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  1. I load 3.9 gr Red Dot with 124 gr coated bullets. Perfect powder for SG also.
  2. I don't know - but it's a very popular malady .....
  3. Any word on the rest of the scores ?
  4. Easy enough to make out of sheet brass from a model shop. Check Loctite for metal adhesive. Find a piece of steel/aluminum the thickness of your sight, bend the brass using that as a form, shape with file/Dremel.
  5. If you have a carbide sizing die - make sure the carbide ring is not cracked/broken.
  6. Would anyone with any information about someone hitting my daughter's tan Accord in the banquet parking lot please PM me. Do not post info. Thanks
  7. You tried - that's all you can do. It's disappointing but your group did their part. Write it off & carry on.
  8. Excellent !! Great SASS endorsement.
  9. A great many shooters shoot .38 brass in their .357 cal '73's. You may need to load the bullet long - crimp between the crimp groove & the lube groove. Many many shooters shoot 105 to 140 gr. bullets loaded to OAL of about 1.45 to 1.50.
  10. Good on ya Curly ! Glad you are enjoying "down under".
  11. 1. There are many. many friends at cowboy shoots that you haven't met yet. 2. You can make a million dollars in CAS - but you have to have 2 million to start with. 3. Don't take "the Wire" too seriously.
  12. Yusta B.


    Carpet in your reloading area is not desirable.
  13. Thanks Branchwater - I'm lucky enough to get to watch that kind of stuff every month at the Bar 3. That alone is worth the price of the shoot !!
  14. Wish I had a video of TBone doing his concurrent Nevada sweep on 3 targets with 2 pistols starting on both ends.
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