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  1. http://www.ramshot.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/WesternPowdersHandloadingGuide8.0_WEB.pdf Pg 29, 47 from Western Powder
  2. Savage Model 24 - .22/.410 for my 12th birthday - 1954. There wasn't a safe squirrel within 10 miles come that next Sept 15th.
  3. Always a smile & a handshake & a "How ya doin'". Exemplary individual - for sure !
  4. Somewhat depends on what else has been done to the pistol. Springs will not particularly benefit a pistol with rough innards.
  5. Great - depending on what you want. Flash holes are clean-er, not sparkling.Cases - outside - pretty much same as with pins, inside - clean enough. I do use Lemi Shine & Dawn. Not worth it for me to use pins unless I have some really groaty (scientific term) brass.
  6. I've been cleaning this way for several years now. I don't have this problem. It may be because I deprime first, or I use Zilla Desert Blend (fine) walnut media or that I make sure the media is always dry when I start. I clean .45 Colt, .38 Spl, .357Mag, 9MM and .32 H&R Mag this way without getting any clumps in cases. I also check every flash hole & case for cracks/splits after drying. .556 however is a totally different story. YMMV
  7. I drain my brass, then into the dry tumbler it goes. About 5 minutes & its dry. YMMV
  8. How about a file & Dremel polish. Round off the offending area.
  9. Shot last week at Bar3. 22nd out of about 50 - so still kickin, but not real hard. Happy I finished. Thanks.
  10. He's a pretty good dude when ya get to know him
  11. If using walnut media, try Lizard Litter Desert Blend. I very, very rarely have any media problems in flash holes.
  12. Pinewood kid wins the first Briggsdale Iron Cowboy 2 day 24 stage match by 7 sec !! Proud of my son .....
  13. They have a stuffed Canadian ? Just wait till the boys up north hear about that !!
  14. Just make sure there's no locomotive behind that light ! But seriously I'm wishin you the very best !!
  15. Great service, good prices, good bullets.
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