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  1. Howdy Maybe those wipes are just a trick to get folks buying Zeiss binocs?? Best CR
  2. Howdy, You might want to check to see if wipes etc wear away at coatings. My suggestion is more for home use. I clean glasses at home and not out somewhere. Ive used wipes many times but never considered the coatings come off. I like to float dirt away and NOT dig into the lens. Same with washing a car. Float the dirt away and avoid scratching. Best CR
  3. Howdy, I find I dont WANT out much anymore. Did ya here lions get the virus? Tell them to wear a mask??? Volunteers???? hahahaha Best CR
  4. Howdy,, A trip to the eyedoc gave me a nice tip. If you use dawn dish soap, after every drop is used put in 10 to 12 ounces of water. Shake it a bit. Let the suds relax. Put this into a 12 ounce squirt bottle. They are a dollar at a lot of stores. Squirt cover your eyeglasses rub with your clean fingers. A couple more squirts, rinse with clean water. Dry with a poly cloth....I found a great cloth at bedbathbeyond. Its grey and meant for fancy drinking glasses. Works great cost little. This is supposed to NOT remove the expensive coatings they put on prescription lenses. Ive found this also does a great job of cleaning dvds. When cleaning dvd move the cloth from center to edge. I wash all borrowed or used disks before play. If I dont put dirt into a machine I wont have to clean it out. ynnv. Best CR
  5. Howdy, How to teach math....root beer who new???
  6. Howdy, the only diet or sugar free drink I like is diet root beer. I drink water instead of any other diet drink. I tried diet cola with rum one time and just felt sick afterwards. Bad chemicals we dont need Im sure. Best CR
  7. Howdy Chief AJ used tasco scopes to test ruger after he tuned one. Tasco got tired of reparing his scopes. Tasco just didnt have real good quality control. Some of their stuff was terrific if everything was right. He liked 4-16 scopes set at 4. I never did find out why. Best CR
  8. Howdy, Boring is very very good. Enjoy boring. At least you have the web to entertain. Lean back and let your body heal. Best CR
  9. Howdy, Take off my glasses and get hasseled by the range officer who insists on eye and ear protection at all times. Is that what you mean????? Best CR
  10. Howdy, Ya I guess I should have seen that coming. Seems like I get binos that have great clarity but weigh too much so they get left at home. thats it. they need a clarity rating. And a rating for use with eyeglasses andor sunglasses. Some nice optics are total junk if you are wearing glasses. They need to start the review with.....NOT for Eyeglasses. Because I would stop right there. Best CR
  11. Howdy, I found em on ebay 7x28 compact binos. 300 bucks.....outch. I was looking for 9x leupold out of production. I tried a set once and they were pretty good. I just wish optics had a rating like horsepower on cars. Best CR
  12. Howdy, I just heard about a 7x28 binocular issued by the military. Any one know about this??? Any ideas on if its really much better that the 50 dollar ones at the stores???? Thanks aheadotime pards. Best CR
  13. Howdy, ebay can be amazing if you dont mind the stink. Ive had great luck on buying cylinders in particular. Remember if it wont fit yours just sell it to someone else. Best CR
  14. Howdy Capone 45 went for more......hmmmm Best CR
  15. I saw a number of guns for auction for the Capone family. There was a Ruger and M1 carbine. How could he have owned guns that new? Did someone pad the offerings? I wonder if there is any proof?? Best CR
  16. Howdy, My dear ol daddy sure got heated up when I drove the car with a trailer too hard. Trailers just dont give the same feedback as a car. Brakes and shocks gotta be right. And helper springs might be good too. Be careful. Best CR
  17. Howdy, Getcha set of kids alphabet blocks. First thing each morning spell out the day. keeps folks with jobs happy somehow. I still aint figgured out what a retired fella is supposed to do on a holiday..... Best CR
  18. Howdy, I did some more searching. Seems some race and rally cars use them. News to me. Best CR
  19. Howdy, I saw an article about building a high speed racer. The builder used a pinto engine. Is there a special pinto engine or do they have some special things? No explanation was given. Best CR
  20. Howdy, And I thank you, thank you verry much. Best CR
  21. SOOOOOO, What did It go fer???????????????????????????????????????????????? Best CR
  22. Howdy, Its really something how much is added to the price after the sale. Sales tax and a premium and who knows how much more. Add about 25 percent.....outch. Best CR
  23. Howdy, I know one ranger who sure didnt like women getting special test treatment. The thing is that not having women part of some elete group limits otherwise terrific applicants. And the other side knows women arent members of said group. Several episodes of THE UNIT take a look at this issue. Its not all about weightlifting. Best CR
  24. Howdy, All I would do is worryabout the darn thing, Might be fun to make up a copy.... Best CR
  25. Howdy, Just skip buying a new car that will depreciate every day. Get a collectable like ths and charge for holding it for two minutes. Put on latex gloves and hold that gun for two minutes...what would you pay??? Best CR
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