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  1. I'm loading 13 grains of Titewad with 7/8 ounce of shot. Low recoil and no problem with knockdowns. Got that liad from Widder if I recall correctly...
  2. Another way to reduce the amount of shot that is a lot less work is pinto beans. My buddy adds beans to the wad cup to make light loads for his wife.
  3. Yep. That’s why it says recommended...
  4. From the SASS Match Directors Handbook: "Revolver targets • Minimum distance is 7 yards; maximum distance is 10 yards. • Minimum pistol target size is 16" x 16". Shotgun targets • Minimum distance is 8 yards; maximum distance is 16 yards. • Minimum shotgun target size for 8 yards is 8" x 8" (MGM size poppers allowable) • Minimum shotgun target size for over 8 yards is 16" x 16" average. Rifle targets • Minimum distance is 13 yards; maximum distance is 50 yards. • Minimum rifle target size is 16" x 16". The sizes and distances listed above are recommendations." That having been "said", I set all of my pistol targets at 7 yards, rifle at 10 to 15. Shotgun targets 8ish or 9ish yards. All of my targets are either round or square and at least 16" except for my shotgun targets, which are 10"x12" or bigger.. Don't mean I'm right, it just means that's how I do it...
  5. This is the one most often found in the freezer at home. Occasionally Bulleit Rye or Bulleit Bourbon. Although I won't turn down a glass of Wyoming Whiskey (Kirby Creek Distillery) or Two Bitch Bourbon (Eureka, Nevada) either, they're just not available around these parts...
  6. I read a bunch of the Fargo books and some of the Edge books back in the day. How about the Outlaw Torn Slater books? Anybody read any of those?
  7. I've always wondered about that with folks who shoot 97's. Lots of them put their 97 down with the port up and shoot their rifle over top of it. I haven't seen a shell tie up a 97 yet but I expect to some day. Long live hammered doubles!
  8. Open carry on the ranch, concealed the rest of the time. I have had to make an emergency repair run to the local town a few times and ended up open carrying then with no comment from either business people or bystanders but I still prefer concealed most of the time. Just me...
  9. I shoot in the same category at every match and end up where i end up. I have a few buckles and im proud of them but they arent the be-all and end-all of my existence. I'm too busy most of the time to practice so I just go shoot as best I can and if I win my category, cool beans! I spend a lot of time trying to convert the trophy oriented folks to Classic Cowboy, where the cool kids hang out!
  10. 4.8 grains of 700-x under a 160 or 170 grain bullet in .45 Colt is my go to load for my rifle.
  11. You can also buy prefilled slime inner tubes. I got mine at Wally World...
  12. Some. I know that's not much help, It shouldn't take a whole lot. Maybe a couple of ounces.
  13. Apparently hazmat was covered in the shipping, 'cause the price in the listing is the price that I paid. I'm in Oregon, so there was no tax either.
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