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  1. When I started sass some clubs did have an order! Helped scorers knowing who was shooting and where to put the score! Most clubs now don't haver an order. I like to shoot 1st so no issue on who's 1st. Rafe
  2. Yep happened to me at EOT the last one in New Mexico, rifle was the first gun and pop no bang! Still don't know how that happened as I shoot black powder and hand dip my load. Rafe
  3. We have had shooters forget their SG belt, stage all guns at the line and let the TO know they were going to get their belt, other than some good natured ribbing no issue. Rafe
  4. Not sure if it should be a mandatory reshoot, t.o. error, let's say shooter 1 has to reshoot and has a trainwreck they then are penalized for circumstances beyond their control.
  5. Morning, you will get several different answers on this topic. All I can say is I have tried Mollie coated bullets with real black several times with poor results. The Mollie coated bullets leave a very hard to remove residue in the barrel. I use black powder lubes bullets exclusively when I shoot real black and the fouling is removed extremely easy with my Pam cleaner. When I use substitutes I use Mollie coated bullets. Rafe
  6. cement like fouling! Increase you cleanup by 75% reduce accuracy. Rafe
  7. Welcome, no reason you could not use it for a backup or even a main match pistol. I started with miss matched pistols. A Ruger vaquero and a 58 uberti. I then got a Uberti Saa and retired my 58 I then bought a Schofield and sold the Ruger. It took years before I finally matched up revolvers. Biggest issue is the difference in the grip shape. Rafe
  8. True! I like them both, RMs were my main match until I got my 71-72 Ots dialed in. Rafe
  9. Ed you have 1860 Richard masons not opentops, little differences 60 have the rear slot notch on the hammer ot have an actual rear sight on the barrel, ots do not have the cylinder ring breachplate. Conversions were Colts way of using up existing percussion parts, ots were Colts stopgap until the saa was ready to roll out.if have a few sets of both and I must say that my opentops are getting much more range time. Rafe
  10. I shoot open tops most of the time, both army and navy grips. My 38s are navy grips and my 45 Schofields have army grips. I shoot duelist and have had the hammers lowered due to thumb surgery. Love them especially black powder. They point so much better than my 73 saa. Rafe
  11. Any slim jim holster should work! I use mernicle holsters for my Richard masons and open tops. They work for my cap and ball also. I do have a set of 1860 slim jims for cap and ball that do not work well for my Richards, I could mold them but choose to leave them the way they are.
  12. The Tucson sportsman store has regular AA but not low noise low recoil. Rafe
  13. I've only had one chain fire shooting frontiersman, I believe that it came from loading the 6th chamber (something I never did before and haven't done since. Scared the heck out of me and the t.o. I think more than just the 2 went off but I could not tell. Spotters were very confused. Rafe
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