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  1. I had a 76 in 45-60, I always loaded it with black powder.Never found the recoil to be at all heavy,it is a pretty heavy rifle
  2. Sounds good to me! How far are the shotgun targets?
  3. Because it will make someone feel "unsafe" and they will have to run off to a "safe" place and Walmart doesn"t want to have to provide it
  4. https://www.haydenoutdoors.com/land-for-sale/shiloh-sharps-rifle-company Only $10,000,000! Thanks Yusta B!
  5. Wow! I did not know that. When did that take effect? I remember a guy I know in town ordered 20 lbs of bp mostly fora cannon.. On delivery day an ATF guy followed the delivery guy in and politely questioned the guys for a few minutes and left. Never heard a thing about it
  6. +1 on Turnbull, I saw the before and after on a barely shootable Win 73 that was absolutely amazing. And one restored Colt 73 too. NOT cheap!!
  7. I got out there on Saturday for a visit and the first place I went was to your (empty) trailer spot. Missed you!
  8. Point taken, and my daughter has called SASS for me once, just easier for me to do my own communicating
  9. I cannot call anymore, they would not understand me if I did. All of my communication nowadays with the outside world is mostly done by e-mail or text
  10. Welcome back! You are one of the people I have wondered where they went off to
  11. no idea what the top one is, but I use the bottom one
  12. I felt it in Paso Robles area, hope everyone is ok
  13. I felt this one, very small here in San Louis Obispo county.and is very much more than yesterday's. Hope all is well
  14. Hope all is well with everyone, been awhile since I shot a match in Ridgecrest. News is reporting power outages
  15. I have avoided Chrome like the plague, I use Firefox and Duckduckgo. I read that article last night, it reinforced my opinion of what Google has become... a very dangerous company. I regret any support I have given them over the years
  16. Does it matter if the person is competitive or not if he or she uses an illegal modification? I think, fwiw, illegal is illegal and not to be used.
  17. I have one similar to the one Yul Lose has, it made a huge difference to me, and kept me shooting a few years longer than if I did not have it. No problem with any matches I went to, from California to Louisiana, including Winter Range three times. Having the three wheeled version is MUCH more maneuverable than the four wheeled type. Over the years I saw a few people using golf carts and such that did not appear to me to be disabled enough to warrant their use, but who knows? I certainly did not. I have camped near a construction type generator once, not fun!
  18. Yep, good memories for sure.Was just looking at my copy last week
  19. Sorry to hear this, see him on down the trail a bit I guess
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