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  1. Got mine Thursday. Only 2 side-effects so far. Was up in Columbia V.A. and the first effect afterwards apparently I went to a new pie store and bought 2 pies. Strawberry Rhubarb and a French Silk. 2nd effect was a tender arm for about 8 hours then it was gone. I actually appreciated the first effect because it caused me to forget all about the 2nd effect. That's how us old geezer's function.
  2. Very Nice. Treat it with the respect it deserves.
  3. Also the possibility the S.A.A. was handed down to them by their father who was also a Ranger before them. My father gave me a double action when I became a cop. Always carried that gun off duty. He was a cop before me.
  4. When I got out no one wanted to wear their Class A's. You had to or not go home. I'll never forget the looks an old lady gave me, or the teenager that spat at me. When I was on the honor flight this is a photo of my friend and how we were greeted at the airport. As the plane taxied in fire trucks greeted the plane with a spray over the plane. All passengers allowed us to depart the plane first where we were meet with Navy personnel and the entire airport rounded us in applause. When we returned home the last 18 miles we were escorted by the Highway Patrol, Sedalia Police, and the Guard. Anothe
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