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  1. No live ammo! You can have blanks to fill your loops. Rafe
  2. Prayers are up to the man upstairs! Let us know if they need anything. Rafe and family
  3. 1862 probably would have followed the family tradition and been a soldier, or bounty hunter Rafe
  4. Not sure if this is the one you are looking for https://www.scheels.com/gunsmithing.html Guys out of Iowa. Rafe
  5. I'm old and not going to make it to midnight! My party days are long gone, spending the night with my two favorite people (wife and son) Have a happy New year everyone see you next year. Rafe
  6. Probably found its way during the Alaskan gold rush. Lots of military and state militia sold their surplus weapons when replacing them with newer versions. Gold seekers would bring whatever they could find to protect their claims, or merchants would sell items that they had bought cheap at inflated prices. Rafe
  7. No I wouldn't, I think that you are honoring his father's legacy by using his name. Rafe
  8. I believe that you have an early box of 30-30 Winchester ammo. Made specific for the 1894 Winchester in 30 cal. Rafe
  9. Old Deadeye, started cowboy shooting in Arizona, one of the founders of los vaquero and border town. Lost both legs, an eye, and part of his hand in the Vietnam war. His black powder rounds would set off car alarms in the parking lot. Ft. Sinclair at winter range is named after him. Rafe
  10. Howdy, sounds about how I got started 14 years ago. Saw a bunch of cowboys at the range in Phoenix. Went to watch and wound up hooked. You will get a bunch of advice, watch folks shoot, pick brass, help the posse. That will help you notice how they work their transitions, and then I guaranty that you will find a mentor! I've been lucky enough to have found several. And have been one a time or two. Have fun and be safe. Rafe
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