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  1. Howdy, Easy peasey. Grand champ num one:::::::Win 1892 44 win. Best CR and boy does it have the competition. No pic handy but you can picture a tired old 92, blue worn thin and missing in places, stock scraped up. Very tired, but shoots like crazy in anyones hands. No lasers, no scopes no engraving or fussy stuff. Just take a 6 oclock hold on a target and ring steel.
  2. Howdy, Any one know of a gunsmith who can rework marlin jam? Location upper peninsula of Michigan or or or north Wisconsin??? details and price appreciated. Thanks aheadotime pards. Best CR
  3. Howdy Please check you messages pard. Thanks CR Im having a few computer problems phone chat might be better??
  4. Howdy, Just a couple of operations too late for me. My operations, not the Ruger...of course. Best CR
  5. Howdy, A gadget called Grabber from Lowes for less that 20 bucks. Absolutely worth its weight in gold, well at least silver. And that little bitty magnet on an extender handle, so handy. And a reeeellly bright light sure turns up little parts. Also its not ezzactly a TOOL but fingernail polish can mark things and it stays put. BUTTTT it can be removed with just a touch of remover. I often get the fingernail polish remover out when marking things. Remember polish is just colored superglue. Best CR
  6. Howdy, YES YES YES SD jr beautiful revolver. I would have paid that in a minute. I had it figured for a good sixty grand. maybe even break 100k?? And lookit all da fun pards had as usual. I had a rough weekend, be glad you don't have my back problems. Best CR
  7. Howdy, very nice b u t I thought you had a rifle for sale. Maybe throw the word scope in the heading? Or the word Burris? Best CR
  8. Howdy, I don't see the JW connection...maybe some close ups?? and maybe a couple measurments ? Are these for rifle or carbine or both? They may well have value that my ol eyes don't see right off. Best CR
  9. Howdy, Get your Tarzan Zippo now on ebay, pards….. Best CR
  10. Howdy, For bells whistles horns and screaming kids of all ages, I hit the MUTE button. Then when the programs comes back hit MUTE again and I have the correct setting. No more turning it down. Best CR
  11. Howdy, Only 9200 I thought a good bit more..... Best CR
  12. Chili Ron


    Howdy, Just in case you wanted to know.... Best CR
  13. Howdy Hence the Second Amendment. Best CR
  14. Howdy, The cat who peeed on the jeep seat? Best CR
  15. Howdy, These little quirks of expression are interesting. Couldn't one be finished with a project but not have completed all the items in a contract. For instance, one might not have the correct paint color. With computer projects sometimes a new program would do all the functions originally listed BUT the client wouldn't sign off until a item was added. Or an item was deleted. Maybe SSN was in the original spec but now at the end of the project there is a fear of stealing identity. So SSN had to be deleted. Complete- all item are done. Finished- Ive done all I can and the client agrees and signs off. Seems right to me. Best CR
  16. Howdy The statement is that the flag is unusual. So looking to how things are usually done seems counter productive. And a flag could be made out of most any material I suppose. Isnt this all something out of a kids book? forgetabouttitt. Best CR
  17. Howdy, Thanks, I just had no idea of how to search for it. Perfect. Thanks again. Best CR
  18. Howdy, Does anyone have the exact oath that is used to swear into the US Army? Actually I would like what ever version was used in the spring of 1968....if at all possible. Thanks aheadotime. Best CR
  19. Howdy, There are a lotta ways to eat a hot dog but a true Chicago dog is a joy to the taste buds. I would prefer every hot dog be made on a grille too. Stab it with a stick and brown it over a campfire. O yes. One day soon I am going to get some Chicago hot dogs, take the hot dog out and grill it and put it back. Best CR
  20. Howdy, That looks like so much fun and so very uncomfortable. Old bones have been pounded enuf. Best CR
  21. Howdy, If I could just get the owners of the local shops to climb out of their graves Well zombie gun dealers just don't sound right, I guess... Its an all morning adventure to go to a gun shop around here. Two shops to comparison shop would be ALL day and at least a half tank of gas. when I was a kid there were four shops on main street. All gone now. At least I have a couple of the dream guns of my youth. Best CR
  22. Howdy, So if I bought a .22 rifle at WAlmart years ago and they stop selling .22s how much can I sue them for?? 22 million?? Best CR lookin fer a lawyer...?
  23. Howdy, The folks at Ft Knox just redid that museum. Best CR
  24. Howdy, It would almost be worth ordering one package just to see..... Best CR
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