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  1. At least the gals from the 48 photo are actually shooting. Just like the men from that era they got grit in my book.
  2. Yep, nothing like taking with them old guns. Me with great-grandpa's 84 Trapdoor.
  3. She did more than a fantastic job! Well done Kate!
  4. Same with me, my son-in-law was a few years older than me. Heck of a nice guy. Died a few years ago from the effects of Agent Orange. Damn stuff!
  5. I live out in the country and a few years ago another neighbor heard a very loud shot go off and knew it had to be close. There was a guy shooting off the hood of his car at a deer. Only problem was another neighbor's house was 75 feet away directly in the path of the bullet. Thankfully he missed the deer and the house. Neighbor called Conservation and they caught the guy. Lost his rifle and hunting privilege in the county along with a good fine. Now the rest of the story, turned out to be one of the deacons at our church. When John and I found this out the next time we saw him asked nicely what the **** he thought he was doing. Explained, he didn't know why he even took the shot. Idiot.
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