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  1. Looks like we need Pale Wolf to chime in with an official ruling on what the proper term should be. When I first heard the term used, it was used to describe someone who was trying to get away with something outside the intended rules. My guess would be that it came from the phrase, "gaming the system." "Gaming the system. Gaming the system (also gaming or bending the rules, or rigging, abusing, cheating, milking, playing, cheating the system, working the system, or breaking the system) can be defined as using the rules and procedures meant to protect a system to, instead, manipulate the system for a desired outcome. " Yes, I agree that the most common use for a gamer is someone who gives maximum effort. The OP asked what the term "gamer" meant as it was used in SASS. Just because you don't like it used like that, doesn't mean that wasn't the intended meaning.
  2. I have always found Garrison Joe's advice and answers to be right on the money. I shoot the truncated cone bullet with an OAL of 1.52 inches
  3. "Or say maybe the stage says shoot the shotgun from a table starting with it in hand. I'll not crowd the table but be a good step back(where I can still ground it) and shoot." That's fine. No problem. Standing with just the tip of your boot behind the table. Some call that being a gamer. You decide if that is a good thing or bad. But I'm pretty sure that is what the writer had in mind. And God help us if we have to start writing. "Standing between 6 and 18 inches behind the center point of the table...."
  4. That is because there are still those who do step over the line. But I do agree that in 99.9% of the time it is used in lighthearted manner as SB stated.
  5. I'm usually pretty easy to get along with but, if I was the shooter, I say "Really?" Then I'd pack up my stuff and head home. The next time I shot, it wouldn't be with that RO.
  6. He must have you confused with someone else
  7. Air fare to San Diego. Who cares? Hotel room. So what? Holiday Bowl tickets. No big deal. Look on Reggie Bush's face after Iowa kicks USC's butt. PRICELESS!
  8. We'd like to travel to a couple new clubs and meet some of you. Our grandsons are both better than average baseball players and they play a lot on Sat. and Sun., so shooting takes a back seat. We plan on shooting Guns Smoke in Sept. And the usual stuff, too. You know, lose weight, save money, etc.... and vote to Keep America Great in November!
  9. "All 50 states are now part of the reciprocal agreement concerning failure to appear on traffic violations. Fail to show or fail to pay in one state, they'll suspend your license in any of the others. " This is known as the interstate compact. Most states were a part of this, but some weren't. If we stopped someone from a state that wasn't, they had to post a cash bond. "After we discussed the issue, he said that if I did not get another ticket in the following year, he would dismiss this one." This is a deferred judgement. For us, this was usually done with the officer's consent. Unless the driver was a repeat offender, or the violation was excessive, I always agreed.
  10. If one size did fit all, we'd all be shooting the same gun. the trick to quicker times is not the gun, it's transitions.
  11. Not a personal attack. Just my slightly off-center humor. You are IMHO what this sport should be. Keep doing it ( and sharing it with us ) just the way you do.
  12. Jed I., Love the video. Would like to shoot with your club, but it's just a little outside of my travel range at this time. I hope Santa brought you a new shirt. That one looks like it shrunk in the wash. ( yes, all of mind did, too )
  13. Creeker and Ace, you are correct. Written round count 4+ SG Jed I says "With SG, knock down all the SG targets", which he did. Maybe it was stated that you could get two plates with one shot. Should written round count have said 2+? Maybe, but as long as everyone knew the intent I'd say it was good.
  14. The stage continued for two more shooters while the prop malfunction was argued discussed.
  15. TC, from the title, I thought that you were going to tell us you were the top over all shooter at the last match. On a serious note. This happened to a nationally known top tier shooter at a state match. KD finally dropped after several shots. It was determined to be a prop failure and a re-shoot was given. Can't remember exactly what happened, but he earned a SDQ during the re-shoot. OUCH!
  16. Or since we have Jedi GF's, would that make him Yoda?
  17. That's why he gets the big bucks
  18. Jed, What guns did you shoot and what did you like, or dislike, about them?
  19. Each persons fun can be defined differently. Your post reminded me of a feller many years back. He was a former USPSA competitor and felt the targets were to big and too close. I explained to him that CAS was designed so even the complete firearms novice could enjoy the game. I told him that is why you see so many husband and wife teams. For many of the ladies the shooting was secondary to the dress up.His comment was, "This is just a dang costume party with guns" Said the guy who wears this to shoot!
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