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  1. Sorry HB. I am building up a long range single shot on a rolling block action. Need cash.
  2. In my experience, I have seen revolvers come out of a couple of the "top" holster makers. And they came out of a couple of top shooters holsters. Phantom, talk about easier and safe and built for speed:
  3. Nimble, as a leather maker I believe you may be missing a point. Handgun rigs are similar to buying an out of the box 1894 Winchester to compete in SASS. Or a Henry. They work...……...to a point. When I get a new customer that is new to SASS, I have to restrain my comments because I am from the gamer family. I feel I have enough experience to know what is needed to be really competitive in SASS. But then, price does dictate purchases regardless of the benefits, or lack thereof, of the rig. Because of that trait, I would never recommend some rigs for SASS competition. And I forget that some SASS members really like slim jim holsters :) Some pay exorbitant amounts to gain authenticity and forgo access and speed. There have been a few times I have come to my senses realizing that the person is not competitive and I should keep some comments to myself.
  4. Marlin 336CB 38-55 I am removing the Marlin from the classifieds. I am listing it elsewhere and the site does not allow multiple posting.
  5. Once the fore end cap screws are removed the fore end will come off. The rear of the fore end has a small lip setting inside the receiver. The fore end will have to be moved forward less than 1/4 inch to clear. All 73s I have dis-assembled simply rotated from the barrel starting with the metal cap end.
  6. Do you folks actually "clean" the elevator, the elevator recess walls, and lubricate the internals? Do you disassemble the rifle each time?
  7. I had to call BPCR.net to get signed up. Also had to call Shiloh forum.
  8. Years of routine. Uncase rifle. Hold barrel down. Spray elevator and bolt liberally with RemOil bottom and top with and without lever open. Cycle lever slowly about 10 times. Stand in corner barrel down with rag under barrel. This routine also lubes the magazine and spring. Go drink a beer or a Coke. Check rifle. If necessary, wipe off top of elevator. Spray liberally again. Use air compressor to blow excess oil off rifle. Wipe off excess and store barrel down.
  9. Slow movie. No chemistry between Costner and Harrelson. Gault was sure enthused about the Colt SAA as opposed to, say, a Thompson. Lordy. Not good enough to watch again.
  10. There are a number of leather makers that can equal the quality of the "top" leathermakers, complete a two holster and a belt rig under four weeks and charge close to half the price.
  11. Did not read all the posts but...…………. San Quentin, do you remember us throwing a hat to the top of the building to hang it on a peg for a bonus? Now that prompted post match conversation
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