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  1. When my wife comes home with something we don't need, I ask her why she bought it. Answer: "Because it was on sale."
  2. Badger, All you got to do with them planes is get a really big rubber band. Then you put a notch in the nose of the plane and launch them like we did those balsa wood one we had as kids.
  3. This is about the third time this subject has come up. Seems like some people always get their panties in a bunch and want to be confrontational. No need to do that. The correct answer is, and always has been a simple, "No, sir."
  4. We need a " Hotel California" law. You can move there any time you want, but you can never leave.
  5. Our club does have a winter indoor shoot (no shotgun and it is a hit or miss on paper targets in an allotted time) /pot luck/swap meet. Once an off season is good. More, and no one would show up. Especially since some shooters have long drives to attend.
  6. You're a much better man than me, Evil. If it had been me, I'd probably cause a minor scene and spend my free time telling everyone what he did.
  7. Proud be be NFL free since 2016. Nike recently launched a new ad campaign with Kapernick's face on a poster. The slogan was, " Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything." Well, Kapernick sacrificed nothing. The shoe store ownert that went out of business because he stopped selling Nike shoe lost everything. That's a man that should be honored. I'll never buy Nike again. The fans at the KC game boo'ed the players for their little protest. I say shame on the fans for going to the game. Let them play in empty stadiums and with no one watching on TV. Wait I just had a change of heart. I would buy a Nike shirt if it said, "Proud to be NFL free since 2016"
  8. Shady Creek Shootists in Little York, IL. has closed.
  9. These were truly two of the finest people you would ever want to know. As Count Sandor stated, Preemption Judge was a tireless worker and supported for CAS at the club. If something wasn't right or fair, he would would take up the issue and not let go until it was corrected. He may have seemed a little gruff on the outside, but once you got to know him, you could not help but like him. Capt. Jake was a big hearted man with a warm and friendly smile. The minute he saw you, he would walk up and give you a sincere greeting. He was the kind of person you wish you could had known all your life. As Count stated, Jake was he main man for WB matches. Our club sets up on Saturdays for Sunday matches WB would shoot on Saturdays after set up. As MD's, we always had to have our matches submitted a week ahead so Jake could set the course of fire for WB. He was also one of the people behind our January Iron Man shoots. A couple years ago, He suffered a very nasty broken leg in a freak accident while setting up for a shoot. He was back the next year, working just as hard as ever. Not enough good things can be said about Jake and the Judge. They leave some mighty big shoes to be filled. They will be missed.
  10. One 20 person posse, or ten 15 person posses. Shooting is shooting. Where you need to have your A game is spotting. Only been to one state match. Had a great time. We were going the Gunsmoke this year. the the wife's employer has some tight Co-vid restrictions.
  11. Don't take it too hard. One of the top shooters at regionals dropped a gun and was MDQ'ed two years in a row. And to top it off, he was the MD.
  12. That's one of the things I was going to say. Don't know if it's just our club, but our shooters are never afraid to ask questions, and our T.O.'s have gotten real good at anticipating the questions and answering before they are asked. Plus, the MD and TO's discuss these types of things during the walk through. Second thing was, are our rules really that hard to understand?
  13. Slipped? Prop failure? Did they stop and fix the prop? Did anyone else have problems with it? Wasn't there, didn't see the prop, but my guess would be that it was a "dropped " gun. What was the call make at the time?
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