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  1. Another HUGE endorsement for Annie Hillman aka Miss Annie Sewansew leatherandlogs@chibardun.net I've lost count on how many things she has sewn for me...dozens, for sure
  2. I have a like new pair of blued/cch with 4-5/8" barrels and plowhandle grip frames. Lassiter did the action work and added 1/2 cocks to the hammers. They come with the ivorex factory grips and gunfighter grips (Altamount IIRC). $1800 shipped.
  3. That configuration is in the $600-650ish range. A bit less for the 5-1/2" barrel. Condition is everything. Good condition means nothing really. If in the 90-92%, the prices I quoted are pretty much ball park. If in the 80-90, then $100 less. If in the 95-98, then $100+. If the original two piece box ($100=/-) or paperwork ($50-75) or complete warranty card ($25-50) is with it, then the price adjusts accordingly.
  4. For those with older guns, this is the same as 244 Remington.
  5. The spring loaded pins on the end are for moving the transfer bar out of the way of the firing pin when cocking the pistol. That said, all three look to be from original Vaqueros (pre-New Vaquero). The bottom one is from the "sheriffs model" 3-1/2" Vaquero.
  6. I don't think I'd let him cut the Thanksgiving Turkey either.
  7. A medium flat rate box is $15. A large is $20.
  8. I just deleted my Facebook account. Was imbedded pretty deep. Here's the info. How do I permanently delete my account? Click in the top right of Facebook. Select Settings & Privacy, then click Settings. Click Your Facebook Information in the left column. Click Deactivation and Deletion. Choose Permanently Delete Account, then click Continue to Account Deletion. Once that is done, they give a 30 day period in case you change your mind.
  9. $10/100 plus shipping. I have a few hundred rounds. Maybe 1000
  10. Thanks for NOT buying those primers from me. I'm getting $80/brick ($400/case) from a guy here in town. Were you able to find any?



    1. Old Man Graybeard

      Old Man Graybeard

      Haven't yet. But I do have some yet. Did find 3000 small rifle primers the other day

  11. If you find a seller who would rather have cash, I would be willing to buy the coins. He gets the cash. You get the guns. And everyone is happy... Buzzard
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