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  1. Thanks for the replies, will get back with you this weekend, been crazy week
  2. I don't know, I don't want know, I didn't do it, and you can't prove it anyway. So what are you talking about to begin with?
  3. I am working on a prepushbutton Marlin in 357 and trying to fix the action job that was done on it. I am looking for a v-shaped carrier to install in it. If anybody has one, give me a yell. Looking for a factory made one, not a modified carrier. I had bought a couple of them in the past, but the places I got them before are out of stock. Thanks
  4. After shooting Cowboy for 27 years, (SASS Member 24 years), in 1 year and 11 days, I will be old enough to shoot Senior category. Depending on several different things, I will be old enough to retire in 1,107 days but I will most likely have to wait 2,933 days to retire.
  5. Some days you win, some days you lose, and other days you can't win for losing. You know you shot the only good primer out of the batch, the rest will be squibs at a big match that you waited months to shoot at and do well.
  6. I think you mean: Dry white toast (1st order) 4 whole fried chickens and a coke. (2nd order)
  7. Show up and have fun. Even if you only fire one shot and take misses for the rest, you got to shoot the match. Be well. Maddog
  8. Well, I got a job agian after being off work and hiding on my farm most of last year. I scheduled my vacation for Black Gold this week ( I get 3 weeks plus 5 personal days during the first year) and my son told me he is ready to go. I got hotel reservations yesterday in Manchester and will send the applications later in the week. Maddog McCoy and Just Jason will be there.
  9. I believe that a lot of the hand sanitizer is made from grain alcohol. (or it was when nobody could get anything else.) If you mix it with some Coca Cola you may be able to sanitize your insides with it. I would make a long post about masks and my general hate of them, but i am too tired and really don't give a $^% about them. The one's required a work usually give me a sore throat by the end of my shift most days. I only wear it there since they pay me.
  10. I scored 7 boxes of 12ga LNLR AA shotgun shells today. It was last of all of their ammo except for some odd's and ends ( 28 ga shells, 410s and some 12 ga I never heard.) Regular price, 7.87 a box with Illinois 9.5% sales tax.
  11. I will be signing up next week. I was 2 hours from there for a long time and now about 5 hours or less away. I think the last time I was there I was shooting a monthly match for practice before I left for Winter Range. Guess I better get busy, Got to find a camper and fix one of the golf carts I bought last year. See you all soon. Maddog McCoy
  12. The Range in Sparta Illinois has 1000 campsites, 12 Berms and Is big enough for the shoot. June in Southern Illinois can be hot or comfortable, just never can tell. However, it is owned by the State of Illinois and the state would cancel the shoot the day before it started if they felt that way. You can not trust the governor, he changes the rules on a daily basis. Where ever it is, I plan on going this year and hopefully it is closer to Illinois that New Mexico and somewhere the weather is nice and cool in June.
  13. you can not receive messages. I may have a gun cart if you need one. Maddog

    1. DeaconKC


      I would definitely like to hear more, thanks!

    2. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

      Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

      email me at maddog5672@yahoo.com with your number and i will call you tomorrow after 6pm. maddog

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