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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/us/pennsylvania-gun-like-hand-gesture-crime Told you it is illegal.
  2. https://www.npr.org/2019/08/22/753491509/police-seize-rifles-high-capacity-magazines-from-man-wanting-to-shoot-up-workpla
  3. "With Lindsey Graham getting behind red flag gun confiscation, the federal government is likely going to embark on a significant push towards gun control. Graham’s bill would provide federal grants to states with red flag gun confiscation laws on the books. The South Carolina Senator told Buzzfeed, “I’m seeking to incentivize states to produce extreme risk protective order legislation that has ample due process but also is meaningful in protecting the public from somebody who is dangerous.” " https://bigleaguepolitics.com/lindsey-graham-is-now-drafting-his-gun-confiscation-bill/
  4. 1. If you shoot a light load.........…….CRIMP!!!!! A tight roll CRIMP!! This will hold the bullet within the case and you get a bigger/better burn of powder. 2. Cheap and easy annealing process. The drill. propane torch, and socket will work. Light torch, make dark, revolve socket (about a full turn a second)with case over the flame. The VERY SECOND you see color change, remove brass heat. If/when the brass gets an orange color (HOT!!) it is ruined.
  5. DNB, when you get home after a match, grab a can of Remoil and spray the lifter, the walls around it, and tad on the face of the follower.. Cycle the action a few times and spray a bit more standing the rifle barrel down. Go drink something cool and invigoratin'. Pick up the rifle and cycle a few more times. Spray a little more and watch out for the dirty oil dropping on the floor. Stubborn stuff can simply be wiped off. I do the same with my revolvers and the 1897. Remember barrels down. Put a rag under the barrels to catch dirty runoff. I use an air compressor to blow off the extra oil.
  6. The top picture is a Ranger belt. Comfortable to wear but as stated, painful to bend over. You really need to go see a ranger belt and notice how many layers of leather are needed to buckle up. It may be a problem getting a holster up in front of your hips. The tapered belt, made properly, is lighter, more than enough support, and can be configured to wear holsters appendix style. Heck, I know a guy who makes a double buckle belt.
  7. As long as the holsters don't break the cant rules, they are fine. And they are not necessarily dross draw holsters. IMO, those are very ergonomic holsters placed ergonomically. Standing in a surrender position, Allie can simply rotate her arms down and she will be aligned to the grips. She has had them made with more than a regular drop so she can wear the belt high. You will find hordes of the men wearing the same thing. The only difference is that the top of the grip will be higher. Double strong side isn't a penalty. Practice,...…...
  8. In the white with coat acrylic sealer. I refurbished the wood some time ago. Barrel is 20" . Barrel is in very good/excellent condition. Very good condition. Safe queen. $400.00 and buyer pays for shipping and insurance.
  9. TC, I could not (now) get used to that straight stock. All my '73s have pistol grips.
  10. CBB, its been awhile but the one that sticks in my mind was with a '66. Bolt broke the shooters glasses. Sometimes when a shooter shakes his hand briskly after firing a '73, you just saw a OOB discharge. I have been told afterwards at the time of the OOBs that it really screws with the whole hand. It occurs to me that I shoot with the thumb over the stock/grip (stays there the whole string) and I simply open my fingers flicking the lever. Guess I get it closed in an ergonomic fashion.
  11. I have used a golf cart for a number of years. There are some ranges that it would be impossible without it. Virginia is one. The golf carts are disliked because they are kinda big. 'Course we are not counting the 9' round umbrella protecting the inhabitants of the Fluffymobile. However, I usually had four or five shooters and all their gear on the Fluffymobile which effectively left space on each berm. Ten Sleep had a reservation each year at Virginia. At an early Mason Dixon Stampede, the Fluffymobile started carrying 22 long guns and all the gear of the owners. I can still hear Tex's remarks when he saw the golf cart. In my experience, it is not the officials but the other shooters. I have never been approached by anyone but one year at Mule camp #2, I was informed no shooter could ride between stages. I figured someone thought that they were getting too much rest between stages. The Fluffymobile made a number of requested trips up and down the pavement at Mule Camp. One with an injured shooter. At EOT 2007, Salvador Dally pulled our shared cart. Thanks Wayne. I was later told by Tex that I could have brought the Fluffymobile. But it worked out pretty good.
  12. "I'm unaware of this ever happening to a cowboy shooter ......……………" Unfortunately, it has happened a number times over the past years. At least over the years from 2000 to about 2010. I started with a 20" '73 in 45 Colt without a safety spring and for the least 15 years use a 22" '73 without a safety spring. But then I came from a different era and do not use the robotic arm such as Deuce and others. I have never had an OOB discharge.
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