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  1. Hellfire Hanna Shot '32 pistols, .22 rifle and my Baikal 12 ga as a Buckerette.
  2. I bought a bunch of Estate 1.oz - 1180 fps at Wally world & am very happy with them. They reload quite a bit better than AA.
  3. I'm loading 3.6 gr Clays behind a 200 gr. for my Varqueros. Sorry - don't load 180s.
  4. I'd drive over just for the Sushi Burrito !!
  5. Might consider using private message.
  6. Use chain for the last 6' or so at the target end. Rope will get shot to pieces.
  7. This is the web site I have dealt with. Very polite & helpful gentleman. He must be in dire circumstances.
  8. If you do this with the extractors extended it -might- not catch a hull with crimp ears sticking out or with a swelled case head because the shells are not seated completely.
  9. Yep. Last thing I do at the loading table before holstering the pistols.
  10. Pull the base pin & check the spring loaded pin in the end. Make sure it is free to retract.
  11. Lizard Litter Desert Blend.
  12. Except the title ....... ACCURATE POWER RECALL
  13. A good read from Paco Kelly on .45 Colt lever guns. https://www.leverguns.com/articles/paco/45coltlevergun.htm
  14. You can also use a dried red kidney bean to adjust the shot volume, or a dried pea, or ...........
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