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  1. Kind of sorry I started this post. I was just saying that I was shocked at the prices that folks were charging at the gun show and wondering if it was happening everywhere. Didn't want to start a bad subject or start comparing cowboy shooters with any other sports. I have met so many great folks at this game that would help anyone out. I'm sure that all sports have jerks I just haven't met many at shoots. Rafe
  2. I've met more folks that follow the Cowboy way !in Sass, Never met anyone who didn't let a newbie shoot their gun using the owners ammo! I gave a little Buckaroo a box of featherlights last month after watching her get the snot knocked out of herself shooting full load Federals her daddy had. I've seen folks hand another cowboy a box of reloads when they forgot their ammo. So I hope cowboys don't price gouge other members. I have seen folks on the wire selling ammo for a whole lot more than they paid for them, but supply and demand. I was just stunned at the 70% markup from what we us
  3. Coffee, coke, water, I pound a poweraid or Gatorade right after shooting if I get hungry I have jerky or a granola bar. I eat a good breakfast and can usually wait till after shooting for lunch. Rafe
  4. Last week I went to a gun show and the price of primers were crazy. $200 a case, powder was $70 a pound and that was for off brands that we don't typically use for cas. Glad I stocked up before the crazy hit. What are you seeing where you are? Rafe
  5. Bullet, you have to swap the entire grip frame assembly. Trigger guard backstrap and grips. Yeah I have done it when my hands got bad , not hard but very pricey if you don't have the parts. Rafe
  6. Taylor's has a 45 Schofield spencer, might try to run 10 Schofield dummies through it. Rafe
  7. I use slim's bullets for my black powder loads! Going to have to place an order soon Rafe
  8. I have tried molly coated bullets with BP, did not work well lots of scrubbing after shooting the moly coating was like concrete. I have heard people say that they use coated bullets with no issue. Not me! I use moly with app and black mz with great results. You're millage may very I'm just responding with my results. Way to much work, I use bp lube when I shoot bp. Rafe
  9. Non sass it is .223/5.56 and 9mm.
  10. 38 is what I see shot the most followed by 45 colt. I shoot with 3 different clubs. Rafe
  11. We have a few that do, up to the club and match directors.
  12. I have both, yes 73 is easier to take apart you don't have to remove the leaver. Yes 73 is harder to have an out of battery discharge (I had one) but 66 looks cooler shooting black powder it is my go to rifle. 45 colt does have more blowback than 44-40 and such. I have never had any issues shooting black out of them. Keep them wet. Rafe
  13. Yep I dip all my black powder powder loads, 45 and 38. Rafe
  14. It's a gun magazine that caters to us (cowboys). I'll take it even with flaws. Thank goodness my wife took me with them, boy do I have a lot of them. Rafe
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