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  1. Well, they got your number, but not mine.So far.
  2. I can't speak to his leather work, although what I have seen is good quality. I can speak to the quality of his bullets and the fact that he is a stand up pard!
  3. Did you drop something from your programming?
  4. Pretty amazing! Afraid I'm in the same boat as Lumpy tho
  5. Man o man, a guy I always wanted to visit with at the various matches we were at.
  6. Looks to me to be yes to both questions
  7. I have a Farmington rifle and I had a BT rifle, like the one OLG has.The guy I got it from asked me if I wanted to sell it, so I did. The Farmington rifle is a lighter, shorter barrel but it shoots every bit as good as the other, In always used bp and a 500 gr bullet. Mine is a low 1400 serial number, I did call them to ask about it but they lost the records in a fire as I recall. I have had it since about 1983. Don't scrimp on the sights!
  8. In the Electric Mist is pretty good, on Netflix right now.Tommy Lee Jones is in it
  9. Thanks for the post, I was wondering how he was doing just this morning. I have listened to his music for a long time, he will be missed!
  10. Heck, I think you should try it And let us know how it worked out for you.
  11. I can understand her frustration, last spring I was in the hospital for 3 nights after having a VERY mild stroke, and I was going nuts to get out. I hope she has the wherewithal to stiick it out and do the pt, it is so important
  12. You are a bad, bad girl for posting that! Me, I don't do FB, so I don't run afoul of their rules... Nice pic, but you do look a bit pink
  13. Sorry to hear this, see him on down the trail a bit I guess
  14. The new Mercedes! http://sundown.me.uk/technology/mercedes-aa-class.mp4
  15. Using closed captions, when available, works for me, especially watching British tv. Using wireless bluetooth headphones is good if you can set them up to your system, added bonus is that it allows you to watch tv without bothering anyone else but does tend to isolate you from others watching programs with you. There are also settings on some tvs that alow you to decrease background sound and enhance voices. Sound bars are ok, but check closed caption first
  16. I think the original ones were brass, and well done. I think they changed them to steel in the 70s as needed to replace them, used to see the old ones for sale in antique stores. I haven't seen any for years on Highway 101 or El Camino real as the old 101 is known as as it passes through the various towns.
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