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  1. There's a Buena Vista in Virginia that's pronounced Byoona Vis-tuh...
  2. A Pekerton detinctive? Enquiring minds want to know!
  3. In the immortal words of James Coburn in Waterhole #3, "Assault with a friendly weapon?"
  4. Don't forget Willie Maykit's sis-in-law Betty Won't...
  5. Windhill Holsters Range Kit for Ruger SR45. Made in La Grande, Oregon. Kydex holster, right hand, OWB, 15 degree cant. Kydex double mag carrier, for left hip, oriented so bullets face forward. Speed clips for 2" belt. Bought new in December 2018, carried some but not a lot because it didn't take me long to decide that I hate kydex holsters and have a leather one made. This kit with my options is $125; I would like to get $100 shipped. This is also posted on another forum.
  6. Have you thought about renting a house? We did the homeaway.com thing in 2018 and got a great house. We've got a different house in 2020 that looks, in the pics on the website, like it should be just as nice...
  7. Nah, Classic Cowboy is cooler! If he’s already shooting 45’s duelist style it’s just a short hop to CC!
  8. I shoot Classic Cowboy category and I’m getting slower as my arthritic wrists age so I’ve pretty much decided that I need to start working on style points instead of time, hence the idea of the Henry. But after some research and talking to friends I’ve about decided on a pair of open tops instead of 58’s to go with the Henry and my hammer double. Now I just need to somehow come up with the dinero to make my dream a reality!
  9. Uhm, probably not. But one never knows what the future may hold...
  10. Yep, gamer, that’s me. I’m thinking about going from a pair of tuned Vaqueros and a full race 73 to a Henry and a pair of 58 Remingtons with conversion cylinders... sounds plumb gamey to me!
  11. Never mind, the fog cleared and I looked on PGWs website and got the answer...
  12. Does anyone know, will a short stroke kit for either a 66 or 73 work in a 1860 Henry, or would they need to be modified? Or does anyone make a short stroke kit for the 1860? Enquiring minds want to know... Thanks!
  13. I'd buy it if I could make payments... Back to the top...
  14. My wife has two dogs, both outside dogs (we live on a ranch), one Aussie and one Border Collie. Both were “inherited” from our son who would work on a ranch for a while somewhere, get a new pup, come home for a while then leave the pup when he went back to work because it wasn’t quite what he thought it would be. The Aussie’s name is Roxie but she’ll also come to her nickname, which is “Fat Dog”. Ever seen a 55 pound Aussie? The other dog started out as Oakley, which became Okie Dokie and is now Okie or Oak. Or Little Fat Dog because she’s smaller than Roxie.. She comes to any of those. They both start wagging when I call ‘em Doggerts. The reason they are both a bit on the robust side is that they get gravy on their feed store dog food every night...
  15. Yeah, but shouldn't her name be Thorina or something?
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