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  1. These days I would think the DL would be sufficient for a witness along with a phone #. Then the officer could ask if the address provided is current. The SSN is a wealth of information for the officer. If the number does not sound familiar would ask what state you were born in. The SSN would verify on 99% of the accounts. A SSN is one of the easiest ways to run a party through NCIC and check them through every state, HI & AK included. Then their name, DOB, could be check through the same system for verification. But a Florida officer has to follow procedure what ever that may be.
  2. Dillons CV750, been running 26 years now almost 27.
  3. Back in the mid 90's the city government of Kansas City, Mo. built two apartment complexes for the poor. Of course this was in the inner-city. The price of each complex was $960,000 and each one held 10 residence rooms. Now doing the math that came out to each apartment costing $96,000. I worked for a living and never dreamed of having a home in that price range. When I pointed that out to a few fellow police officers, none of us were very happy. We had a heck of a job and none had a house that cost that amount.
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