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  1. Here's my really light 45 Colt loads: 3.5 grains of Promo powder (Red Dot) Fill the rest of the case about 3/8" from the top with corn media. My drop is about 17 grains by weight. Just make sure you use enough to maintain some compression to keep powder and media in place. 180 or 200 grain bullet. Does not need a heavy crimp due to the case being filled up. This load will maintain pressure and keep your rifle clean. And, no blowback. In pistols, it's not quite light 38. But it's close.
  2. Around here it's ACME. I mean, if it's good enough for Wile E. Coyote, who am I to argue...
  3. I use the KG9. I've also got some Black Magic Trim and Tire conditioner gel that I'll be trying in the near future. Works great inside the car. Slide all around on the seats when applied. Bad news is that I don't think they sell that exact product any more. I just bought the last 2 bottles that I found. Like everyone says, a drop goes a long way...
  4. When I ran the 38-40's, I cast a 170 TC that ran fine in my rifle and pistols. I also used the FCD (no cannelure) and had no issues. The bullet is a 40 cal 10mm sized to .401 using wheel weight lead. You don't really need a very heavy crimp to work. Actually the heavier the crimp, the worse it will be.
  5. For those that will be at Gunsmoke in Morristown, MN next week, I will have a few bags (5 or 6) of once fired Winchester AA Hulls for sale for $8/bag. I counted out one bag and it had 315 in it. So all should be in that range. I will have them at my Popup camper. I will probably be camping on the west side of the range about 75 yards from the west road entrance. Just south of stages 1-6. Buzzard
  6. Here's how I separate pins from cases: Required items: Sifter pan and 2 pastry/frosting buckets (from local bakery) Buckets are about 2 or 2.5 gallons. Put one bucket under the sifter. Pour cases/media in sifter. Put second bucket on top (upside down of course). Shake, shake, shake. Remove top bucket and place right side up on table. transfer sifter to that bucket. Pour pins from first bucket back into tumbler. First bucket now becomes the top bucket. Repeat from shake, shake, shake onward 2 or 3 more times. Usually takes about 30 seconds or so to do 3 or 4 shake sequences. Pins are now separated from cases.
  7. The question was how to minimize blowback. Which I gave 2 options. You are answering a question that wasn't asked.
  8. Evil's Little Angel is an AWESOME alias!!! Lots of meaning with undertones.
  9. Fire forming 44-40 into 45 Colt is perfectly fine. That's the whole point of fire forming. Lots of chamberings are not available today. The time accepted way of making brass to fit those guns is to use brass from the same family that is available and fire form it. Just be aware that your initial go at fire forming 45 from 44wcf will result is some loss due to split cases. As has been said, annealing your 45 Colt is another way to soften the brass to gain a better seal. If you own a solder pot for casting, annealing is real easy.
  10. Shot a match about 10 or so years ago. The match writer had the shooters shooting their long guns with their bad hands. Righties shot left handed and Lefties, right handed. I refused. Unsafe is not fun.
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