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  1. That is funny since Obama came from there and changed to light bulbs containing enough mercury to be dangerous when broken! But I'll bet they allow Obama bulbs to be shipped.
  2. I tried the rubber gloves but almost gave up because I only wear them on one had and hated having to throw the others away. . .
  3. We all know that decoding can be very dangerous!
  4. I upgraded the primer tray and it made a big difference. I almost never have primer issues now.
  5. https://ahlmans.com/engraving.html Coyote Cap's son was doing. He probably still is with Ahlmans.
  6. Start with your Dad's. I had a MEC Jr I bought used. It was okay but slow. Then I upgraded to a used MEC 650 and it is so much faster. I did have to buy a separate Super SIzer (that is a sizing tool). Again, a used one that was MUCH less than new. I'm happy with the combination. Helped a friend get the upgraded Grabber that resizes as well as the 650 "progressive" functions. It is nice but takes just a little more adjusting. I like the simplicity of the 650 with a super sizer best. As mentioned, you can get replacement/upgraded parts as I did for a few things that really helped. The Lee is okay, but does not do the final finish of the shell that the MEC 650 and above do.
  7. I'm one of several that had trouble with squibs using light loads of Titegroup. I won't go below 3.8 grains so that's a little hot. If it works for you as it does for many, great! Just load some first and test them to be sure.
  8. Don't let all these guys fool ya. Everyone knows the hat was not invented until the B-Western movies!! I know, I as Tony Baloney (Fauci, Mr science)
  9. Much better than trying it with a live mule!
  10. Remember, back then didn't have custom work from the factory - Oh, they did? And there were no gunsmiths available. . Oh, there were? The gunsmiths had very rudimentary tools and little knowledge or skill. Really? Many cowboys didn't even own their guns but were issued them by the ranch, etc. Others actually practiced a fair amount and wanted their guns to fit their individual needs.
  11. Remember, they (leadership and too many followers) are leftists, so they hate the actual constitution except for when they can use it to achieve their communist/fascist plans. The despise and distrust personal freedom. They have begun to finally admit their hatred of the constitution or any constitutional court decisions.
  12. It is kinda odd that so many of the original 13 states have turned from God and freedom and returned to a form of their colony/serfdom. Pray for your leaders. Watch the local party and local elections including "non-partisan" like school boards.
  13. What I've learned from some of the comments. If it is pointed down range as you got to the stage, it is okay. If it is pointed down range as you leave the stage it is a DQ. So if a crowd is watching, it is okay to point the gun in their direction as I leave the shooting line. Have I got that right?
  14. If you change from standard to magnum, you will get the same velocity if you decrease the load by about 2/10 of a grain - that is assuming that your load is not so light that the reduction will lead to inconsistency. So generally, you will not notice a difference between the two. But as mentioned, you may get more consistency, especially in colder weather, as others have mentioned. But many have said that with their tuned guns, the magnums were not quite as reliably in firing.
  15. About 2/10's of a grain difference in powder to get the same result. Since we don't go near max loads, they are safe. In some cases the mag primers are just a little more difficult to work as to hammer strength. So if you are set for very light hammer, you may need to slightly increase it.
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