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  1. Thanks Red wood, mccandless pm the particulars of you would Rafe
  2. Any chance you want to split them up? I'd be interested in the 200 grain.rnfp Rafe
  3. I use grits as a filler with around 28grns of 2f, I save 3f for 38 long colt or percussion pistols. 45 colt and Schofield get 2f make sure with real black you use lube bullets. shotgun gets any leftovers or the cheapest powder you can find. Rafe
  4. I used mine for the 1st 8 years that I cowboy shot. It was my grandpa's built like a tank heavy only modification I did was shortened the barrel and a slight bevel on the chambers. Not fast but did a good job, had to retire it when the trigger sear wore out could not find parts. Well known sass gunsmith tig wielded and shaped it but warned me it would eventually wear out again. Rafe
  5. I combined two of my favorite movie characters with my two favorite actors in those movies. Conager (I know I spelled it different) and Rafe from crossfire trail. All the john Wayne names were taken. Rafe
  6. Did. Been there done that, blazed away with rifle both hand guns went click click click found the shells in my cap pouch at the unload table
  7. Yeah, from Disney land happiest place on earth till October Rafe
  8. https://m.facebook.com/Pima-Cowboys-1271351469672030/?tsid=0.15469279736108432&source=result
  9. Looks like GillyBoy is the FCGF national champ! Congrats!
  10. Hawke, Pratt, and D'Onofrio were all in the. New magnificent 7. I'm in Rafe
  11. Thanks for the info, won't work for me I don't have a vaquero Rafe
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