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  1. Don't know if they sell lowered hammers but I've had mine lowered by gunsmith. 2 sets were cut and weld 1 set was heated and bent. Boomstick jay did my last ones. You could always get a pair of hammers from Taylor's or vti to go back if you don't like them lowered. Rafe
  2. Love them! The1st one I've had for 25 years made by f.i.e. Italian, it's the same as my heritage rough rider. Got a smoking deal on the heritage found it right around $100. Probably going to buy another rough rider. Rafe
  3. Club here had a 22 category until the range ran us out. Loved shooting my 9422 and heritage rough riders used my side by side Rafe
  4. Both my smith's retired, longhunter did some work on my cap guns, boomstick did some action work on my Richard Masons. Don't know anything about goon but have heard good things about his work. Rafe
  5. My 1st pistol ever was a virginian dragoon in 44 mag just like this one. Great gun wish I had disposable Money.Btt Rafe
  6. I'd have said inexpensive not cheap. These are well built, yes they could use some smithing for our game but what fun doesn't. Even the proverbial best in the business ruger vaquero needs work. Rafe
  7. Just my 2cents If he didn't shoot at the death star with his 2nd pistol or attempt to make them up with his shotgun I might assess a spirit of the game. Sounds like he purposely avoided the star with pistol and shotgun.
  8. Like everyone else has said, you have a bent lever. Mine was way worse than yours and a pard who knew what he was doing got it back into shape. I'd have a Smith go through it to make sure that nothing else needs repair or replace. Rafe
  9. My understanding is that anything 40 cal. or larger is legal in classic cowboy, so your 41 colt caliber is legal. I have a pard that shoots 38/40 in classic Rafe
  10. Use a screw knife, I also keep a uncle Henry folding pocket knife my grandpa passed down for the ones that get stuck between the cone and the cylinder if the screw knife can't get to it. Rafe
  11. Mine is in 45colt, I use Schofield ammo. Love it but it doesn't like black powder. So it only gets played with every so often. I've tried all the subs but no bueno. Rafe
  12. I won a box and the velocity is a lot lower than my reloads, scared the heck out of me the 1st time as I thought I had a squib. But they were real pleasant to shoot once I got over the difference. Rafe
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