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  1. I have a backup to my backup, it's my wife's 66 she doesn't shoot anymore (neck and shoulder issues) but it's in a different caliber. I only take my backup to a shoot. Rafe
  2. Not sure if ol#4 is still doing smithing but he has done 2 sets of cap and ball and a set of open tops and Richard Masons for me. Rafe
  3. I got big hands but bad thumbs so most my pistols have had the hammer lowered. Rafe
  4. Don't worry, like most of us you will have several sets of guns. I got long barrel short barrel army grips, navy grips, 2 sets of open tops, Richard masons. I think I have a problem! Hope my wife doesn't get on the wire. Try out as many sets as you can before you buy. Rafe
  5. It looks more like a 1848 colt baby dragoon, the 62 has a round barrel. Rafe
  6. Sad! I remember my dad taking me to old Tucson in the 70s when he was stationed at ft. Huachuca, then me and the wife went the Saturday before it burned, and taking my son several times a year when we moved to Tucson. Hopeful that someone (county or investor) opens it back up too many memories. Rafe
  7. 3.8-4.0 wst works best. Tried others but most wild bunch shooters seem to like wst with 230 Rafe
  8. Wow I was right! That never happens, now if I could just get my wife to say I was right I could die a happy man!
  9. Don't know the rule, couldn't you just load 5 and leave the other 2 empty? I do that with my 51 and 60 just mark the empty cone with red nail polish Rafe
  10. I've shot mine at monthly, state, national matches and still was able to perform posse duty including running the timer. Rafe
  11. Nope, we have one that does this. Hugo Bear been known to. Rafe
  12. Us southerners wore what we had! That's why we were looking for shoes at Gettysburg! Sounds like fun I'd be all in if it happened around here. ain't nothing like a southern drawl y'all. Rafe
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