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    Hunting, shooting, and writing novels. Reluctant TG of the Virtue Flat Shootist Society, Baker City, Oregon. :>) I also shoot with my good pards at the Oregon Trail Regulators, La Grande, OR.

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  1. I've been shooting Classic Cowboy category for a lot of years, first with a pair of 75 Remingtons and for the last 8 years or so with a pair of OM Bisley Vaqueros, crossdraw. I have arthritis in my wrists (I know, I'm a whiner) so about 4 years ago I decided to give double duelist a try. After two summers of frustration because my left hand is so much slower than my right I went back to my crossdraw and shooting both pistols with my right hand. Since then I've been working on using transitions to cut down on my stage times. A friend who shoots duelist with a crosssdraw recommended practicing holstering both guns with my left hand, which leaves my right hand free to transition to my long guns and I've found that doing things that way works quite well for me. My leather is a Ted Block Ol' #4 rig, and the angles of the holsters is perfect for holstering with my left hand. Something else to think about...
  2. Question: what if one was to notch out the top of the peep thereby basically turning it into something similar to a full buckhorn sight? No dog in the fight, just idle curiosity...
  3. I load 13 grains of Titewad with the above mentioned CB 0178-12 wad and 7/8 ounce of shot. Got that recipe from Widder if I recall correctly...
  4. Actually none. There’s only 7 of us, if I remember correctly. So I guess we’re safe...
  5. Howdy! I was surprised to find out that CC will be divided by age at EOT next year. I ended up in Senior CC. I saw the Who's Comin'" list on Faceplant last night but category isn't listed with alias so I thought I would ask here: who ended up in Senior CC? It'll be interesting to see how many, if any, of my fellow SCC's I'm acquainted with!
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