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    Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, Woodworking, Helping Others, 2017/2018 Missouri State Black Powder Champion Silver Senior, 2018 Senior Missouri State Wild Bunch Champion 2019 Missouri State Senior Frontiersman Champion 2019 F.C.S.S. Missouri State Champion

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  1. That is why Dog is MAN'S BEST FRIEND DOG got kicked out of the garden also because of Eves Greed.
  2. God created the Earth, the planets, man and the entire universe in 6 days. Then God rested on the 7th day Then God created woman And neither man nor God has rested since
  3. I finished the rest of them last night.
  4. Yea, wait on. And Genesis 3:16 says; “I will greatly multiplyYour pain in childbirth,In pain you shall deliver children;Yet your desire will be for your husband,And he shall rule over you.”
  5. 75 degrees right now, But this is Missouri and snow tomorrow morning. Normal
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