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  1. That last comment reminded me of a story of when my wife was about 8 years old. She was selling Girl Scout cookies. The lady ask," What are they for?" She was shocked and answered, "To Eat!" To an 8 year old - such an obvious answer!!!
  2. Sue, we always try to NOT shoot even one people.
  3. What they said. (With an experienced and WORKING crew, a posse of 10 can work great. But that is not really the norm. But at matches with multiple posses, a fast and efficient posse is not normally required since others will normally be just a little slower)
  4. I recommend that everyone take out the little plunger and then test how well the cylinder cycles. I find about 1/2 of the guns (even New models) have a "click-click" as they cycle because the pawl is slightly rubbing. No need for that extra friction, even if you do NOT wish to make it free spin. So you remove just a little off the pawl as shown and you it should totally free spin. Then you can reinstall the spring plunger if you wish.
  5. Will do, Captain! The holsters are metal lined so they stay open well.
  6. They are for 38 Special or 357 Magnum. Thanks for asking for clarification.
  7. 38/357 Mag caliber cartridge loops. 112 Gauge on the shotgun slides.
  8. This is a 39 inch belt to the center hole. It is fair quality but not as stiff as some may like. $40 Plus shipping. (Or best offer) The Slide on the belt is also available for $15. The 6 shell slide also fits 2 1/2 inch belt and asking $20 plus shipping.
  9. This is a great belt I used for a few years but need to sell now. It fits from 36 inch to 44 inch waist. It is nicely contoured and the shells fit nice and high for each grabbing. Sell for $75 plus shipping or best offer.
  10. I have a rig that I've "outgrown. The belt is from San Pedro and the holsters are slightly newer and made by a great holster maker from central Georgia. The rig was originally about $300. Sell for $150 plus shipping or best offer.
  11. This was well explained over 10 years ago oddly enough while studying transmissions.
  12. Lots of BAD advice here! You'll never get rich that way. Be sure to talk to the shooter first and ask how much a clean stage is worth! Well. . . . Maybe not. Some idiots may believe you!
  13. Great to hear from you again, Willie!! Are you still the butcher? I know a club or two in Yew York has a single pistol category due to their wonderful gun laws.
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