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  1. Send me a PM to remind me to look. I believe that I have some of those that you are looking for. I've been cleaning my reloading room and got a bunch of misc. I know that I have 32-40, Not a lot, but some....
  2. I'll take the Ruger Mark 1 mag. Send me shipping info for payment. Buzzard
  3. Can you send a pic of the Ruger Mark I mags. If they have the cut slot on both sides, the button can be reversed...
  4. I'm going to be the outlier here. I stand but no longer recite the pledge. This is a religious conviction for me. My only pledge of allegiance is to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  5. I've timed for Evil Dogooder many times. I start him and then give a wide berth. It's usually pretty easy, even as fast as he is. He doesn't argue, complain, lobby, ect. Just smiles and wants to know raw time. Misses tend to be an occupational hazard for him. The boy just wants to go FAST!!! My three things I like in a RO: I'm left handed. So, if the stage allows me to go from right to left, I shouldn't have to tell you to be on my right hand side. The opposite is the same for righties. When saying "standby" give a full second before you start the timer. I don't jump the timer. So, a good smooth cadence at the start, usually translates to a smooth stage. And unless I have an issue, screw-up, etc., I don't even want to know you are there. At Gunsmoke a couple years ago. We had a lady posse marshall who also happened to time for me at the start of every stage. When the match was over, I told her the best compliment I can give is that I never noticed you were there during my stage runs.
  6. Ruger Mark I or Standard magazine with the chrome base.
  7. If you are willing to ship, I can accommodate a swap...
  8. All the white stuff you see in the pictures is nothing more than freeze dried sunshine!
  9. Thanks for NOT buying those primers from me. I'm getting $80/brick ($400/case) from a guy here in town. Were you able to find any?



    1. Old Man Graybeard

      Old Man Graybeard

      Haven't yet. But I do have some yet. Did find 3000 small rifle primers the other day

  10. Got a guy here that was looking for small rifle primers. He's also getting small pistol. I don't feel the least bit bad about getting $80 per brick. He's making ammo and will pass the price onto others...
  11. If I sold my supply, I'd definitely retire 2 years earlier than currently planned.
  12. Not "nearly"... At $1000 per brick ALL of mine are for sale!!!
  13. I wouldn't trust S&B. Everything else that they make is crap, tolerance wise. Why should primers be any different???
  14. Kinda reminds me of the original Herbie "The Love Bug" movie with Dean Jones and Buddy Hackett. In the final race, Herbie breaks in two and comes in First and Third... That makes Lefty the Herbie of SASS...
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