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  1. Also Kansas City and St. Louis control Missouri. Two counties control the other 112
  2. Rootin' Tootin' Range Bum was one of the really good cowboys. I was so shocked when I heard this yesterday. Just broke my heart. He was so much fun to be around and always had a great time shooting Frontiersman with him. He helped me more than once with the holy. Man, I'm gonna miss him. Great Pard!
  3. True story a case I once worked There was a hit & run accident on Independence Avenue where witnesses got the license plate and description of the driver. Contact was made with the owner of the plate around a week later. Fellow turned out to be a Baptist Minister of a church some 40 miles from the accident scene and said that he was no where near when it occurred. Description of the car matched his so I had him respond to the unit with his car. Found damage matching the other vehicle along with foreign paint same color as victims. Still said he was no where near so took his photo and next day witness id him as the driver. Lab results showed his foreign paint matched victims. Arrested and court date set. A week later the secretary of the church called me and said that the reason he was on Independence Avenue was because he had a hooker he was in love with that worked that area and he did not want the church to find out about it. Now the church knows the story, pastor fired along with having to contact Missouri Baptist Convention and go before them. Then he had to explain to his wife.
  4. I feel rich because I have more money coming in than going out. Always lived like that even when I only made $600 a month.
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