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    Hunting, shooting, and writing novels. Reluctant TG of the Virtue Flat Shootist Society, Baker City, Oregon. :>) I also shoot with my good pards at the Oregon Trail Regulators, La Grande, OR.

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  1. I've been finding 125 grain and 150 grain jacketed bullets in stock here and there on the Interweb, so I'll probably stick with those for the nonce. Thanks, folks!
  2. I kind of suspected that the velocity would be a bit too much for shooting cast lead, but it was worth a try. I'm always looking for something out of the ordinary to try...
  3. I’m currently loading 110 grain Nosler Varmageddon bullets in my 300 Blackout loads but even in the best of times those are hard to get, I have found various weights of cast bullets in stock here and there on the Interweb so I’m wondering about the efficacy of loading some of the lighter weight (115 to 135 grain) bullets in 300 Blackout. Is anybody doing it.
  4. And now I think I know why I haven't seen that movie...
  5. We've been buying petite garlic dills lately. Those little suckers are yummy!
  6. I don't see any 1911's on that list, either. What self-respecting gun owner doesn't want a 1911?
  7. My version of tuna salad is what I posted. Oh yeah, I forgot the Mrs. Dash seasoning... Mustard? Really?
  8. What kind of heathen combines good honest tuna with anything but garlic dills, onions and jalapeño peppers? And Mayo, of course...
  9. When I said Arab I was thinking of the movie setting...
  10. If you eliminate palm and straw it doesn't leave a whole lot. And it also says "traditional design", and since we're sort of playing cowboys and indians rather than arabs, etc. then it pretty much seems to me that a felt hat of some sort is the answer. I don't mean to be snarky, and I hope I didn't come across that way, but CC is my category and I hate to see it messed with. Sorry...
  11. Sorry, my bad. I don't watch too many movies that aren't either westerns or blood, gore and violence...
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