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  1. So, are you getting a new hat, or just having yours stretched? Seriously, congrats. Never met you, but from your posts, I'd say you earned the honor. Even if for no other reason than the ribbing you take from us knuckleheads.
  2. Mountain Man took 1st 49'er and Overall Men's Champion and his lovely wife Daisy Ann took 1st lady 49'er, 2nd lady overall, and was 13th overall, at Fandango, put on by the great gang at the Western Wisconsin Wild Bunch.
  3. Reliable? Yes. Easy to maintain? Yes. They can be slicked up to be very smooth, but they can not be short stroked. They are very OAL sensitive, but that is not a problem. I load a .38 special to 1.52" with a 147 gr. TC bullet.
  4. From your title, I thought the question was going to be, fried or baked?
  5. Maybe, in part, because when I started in wasn't simply, "Let's see how fast you can shoot." There was usually a theme to a shoot and a back story with starting lines from a movie or TV show. You did non-shooting activities ( like shooting an arrow, throwing a hatchet or lasso), on the clock. You shot from a rocking horse or some type of prop. Yes, it was always a timed competition, but the emphasis wasn't on sub 20 second stages. Then, people started to ask about marketing SASS. There was a trend to less stuff and larger, closer targets all in a straight line and the same height that let you shoot faster. Now, some have suggested that way to attract new shooters is to make it more challenging. I could go on, but I think you see what I'm saying. Besides, this is not a new topic and very little, if anything, is ever accomplished by bringing it up. It's time to close it and move on to the "NEXT SHOOTER!"
  6. not similar character, but was in Lawman, Joe Kidd , and Geronimo.
  7. Yes, that is correct. However, he provided info as to why he was asking the question. Simply getting a machine and reloading may not solve his problem. A properly fitted shotgun is important whether he reloads or not. I'm 6"0'' and my wife is 5'3". We had the gun fitted to her. I can still use it with no problem. He can use what info he finds useful. Plus, you should know by now that no question on the WIRE is ever answered in less that 3 pages with a lot of "extra" thrown in.
  8. Yep, just make sure to have a good crimp like pictured above.
  9. I'm making a big bowl of pop corn for this one.
  10. This is a great solution to your problem. Loading .38's the .357 OAL is what most Rossi shooters do. What is the OAL of your .38's. I load 147 TC bullets to 1.52 inches. Works just fine in mine.
  11. If I had seen this when I started, I would have taken Marshal Heck Thomas as my alias. Wanted posters were always popular, but since the “Dead or Alive” qualifier came about, lawmen and bounty hunters often liked to prove that they had bagged their prey by taking a photograph of their dead victim. This is one such photo of famous outlaw Bill Doolin, who was killed by U.S. Marshal Heck Thomas with around 20 buckshot wounds.
  12. Low recoil 12 ga. loads using Titewad powder: Winchester AA 2 3/4" hull or equivalent Winchester WAA12L (gray) wad or Claybuster CB0 178-12 Winchester 209 Primer 13.5 GR Titewad 7/8 ounce of #7.5 shot
  13. Off topic, but we sure do miss shooting with you. Looking forward to seeing you on the range soon.
  14. Are there situations when people are careless that need to be addressed? Yes. We must do every reasonable thing to make sure we are safe. But common sense and the intent of the rules needs to be applied. If we strictly applied the rule for every little apparent infraction, I think we would have a score sheet with more SDQ's and MDQs' than posted times.
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