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  1. I learned that his wasn't the only appendectomy that day. The other was a 9 yr old girl. Turns out the appendicitis in kids is more common then we think.
  2. Thanks to all for your concern for my grandson, Owen. Yes, his recovery will be quick. His surgeon has a son who is a pitcher with Michigan State, so he knows exactly what Owen can do and how quickly he can do it. Come find out that he didn't feel 100% Saturday, but didn't say anything because he wanted to play baseball. Didn't say anything Sunday because he wanted to go to his friend's birthday party. Pain finally got so bad he couldn't take it. Oh to be young. He went to practice last night and played catch with a coach. Didn't throw hard, and didn't reach for high or low throws, but still less than 30 hours after surgery. Feels and acts like his old self today and will return to school tomorrow. One positive out of this, at least for awhile, he realizes that playing sports is more important to him than video games and he will be more focused and work harder at practice and in games, Thanks, again.
  3. Please note that this is a limited time offer and can not be used in conjunction with any other coupon. Not valid in California, New York, and Ohio. Also void where prohibited.
  4. Actually My Daughter started sizing brass at 8yrs old and I stopped having to load 12ga shells from 1994 until I had to stop shooting in 2010. She loaded every shotgun shell I and she and Judge Wells Spicer shot. The Judge continues to shoot occasionally and is still shooting the 140+ boxes left over when I stopped shooting. She stopped too, it's no fun without DAD. 

  5. "Load ammo for a good friend though. Yeah I know you shouldn't shoot someone else's handloads or let them shoot your's. " I guess that depends on the level of confidence in the loader's ability. My wife shoots what I reload, but I sure wouldn't shoot what she reloaded!
  6. Before he hit the big time as one of the top 100 teaching pros, Tiger's first professional coach, Butch Harmon, was the pro at one of the local country clubs. A co-worker was a friend with Butch, and we played golf with him. I got free instruction, and, for that Summer, my game improved 6 strokes. Butch moved to Texas and became Ernie Els ' coach. Ernie's career took off, and Butch was on his way. Today, I couldn't afford 1 minute of his time.
  7. Speaking of golf. A man out playing golf slices off into the woods. The ball breaks a window in a run down shack. He walks up to the shack and knocks on the door. An old woman answers the door. He apologizes for breaking the window and offers for pay for it. She tells he that while the window has been broken several times, no one has ever offered to pay for it. She tells him she is a witch and will put a spell on him. For the next year, he will play his best golf ever and will have a great sex life. He goes back to the golf course and completes an excellent game of golf. Next he challenges the golf pro and beats him easily. He spends every possible moment of the next year playing golf at every course he manage to get to and having a wonderful time of it. After a year he finds himself back at the same course where he found the witch. Out of curiosity he slices one into the woods so he can talk to her. "Well", she asks, "How has your game been?" "Great! This has been the best year of my life. I have played all over the country and never lost a game." "And how about your sex life?" "Great, I had sex 4 times ." "You call 4 times in a year great?" "Hey, for a Catholic Priest without a car in a town of 200 people, that's pretty darn good."
  8. On Saturday, we watched our 10 yr old grandson play in his 1st baseball tournament of the year. Despite losing the first game 6-5, the boys played great and looked like they could be a match for anyone. The 2nd game was an all out error-fest. And to top it off, Owen didn't play as well as usual. I was less than happy about the way they played and was not doing a good job hiding my anger about their poor play. Owen wasn't quite himself, but we passed it off as his disappointment in the team's poor play. He attended a friend's birthday party on Sunday, but just wasn't having a good time and wasn't as active was he usually is. By 4:00, he told his dad he was in pain and wanted to go to the doctor. Long story short, at 12:30 this morning, he had an appendectomy. Surgery was a snap and he's doing fine, re-cooping at home. Remember what is really important.
  9. Not a Tiger fan, but as someone who plays golf. I do have to acknowledge what an accomplishment his winning was.
  10. Here's a companion question. Should someone have stopped him when he went for that 3rd round, or do you just let him load and access the penalty?
  11. " Just when I think I have pretty much everything figured out some other "gremlin" appears." Amen! So, just thinking and it's up to you, but if I had that much brass, and I was concerned about it, I'd sort it down to 1 or 2 five gal. buckets, take the rest to the scrap metal and use the money to buy some new brass.
  12. There is no need to load .38 and .357. There was a similar post not too long ago. One point I made was that you are not always going to get back all of your brass. Some of it will go to other shooters. ( I reloaded 600 this week and found a .357 while inspecting the brass) Brass isn't expensive, especially when you consider that you will reuse it several times. ( only 3 split cases in the 600) And unless you have presses set for different calibers, you will be resetting dies. I load .38sp brass with 2.7gr. of Clays (or Clay Dot) with a 147 gr. TC bullet at 1.50." This works in my wife's '92 and my '73.
  13. Got to agree with Tyrel. Go to a match and say. "Hi, I'm interested in getting into CAS." Don't buy anything until you find out the pros and cons of each gun. With your family shooting, you'll want to look into reloading.
  14. We are blessed with a great group of people and it usually takes 1 -1 1/2 hours to set up a six stage match. While not assigned, people pick a task and get right to it. The most heard question is "what do you need?" Our start time is 9:00a.m. on the day before the match. We had to make a "no work before that time" rule because a lot of time, people would show up at 9:00 and the work would be half done. It's not usually for someone be at set up even though they can not make the shoot.
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