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  1. Sound like a lot of fun. I have not been able to make Black Gold for the last couple years, But going to try this year if things get better.
  2. Got jury duty in 1992. Put it off 3 times and got told to show up. Called the number the night before and had to report. Since I had put it off, I was the first one called to the jury box. The case was person suing an insurance company for bills from their chiropractor due to auto accident. They asked me the following questions: Have you ever been to a Chiropractor? NO Do you know anybody that goes to a Chiropractor on a regular basis? NO Do you know anything about Chiropractors? Not really: The only thing I know about them is when I was a kid (early 1970's) and asked my mother, who is a Register Nurse, what was a Chiropractor? Her response was: Don't worry about them, they are all just a bunch of QUACKS! The courtroom laughed. I was dismissed by the Judge. The bad part was that was Monday morning and they made me report everyday and sit there all day until Friday. I have never been to a Chiropractor. I found out later several of my friends used them and my ex-wife started going to one all the time once her medical insurance stated they would pay for it. I have never been called again.
  3. Welcome back. Good to see you are still alive and kicking.
  4. From the things I hear, he want to be president and this is to show his party that he is Very Anti-Gun. Most sheriffs in the state have told him they will not enforce it and to place his gun grab when the sun does not shine. His no bail bill was a joke, they changed the trespass law so that the police can only ticket people for trespassing and can not remove them from your property.
  5. Hawg Runner. I sent a pm. FYI, Money orders only as I don't use paypal or any other online banking service. Thanks
  6. Correct me if i am wrong, But isn't the rule if you have loaded holstered guns, you must stay within kicking distance of the loading table. If you are going to your cart or anywhere further than kicking distance from the loading table, you must unholster your loaded guns and place your loaded guns on the loading table. This has been the rule for years almost everywhere I have shot and I have stopped people from walking away from the loading table with loaded guns several times. Usually before the shooter got too far from the table.
  7. My sister just went to Texas when her husband died back in June, I spent a good amount of the summer working on her house and helping pack it up so she could move. She was lucky, it sold the same day it was listed. I live on the family farm (300 acres) in Southern Illinois (250 miles south of Chicago) and shot a 8 point buck in the back yard sitting on a chair at 20 yards. I have my own practice range for cowboy. My parents live of the other side of the farm and are in their 80's and for the first time ever last month they commented they would like to leave Illinois, but we could never get enough money when we sell out to replace the farm if we moved to another state. Dad grew up in Missouri in St Louis and commented they would like to live in southeast Missouri or near Iron Mountain where he summered as a kid. I think I would go back to Northern Alabama if we were to sellout everything, however, I am here as long as the family decides to keep the farm. Right now looking after them and the farm keeps me busy. I think Texas or Kentucky would be my second choice.
  8. I have 1764 pieces of 44 magnum brass, ( mixed head stamp) 1713 brass and 51 nickle. This brass I have collected over the years and I recently replaced it with new brass. I can get all of in a large flat rate USPS box for $175.00 shipped. I can get 1200 pieces in a medium Flat rate box for 125.00 shipped. Sold Pend Payment, Thanks I have 0 pieces of 9 mm range brass and I am selling for $.03 each plus shipping. I have not counted and bagged it yet but can ship in a flat rate box, will have to see how much I can get in a box. Local pickup can be arranged. Thanks Maddog
  9. For the most part, I never leave my loaded handguns on the table, I holster them. If I leave them on the loading table to get something, they are placed where they would never be remotely close to the edge of the table and the unwritten rule most observe is never touch another person's firearms. A lot of places I shoot do not have a loading officer, but 99% have an unloading officer or the previous shooter checks the person behind him's firearms at the unloading table. Sounds like somebody was in a hurry and that is the biggest cause of accidents anywhere. I hate being rushed to loaded or shoot and that is the times I have had problems or did poorly. Rushing things at the loading table or another shooter is worst thing I can think of and is not safe. I usually bring all my stuff to the firing line at one time, and if i have to leave the table to get something, I try to make sure i do it before I load my firearms. I have seen some flimsy loading tables or uneven tables that things will slide off, and I never leave anything unattended on them. I would be unhappy if that happened to me, but in the end the shooter is responsible for his own firearms. My only question is why was he not at the loading table when his gun fell to the ground.
  10. Thanks for your input. Once I get it all counted and ran thru my dry tumbler, I will figure out what to do with it.
  11. I have a bunch of used 44 magnum mixed head stamp brass that I have collected and used over the years. I am cleaning up the reloading area and have counted out 400 pieces this afternoon and have 3 or 4 boxes to go thru. I figure i have 1000+ pieces and I will probably sell them. The last gun show a guy told me he would buy them ( ammo / brass seller), but his offer seemed low compared to what I saw on Gunbroker. What do you all think used 44 mag brass, mixed head stamp, loaded more than 4-5 times with cowboy loads would be worth per piece. A penny? A nickle? A dime?, 15 cents? 20 cents? A quarter? more than that? Post your thoughts. Thanks
  12. Try Outback Gun Part. 812-945-0480 Out Back Gun Part Inc Gun shop in New Albany, Indiana Service options: Curbside pickup Address: 2110 McLean Ave, New Albany, IN 47150 Hours: Eastern Time. Monday (New Year's Day (Observed)) Closed Tuesday 12–5PM Wednesday 12–5PM Thursday 12–5PM Friday 12–5PM Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Phone: (812) 945-0480
  13. He had it priced at $650 on his table, but I did better than that.
  14. I went to the gun show Friday in Louisville, Ky and Saturday to Charles , Mo. to trade off some of the lower end stuff out of the safe I don't use. After trading around with several good folks, I scored a new toy. On Tuesday, I can pick it up from the Illinois dealer that is doing the transfer and get to try it out. Between the 2 shows, I think I saw 2 Vaquero's and 3 Colts and everything else was plastic guns. No 1873 lever guns and a couple of overpriced Marlins ($2500 for stainless 357 with a grey stock) Lots of Henry's and a couple 357, 44m & 45 lc, Rossi lever guns. The Rossi's were reasonably priced. 1959 Colt Frontier Scout, 4 3/4 Barrel in 22LR
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