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  1. Going to miss him. Once or twice a year we would talk about the 44-40 Marlin that I sold him. I guess Stoney Mike and I will have to reminisce about him and the Marlin.
  2. Because the other costume category "Classic Cowboy" uses the early rifles. B-Western uses the later.
  3. Just wanted to say amid all the chaos elsewhere in the state, we had a SASS shoot in Minnesota today.
  4. Trickle up/trickle down. How about we support our local clubs. And then the local clubs can decide how to support SASS. If I give SASS an extra $5, $10, $20 or whatever, how does this keep the local clubs solvent? What good is SASS if there are no local clubs to shoot at? Oh, and for those that want to see what an actual historical unicorn looks like...
  5. GW, What was the company that has the Marlin ejector you were mentioning?

    1. G W Wade

      G W Wade

      Howdy Buzzard,  happy you remembered.  Ranger Point Precision makes new extracter and other parts for Marlins   Hope it fixes the problem      GW

  6. They are either the original Ruger Vaquero or the Ruger New Vaquero. All of them are New Model Vaqueros. None of them are Old Model Vaqueros. No such thing.
  7. Or...You can sleeve it for a 40 or 41 caliber (405 Winchester) and keep it black powder only. I've got an 1895 in 405 Winchester and it's bullet is .410 diameter. And holds 65 grains of Black. When people ask me what chamber my rifle is, I tell them it's a 41-65.
  8. That's a really really good price on the Red Dot.
  9. Up here we have a few clubs that at times allow a Wild Bunch Military category. (1911, Model 12 shotgun, Tommy Gun) We also have one club that once or twice a year sets up a course for "Cowboys and Aliens." Lots and lots of targets from up close to 100 yards. Any and all guns you want to bring are good to go. From Cowboy guns to AR's to M1's to???... No times, No misses or hits called. Just follow the course correctly. Blast as much ammo as you can afford and have fun.
  10. An already checkered forearm for $50 is money way ahead. You aren't going to find anyone for less than that.
  11. I used to cast 45 round balls. They were right around 120 grains. I cut down split necked (not to far) 45 Colt brass to 45 auto rim length. With a mid level volume equivalent loading of 45acp powder recipe, the round ball just burps out the barrel. I did have to experiment to get a load hot enough to raise accuracy.
  12. Third Saturday weekend in the month of September. So 13th thru the 16th.
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