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  1. Did. Been there done that, blazed away with rifle both hand guns went click click click found the shells in my cap pouch at the unload table
  2. Yeah, from Disney land happiest place on earth till October Rafe
  3. https://m.facebook.com/Pima-Cowboys-1271351469672030/?tsid=0.15469279736108432&source=result
  4. Looks like GillyBoy is the FCGF national champ! Congrats!
  5. Hawke, Pratt, and D'Onofrio were all in the. New magnificent 7. I'm in Rafe
  6. Thanks for the info, won't work for me I don't have a vaquero Rafe
  7. Flush! there are always FFLs on site, Legendary guns has a booth that does transfers Rafe
  8. I used to shoot miss matched revolvers, a schofield and a plow handle 73. I would have to be extremely cautious with my grip, think it slowed me down some (if I could get slower) since going to the same grip it feels allot smother. Some folks don't say that you feel the difference between mixed match, I sure did and had to readjust my grip more than a few times. Rafe
  9. Duel in the desert is a great shoot, fun stages great folks. Now that it is in March the weather should be better, always a little warm in May. I am going to miss it this year (family vacation) wife won't let me out of spending time together! Help me out guys with a good excuse on how we should stay home this year. Rafe
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