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  1. Howdy, I was only trying to help. Last words. Best CR
  2. Howdy, I am in the Northern Illinois area. I was given some cactus plant starters. After a few years a brilliant yellow flower bloomed. The next year a couple more bloomed. This year 24 fire yellow roses bloomed. If you are in this area and have a spot where you can plant cactus I would be happy to share starts and getting started instructions. These cactus have to have about a half a day of full sun. They do not need to be taken in or covered winter. And yes the thorns are painful sharp. Handle with care. Best CR
  3. Howdy, BLT pizza. Unbelievable good stuffff. Local shops wont even try to make it. Houghton Mi. if you ever git there. Best CR
  4. Howdy, Take the meds. Your doc will know how to step you down off pain pills. The main thing is NOT just take a handful at a time. Minimum is the word. Best CR
  5. Howdy, A single action like a Blackhawk ..357 has the advantage of shooting both .357 and .38 special. This could be a help in getting ammo. Anyone picking up a single action and pulling the trigger will find the gun doesnt fire. A little advantage over the unfamiliar. If you decide on double action, consider one that uses moon clips. Moon clips allow much faster reload. It might be an advantage. Whatever you get, practice. Best CR
  6. Howdy, Wonder what the guy would say if the owner said I hate guns and destroy them as often as I can afford. The remains were recycled. Wonder. Best CR
  7. Howdy, For those busy pards who want a FRESH cc cookie...... Look in the cooler area of the grocery. They have dough ready to measure out and BAKE. I have tried this and added nuts or MMs or......... Just be sure to preheat the oven. The directions are pretty good. Not ezzactly like moms but darn tasty. Best CR
  8. Howdy. Tonight I thought Id try again. Tried to light the little sparkler with the zippo. Nope. So I decided to try the new electric lighter insert from Zippo. I lit that and the big old hard to start sparkler just fired right up. So did the second one. This new fangled idea seems to work reeel well. And it stays charged for months. I cant even remember when I charged it. Maybe January?? I need a couple more of them. Best CR
  9. Howdy, I bought one of the last boxes of large sparklers at the store. I never lit one this big. I put it on the line and started lighting matches. It didnt light. Several matches and still no light. I went in and got the big farmer wood matches. Half a dozen tries and no light. So I tried a Bic. Fire right on the sparkler until my finger cramped up. NO light. So Zippo. I had to put in fluid of course. I put the fire of the Zippo right on the sparkler. I relit and relit until the Zippo was too hot to hold. I let the Zippo cool off and got out a smaller sparkler. The smaller sparkler lit first try. Then the small sparkler lit the big one. Finally, A really long burning sparkler. Fireproof sparkler? Not quite. Best CR
  10. Howdy Consider the lcr in 9 mm. loads and clears empty five at a time. And you dont leave brass and can reload it easy. I hear it can be loaded without the moon clip. I ainta tried it tho. Not a target gun. Not a shoot all day at the range gun. Preloaded moon clips fit right into green medicine bottles. Best CR
  11. Howdy, Ive got a few of those reacher grabber things. The nice ones come from lowes at about 20 and have a lifetime garuntee. So its cleaning day a nd I have the bed apart dusting like crazy. The nut comes off one of the grabber pads. Now useless. The next day I get working on it and even found the purple locktite. I start with metric sockets...too big too little make sure they are in order. NOPE. SAE sockets no no no there ya go. Loosen tighten loosen put in locktite tighten.Done. Then I look at the socket 11/32. Im surprised the chinese ever heard of it. And one grabber had nuts torqued to gorrilla specs. Leave it. Any one else find this size between 8 and 9 mm?? Best CR
  12. Howdy, That needs a young fella and a thousand rounds and a pile of fin cans. And a fine fall day. Best CR
  13. Howdy, I took a look on ebay and they show a wood Ruger box with knife. Maybe a pattern for your box?? A factory looking box. Just a suggestion.... Best CR
  14. Howdy, At Harbor Freight I found a camping hunting stainless knife for 9.99. A work light with 3 AAA batteries for 0.99. A work scissors for -.79. Interesting place but I am taking back the US flag cause it was made in China. Really tiny print too. No marking as to steel type. Best CR
  15. Howdy, i would love to sit at that table and eat one meal made by aunt Ruby. The other side of farm work. Farm fresh FOOD. Best CR
  16. Howdy, I read an advert about how great a flashlight can be used as a weapon. It sounded like a lot of speculation. Did you ever hear of places you cant take a flashlight? Interesting idea. Havent they got Ruger flashlights?? Best CR
  17. Howdy, of course complain to GB. Seems your credit card folks might hep too. I would give the seller another note that you are not able to use this modified brass. Ask for a refund and refund of all shipping as well. I can take a look around for that brass. I know people. Best CR
  18. Howdy, I try different styles of handles. The ones that dont fit me get dropped off... at goodwill that is. I just found out about whiskey glasses. I found a set of four for 1.29 each. But it was red tag week so they cut the price 50 % Alot cheeper than the 40 bucks some wanted on the www. Best CR now what???
  19. Howdy, Some have suggested to look at Gunbroker for ideas on what to ask. Posting on our classifieds doesnt allow auction style selling. The asking prices on GB often is way high. What you want is to look at completed sales. You have to sigh up on GB to view completed sales. I believe there is no charge. OR just look at a lot of items like the ones you want to sell. If you are selling a recent purchase you might just take off a bit and ask that as a starting point. If someone is not being straight with you just move along. Once I had a deal and the guy sold to another buyer. I was so disappointed and ticked off. BUT a few days later I found two six shooters much more to my likening and and and a hundred fifty dollars cheaper. Note that dealers may contact you with low offers in order to resell and make a buck. Fact of life. I hope this helps those who are just getting started. Books are written on this topic. Best CR and good luck dealing.
  20. Howdy, MM calendar for 156 on ebay. And she has a big following for being gone half a century. Best CR
  21. Howdy, It seems 2022 calendar matches 1955. I thought repeating years were very rare. Im told 2022 pattern repeats in 2033. Dont ya wish you knew in 1955 what you know NOW? Best CR Maybe one day I can reuse my Cindy ones.
  22. Howdy, If you have adone deal fine. But if not you could call bfg direct and ask if they can help. Worst is they say no. Back in the day they shipped four radial ta to my door when no one could get them. I really should buy more of their tires. Best CR
  23. Howdy, Say you are a burglar. There are two nice houses and one owner has a ccl. Wouldnt you hit the house where you have the least chance of getting shot? Best CR
  24. Howdy, A friend who worked on several guns for me said he would set up a rifleman style rifle but delivered the parts to the buyer and the buyer could assemble the last parts of the rifle. My friend thought the setup was stupid dangerous. He didnt want to get sued. Fireing on closing the lever....reeeeeeeeeeel dangerous. Best CR
  25. Howdy Back when I played with POR the bfg folks had a huge trailer and technicians at the event keeping records. bfg very impressive on logging trails. Best CR
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