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  1. The question was how to minimize blowback. Which I gave 2 options. You are answering a question that wasn't asked.
  2. Evil's Little Angel is an AWESOME alias!!! Lots of meaning with undertones.
  3. Fire forming 44-40 into 45 Colt is perfectly fine. That's the whole point of fire forming. Lots of chamberings are not available today. The time accepted way of making brass to fit those guns is to use brass from the same family that is available and fire form it. Just be aware that your initial go at fire forming 45 from 44wcf will result is some loss due to split cases. As has been said, annealing your 45 Colt is another way to soften the brass to gain a better seal. If you own a solder pot for casting, annealing is real easy.
  4. Shot a match about 10 or so years ago. The match writer had the shooters shooting their long guns with their bad hands. Righties shot left handed and Lefties, right handed. I refused. Unsafe is not fun.
  5. I was all set to sign up. But, It's the same weekend as Agua Verde...
  6. <---------- Buzzards gotta eat. Same as worms...
  7. I might have to disagree with GW on this one. I think we come for the people and stay for the shoot.
  8. This is my second year coming. PITV is probably the friendliest and most laid back major match I go to. Great stages and range. The camp area (think Park!!!) is by far the best I've camped at. Plenty of trees for shade camping. Will be back for sure!!!
  9. Caboose, If JB doesn't hook you up. I'm pretty sure that I have some here. Would have to dig through a couple Ruger parts boxes to make sure. Let me know if I need to dig... PS I'll be at SITH this weekend Buzzard
  10. I shot down in Kansas a couple of years ago and the exact same thing came up except it was a 2-6-2 (IIRC). Shooter shot a 2-4-2. I called P-MS and 2 misses. They ended up giving him only 2 misses. I'm from out of state, so I made one more attempt at explaining the calls. Got a such and such said that's how they score at End of Trail. I stopped trying. And will never be going back.
  11. Thanks Phil, the toughest part was the stapling. And that only required folding the rear half to accomplish.
  12. Promo or Red Dot 4.2 grains will give around 800fps. Well over the 750 threshold for a 200 grainer. Mine are crimped in the crimp groove which makes overall length a tad short of book minimum. But I've never had an issue with any of the 1911's they've gone through including my Tommy Gun. I do size mine .451 though. Had issues at .452 that went away at .451 By the way, I was running 3.6 grains of Promo until we chrony'd them and they were just under 740 fps.
  13. I use a couple of 2 gal pastry buckets and a media sifter bowl. One on bottom, one on top with sifter in the middle. put brass and pins in the sifter bowl. Cover with top bucket and shake, shake, shake. Take top bucket off and place tray over it. Dump bottom bucket back into tumber. Bottom bucket is now the top one. Shake, shake, shake. Repeat a couple more times as needed to remove all pins. All told, takes me about 30 seconds tops. By the way, I have the large pins.
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