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  1. Illiowa Irregulars in Milan, Il. ZnZ ranch Tiffin, IA, Rock River Regulars, S Beloit, WI.
  2. Didn't read all the replies, but here is mine. A lot of people who don't shoot GF don't think about those things when they write stages. At our club, this would likely not happen because all stages are reviewed and revived to avoid this. And if you have questions, ask before anyone shoots the stage
  3. With this popping up already, I can hardly wait to see what Winter is going to bring.
  4. John, OLG is right on the money. Go by weight, not bushing size. I use Prairie Dawg's load and it works great for me and the wife. While you can substitute ClayDot for Clays, their volume will be different. So, once again, like Lumpy says, go by weight, not bushing size.
  5. The bottom line is that you should match your equipment to your needs. We should find that out before we tell them what we think they need.
  6. I know that this isn't going to sit well with a certain group of people, but since you are only doing a couple thousand a year, I would suggest you look seriously at a Lee 4 hole turret press. It will do what you need and save you a lot of money.
  7. how many rounds are you planning on reloading in a year, and how many different calibers?
  8. Some guys like to show off their six packs. Me, I have a keg.
  9. I always wondered who that guy was on those commercials. Now I know.
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