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  1. Ah ----- $15.95/lb = $1.67/oz. 16 oz * $1.67 = $26.67/lb. Same online vendor - Clays $15.19/14 oz = $1.09 /oz = $17.36/lb If you know where it can be bought for less, let us know please.
  2. True - but by that time the danger has passed .....
  3. I pick them up every month. I really don't have a problem with them except---- I have to adjust my crimp starter on 600 jr if I switch between AA and STS or Estate hulls.
  4. And I'd like to be there. Got some O2 problems.
  5. I didn't know any better so I reloaded them for about 15 years ....
  6. Take a look at Doc Shapiro's book here >>> http://www.laststand.org/index.html
  7. I'd give an eyetooth to shoot with y'all again !!
  8. I think this whole cocking problem can be solved by sending your SAA's to Jimmy Spurs for lowered hammers & a good action job.
  9. Very true ^^^^ With my Mec#21 bushing I got the following: 10 charges Red Dot -- 119.10 gr 10 " Promo - 110.46 gr Difference of 8.64/10 = 0.86 gr per charge. Allowing for actual variations between charges this is acceptable to me as < 7% variance. I believe that Promo will vary more lot to lot than most any other powder, therefore this kind of comparison should be made to verify if the difference is acceptable to you at the level you are using.
  10. The Harbor Freight bench top is 60" X 20".
  11. This load - or reduce to 12 gr. (#21 bushing). What I load for daughter. Also - Alliant Promo is the cheapest powder I have found & may be used instead of Red Dot (same bushing).
  12. Sounds like he's trying to build up his Christmas budget .....
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