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  1. I have a beautiful mint SKB 200 (98-99%) that I was going to list next week. $1725 shipped. Can send pictures on Sunday if you PM me your e-mail
  2. Sold Pending Funds to Toranado I have for sale a mint SKB 100 in 12 gauge and 3" chambers with modified/full 28" barrels. Beautiful wood and the fancier engraving with pheasant on one side and duck on the opposite. Everything about this gun is mint. You'll have to look long and far to find one better. Price is $1425 shipped to your local FFL.
  3. I guess my thinking is, how tough is it to have calendar and the events are all listed there. It is what we do at work for time off and such. Every computer has this function. Every cell phone has this function. Etc, etc...
  4. Sure would be nice if SASS listed the WB State and higher matches in a separate place. VERY tough to look through the calendar to find who is hosting them.
  5. Sold 2 like new unmolested 100's for $1300ish each and both sold right away. If yours is nice and cowboy ready, should get a bit more.
  6. For sale is an Ithaca SKB 100 in mint (98-99%) condition. Be really hard to find one in better condition. Barrels are 28" with mod/full chokes. Price is $1325 shipped from me to your FFL. Buzzard
  7. Have for sale a SKB 20 gauge Model 100 in about 96% condition. Be hard pressed to find another in this nice of condition. The barrels are 23-1/2" with cyl/cyl choke. Price is now $1275 shipped to your FFL
  8. Have for sale an Ugartechea. It is 28" with mod/full barrels. :You will be hard pressed to find in better condition. Ugartechea is a Spanish gun manufacturer founded in 1922 of high end doubles. They were imported into the US until a few years ago. Ugartechea
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