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  1. Sorry to hear this, shot with him at WR. He was "cousin " Jack. The links to your pics don't work
  2. I have it, for at least 30 years. Don't know of any real cures but I get a LOT of emails saying they can cure it. UI just grin and bear it
  3. A thingamajob.Or maybe an older doohicky
  4. I've been watching to much British tv, thought it was about some Detective Inspector
  5. Two days ago I learned the group "War" is coming to a local venue by way of the tv. I also learned "Cisco Kid is a friend of mine" and I hear that over and over and over...
  6. That music thing sounds good! I know from my experience making my way around in the past that there were some pretty darn good musicians there. Bingo!
  7. I too end up watching a lot of tv because of health issues. But I also have ad free streaming I can get to as well as Dish, when I can find something I want to watch that is. WAY to many ads, I realize the have to pay for the programming but...
  8. What's the earliest a shooter can be there camping? Weekend before? It's a great opportunity to get there and see the other wonders of the Central Coast
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