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    Hunting, shooting, and writing novels. Reluctant TG of the Virtue Flat Shootist Society, Baker City, Oregon. :>) I also shoot with my good pards at the Oregon Trail Regulators, La Grande, OR.

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  1. That would explain why one has to have a password to get there. Thanks!
  2. Howdy, all. Does anybody know whether or not the registration for EOT 2022 is open yet, and if so, where one can find the form? Thanks!
  3. For the last week or so I've been getting a skosh over 20 gallons per hour 24/7. It's not a huge amount but it's plenty to keep my 'maters and stuff wet.
  4. I would like to second Hunt Mountain Drifter's nomination of Holy Rider. There aren't a huge number of CC shooters in our part of the world but Holy Rider definitely personifies the category if anybody does. Win or lose he is always one of the most gracious gents you could ever want to meet. He even goes so far as to encourage his fellow CC's to shoot faster even if it means that he gets beat. He doesn't care. He is always the humblest of fellers out there.
  5. But if it's a 9mm, is it really a 1911? And now back to your regularly scheduled thread...
  6. My typical concealed carry handgun is a full size 1911 and at least one extra mag.
  7. Weekend update: The pump has been running since Thursday a week ago. I have added another garden hose to the system so that the hose connected to the pump ends at essentially the same elevation all of the time. When it's time to water my irises, 'maters, etc. I unscrew the hose that is going to the bulk tank and screw on a 100 foot hose going back downhill to the "garden". This appears to be keeping the pump going steadily. Changing the location of the output doesn't seem to have affected the clacker speed. It has always run about 2 seconds per cycle no matter where the end of the out
  8. Further update: for some unknown reason, the pump has now been running, with two brief stops, since 3PM on Thursday and it's now noon on Monday. For those who might care...
  9. The pump has now run for almost 40 hours straight. It's not putting out a huge amount of water but also isn't constantly shutting off...
  10. Update: Several days ago I gave the drive pipe a second look and found a couple of small, unnoticed humps in it. I rearranged stuff so that the humps flattened out and got a couple of air bubbles out of the pipe. The pump still didn't run consistently but it did run better. Then I had a "Eureka!" moment yesterday morning. The pump had run all night with the outlet end of the outlet hose at the top of my yard filling a 500 gallon holding tank. As soon as I towed the end of the hose down to where I could water my irises, about 8 feet above the pump, the pump quit working. I had recently seen a Y
  11. I'm too much of a klutz to shave with a straight razor but I've been shaving with various Gillette safety razors and double edge blades for about 15 years. I've gone pretty much exclusively to only Feather brand blades, which are supposed to be the sharpest blades made, and a Gillette Red Tip from somewhere in the 1950's. I have a custom made silver tip badger brush that I've had for almost that long and I use various shave creams from tubes and jars and shave soaps from Mama Bear Soaps. And I do love a good Bay Rum aftershave...
  12. I finally, after 20 years of trying, drew a trophy eastern Oregon elk tag for this fall. The rifle that I want to take on this hunt is my wife's granddad's model 70 .30-06, which I believe was made in 1947 or somewhen thereabouts and is more accurate than I am In order to keep the original wood stock in as good shape as possible I am thinking that it might behoove me to put an aftermarket synthetic stock on this rifle in place of the wood. It's been quite a while since I restocked a rifle (put a Bell & Carlson on a Ruger .300 mag in 1991) so I am looking for recommendations for a good,
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