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  1. 2020 has sucked! I was going to send in my app its been a few years since I shot Winter Range and wanted to be part of the last one, we always come down as spectators and to shop the vendors. So much has been lost Bordertown cancelled WR. Thanks BJZ and all the folks that are part of WR can't wait to be a part of the new EOT! Rafe
  2. Got my wings in 83 followed by ranger school, airborne rangers lead the way! Congratulations to your grandson. Rafe
  3. If it's a good deal go for it. I was looking for a sharps a while ago but found a rolling block for a great price and snatched it up. Could not be happier. Rafe
  4. Not shooting black powder in a buffalo rifle is like putting a speed governor on a muscle car. Rafe
  5. Just leave it! Every time I cleaned my bench it gets to looking like that in a couple of days, and I can't find what I'm looking for until it's messed up again. Drives the misses nuts because my bench is right in front of her car . I can hear her now "you need to clean that junk up" Rafe
  6. Must be the same fella that emailed me about the bank account I never knew I had with lots of money in it! Just needed to email him my social and my date of birth to verify that it is me. Just say "no way Jose" Rafe
  7. Don't forget you can't use plated bullets per shooter handbook. Rafe
  8. Just couldn't resist using Patton's quote, he had such a way with words! Rafe
  9. Uberti or Midwest gun works carry them but they are pricey $200 a pair. Rafe
  10. Patton: Only a pimp from a cheap New Orleans whorehouse would carry a pearl-handled pistol.
  11. Creeker you take that back! It was not just John Wayne playing himself! Goodness that was the greatest show of acting ever witnessed, he wore an eye patch! JW could do no wrong! Rafe
  12. Plus would have to wear a wig being follicle challenged
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