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  1. Trophies, plaques, and alike sit and collect dust. I like useable stuff. One year our club have etched glass beer mugs for our annual.
  2. Never said it was the only reason. When you have a ton of shooters, you have to make the stages quick. I get that. Just suggesting that a State Championship is a bigger factor than Big and Close targets.
  3. Rye, it don't count as a 4 pager if half a page is you posting about it going 4 pages!
  4. Is that because of target size, or because it is a State Championship match?
  5. But is that because of the target size, or because it is a State Championship match?
  6. SASS 2021 The evolution of the game. Speed is king. I'm guessing that in a few short years you'll just have two dump targets. One for pistol and one for rifle. Shortly after that, it won't be Cowboy Action Shooting and SASS will ride off into the sunset.
  7. My #1 deputy got his first today..
  8. "End result was a SDQ for the previous stage , the same as given for empties in the pistol." He had empties in the pistol, too? Without calling anyone out, a friendly reminder at the next pre-shoot safety meeting would be in order
  9. But light years ahead of Illinois
  10. I would imagine the principle would would apply for both styles
  11. Jump to 1:25 and watch until about the 3:00 minute mark. I think it might answer your question. The Story behind Eagle Grips Grips, Gunfighter Grip - YouTube
  12. NO................. NEW......................CATEGORIES!!!!!!
  13. It's great to want the thing we love to grow and be the thing everyone loves and wants to do, but let's face it, we can't change it to be everything to everyone. There is no "V8 moment" where people are going to hit their head and say ,"WOW, now I can do cowboy action shooting.!" People either want to do it, or they don't.
  14. I ain't believing it until I see " I'm Pale Wolf Brunelle, and I approve this message."
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