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  1. Siri, give me the names of three cowboy gunsmiths.
  2. How much you want to spend and how competitive do you hope to be?
  3. I've heard ( second hand ) that Carty may not be doing Marlins since he has started working on 73's. Best thing to do would be contact him https://www.facebook.com/Western-Gun-Works-1678033062499004/
  4. Reading the title was all that was needed to know what happened. This has been discussed more than once. Being somewhat new, I can see that you didn't know this would happen. Your gunsmith probably should have, but what is done is done. Worth repeating. I understood, at least a few years ago, that if you returned a modified gun to Ruger for a repair they would take out the modified parts and install new factory specs parts.
  5. Hint Look in the shooter's handbook
  6. Yeah, I can see GF's grumble about it. They don't really like having to shoot DD. No, I don't shoot GF, but I do try to write GF friendly stages.
  7. When the doctor told us that our daughter was born with an incomplete heart and likely wouldn't survive for more than a few months.
  8. The wife had 4 surgeries. one on one foot, three on the other. No relief from pain and doctor says he's done all he can and won't even talk to her.
  9. Driftwood, Here I go talking you up as the go to guy, and it's a model you don't have. Funny thing is that not knowing what I needed for CAS, it is the shotgun I started with. Bought it used from a club member who owned a gun store. Like a dummy, I asked him to cut the barrels. Don't know he didn't try to talk me out of it, but he didn't. Used it for two years, then got a Stoeger. I really don't know why I've kept it this long as I'll never use it. I should probably sell it.
  10. Several years ago, Iowa used SSN as DLN's. Everyone knew they DLN and it was no big deal. Nothing bad happened because of it, and we all lived happily ever after.
  11. I believe Driftwood Johnson knows a lot about them. I'd send him a PM.
  12. I don't own one and it's too late now, but you might want to look at these. https://buyrevi.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=62
  13. For me, it is a shoot that doesn't exist anymore, at least not in it's original format. The Charity Shoot for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Twelve stages over two days at two clubs. Great shoot with great raffle prizes donated by some of the well known names in the sport. Attended by shooters from several states. In 15 years, it raised over $250,000.00 for the hospital. Manatee would post what a great shoot it was and someone would ask who won. His reply was, "The kids."
  14. Have used Lee dies since 2012 in my 4 hole turret and never had a need or use for Dillon's dies.
  15. This one https://leeprecision.com/4-die-set-38spl-carb.html
  16. All this talk about optimal target size, set up array, etc…. is getting into my head. I'm afraid that the next time I get to the line and hear the "beep," I'm going to forget the shooting order and just stand there and ask, are those targets the optimal size, and is that the best array?
  17. So over a 12 month period I could pay my $65 annual dues plus another $60 for a chance to not pay $65 next year? Thanks, but I'll pass.
  18. How many rounds a year do you think you'll be reloading? We only shoot about 3,000 a year and the Lee 4 hole turret does the job for us at a great price.
  19. Oh no! Let's not start this again.
  20. Assassin, you said that you are "taking a guess, our numbers are up about 22-23k in the past ten years." While I'd like to see that, I'm not sure that is the case. When the annual dues were raised to $65, (I think it was between 3-5 years ago) it was reported that there were about 27,000 annual memberships. I sent a PM to Misty several months ago asking what the number was now, but never heard back.
  21. Mentioned this 2 or 3 times already, but it seems like a good time to say it again. We have a plywood saloon girl prop. She holds playing cards in her hands. She is set in pistol distance, but the cards are shot with the rifle. (Stage is written so you should have 4 shots to hit 2 cards)The 1st year we used it, people moaned and whined that it was going to be too hard. We had about 45 shooters. If I remember correctly, only a couple missed 1 card and no one missed both. In fact, several shooters drilled the cards dead center and proudly displaced them in their hat bands.
  22. "What are your thoughts on targets size and shape and placement to help more people have a good time?" Just don't do crazy stuff. If the only way people can have a good time is to shoot clean 16 second stages, then God help us.
  23. " I’m basically lazy and if I can cut out part of the work and get the same results I’ll do it" Yul, I wouldn't call someone who puts so much time and effort into such beautiful woodworking lazy. I'll call it good time management.
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