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  1. Don't shoot it in sass but 1898 krag jorgensen rifle. Thinking about trying bamm match if I can work up a load. Rafe
  2. Glad you were able to sell this, my strength was beginning to falter Rafe
  3. I looked it up and they are 850fps. Rafe
  4. Ultra max ammo has a velocity of around 850 fps. Well under max for this type of pistol. When I shoot factory ammo it is usually ultramax. As long as it chambers, which you should have no issue it is well within SAAMI specs. Rafe
  5. If you have a frame plate that the 3 hole turrent clips into you can use them. I leave my 38 dies in a 3 hole, only takes 3 bolts to change out. Rafe
  6. When I started out I used 7.5-8 grns. Unique gave me around 750
  7. Sooo 4.0 wst works good, recoil was not bad, enough to bring the hammer within easy reach, might back it down to 3.8 and see how that works.
  8. Still looking to hear about loads, going to try 4.0 wst this weekend. But if anyone has a tried and true load I'd like to experiment. Rafe
  9. 38 gets 1.3 c.c Lee dippers about 18 grns. Shotgun gets about 50-55 grns Rafe
  10. So I'm thinking about trying wst in my 45 schofied loads, I got 3 lbs that I'm using for wild bunch. But I can't find any data, I usually don't shoot smokeless but this weekend since Sunday is mother's day I think I want to be lazy and not clean my guns so I'm going to load 70+ rounds of schofield, I was using clays when I shot smokeless but only having 1 powder to load would be great. Anyone have load data, don't want to kill the targets and this will be my 1st shoot since hand surgery. Thanks Rafe
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