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  1. Look at the hammer, Part 81 and the little part 67 that connects to it. That little part should go into the end of part 59, the hammer spring.
  2. Elmer Keith saw it as very characteristic of the period. So it is essentially a liberal fairy tail, but it is a western at least.
  3. Isn't that one of leftist "anti-westerns" where essentially everyone is a coward?
  4. How long should it take to develop a vaccine? Think of polio. They have been working for a vaccine or treatment for HIV for how long? Can we wait that long to open business so that people can eat and live? Also keep in mind that for proper testing for a safe vaccine, you need to check long term effects. I know from study that CDC no longer follows the old safer procedures. One company found that with one vaccine, a significant population was developing mental issues. So they kept making the vaccine and started making another vaccine to deal with the "side effects." Also the laws now say that if you are testing a normal drug, your data has to be open to others. But the laws now say, for vaccines, you can keep your results secret! This is truly scary and very few people realize how the safety standards have been greatly weakened. We do need vaccines, but relatively safe vaccines. And, yes, I wear a mask even though I tested negative. It helps others feel better. I know my simple mask will do almost nothing to protect me, but if it helps others, that's fine. A mask IS helpful to reduce the spread when worn by infected people.
  5. A great idea to find an experienced mentor! There should be several good choices in your state.
  6. Yup, all we have to do is bring up your favorite brand of reloader, favorite cartridge, etc. And those are , of course, life threatening decisions.
  7. As John points out 42 is of course a valid answer based on: "What is the answer to life and all questions?" 42
  8. Yes. Ultramax is the brand name. 44 Russian and 44 Special are both relatively low pressure rounds. If you have not reloaded before, it would be a good idea to buy a good reloading manual. BP reloading is really quite simple as well, but a little research never hurts.
  9. As Palewolf pointed out, using the hand width of 4 inches, the barrel must be at least 24 inches and possibly 26. Back then Winchester had a lot of options for the buyers so you could get almost any length you wished.
  10. I've followed the statistics from early on. One website is: https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-states-of-america What made me more curious is how much the numbers changed as time went on. They eventually changed the format as well. In early to mid-April, Georgia showed raw numbers with one day with 99 deaths and the numbers indicated the peak was past. Now the numbers are completely different and the format makes it less clear. When I see such changes I have to believe something is very wrong. They are either incompetent or agenda driven. Interviews with various Doctors indicate that a lot has been agenda driven plus a lot of faulty test results as well. So there is some common sense advice, but a growing amount of propaganda and censoring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPrbGU0Wyh4 As shooters, we are all pretty familiar with how anti-gunners can twist data and truth. We are definitely seeing that big time right now and the most censorship I've ever seen in the U.S. Hopefully, we will eventually know more, but we have to make the best decisions we can right now.
  11. Sadly, we know so very little about the virus. China lied quite a bit. Even New York played with the numbers. The CDC guidelines were intentionally forcing Doctors to credit deaths to COVID 19 when it was not the actual cause - and sometimes without any evidence of the patient even having it. So it makes it so difficult. But there has been a lot a agenda-driven propaganda. From what we are now learning, it is having the impact of the more common flu - yes, sadly there have been deaths but most likely no more than the last couple years of flu. That does not mean we should not be careful. And we need to all wash our hands as we knew we should. The masks will NOT stop you from catching the virus, but if you have it, they will reduce the risk t others. Taking vitamin C and D is helpful as well to improve your immunity. And finally, more lives have been and will be destroyed by the required shutdowns that the actual virus deaths. I personally know of a few deaths that have been the result of the shutdowns - delayed critical surgeries, etc. And I am now battling a very serious infection that resulted to the impact of worry and shutdown over COVID.
  12. But I can't count my fingers with a gun in my hand!!!??
  13. They worked in the 3 hole version and you can convert the 3 hole into a 4 hole. So you may need to change the lower "driver" part, but they should work.
  14. Like others have said, just a little case lube of some sort really helps my arm! (I use the homemade liquid lanolin with 99 % alcohol mix.) I figured that out when I switched from 38's over to 9mm. Now I use it for everything.
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