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  1. Not knowing how much recoil you like, I'd recommend power factors around 120 when you start to reload, but that's just comfortable for me with big bore. Mid to a little lower power will make a good ring on the steel & not destroy targets.
  2. Plz be advised, 1000 fps is the highest velocity allowed in handgun ammo in SASS. Most shooters load at least 25% lower. :-)
  3. Yusta B.

    Big Drink

  4. It may be those hammers are hand ground in the finishing process & the feller doing the grinding chuckles every time he grinds one funny ......
  5. That was an intensely moving experience ....
  6. Just checked my 3 sets --- I'm devastated !!
  7. If you look at the Shooters Handbook under Categories, the two categories which have non-generic dress requirements are B-Western & Classic Cowboy which have specific dress requirements. All the rest fall under the basic dress requirements.There are age based categories, shooting style based categories, firearm based categories and BP or Smokeless powder based categories.
  8. Yusta B.


    Did you notice his SASS # ?
  9. Wow - 95%+ correct terms - impressive !
  10. Nowhere on this planet could you find a better life partner. Ellie is truly one of a kind. See ya Sat...... Yusta
  11. Yusta B.


    S&B's for practice & 9 MM. Federal Lg & Sm for serious shooting.
  12. He got some unfavorable biopsy news today ......
  13. And who was it said "surrendering your guns to stop criminals is like getting yourself castrated 'cause your neighbor has too many kids "......
  14. Well then - just go get yourself some of those store-bought fancy clothes & shoot B-Western. You can shoot a different style every stage !!
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