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  1. I'm sure the twenty five and fifty cent size hail had a little to do with it . The micro burst was interesting also. Two stage DNF's get you an MDQ
  2. Dave covered it ^^^^^^^^^
  3. If you're mixed up with Split Rail there's probably not a better trail to be on. And watch out for Stone Creek Drifter - he's made from the same cloth.
  4. Slip on recoil pad fixes that, maybe.
  5. You could buy a spare tool head and a universal decapping die and not have to pick the cases out by hand. That's the way I do it.
  6. This is a pretty good habit to acquire. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  7. WOW ! Blew out 2 chambers & the backstrap held. That's one hell of a revolver !!
  8. I got a full sheet of 220 sandpaper & laid it on a table saw table, grit side up. (very flat, hard surface.) I then used a circular motion to sand the end surface of the container to insure it was flat. I always remove the gasket from the end cover & wash with soapy water to clean it & wipe the container end before screwing on end cap on. Very little trouble with leaking. Been using same end & same gasket for about 4 years.YMMV
  9. Been reloading since the '60's. When the first Mec bottle broke I started a procedure I learned from my washing machine. I got up to go to the john early one morning & the carpet in the hallway was squishy. Hose had sprung a leak. From that day forward my washer gets a new set of hoses about every 6 to 7 years and the Mec gets new bottles.
  10. Yusta B.

    #9 shot

    If possible - drop your starter crimp about 1 full turn.
  11. Back in my dusty pass I had the privilege of shooting with Split Rail, Stone Creek Drifter, Griff, Red River Ray, Widder, Blackwater, Ringer & other legendary smoke makers. And got to shoot Possum Trot twice. Memories written in indelible ink.
  12. The screw-on cap broke on mine. I sent Lyman an inquiry about buying a replacement. Then sent me an entire new puller. N/C Good people.
  13. Spare seating stem & some JB Weld will fix you right up.
  14. Get a picture of what you want & call Molly's Custom Silver.
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