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  1. Howdy, They sure look comfortable. I might try em. Best CR
  2. Howdy, I see video on tv where packages get grabbed. Any one have a nice simple and reliable cam system that records too?? With migrants and so many things being delivered it seems like camera time. Thanks aheadotime . Best CR
  3. Howdy, If you just are in try out mode, buy something easy to sell. A Colt or a ruger or the cheapest one you find in the style you like. Shoot it for a week or a month or a year and you should know if you want to keep it. OR sell it and be done OR sell it and get a better one. Ruger seems to back their products very well. Best CR
  4. Howdy, Seems there was a brake failure. No word on more so far. Best CR
  5. Howdy, Diet root beer is the only diet drink I like. I cant believe how terrible some diet pop tastes, yet it sells. Best CR
  6. Howdy, So thats why the little guy keeps hopping around.... Best CR
  7. Howdy, Those evil tactical straws will need serial numbers and registration. Best CR
  8. Howdy, Now how bad does someone have to drive to hit a HOUSE??? Not a car not a bike not a dog but a HOUSE...... Well it happens and I have wondered about who does this and do they ever get their license back..... But on Chicago tv they topped a car running into a house. How could that be? A firetruck ran into a house. And there ya have it. Best CR ps....I guess the house didnt get outta the way.
  9. Howdy, I came across an article about cheap easy air cleaner. One 20 inch box fan, one 20 inch air filter, one roll of tape. Tape the filter to the back of the fan so filtered air goes across the fan. Put it in living space, or bedroom or even the garage. Easy way to keep brake dust out of your lungs. A few searches on the web turned up some variations as well. A filter rated 13 will void some warranties on home air systems. Put the same filter on a 25 dollar fan and who cares?? Im giving it a try. Sure cheaper than fancy offerings at the store. Best CR
  10. Howdy, I ran across a news article about snoke filters. The one that stood out was taking a 20 inch box fan and duct taping a 20 inch filter to it. Set the filter in a hallway or doorway and instant cheep air filtering. New 20 inch fan is about 25 give or take. and filter is around 12. It takes strain off the ac fan if you have one. And it can zero in on your room or location. Of course you could set up more that one if wanted. Other sizes are up to you. Best CR
  11. Thanks, I was thinkin aluminum but that looks nice at a decent price. Best CR
  12. Howdy While looking for a canteen like I had in the army I found titanium canteens. Anyone have one? and anyone have the whole set for sale.....canteen and cover and cup and heating part. Best CR
  13. Howdy, With the drugs today I would have to be starving to eat unsealed food. YMMV. Best CR
  14. Howdy, Such great ideas. That Hobo is terrifical and that is for sure. I have been to way toooo many knife shows and never saw one or was not paying attention. Clean and use might be the easy way to go. Im just looking for a better way. Best CR
  15. Howdy, I usually have a small folding knife but hesitate to use it as I might not remember what I put it in last. Im thinkin about maybe a small straight knife that could be on my belt or suspenders?? It would be nice if decent knife came with a meal but often I seem to get junk. Of course not too expensive as it just might get left behind.... Best CR
  16. Howdy, I sure like One for each of ya. Best CR
  17. Howdy, I had one thing after another happen with the wheels tires brakes brake fluid. And each time I needed to have the nuts retorqued after 50 miles. I have done this many times over the years. Well, I had a short trip that took the number a bit over 50, like 150. And when I went in to have the retorque...one missing wheel nut. OUTCH. The shop owner looked for an extra but no joy. So I thought I might just have extras because I put on locklugs. I remembered the locklugs came off the previous honda. And I did actually find the nuts. So now Im down to gettin one wheel retorqued and all should be well. But dont take that 50 for granted. I have changed so many wheels I cant even guess a count but THIS was my first AWOL wheel nut. So before you travel this summer, check your nuts. Best CR
  18. Howdy, I guess I should reconsider my habit of intentionally misspelling ..... Maybe. maybe knot Best CR
  19. Howdy now that I posted it as fast as I could... its about education and teaching as bad as sixth graders doing third grade work. to where in a handcart???? Name one continent? What does y e s spell? I contend kids are addicted to video games. And the young kids shooting into crowds just have no idea what they are doing. The Army is setting up remedial training centers to get kids UP to being ready for basic. Best CR
  20. Howdy Every mornin fires, multi car crashes, plenty of gunfire and just lately gangs of four like to jump kids or whoever for phones or even dogs. They have to steal dogs with the shelters maxed out?? I havent been there since Feb 1989. Auto show introduced MX5 Best CR
  21. Howdy Any pards with steel repairs? I havent been thru a detector since back repairs. How big a fuss do they make? Can a fella even git on a plane??? Best CR
  22. Howdy, Seems like I heard the eskimo folks have maybe 20 or30 words for the different types of snow. I would kinda like to hear the translations of such. Hear not ezperience pleeze. Best CR
  23. Howdy, Just one line from a movie. What is your favorite? Just occurreedd to me readin that Quigley bit. I gotta think on this. first is Drew screaming in ET. Best CR
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