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  1. Come on now! Do we have any real shooters in the room? Do we? Then come to beautiful eastern Oregon in July and show us what you got!
  2. And here it is! Wouldn't that purty thing look good on your belt? Only one way to get it!
  3. Breaking news! Boothill Bandit will not be shooting Classic Cowboy at this match this year! That kind of rearranges the odds of winning that snazzy buckle, don't it? I know none of y'all have seen it yet, but trust me, it's purty!
  4. It’s butt-ugly but it might be fun to play with...
  5. I have the Bond Arms Snake Slayer. It’s a heavy sucker but firing it with even the made for pistol .410 rounds ain’t for the faint of heart.
  6. I’ve killed a number of rattlesnakes with .357 shotshells but you have to get pretty close to make sure that you kill them with the first shot. They will work, but personally I prefer 45 Colt shotshells. Not much difference in recoil due to gun weight and more shot so you don’t have to get quite so close. Haven’t tried 410 as the only handgun I own that will fire it is a Bond Arms derringer.
  7. Dang, I was just wondering a few days ago if you were still kicking. I’m glad to know you are. Are you still in Idaho?
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