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  1. I would put dads 1911 away especially if it has any sentimental value, it's worth $300-400 for a Springfield or rock island not to wreck or wear out a family heirloom. I thought about using my great granddad's krag in a bamm match but know I would hate wrecking a rifle that he used in Cuba and the Philippines Rafe
  2. For traditional I use a Springfield mil-spec with large front and rear sight. For modern I use my Kimber 1911 Rafe
  3. Try this one it fit my 66 https://www.trackofthewolf.com/Categories/PartDetail.aspx/882/1/RS-PM-1 Rafe
  4. Knew it wasn't a pistol, I was just funnin! Rafe
  5. If its a pistol I'll take it for $60! I don't even load 44 special. Rafe
  6. http://www.ushist.com/indian-wars_uniforms_us_iw_f.shtml or http://www.cooncreekoldwest.com/coon_html/Products.html Rafe
  7. One of the clubs I shoot with was started by dead eye Sinclair, he lost both legs, an eye, and one of his thumbs while serving in Vietnam. He would travel from stages in his motorized scooters and leaning against props but he was out there having fun while shooting FULL house black powder loads. Let the shooter tell you what they need and as long as it's safe let's dance! Rafe
  8. These are great shotgun belts I have one just like it. And a great price for it! If I didn't have 2 I'd be all over it. Rafe
  9. Trucks packed one more day till I hit the road, hoping to be there by lunch Tuesday. Rafe
  10. Wild bunch, planes man when it works out and muzzle loading. Used to shoot uspsa and ipsic. Rafe
  11. That's what I was thinking around $100, think I'll take it with me to eot swap meet and see if I can find it a new home Rafe
  12. My father in law just gave me his savage 220a in 12 gauge, it is a hammer less single shot 12 gauge with less than 4 rounds through it. It was made in the 50s, I will never use it so was thinking about selling it, on line I can not find a consistent worth for how much to ask for it, does anyone know how much it is worth? Thanks Rafe
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