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  1. Man, talk about an excellent detailed writing! Thanks J-Bar, hope to see you Saturday and hope it don't rain. In conclusion; Thus the statement is they have to be hit fast and hard. One without the other is useless.
  2. I have a grand-daughter named Sequoia, like in the tree. Also have a grand-son and I sure can't spell that one at all.
  3. Went to school with a girl named Crystal Chandelier
  4. Getten involved with a woman will get ya killed one way or another. No matter what ya do it ain't right.
  5. Yep, it's JAG all over again. I was not all that impressed with the show and the procedures was all hollywierd for the entertainment. Wife liked it so will have to hunker down and watch it. That new "Green Acres" show starts this week, don't know how it will go.
  6. Would take to long to find my photos, but we have what is called, "Eagle Days" here where I live and at the overlook by the dam they bring up from Dickenson Zoo one Eagle that you can walk right up to. They also have tours around the lake that day for Eagle watching. When I sit out in my sun room you will see Eagles flying by all the time. I am on a bluff where they fly by. It's cool.
  7. Around a year ago this pair of Eagles had a nest where 3 babies were hatched. A high wind storm hit the area breaking the limb the nest was on and it came crashing down. Upon impact 2 of the babies were killed with one surviving. That one was taken to Dickenson Zoo, recovered, and released back in the area. This pair of Eagles made another nest maybe 75 feet from where the old nest once was. I posted photos of that nest that crashed around a year ago. Today as I took my hike with the dog I looked up and we now have 2 new Eagles that I could see. Mom and Dad were up that tree which once held the old nest proudly watching over their kids.
  8. Our little county, poorest in the state, had 3 suicides 2 weeks ago. Around 10,000 people for the county. All 3 hung their selves. One teen, one 20, and one in his 30's. None related to each other.
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