cap guns. Rarely will I get through a whole shoot without having to fix something. You learn right away to finish up the string with the good gun, holster, then fix whatever is wrong to continue the string. Happens at least once a match for me it seems. I've been trying to think of how someone would shoot gunfighter in wild bunch, if it were allowed of course. So do you shoot all 14 rounds, then holster a gun, reload, holster that one, reload the other, then have both guns out a blasting? In the movie, Bruce Willis does this really cool reload by with one gun while still shooting. Probably took a long time to get right on screen, but sure looked cool.
  13. Could not agree more. Nick is the very best. He’ll make anything you want to your specifications and is really great to work with. There are lots of great leather makers out there, but not all of them are great at the customer service part. Nice is both. I have at least one rig from all of the names above, and Tombstone is my favorite. I like it so much, when it came time to get a rig made for my little boy, I called Nick. I completely understand your point here, as I have the same club card. I still say go with an outfit like Longhunter. They get the guns at wholesale prices, so buying a gun and action work cost only a little more than buying a stock gun would. Costs of action work gets expensive because of the work and the shipping both ways. Trust me, those cabela points Won’t go to waste. You’ll use them for ammo or reloading gear. Or better yet, cap and ball revolvers.
  14. Count me in! Just as soon as this quarantine lifts, let's do it
  15. I’m really confused about all this talk of battery lugs. Lugs aren’t sass legal in classic Cowboy, and pretty sure battery powered ones aren’t legal in any category, as they aren’t period correct. I could be wrong though. I’ll await the ROC’s ruling er, I mean clarification on the matter.
  16. Interesting that you brought this up, because another "arbitrary rulling" the ROC made recently was a complete ban on John Wayne style finger grips. They at one time allowed a certain make and model of those grips to be used, then reversed the decision when it was brought to their attention (by me) that other grips existed that were much closer to the original John Wayne grips. So what would John Wayne do/wear/use obviously isn't all encompassing in decision making
  17. I’ll take: . Colt marked 7 round 1911 45ACP mags $25.00 Ea
  18. He did? Well crap. Pretty sure I owe him a ton of money then. Just don’t tell him. I don’t think he ever comes to the saloon anyway.
  19. Who is? I want royalties. I tried to trademark that term, but the trademark office was closed due to quarantine. Think that’ll hold up in court?
  20. That’s Oakland gunfighter rules there. You actually get more points for missing targets.
  21. I’m sure you’re right about us being fairly close on opinion. In fact it was the stuff you posted about volunteer work that got me thinking about the relationship in the first place. I mentioned the regulations and protections as a counter to the whole private business owes us nothing part. Last time I looked at a package of sausage, while it doesn’t describe the process, the ingredients are clearly listed as is the nutritional information like calories and fat (damnit!). I think that’s what Creeker is asking for. A little more of the ingredient label so that we can see exactly why those shoes are illegal.
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