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  1. No............ had to go back and what the video to see what you were talking about. I saw the cat jump the first time I watched but missed the guy hitting it with the rake. I would have shot the snake since I am a firm believer that only good snake is a dead one. Everybody has something that they dislike with a passion, mine is snakes. The ones that crawl on the ground and the 2 legged ones................
  2. AND THEY DID NOT COOK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. These guys put on a great match. I won the Iowa challenge one year, it was called low on ammo and my partner had ran out of ammo and I had to throw him a reload from about 25 ft away and he had to load it and hit the last target to stop the clock. I think it was 21 pistol, twenty rifle and 12 shotgun. We shot it clean and he caught the reload which was how we won. The thing is I met him at that match and had loaned him my pocket pistol and ammo and he won the side match for pocket pistol and I came in second. Funny thing is that was the only match I ever saw him at and have not seen him since. It was a great weekend.
  4. I think I have shot this match twice? I will add it to the list for shooting in April. Currently Looking to try and make Iron Cowboy, Alabama state and the Kentucky state. I guess I had better go load more ammo. Maddog McCoy
  5. I will be at the KY state shoot, I probably be alone as my son will be graduating high school this year sometime in May and I am not sure when he will be done. He has already told me to sign us both up for Black Gold as he does not want to miss it in July. See you all soon, Maddog McCoy
  6. Life member. #5672. Joined July 1997, Started shooting in 1994.
  7. Last year was not good, and I am glad to see it gone. My dad said he felt this would not be a good year for the family in January of 2018, and he was right. In January, my grandmother died and I lost my job, had to sell almost everything in Alabama and move what was left into a storage unit and moved in Grandma empty trailer in Illinois. Found a job and moved to Kentucky, still missing a lot of stuff I had to dump so I could move. One of my nieces her husband left her, refuses to pay child support on the 2 boys (1 1/2 and 3 years old), she moved into grandma's trailer. One niece totaled her car, my dad's suburban, and died just before Thanksgiving in her sleep at 30 years old from a migraine headache. She left a 10 year old daughter that goes to her ex-husband that lives 200 miles from the our family. ( lots of problems with that and my sister is a mess as she moved back to Illinois to help raise her granddaughter in July and now she will be gone). My divorce from my wife was finalized after being married 32 years and together 38 years. These are the highlights, I have forgotten some of the details. My family will not miss 2018 being over. I wish you'll well and hope this year is better than the last one.
  8. I tried to message you about the Colt SAA 3rd gen but the system stated you can not receive messages. Email me at maddog5672@yahoo.com. Thanks
  9. Mad Dog McCoy, I would be very grateful if you would check the '92. Thanks very much. 

  10. I have gotten a Nickel Stoger in 12ga for the Plainsmatch and Sidekick is picking up 3 black powder revolvers for me and 12 ga reloader at EOT that I got here on the wire. Since I have my trapdoor, I have the guns now for Plainsman match and if I can figure out how to make the ammo, I am good to go. I am begining to think I will see if I can load some black for my regular match rifle that I may shoot Frontiersman. I will figure it out in the couple weeks.
  11. I might be interested in your old ugly 73. Especially if it's ugly, but not too ugly. Need it for above the bar, that and a good story would be cool. What are you looking for $$.



  12. When I go in to a restaurant I tell them I want a corner in the back by the wall. They look at me funny and will try to seat me in the middle of the room in a crowd. Usually I end up telling them that I don't hear well and I want a quiet place so I can talk to the person I am with. Most of the time it works. I was in a restaurant with my Mom and Dad a while back and they seated us under a TV that was blasting and a bunch that was watching a game on it. The girl came up and asked for our order and my dad and I just looked at her and never heard a word she said. She looked kinda irritated and repeated herself and my mom spoke up and to her neither of us could hear her over the noise. She got them to turn the tv down and talked louder when she came back. The manager came over an offered a different table but there was no anywhere in the place that was any better. The hard part for me was she had a voice that blended into the noise that was hard to pick out. Most of the time I am ok but the ringing in my ears get really loud sometimes and other times it is quieter. It started when I was about 14 and a bicycle tire blew out when I was airing it up with the air compressor. Shooting and working in factory years without hearing protection has not helped. Maddog McCoy
  13. Thanks everybody. I usually buy shotgun shells as work interferes with my time to get stuff done. I use cheap promotional loads for local matches, and trap, and AA or STS for big matches. I will probably just order 2 or 3 boxes to start, then if I find I need more, I have several 100 AA hulls or I will get some brass hulls and try making some. Maddog McCoy
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