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  1. Howdy, Remember those were silver dollars. Check what one of those silver dollar coins goes for today. Multiply by the price. Well worn silver dollar price at 28. 79.95 times 28 is 2,238.60. Fair nuff? Best CR
  2. Howdy, Burn Notice..... The modern Lone Ranger with extra Tonto. My sister just noticed Burn Notice...... Streaming now. Up to season 4. Well a couple days ago...could be done by now. The bit parts are so fun too. Best CR said to have the same number of episodes as Miami Vice.
  3. Chili Ron


    Doctah Doctahj It huits when I goes like DIS....
  4. Howdy, Just to be clear....the doc said those without shots are ezzzactly where they have been for a year or more. This herd immunity is a distant goal and NOT something we have today. Best CR
  5. Howdy, Friday morning a Doc appointment quickly got onto the virus subject. Doc opinion that having two shots and a couple weeks wait one will be IMMUNE from this virus. Meaning one could walk thru a C 19 ward with no mask and not get sick. Reminds me of the Deadwood episode about illness and a pest tent and so on. Now this doesnt mean immune from all virus, just this one. But this one is a big deal. This is a medical professional, not some guy in a bar. Make of it what you will. Best CR Mask? We dont need no stin
  6. Howdy, Yes. Interesting. Seems he must have had a bunch walk off..... BEst CR
  7. Howdy, Seems John Wayne used Zippo lighters. And folks walked off with a lot of them, so many that he made up a batch inscribed with ' Stolen from John Wayne.' There are websites selling all sorts of tshirts mugs and Zippos. Search john wayne zippo on ebay and hundreds are available. My question is if anyone knows or has seen a real zippo that he actually used. Not one of his joke lighters.... For all I know he used matches..... Till then I will make do with the Saloon skeleton lighter. I still havent found the other holster.... Be
  8. Howdy, Time to check on buying ruger stock..... Best CR
  9. Howdy With all the fuss the tenth anniversary of seal team six gettin Bin Lauden was missed. May 2, 2011 iirc. Best CR
  10. Howdy, Not a plot at least on my part. If you dont like it dont do it. Ive heard on the boobtube that eurrope may start requireing shots to even pass thru..... This whole deal is really hitting some areas hard. Superspreader events I dont need. I dont even stay in a crowded store. Why? Spend a day on a ventilator. You will understand. Best CR
  11. Howdy, Put shot card on table. Put DL next to shot card. Take pic of them. Put shot card in vault. Your fone now has your shot evidence. Best CR
  12. Howdy, I have camped with canvas and a variety of other.... Anyway a pull behind slide out pop up trailer is just so much better. Bring a screen house to pitch over a picnic table. Or get an old cheap van and take out any unneeded seats etc. Old Ford van with a floor pad and sleeping bag....Stormproof too. Im warm and dry while tents go down in heavy rain. And I never sold anything so easy as a cheep van. I actually made money on several Ford vans. Tents do photograph better tho. Best CR
  13. Howdy, The Chinese have launched a rocket and the booster is in a polar orbit. It will come down....somewhere. As I understand it could be anywhere on Earth. I could splash in an ocean or hit a sandy desert or.... It could even land right on the Chinese that launched the thing. If it lands in my back yard do I get to keep it? Sell it??? Best CR
  14. Howdy, 556 gotcha. Best CR
  15. Howdy. That channellock 447 looks like a great place to start. The other one looks fine to. I have a multi tool but the wires are on a hard surface and it dont fit....447 Thanks. Best CR
  16. Howdy, 14.80 ac powered alarm clock on ebay. Took 30 seconds to find. Best CR
  17. Howdy,, I have several clocks. Favorite is the wind up that sits in the livin room. Right next to the near state of the art entertainment system. Wind it every saturday and always know its the right time. Power ? It dont need no stinkin power. Best CR
  18. Howdy,, I have several clocks. Favorite is the wind up that sits in the livin room. Right next to the near state of the art entertainment system. Wind it every saturday and always know its the right time. Power ? It dont need no stinkin power. Best CR
  19. Howdy, twentyfour bucks for a 12 oz bag...... Not when DD is 20 for three one pound bags. And I LIKE DD make with press coffee maker. Cost about 35or 40 cents a quart pot. And I can adjust the strength to what I like. I bought a lotta coffee made a couple three pots and let the rest get stale in the package. I like almost black coffee. Thats with a little bitty touch of creamer. At the drive thru they put in enuf cream for 10 cups. And all ya need is a pot to heat the water, a press coffee maker(stainless steel) and a quart thermos t
  20. Howdy, I just need to cut little wires around the place. Not big stuff and not barbed wire. Never realized the question was so big a deal. Maybe I will just try the hardware store and hope for the best. I had a little took kit with stuff from Sweden. They seem to have walked off. Best CR
  21. Howdy, I just havent needed much in the way of wire cutters until now. Any suggestions on some good cutters? I would just like to get some good ones the first time and not have to buy several first. I sorta want the blackhawk 357 of wire cutters, I guess. Best CR
  22. Howdy, Friend of mine went to work in the gun shop of a Wards store. He gave a customer a complicated answer about shotguns. The customer told him he was way off base and walked out. Next week the customer admitted friend was right on the money. Actually apologized. He just wasnt used to good info from Wards. All gone now. Best CR
  23. Howdy, I just wish I had paid more attention to my health. Aches an pains sure mess up what could be really fine. If you think something is wrong, dig into it. Best CR
  24. Howdy, With the wonderful cleaners on the market why take apart anything not in dire need of repairs? Best' CR
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