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  1. My lovely wife gave me a 73 uberti rifle 15 years ago! It's still my main match rifle. Rafe
  2. Glade I got to eot the last 3 years before covid shut everything down! Loved the atmosphere at founder's ranch. Anyone know where the sass office will be at?
  3. Works fine in my 45 Schofield brass, I usually use 3f in my 38s but like you hard to find so I loaded some 2f in my 38s. Not sure how it is going to work. Rafe
  4. That's a wild case, wonder if it would make a good plainsman load?
  5. G.w, didn't you ask this question in 2018? I was doing a search since I have never heard of this before and came across this Rafe
  6. Ok I only got to shoot eot twice, I was always worried that being a slightly better than average shooter I would not compare and that being the world championship the stress level would make it less than easy going I am used to. I don't take this game seriously! I shot winter range 4 times and it seemed that the atmosphere was kind of too serious for my taste. I could not have been more wrong, eot was so fun and low stress I could not have had a better time. Great mix of beginner and championship shooters. But so much laughter and helping each other out. Sad that they had to move
  7. I can do that! Of course that's the way the shells go when I try to load it!
  8. I beg to differ! I need another gun is in and always will be part of my vocabulary. Of course my wife will always say not whether I say I want or I need another gun her answer is always No!
  9. Tony, it took place and everyone I spoke with that went had a great time. Results https://www.yumamatchmasters.com
  10. Randy, that's how I felt with it being in New Mexico! My body can handle a 7-8 hour drive with a day in-between driving and shooting, just can't handle 2-3 days of driving. Tough choice trying to find a spot hospitable tp EOT! Not faulting SASS they are in a hard spot! Can't please everyone and I'm sure Misty and the gang didn't want the last EOT at founders to go out like this! Everyone enjoy EOT! Rafe
  11. 1,806 miles from Tucson Az. about a 27 hour drive! Nope.
  12. Way to far away! Glad I had a refundable hotel room in New Mexico. 2021 was supposed to be better! Thought Biden was supposed to cure Covid!
  13. It will work, just might have to use a filler! The finer the grain the more powder in the same volume of measurement! I use 2f in my loads, but got a few cans of 3f for a smoking {pun intended) when I loaded 1.3 cc of 3f in my case it had a noticeable difference in recoil and smoke, nothing hand cannonish but definitely noticeable. I weighed a 1.3cc scoop of 2f and 3f when I got home 2f equaled 19 grains and 3f equaled 21 grains. 4f is used for priming flash pans in flintlocks. But it will work. Rafe
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