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  1. Marshal, When I worked at Tyson a lot of the whole chickens were injected with stuff. (water, flavor,???) One of the hourly checks was to make sure none of the injection needles were broken off and missing and had been left inside a bird. Every bird was inspected by USDA inspectors and if something was wrong, it was tossed or cut up for parts. My understand is the turkey plants are the same, i have toured a couple of them but not worked in one. I have been in chicken , turkey, beef and pork slaughter plants at one time or another, but only worked in a chicken plant. I could work in a chicken or turkey plant, maybe a pork plant (had an offer once, it down as I had 2 other job offers at the same time to pick from) not interested in working in a beef plant (yuck, been there, not doing that) Maddog McCoy
  2. Proud member of the Dirty Minds Club. And yes, I had to check this out and you got me with this one.
  3. I was there once and walked around for 3 days and still did not see everything. I would love to go but don't have the time or $$$ available for a trip. Have fun.
  4. Never read the book. Liked the John Wayne version, not the remake or as it was called a different film based on the book. I thought Glen Campbell did a good job, however when I was young and saw the movie, I think Glen Campbell had a tv show (1969 to 1972) and I liked it. I would watch the John Wayne version anytime it was on, saw the other one once and it was enough for me. I have the remake on DVD , bought it on the clearance rack at the local video store..
  5. I used a 20ga Stogoer for about 20+ years until I got a single trigger SKB. AA low-noise Low recoild and Remington STS worked best in mine. If you have an Academy sports over there, they carried AA 20 low noise/Low recoil in stock. If you are going to reload, I have a bunch of once fired AA hulls. Too bad I did not see this sooner as I was in Marion, IL Tuesday. Wal-Mart in Sparta IL use to carry AA but not sure if they have them any more. If you can not find any, I have about 20 boxes of them right now, been using up anything I can find right now and saving them for bigger matches My SKB like everything I have put in it so far so it is not a big deal to part with a couple boxes. I have been using the Estate shells in my SKB but they are a bit heaver load. SKU: 024318453 ITEM: AA20FL8 Winchester number Good Luck https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/winchester-aa-low-recoil-12-gauge-shotshells#repChildCatid=860718 Also, I may have a spring set for a Stoeger, light spring for opening it, will have to look.
  6. My mom was a nurse. At 30, she would have taken you out, at 50, she still would taken you out, she is 80 now, and she would still take you. The high school football / wrestling coach came in to the emergency room one weekend, he had wiped out on a gravel road and had road rash with gravel in it. He started complaining about the last time he was in there, the nurse gave him a shot and it hurt like H*LL. My mom looked and him and said " I treated you last time you were in here, and if you don't shut-up, I will file the needle off flat before I give you a shot this time. he kinda hesitated, and made a comment about wiping out and getting hurt on his motorcycle and she looked at him and told he got what he desired for riding one of those stupid things. Of course, we heard the story over supper as usual as she would tell us about who came in the emergency room and the stupid things they did to get hurt. On Monday afternoon, my brother went to wrestling practice and the coach was complaining about his hospital trip and my brother told him that mom had told us about it. he looked at him and commented, "No wonder your so tough, she scrubbed my but with a Brillo pad and then told i should not have been riding a motorcycle in a pair of gym shorts." I still laugh when I think of this story. Needless to say, I will never own a motorcycle, although I have a ATC-90 three-wheeler that was much safer than a motorcycle and she approved it for us kids to ride. i only drove it up a tree one time (stuck in gear).
  7. They had a roll of "I voted" stickers on the counter for people to get one. I saw them when I came in but forgot to get one on the way out................
  8. I went up to the courthouse and voted today. I had picked up a sample ballot the other day, checked who was running locally and then went in today. I was there about 10 minutes or maybe less, the lady that setup the machine was in the same grade in school with me and we know each other. For that matter, I think everybody in the office knew me and just wanted to verify my address and I was told my sister, her husband and my parents had all been in to vote and I was the last one in the family to show up. Small towns are a great place to be, I don't remember showing them an id and when she demonstrated the machine, I just told her what to mark on the first couple of things to make sure it worked. I know voting is to be a secret, but most of us in town know who leans what direction. If you have not voted early, you may want to consider it and my brother-in-law brought up this point the other day. If you get the virus and get quarantined for 14 days, how will you get out to vote? Remember, vote early and vote often. ( Chicago voting rules )
  9. I knew Dan a long time, he will be missed. RIP, Dan
  10. I shoot 44 Russian , 44 spl and 44 mag. Right now I am shooting 44 Russian in my Blue Colt 5 1/2 in New Frontiers. I have shoot Colts in 44spl for a long time and my next pair of Colt will be 5 1/2 Nickle in 44 spl. My Goal is to have a pair of Colt SAA"s 44spl in blue and Nickle 5 1/2 and 4 3/4 and maybe a set of blue New Frontiers in 4 3/4. I will have to check if there any nickle New Frontiers out there. I shoot 44 mag in my Marlin as it does not like 44spl, and I have a 73 in 44spl.
  11. Well, I am going up to the courthouse next week and vote. I have done that for the last couple years and I think both time was on a Saturday before noon. Those that want to vote in person have ample time to go if they will make some effort. I have a couple friends that dislike the current president and denounce him, but I am pretty sure they will not go and vote. I asked one of them a while back, and she comment to the effect that she has never voted. Being in Illinois I am fighting the same problems as some other on here, but the north has most of the people in the city and the rest of the state tends to lose out to them. The biggest joke is the Illinois constitutional amendment to change our flat tax in the state to a graduated tax called the Fair Tax amendment and it will only tax those making high incomes according to the promoters of the amendment, but it will allow the state government to change the tax rate on any income level instead of the flat tax for everybody we currently have in the state. (the advertisement for this is those with more should pay more to help those without) The Governor is a billionaire and has spent millions of his own money to try to get this passed. Makes you wonder what they are really up to with this item. I am voting NO and I read an item yesterday that if it passes most people will be paying 60% of their wages in taxes in this state when it goes into effect.
  12. you can not receive messages. I may have a gun cart if you need one. Maddog

    1. DeaconKC


      I would definitely like to hear more, thanks!

    2. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

      Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

      email me at maddog5672@yahoo.com with your number and i will call you tomorrow after 6pm. maddog

  13. Is that like 1/2 a million dollars in damage? I hope they find the people responsible.
  14. I remember when I saw my first deer in Southern Illinois. Looked out the back door and i saw the head of a deer at the tree line of our woods for just a brief second. It was around 1974 or 1975. Last night I was driving from town to my farm and I had one on the side of the road that thought about running out in from of me, and 6 that ran when I turn on the road to the farm, and one that just looked at me and flipped it's tail up in salute and slowly walked away through the cornfield. On an average day, I see 5 -10 deer and the other day I had a mother and 2 small deer about 20 feet from the back door in front of my practice targets for cowboy. The deer are so plentiful now that they ruined 20 acres of beans on the other side of hill on my neighbor's property twice in 2 years and he finally gave up planting the field as he could not get a crop off of it. The DNR has turned loose Bobcats and has tracking chips in them., They turned loose coyotes years ago and they are open season year round due to the trouble they cause and I can hear them howl every night and they are getting closer to the house daily. I have 2 deer permit for shotgun season and my brother in law got a small buck 2 weeks ago with his crossbow. I have not seen any turkeys in a couple weeks but saw as many as 30 of them in a group last spring. Sometimes I wonder if the DNR knows what they are doing and I have one neighbor trying to get a nuisance permit for deer as they are destroying a lot of his crops.
  15. My Farm truck. I plan on Getting running again soon. I figure out how to get the trailer useful again, I sold it to a neighbor. He just had to fix the lights, get new tires, and replace the wood on the deck and paint it. I think he replaced the tires and sold it. I moved the truck the other day so I will get a couple new pictures tomorrow.
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