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  1. Creeker nailed, as usual. I now prefer Seal1 (Froglube alternate) for rust prevention.
  2. Thanks.  Always glad to help a fellow cowboy!

  3. It's considered an 87, so yes. A fun gun as well.
  4. EOT 2009 https://www.srscowboy.com/data/EOT 2009 Match Final.pdf EOT 2010 https://www.srscowboy.com/data/EOT Main Match 06242010.pdf 2012 https://www.srscowboy.com/data/EOT 2012 Main Match.pdf
  5. EOT 2004 https://www.srscowboy.com/data/EOT 04.xls EOT 2006 https://www.srscowboy.com/data/EOT 2006 Match Final.pdf https://www.srscowboy.com/data/EOT 2006 Match with misses.pdf
  6. To echo what's been said. I really like CFE for 9mm and similar loads, but it is designed to work best with high pressures and gives some of the highest velocities of pistol powders. I haven't even tried it for 38 Specials due to that. Hope you can get some faster rate powder for the lighter recoil & lower velocities. Ask around your club for someone who is loading 9mm, 40 S&W, etc and they may want to buy what's left or trade for Clays, Claydot, RedDot, AA#2, etc.
  7. $ of us from work once rented a brand new Chevy (68 miles on it) in Philly and drove to New Jursey. As I pulled off the interstate I thought saw the oil light blink. Others said it was just a fluke, but I knew what it really meant. When I got to the stop sign, the engine sounded HORRIBLE. Turned out it was 5 quarts short of oil!
  8. Bison Bud and others gave good info. In general you can use any of the powders 1-35 for target type loads as we use. I've used most of them with success for target loads in standard revolver loads. The faster powders work well for lighter loads (and lower velocities) and can generally be loaded at their minimum levels well, with a few exceptions. You will notice that when it gets down to 40 degrees and below that the lowest loads become erratic. The relative slower powders can give higher velocities. But in pistols, all the powders will burn nearly all unless using 2" barrels. I have noticed that slower powders such as Unique can give a little softer recoil but may leave a little more residue, but that isn't a problem. For some reason some powders, especially titegroup, give a very sharp report and snappier recoil compared to similar powders. But it is reliable and accurate, but not my personal favorite for Cowboy. But I use it for 9mm and loads that need higher pressures. Get a good reloading manual that lists powders and loads and you will see how the powders give differing velocities. You can also learn a lot by reading some of the powder companies web sites.
  9. Hmm. I wouldn't know how to do that!
  10. It figures that your importers would follow the l"local" trends and act accordingly. Don't know if you can get the low recoil Remingtons there.
  11. I've ordered from them many times. They often have some of the best deals. https://www.sgammo.com/
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