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  1. That beer looks like it might be a Sierra Nevada, if it is he has good taste in beer at least
  2. That's pretty cool, but I will continue to buy them or steal them from my son
  3. Do you freeze them ripe or unripe? I have eaten them since I was a teenager and never knew you could freeze them but did know about cooling them
  4. As a kid growing up in northern California I couldn't mow the grass, much to the irritation of my father. Eyes swelled up and breathing was wheezy.laying down on it was very itchy. By the end of high school I grew out of it to a large degree.
  5. That's a LOT of them to eat if they all ripen at once!
  6. There is a fairly large herd of them down Pozo way, south of Paso Robles. At least there were 10 years or so ago. Surprised me!
  7. Well, the Speaker does not have to be a member of the HOR, so could we get Trump as Speaker? Not that I would want that, but an interesting complication
  8. A fountain of information about shooting cowboy and the guns too. Prayers up!
  9. I have a collection of Apple product boxes, they are really, really, REALLY good boxes
  10. I have seen some of Aspen Filly's work, it was VERY nice
  11. Coyote Carson won men's Camp Hag won women's
  12. I came across a box of 12 ga that were bulged, quite a few years ago. Ran them thru my reloader finish station, carefully, and they were good to go
  13. Organic? I thought organic had to have carbon in the chemical formula?
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