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  1. Everything is weird. Neighbors house sold in one day at $126 s.f. I have had my place for sale 4 months now at $87 s.f. and more that twice the size of his plus, I live on a bluff over the lake. Advertised in California, St. Louis and Kansas City. His place is not on the bluff.
  2. Your choice as to what you like. Me, I match scope to barrel.
  3. May have your cats but this thing has been right out my front window for around 45 minutes right now. Probably a year old.
  4. You and your wife will be in my prayers this week.
  5. Only a complete fool would let this one in.
  6. Put that sucker in the right hands and it's VERY EFFECTIVE. I know
  7. WC Watch Commander here also Detectives assigned in the Juvenile unit will determine submitting dna to the lab. Through normal investigation will try and find mother. If no luck place dna sample into the system maybe a hit today, maybe years down the road.
  8. I was part of a big law suit in Missouri where a guy had just picked up his motorcycle and 4 miles later the front wheel came off on the 65mph highway. D.R.T. (Dead rite there). It turned out the mechanic did not properly tighten the front wheel to the fork. Never went to trial, company insurance payed off big time. I think depends on the laws in Michigan and worth appeal. But don't get me started on courts and justice.
  9. Always depends where you live. Deserts of Arizona water line may be 1-2" below ground and the water lines run through walls or attic. Missouri you are safe at 36". Alaska, just chip up ice and melt it for your water.
  10. My great aunt was placed in the German camps in Florida. She ended marrying the train conductor that hauled her there my great uncle. WW II
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