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  1. Its been awhile but I remember I bought them from Colt and had them shipped to a local FFL


    1. Roanoke Rifleman, SASS #30256

      Roanoke Rifleman, SASS #30256

      I did that years ago thru an FFL but hear they are backed up now

    2. Ventura Slim, SASS #35690

      Ventura Slim, SASS #35690

      BK issue maybe, heard they went back to federal court.

  2. Just want to add that you should check out your local ranges that shoot 3gun cowboy and go from there. You could end up with more stuff than you really need to compete, not that is is okay.
  3. Are you talking about the pick up tube to load primers?
  4. Anger and loaded weapons do not end well. Have had DQs and find them a humbling and bitter teacher. Hard to forgive a shooter who does not get it.
  5. I shoot action pistol at deadwood boys a lot as there are two matches a month, some modern rifle, some modern 3gun all at the local range. SASS has my vote for most fun with nice compadres.
  6. I think I will just buy my shotgun rounds and not have to deal with the complaints about my poor reloading skills
  7. I guess you are going strong side rather than cross draw. I like my holsters where my hands fall=at each side. Some guys I shoot with like them closer together (they shoot much better than me). +1 for trying both on a timer. Try them two fists apart as well. On the belt, I like a belt with a width that matches the loop to take up slack. Notice the holsters are meant for speed so the pistol rides high so you can grab it and get your finger in the trigger guard quick but the draw back is running fast between stages the pistols can come out sometimes so check out the retention factor by play running between stages. I would chop off the extra length on the tail end of the belt so you do not have to tuck it behind the left hand holster. Help it helps a little and welcome to cowboy!
  8. I think cap and ball are not on the ship to ffl list here. For cowboy guns, never had an issue with a FFL to FFL shipment to California. With modern stuff, if its on the no no list ( even a gen 4 glock), its an issue.
  9. Having to use photobucket takes some time. Get the website up on chrome and make it a favorite.
  10. I get ahead of myself by moving the weapon to the next target too soon and missing.
  11. My back order was eventually filled, and after that they probably ran out! Maybe something burped with Bass Pro Shop buying them.
  12. I think B western was added after that. I bet not much else other than some name changes.
  13. Have you thought about posting in stuff for sale?
  14. I do not bother doing it and I may pay the price someday, but until then...
  15. I have lots of bullets and use the round nose for pistol. Once I am out of those going to TC poly for both.
  16. Colts are Queens in my safe. Everyone one needs two.
  17. In SoCal crossdraws outnumber strongside. I shoot strongside and I think it takes longer as you transfer your weakside from one hand to another. Pretty strict here on the 170 issue.
  18. I am that 10 year old kid, I like the holster hangers.
  19. I use the bullet cardboard boxes for bulk, sharpie with bullet type and grain, powder type and grain. Sometimes mark it as pistol or rifle. I load the cardboard boxes up for matches and shake them out into the pouch by the tens.
  20. I do if the targets are close and of course I still miss.
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