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  1. With this popping up already, I can hardly wait to see what Winter is going to bring.
  2. John, OLG is right on the money. Go by weight, not bushing size. I use Prairie Dawg's load and it works great for me and the wife. While you can substitute ClayDot for Clays, their volume will be different. So, once again, like Lumpy says, go by weight, not bushing size.
  3. The bottom line is that you should match your equipment to your needs. We should find that out before we tell them what we think they need.
  4. I know that this isn't going to sit well with a certain group of people, but since you are only doing a couple thousand a year, I would suggest you look seriously at a Lee 4 hole turret press. It will do what you need and save you a lot of money.
  5. how many rounds are you planning on reloading in a year, and how many different calibers?
  6. Some guys like to show off their six packs. Me, I have a keg.
  7. I always wondered who that guy was on those commercials. Now I know.
  8. Oh, one thing Popcorn forgot to mention, and it is very important. Full your tank before you enter Illinois. Gas is very expensive! Iowa is only a few miles away and you can swing over to get a full tank before you head home.
  9. As long as you are as competent with your weak hand as you are with your strong hand. I am not.
  10. Count Sandor writes great stages and the all shot gun stage is always fun. I'm sure you will enjoy the lunches and the diner cruise will be relaxing and enjoyable. Just remember to bring some bug spray.
  11. Yep, we do have a great group. Start time is set at 9:00 am. Not unusual to have 6 stages set-up, painted, and people headed home by 10:00.
  12. I had a similar problem. the firing pin fastening bolt was loose. tightened it and everything was fine. Not saying that this is your problem, but it's worth checking.
  13. Well, I know that you're not going to be happy with this, but it is obvious that you're not going to get this resolved the way you want. I can't see spending the money shipping back and forth with the possibility that it still won't be right. I would see if he'll split the cost 50/50. If not, I'd pay to have it done, be pissed for a few weeks/months and try to enjoy the gun..
  14. Or, let's say you have 40 shooters at a match. The top 10 are Marshals, the next 10 are Gunslingers, the next 10 are Cowboys, and the bottom 10 are City Slickers.
  15. That's really nice. And he's truly a great ambassador for the game. I'd have liked it just a little better if he was looking into the camera and giving a big old smile. Hey Popcorn, how about edited a short video of J.W. to add to your post.
  16. The way I look at it is men's sizes start at XXL
  17. DDD, It was a joke. That's why the . I understand prop failure.
  18. And may be corrected with the addition of a little more powder.
  19. Naw, all you'd have to do is call "clean" for the make ups and "squeaky clean" for the no extra shot gang.
  20. 50 seconds per stage when the average is 25 only adds 2 1/2 minutes to the day. I don't have a problem with that, and I'd be disappointed if anyone else did.
  21. Looking to take the grandson fishing on Table Rock Lake and looking for recommendations for lodging. Don't need fancy, but don't want a dump, either. Just a nice fishing-oriented resort. Also tips on fishing the lake. Looking for crappie and would like to give the boy a chance to catch some walleye if possible. Looking at the middle of June. Thanks.
  22. I guess in depends on how valuable the awards are you're giving for 1st place.
  23. Why does the match I'm shooting today have to be just like the match I shot last week and the one I'll be shooting next week?
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