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  1. Auto insurance and property taxes came to almost the exact $2400
  2. Caboose, any extra mags that you want to sell, I'd be interested. My PCC takes Glock mags...
  3. Hopefully we'll both be at the ND/SD shoot in June...
  4. Graybeard, my only choice now is to dress "kinda cute"
  5. Just want to make clear. Run about 5' or more of hose to drain. Do NOT place dehumidifier next to drain. You will end up pulling moisture from the drain instead of the air.
  6. Everyone should have some of what would be trade/barter material in a SHTF situation. Precious metals such as Gold and Silver Liquor Spices Tools, Guns and Ammo (lead) Cigars/cigarettes Medicine and medical supplies including Alcohol/ hydrogen peroxide Seeds Fuel etc. That said, Silver and Gold in the time of Christ was standardized by the Roman government at 15-1 (15 oz of Silver to 1 oz Gold). The U.S. government at one time had it standardized at 16-1. Currently it's at about 100-1. In October 2000 Gold was $292/0z.. In 2011 it was $1800. Today it's $1600. Silver in 2011 was $47/oz. Today $14 and change.
  7. It ain't that I never learnt to read. I just I kept gettin preoccupied by the pictures and now it's to late...
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