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  1. I've been using Titewad ever since I discovered that it was a whole lot less expensive than the Clays and 700-x I was using for shotgun loads. I don't remember the bushing size, but I'm loading 13 grains of Titewad in AA hulls using Claybuster 7/8 ounce gray wads and whatever 209 primers I have on hand. Relatively light recoil in my hammer double and never fails to tip the knockdowns over unless I have a brain fart and forget what that shiny round thing on the end of the shotgun barrels is for...
  2. Don't think that's quite gonna do it, but Thanks! I figured it was a long shot, gents. Thanks for the replies, but I do believe that we're done with this here thread!
  3. I've been jonesin' for a fedora for a while. After seeing Utah Bob's fedora discoveries posted on Facebook, I got to wondering if any of you fine pards who hang out in these parts might happen to have a fedora in reasonable shape lolling about that you no longer wear. The biggest problem, so to speak, is sizing. I need a hat in the 7 3/4 or slightly larger size area, which makes such a thing kind of difficult to locate. So just on the off chance that any of you Wire denizens might happen to have such a thing languishing in captivity, I'm posting the question here: anybody got a gray or light brown fedora, size 7 3/4 or slightly larger, with a wider (3ish inch?) brim in reasonable condition you would part with? Holler if ya do, please, and we'll discuss it. Thanks!
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