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  1. From the title, I was a little hesitant to open the post
  2. Designated order, shoot at will, not that big a deal. Just don't have 7 shooters all try to be at the LT at the same time.
  3. Huckleberry is a good guy, too. Helped me out at a match and was easy to work with
  4. I've heard that there is a guy in Illinois not all that far from you. Can't think of his name. Cowboy Cartsomething. Cartwheel, no, Cartwright, no, CARTY, that's it. Cowboy Carty. Not sure if he works on Uberti, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Western Gun Works | Facebook
  5. I'd have to say that in all the years and all the different clubs I've shot at, there has only been a handful of stages that I thought were poor stages.
  6. I don't shoot every match. But when I do, I shoot 125gr. RNFP in the pistol, and 147gr. TC in the rifle. Both with 2.7 gr. Clays or ClayDot. Shoot straight, my friend.
  7. "Luckily I had a pipe cleaner in my gun cart, wrapped it around the lever and barrel and finished the match." Sounds like an external modification to me
  8. Very nice work. Looks great. Just have to work are that "Marlin Jam" issue.
  9. Any of the three mentioned will do a great job for you.
  10. Personal opinion. I'd switch to .38sp. Take it or leave it, up to you, but more shooters use .38sp. You are going to get their brass and they are going to get yours. L:ook closely before you reload.
  11. one spotter says one guy holding a beer, one spotter says two guys holding a beer, third spotter says?
  12. So, is it the chance of winning or just being able to say you attended the match? Whether it's because of the distance, time , and money, or a limit on the number of entries, not everyone who wants to attend can do so. Should the 150 shooters from this years waiting list be the 1st 150 entries for next year? Should the top 5 in each Cat. from this year also be guaranteed entry? You're never going to make everyone happy.
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