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  1. I have one of Lee Shaver's economy vernier sights on a Marlin 336. Works very well.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.carr.92/videos/4186016204748574/
  3. "Quality holsters is one of those areas where you get what you pay for, so spend the money for a good holster." Not necessarily
  4. Red Cent


    Any of you long range shooters used these? http://www.brcbarrels.com/
  5. Bought my 9MM light weight sa/da 45 years ago.
  6. Remington, besides drowning in debt, is fighting lawsuits of different kinds. They were sued because of the Bushmaster used in the school massacre. And they recently settled for millions in regard to their Rem 700 trigger lawsuit. When Remington and Marlin were bound together by the Cerberus Group, Marlin suffered under management/quality control problems but I didn't hear anything about the Remington management.
  7. T The Verdigris Kid I believe the only problem with the D model is that it does not have the ejector spring nor a hole to put one. Ejection may be difficult.
  8. Interesting. The Wild Bunch and their corporation owns the Moriarity, NM property. The Wild Bunch owns all intangible property of SASS. On October 1, 2020, all of the Wild Bunch will retire. I would think at this time, no officers would exist under the SASS corporation. On October 2, 2020, who will be running SASS? Will there be an organizational chart of new SASS officials? Will a new corporation be established ? I am aware that an advisory board will be established consisting of SASS members. They will have zero authority. Who will they advise? The last seven pages are interesting. It seems we are putting the cart before the horse.
  9. Howdy Harold, 

    Thank you for the photos. It’s what I’m looking for, and if you will share the shipping cost 50/50 I’ll take it.
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Buck Garrett

      Buck Garrett

      Thanks Harold


      Brad Hall

      7495 Arucauna Coourt

      San Diego, Ca. 92129

    3. Red Cent

      Red Cent

      Brad, UPS wants approximately $200.00 to package and ship including insurance. That would be $600.00 for the machine and $100.00 for half the shipping. Anything over $200.00 I will pay. I do not want to do paypal because of the fees. If you want to do the deal, send me a money order for the $700.00 and I will take it to UPS immediately. Please let me know.




    4. Buck Garrett

      Buck Garrett

      Howdy Harold, 


      That's more than I expected. I will continue to be patient in hopes of finding one locally, or a new one on sale.

      Maybe you will sell it to someone local. Thanks for your efforts to make this deal work.

      I wish you better health in the new year.



  10. Howdy Red Cent, 


    How old? Does it have  Metal EZ-Seal Top Plate? What bushings and accessories go with It?  could you send a photo to buckgarret@gmail.com

    Do you have and idea as to shipping costs? 

    1. Red Cent

      Red Cent



      Buck, I have sent photos to others. I am waiting for responses. If I do not have a response from anyone by Sunday at, say, 5:00pm, I will accept your offer. 

    2. Buck Garrett
  11. "At 45 Colt velocities, unless you have a fitment problem (too small a diameter) or a rough, irregular bore, you shouldn't have any leading with dead soft, pure lead projectiles." What Griff said. You can drive a soft lead bullet too fast and you can drive a very hard bullet too slow. Either will cause leading. http://cowboybullets.com/ Read the home page.
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