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  1. I built a 30X50 Mueller to store my Model A, JD tractor and Gator plus any potential needs at the time. My tractor is now in another barn and my building is full. I wish I had built a 40X80. Bet it would be full by now. I'm just say'n Tecate
  2. Now that is some COOL stuff!!! Just say'n Tecate
  3. Noz, If you like Irish then Red Breast is really good. If you want rye, try Old Protrero. If it is bourbon then give Clyde Mays at go. I'm just say'n Tecate
  4. Where the heck was Lonesome Dove? Didn't make the hollywood movie theater but it was on my TV and DVD and CD and any other media I could get.
  5. I came into this world naked and without any trophies. I shoot for fresh air and fellowship knowing I can't beat some of the cowboys that work extra hard on their speed and accuracy and I don’t. But I still try and have fun. I know all about keeping score, trying to win, working hard and all that jazz, I coached high school football in Texas for many years. I too don't believe in giving everyone a prize just to equalize things. My only concern is that we spend way too much time trying to figure out how to game the system and win another award, than just letting nature take its course
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