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  1. I don't care what somebody shoots at a match. That's their prerogative. I just hate to see someone struggling to get one of the Big Boys to work on the firing line. There was a guy on our warm-up posse at Winter Range in 2016 who shot four stages with a Big Boy and was so totally frustrated with it by the end of the fourth stage that I thought he might bash it on the unloading table. And they're ugly besides...
  2. My first spurs were a set of Crockett and Kelly's that I bought when I went to work on a ranch just up the valley from where I live now when I was just out of college. A couple of years later I ended up with the Crockett and Kelly spurs that my great grandad had worn when he was doing ranch work back in the day. I still have both of those sets. My shooting spurs are a set of inexpensive decorated ones with big round rowels and jinglebobs that my talented daughter in law made the straps for. I also have another set that a relative gave me because he was too chicken ( ) to try to wear them for
  3. Pinto Annie and Shalako Tucker make ours. For the last several years they've made us metal plates with category, etc. laser engraved on them then powder coated. First place is biggest, etc. We cut off the registration early enough that we can let them know how many we need for each category, which saves on unissued awards.
  4. This. It works along the same lines as making 6x45 brass for an AR out of .223. Lube well and resize.
  5. Evan is my go-to bourbon, although I'm kind of partial to Bulleit as well. The problem with Evan is that it went up $2/half gallon. I used to be able to get it for $15.95 at WalMarts in Nevada when I was driving through and now it's $17.95...
  6. I saw them for that, and up, at a gunshow in February no far from here.
  7. As a complete and total departure from the topic of this thread, at Tombstone in 2018 we had just gotten back to our motel from the match the weekend before Winter Range. I was driving. A group of shooters at a room just down the line commented that "It's pretty brave to drive with spurs on" to which I replied, "I did it the first time almost forty years ago. It's no big deal now!"
  8. And if you really want the "jingle, jangle, jingle" factor don't forget the jinglebobs! The spurs that live on my shooting boots have both decent sized rowels and jinglebobs. They sounded pretty cool when I strolled down the boardwalks in Tombstone!
  9. I seem to have led a deprived childhood. I only have 4 S&W's ((two .45 Colt Mountain Guns, a 4" blued 25(?) and a 67(?) (question marks are because I don't remember the model numbers for sure)) and no Colts, although I once had a Colt King Cobra that I traded for cowboy guns when I first started playing the CAS game. So I guess this means that I like Smiths better...
  10. I don't know about your area but when I first started shooting CAS here in Oregon all of the stages at the clubs I shot with specified left to right sweeps, for whatever reason. After a while it gets ingrained in your subconscious to shoot left to right. It's taken me a lot of work to be able to shoot target arrays from right to left if they flow better that way. I shoot CC with a crossdraw and I also got in the habit of shooting my left hand (crossdraw) pistol first on all stages. I've been teaching myself to draw whichever pistol works best for the best flow on a stage. I know that particula
  11. Gotta love a N-frame in 45 Colt. I have 3: a stainless Mt. Gun, a blued Mt. Gun and a blued one that’s been old enough to vote for quite some time...
  12. I don't know either of these folks but anyone who wins the CC Shootist award has to, by definition, be a cut above the pack. Congratulations!
  13. If you think USPS is slow, try UPS Mail Innovations. Not only do you get the snail-like speed of UPS, but then whatever you're waiting on gets into the clutches of the US Postal Service and it goes on from there...
  14. My traveling partner's wife is 5' 4" and weighs about 110 pounds soaking wet. She just started in CAS this past year. Her CAS shotgun is a 12 gauge single trigger Stoeger using light loads and she gets along fine with it. One thing that I have noticed with new shooters is that the 12 is a lot easier for them to load on the clock because of the larger chamber mouths...
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