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  1. It helps to understand that the "Democratic part" no longer believes in a democracy. They have worked very hard to gain control using the democratic vote. Once they were in power, they changed the rules of the game to help ensure they could not easily be voted out simply by a majority. It would take almost 75% majority to vote them out due to what they have done with gerrymandering. Unfortunately the part turned a hard left - to communism. You can vote yourself in, but you usually have to have a revolution to get out.
  2. It is a warning to all of us to be active in our support for all of our freedoms. We are truly in a fight unlike anything since before the founding of our nation.
  3. As the Major said, it depends on the gun, so get a few and test them out. Max, since you have some left, be sure to bring a lot of those to the state match! Purly may need some extra shells as well.
  4. Ya but your older and more experienced now
  5. Once you find a squib in a batch, there is a pretty good change you will find another. To be safe, always bring two separate batches of bullets. "He has a 50-50 chance but there is only a 10% chance of that."
  6. I love that test! Just wish they could compare the newer Seal1 to Froglube. Made by the same guy but done to address the possible problem that Froglube would sometimes gum up if you did not rub nearly all of it off and have it dry.
  7. Yup as the day goes on, our feet swell and the boots must allow for that. The lace-up boots are helpful there as you can keep them loose and if needed loosen them more.
  8. One other concern with the pistol caliber - recoil and aging hands. I know more than a few shooters that damaged their hands shooting relatively hot 45 caliber pistol loads. Some can no longer even shoot due to the damage and arthritis. So if you do go with a 45, go with relatively lighter loads. Yes some of our fell old guys can and do still shoot 45's even relatively hot and get away with it. But As I said, I know some big, strong guys that got a surprise - they surely did NOT expect and did not like. But by then it was too late.
  9. I see a fairly wide range of scopes: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/Spotting-Scopes/ci/11127/N/3617597754
  10. It does come in 38-55 which is a great cartridge!
  11. You forgot the minor safety!
  12. I still don't know what the "correct answer" is at this point. Palewolf hinted at it, but. Or are our rules so convoluted now that nearly all of us cannot tell? I sure long for the days when a miss was a miss and P was a P - but they "fixed" that in about 2002. We have added several definitions, a flow chart, several revisions to the flow chart and still never recovered.
  13. Remember that there were no unfired rounds. A P cannot causse" a miss." So go through the flow chart, step by step. Did the shooter hit all the correct type of targets with legally acquired ammo? No - assess misses. 1 Miss Were the targets engaged in the correct order except for misses - no, Was a clean miss allowed by the set up - yes - assess procedure. (When did they earn the procedure - when they took two shots at target 5.) So they missed target 5 and due to their procedure did not have ammo for the last target. Again, the P resulted in not having ammo for the last target - but the rules state a P and a miss cannot be both "awarded." And the stage instructions say you can make up a miss on the plate rack with the shotgun, which the shooter did. So score 1 P. In generally, if you have a string of 10 targets, miss a middle one, get confused and try again, thus leaving the last target, you get a P only. You are not given both a miss and a P for the one mistake.
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