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  1. I have seen some of these in the past and they had a good feel to them. Just have not go into the Holy Black Club except for deer hunting. I always thought they would be a fun thing to shoot. Good luck. Maddog McCoy
  2. For those that don't know Illinois Politics, the current Governor was hand picked for the job by the Illinois Speaker of the house, Michael Madigan and his daughter was the attorney general until last year. Like the Daley machine of old, nothing happens without his hand in it as his party has a super majority in both houses of legislature. Anything he desires is rubber stamped by the current Governor and Illinois was shutdown a couple years ago as a test of who was in charge when we had a Republican Governor. The current governor claims all his holding are in a blind trust, but I think he is the one trying to blind us.
  3. I am glad this is a nice place to put things in perspective. I was mad, part at me for dropping the money, more at who took it and did not say anything and the world in general. Today, I found out according to the Governor of Illinois, I broke the law by going to Indiana to get a haircut and he is having anybody traveling in and out of Illinois arrested and vehicles towed by the State Police. I have heard he sent his stay at home order (he stated his order is the same as law) to the state Legislature to have it made into law, but his family has been running to Florida and Wisconsin on a regular basis and he forgets to mention that on the news. I guess my punishment for becoming a criminal yesterday was losing the money and I should be glad I am not in jail for getting a haircut and sneaking into Indiana. I wonder what laws I broke today. I went to the weld shop to pay for a tractor rim I had fixed, got a carry out sandwich from Subway and picked up an order at Menards in a town 30 miles away. I guess I will have to stay home tomorrow as I might break another law, however I don't think I am too worried about it. I will post the laws that I break tomorrow, since I have to go to town once or twice. My dad wants me to get gas for his mower and I need gravel to fill the mud hole in the driveway from the rain. Being a criminal puts a whole new perspective on things. https://www.illinoispolicy.org/illinois-small-business-owners-face-imprisonment-2500-fine-for-reopening-under-pritzkers-order/ http://www.chicagotribune.com/coronavirus/ct-coronavirus-illinois-pritzker-order-20200518-igdhoofobraevmmrquoqfjbw4a-story.html
  4. I have liked Harry Morgan in different things I have seen, But I will agree with this and part of it seemed as he felt was a better man (sheriff) than John Wayne (shootist) and I like the part when the when John Wayne had had enough of him and offer to shoot him, Morgan stated you would not dare and John Wayne stated watch me. Morgan put on his hat and walked out. The sheriff character was an arrogant jerk.
  5. I wanted to pistol whip them and find my money, but I would have been in more trouble for getting it back that way than they would have been for taking the money. I have walked away many times instead of doing what I wanted. Those are the times the end result would have just made things worse for me and cost me much more in the long run. I walked out of Walmart and they were collecting carts at the door to clean them and I grabbed the bag in the top of the cart and started to walk away. The 2 kids stopped me and said I forgot the item in the bottom for the cart. I looked at them and realized that I had forgot it and i had forgot to pay for it at the self check. I looked at them and stated I also forgot to pay for it and would they put it back for me. They looked at me as if I was crazy. I don't think they knew how to react as they probability watch people take stuff and not pay for all the time and they think it is a normal behavior.
  6. Normally I would have put the money in my front shirt pocket (shirt did not have one)as I don't usually carry much cash and I was planning to deposit it back in the bank. Since this is the second time I lost something out of that wallet, (debit card fell out will I was making a purchase a while back, but I noticed and found it right away) I am in the market for a better more secure wallet. If I had been alone, I would have been paying more attention, but we were have a relaxing time as we had not seen each other in a month. I feel that I noticed something was missing and it took a second to register but it is amazing how fast something can disappear. When got home I went thru my truck and double checked everywhere and I was also missing the business card from the barber that was with the money. I can always get more money, I just think the lack of honesty and helping others when you see something happen it is the part that bothers me. I never did like a thief.
  7. I liked a lot of his movies and watch them all the time. I would rate the Shootist as one of the best. Mostly I liked the ending and how he talked about the person that could not shoot being the one that would do him in. The other statement that stood out to me was if you need to shoot, don't hesitate, just do it. He got shot in the back and Ron Howard shot the bartender, realized what he did, threw the gun and walked out and said nothing. John Wayne lived just long enough to see what happened, and shook his head in approval. I saw it when I was a freshman in High school if i remember correctly.
  8. I was standing in line with my cart and my Lady friend was checking out in front of me. The cashier asked her for a rewards card, and she said what is that? (Ollie's Army Discount Store in Evansville, IN). The cashier stated you can get a discount with it. I spoke up and stated I have one and I have two discount coupons in my email on my phone. I opened my wallet and dug out the little key chain card and gave it to her. My friend paid for her stuff and the cashier rang up my stuff, scanned my card and coupon and told me $50. I started to pay and realized the $180.00 I had put in my wallet at my friend house (she paid me back for money I had lent her) was gone. I looked at the ground by my feet and the piece of paper that had been in my wallet with the money was laying by my foot and the money was gone. I asked the cashier, and announced that I was missing my money and it was with the paper that was by my foot. Everybody just looked away and basically ignored me. I payed for my stuff, stepped back and looked all around again, and it was no where to be found. Since the paper that was with the money was laying on the ground by my foot and I had not opened my wallet except to pay at that store I am certain that is where I dropped it. I walked outside and ask my friend if she saw it, and she said not and to looked by the register again. I walked back in the the couple that was behind me was getting their change from their purchase and they were getting change from a wad of $20 bills. (I dropped 9 $20's folded in half) and she was stuffing in her purse when she saw me come back in the store. My bet is when I dropped it, one of them stepped on it and while I was looking for it, they ignored me and waited until nobody was watching and picked it up. I don't know what is worse, losing the money or knowing that they watched me drop it and then took it and kept it while I was asking about it and them not saying anything. I have seen people drop stuff in from of me and I have told them or picked it up and gave it to them. The last time I was walking into a convenience store and small kid ran out with a soda. I looked down and there was a dollar on the ground and one inside the store and looking outside the was another one outside the door. The kid (6-7 years old maybe) was getting into a beat up car and a lady was inside it by the gas pump. I walked over to the car and knocked on the window. She gave a funny look and the the kid opened the door and I asked him if he lost something and he just looked at me. The lady stated she wonder what happen to the change from her money and was glad to get it. I would bet she did not send him in to buy stuff again until he got older. I don't know, maybe I expected too much from people. Seems like the world is going to H@#L in a handbag and it is just getting worse. The attitude of a lot of people seems to be "Hooray for me, (^*(&!) you." I guess being laid off since Mid-March and knowing that I was was to be terminated at the end of May is getting to me. Only good news this past week was my termination date was moved to the end of June and I have employee benefits until then. Maybe I am a bit irritated. The good part of today was I found an open Barber shop and got a haircut. Only had to drive 70 miles to get to it.
  9. I was a service manager for radio Shack from 1982 to 1988 and then worked for a Computerland for a year before going to work in industrial Electronics Does anybody know how to align a floppy disc drive so the disks were compatible from one drive to the next? I worked on the old 8 inch floppy drives and the 5 1/4 floppy drives. I had to align 10 meg hard drives so the CE packs would work in them. My first computer was a a Commodore Pet with a black and white screen and 4K of memory. It used a cassette deck to save the program. I have 2 cassette decks and cables around here for saving programs for the TRS-80 Model 1 and I got rid of most of my old computer stuff about 15 years ago and filled the back of 2 pickup trucks with equipment and parts. A guy was making a computer Museum in his barn and I gave him a working Model 1, Model 4 and a bunch printers and parts. One of my friends still has his Model 16 with a built in 15 meg hard drive that he was using for accounting. I have a lot of old software around for different things.
  10. I have these books on the shelf here at the house. Some have been around a long time.
  11. I may be Old (58), Overweight (300lbs, 0 in space), can't hear well, bad eyesight, (trifocals) But I still can make electronic stuff work. Sign me up, just don't give a red shirt and I want a Phaser and a Disrupter just in case.
  12. Hi, I got my brass today. The box fit inside my mailbox ( I got a big Mailbox at the end of the lane) and I was happy to see it. Thanks
  13. A 110 volt plug hooked to a piece of cord and wired into a box with a switch to short the wires--BAD IDEA ( is your house insurance paid up?) Circuit tracer---Good Idea Anything worth doing should be done correctly and safely and you should take the time to do it right. However, I have done electrical work for over 40 years and there was more than one time I should taken my own advice.
  14. Don't worry about the haircut. Just put your hat on and fall will be here before you know it. Then you can try again. I trimmed mine a little bit and the clipper when dead and I can not find the charger. Good part is I trimmed a bit off each side and it turn out even right before the clippers died.
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