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  1. The first bullet hole was minute of heart. He squeezed the catsup pack at his belly. Second bullet hole was left center of gut. Interesting that neither had blood around them.
  2. Lordy!! "Sundar Pichai is getting a hefty pay raise. The new Alphabet Inc. chief executive officer will receive $240 million in stock awards over the next three years if he hits all of his performance targets, as well as a $2 million annual salary beginning in 2020, the firm said Friday in a filing. If Alphabet shares outperform the S&P 100 Index, Pichai could receive an additional $90 million in stock grants. It’s the first time the company has bestowed performance-based stock awards.
  3. Prayers said for a special cowboy and a fellow WVian. Get well soon pardner.
  4. Confidence. After all the above one needs to practice routine. From the time you go to the cart for guns and ammo, do the same thing every time. Pick your long guns the same way. Go to the loading table and place you guns the same way on the table. Load your guns the same way. Create a routine that goes auto pilot. You will do this and free up the conscious mind to think about the stage while you feed the subconscious.. When you get to the end of the loading table, lose yourself in the stage. Don't have conversations. Concentrate. Focus. Go to the line and focus. You can laugh and joke later. When the beep happens you will have the movements of the stage buried in the subconscious and all the practice will allow the subconscious to take over and go on auto pilot. I find shooters think about clean stages, equipment malfunctions, looking bad, and the other things that erode confidence and disrupts focus. Focus. Some call it "getting in the center or in the bubble". If you can reach the third stage of competition level, you hear no one, you see no one: oblivious to outside interference. Make the TO stand behind you. And it begins when you nod your head.
  5. Seems to me that after hollering confiscation one crawfishes and offers something more palatable and the victims think victory. Hopefully, our neighbors will remain united and stand up to the buffoon of a governor.
  6. ……how the state level officials got into power with an anti gun agenda." Over 90 Million Eligible Voters Didn’t Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election "Over 231 million Americans are eligible to vote. However, based on early results from the 2016 Presidential election, just over 130 million of them voted for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. In some of the key battleground states that decided the election, less than a few thousand votes decided the result, proving how important every vote really is and how important it is to motivate your party." Remember, Trump won the Electoral Vote but Hillary won the Popular Vote.
  7. PB, isn't the Marble front sight (Win 1873) an insert making an untold # of rifles Illegal?
  8. BPCR NRA (a) Maximum weight 12 pounds, 2 ounces.
  9. Howdy Harold, 

    Thank you for the photos. It’s what I’m looking for, and if you will share the shipping cost 50/50 I’ll take it.
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Buck Garrett

      Buck Garrett

      Thanks Harold


      Brad Hall

      7495 Arucauna Coourt

      San Diego, Ca. 92129

    3. Red Cent

      Red Cent

      Brad, UPS wants approximately $200.00 to package and ship including insurance. That would be $600.00 for the machine and $100.00 for half the shipping. Anything over $200.00 I will pay. I do not want to do paypal because of the fees. If you want to do the deal, send me a money order for the $700.00 and I will take it to UPS immediately. Please let me know.




    4. Buck Garrett

      Buck Garrett

      Howdy Harold, 


      That's more than I expected. I will continue to be patient in hopes of finding one locally, or a new one on sale.

      Maybe you will sell it to someone local. Thanks for your efforts to make this deal work.

      I wish you better health in the new year.



  10. Howdy Red Cent, 


    How old? Does it have  Metal EZ-Seal Top Plate? What bushings and accessories go with It?  could you send a photo to buckgarret@gmail.com

    Do you have and idea as to shipping costs? 

    1. Red Cent

      Red Cent



      Buck, I have sent photos to others. I am waiting for responses. If I do not have a response from anyone by Sunday at, say, 5:00pm, I will accept your offer. 

    2. Buck Garrett
  11. I have a Ponsness Warren 800 plus in excellent condition. This is the machine that clicks when the arm is lowered and completes the cycle. Interesting to note that when they made the next gen machine and did not include the click, P/W fans went zonkers. Set up for 12 gauge and AA hulls. Great machine. My legs and back ain't working too good these days so I am selling the unnecessary items. Still got a Mec. $600.00 out the door. Buyer pays shipping. First "I'll take it" wins the P/W.
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