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  1. Rye, This is getting to be way too much work for a retired guy. I think I'll just tell the wife she needs to get a second job.
  2. Rye, you gave me a great idea for a new business. Kinda like Grub hub and Uber. For I fee, I'll come to your house and take your car to the gas station and fill it up.
  3. Our department decided to go to the Glock 9mm. Because it wasn't mandatory and you had to buy your own, several of us decided to stay with our .357 revolvers for better stopping power. After a couple years, they decided that they wanted everyone to carry the same gun for training and possible ammo liability purposes. They bought the guns and went with the Glock .40 cal.
  4. My bet is that it was one of the thousands of people who fled Illinois due to the continually rising taxes.
  5. Seems like I heard that somewhere. Oh, that's right. It was here about two months ago.
  6. Pat, I hope the guy that sold you that picture didn't sell you land in Florida, too.
  7. Yes, being told " we found a tumor, it's cancer," was a shock. I was lucky. I went to the hospital for a kidney stone attack and they found the tumor. All I had to do was have the kidney removed. People like your daughter are the true survivors. Wonderful news for her and your family. God bless your family.
  8. Maybe for you, but in my case, misses are proof that the target moved.
  9. No hazmat fee special at Midway USA on qualified powder and primer purchases over $150.00. https://www.midwayusa.com/promo/powder-primers-1119
  10. Don't know about Australia, but I've heard that in some parts of the good old US of A, she could be both.
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