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  1. Yup, he wrote the book,"My Humility and How I attained it." Including 12 glossy photos of his most humble poses.
  2. What do you all do to protect the metal from rust with your wrap? I've seen a fair amount of damage on some levers.
  3. Good point, Mountain Man. http://marauder.homestead.com/files/stages.htm http://www.marauder.homestead.com/files/Example3.xls There is a separate tab for the graphics.
  4. The procedure is the same for a Winchester 97 Solid Frame gun. The majority of Winchester 97s are the takedown frame. The initial couple of steps vary between the two as I show on the website.
  5. Thanks! Always looking for more good graphics. Here are some if you haven't found them yet. More are included in the example.xls file
  6. That's great! Good thing you spell Slo differently!
  7. A few top shooters, including World Champs, have used slip hammering. One did it all the time and won for years. But he trained that way and was very confident and controlled - and fast. When I was younger and quicker, I shoot a stage with a couple of easy pistol targets to shoot as fast as I could. When I was done, one cowboy said, "that was a great demonstration of slip-hammering!" I said, sort, then asked, "which gun?" He said, the second one of course, it was faster. I replied that it was the first one so I had to very slightly hesitate, where on the second one, I shot normally and needed no hesitation. But do make certain that the gun is timed properly. Plus, slip hammering with a 45 is slightly more dangerous due to the forces involved. Many of the pistol blow-ups are with 45's The cylinder rotated just enough to go off due to an off-center primer hit, but the bullet hits the frame. That then cased another cartridge to fire and break the gun.
  8. Back in the early 90's we often shot where long guns were lined up in vertical rack while we shot. I pick-up my 20 gauge Stoeger and shoot the stage. When I got to the shotgun, I loaded 2, and the gun did not fire, I couldn't figure out why? So I started loading two more and expected to see the cartridge heads looking at me and they didn't. So I started looking around on the ground to see where they went. About then either I or the T.O. decided to stop. Then I realized that the Stoeger I had was not mine, but someone's 12 gauge. The shells had fallen down into the chamber. . . I know several cowboy who shot the stage using someone else's gun and didn't realize it since most were shooting 12 gauge.
  9. Shooter's Handbook, page 13: Doesn't matter if it is a shotgun or not. And it says NOT to shoot a target on the ground. So I would logically expect a "miss" - that would NOT be counted as a miss penalty. Since that target cannot be considered a miss since a shot was fired, that leaves that target out of the discussion. Part of my job for many years was to interpret rules and later write rules. Note: It is not humanly possible to write anything as good as the 10 Commandments. But the Jews struggled because they want to count steps to avoid being accused of working on the sabbath. That shows that we can all suffer from lack of good sense. Nearly all sabbaths (but 2) were noted as no strenuous work. So even there, you are judged by your own intent, and only you can God can judge that well. Fortunately SASS rules don't go there. God really does expect us to use the rules of logic He has given us to apply all rules of life. I am a strong believer that the IRS rules are way too loose. They need to be expanded to cover ALL eventualities. (Sarcasm alert.) We expect those rules to be completed after we are all dead.
  10. When in doubt, throw it out. Also, the "marker" in Clays is a donut with a hole in it. First time I saw the donut I wondered until I researched it and then understto. I too though a little Trail Boss was mixed in. Then realized I bouth that powder befor Trail Boss was ever sold. Markers are required in canister powders (and possibly commercial.) So if the larger bottle was labeled Calys it should still be okay for the loads we use. If loading to max loads, some recommend not mixing different lots of powder. Lots are allowed to vary up to 15% density, that is why the warning. But in actually it, they vary by less than 5% and normally even less.
  11. The link to helpful hints: https://wheelergunworks.weebly.com/helpful-hints.html
  12. Several programs will work but since Excel comes with almost any Microsoft package, I use it. Any spreadsheet should work well. Word is terrible because it is much harder to get the graphics to stay where YOU want them to be. Interestingly, the graphic stays right were you put it with Excel. You can then "print" the file to a PDF file for others - either using Microsoft to PDF or PrimoPDF, a free "print driver." https://www.gonitro.com/primopdf I find that Microsoft to PDF gives better quality graphics, but is a much larger file.
  13. They are a very nice, lighter rifle made as a copy of the Winchester 92. They can be slicked up quite nicely and are not difficult to maintain. But since they are a Browning design, they are slightly more complicated than say a 1873 copy. But still workable. They are fun, but not usually quite as fast shooting as a 73 or 66 due in part because of the design with an angled elevator system. They can be somewhat finicky with cartridge length. Some want a longer cartridge so you can merely load a cartridge to match it. By some work, most will work with any regular length cartridges either 38 Special or 357 Mag. http://marauder.homestead.com/Rifles.html There are some very good youtubes about them as well. There are also some smiths that are very good with them if you need help.
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