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  1. I found a set of them this week in a new gun shop for 77.00 plus tax. It was part of the old inventory that they bought from the gun shop that closed 2 years ago at the same location. Been looking for about a year for them.
  2. Pm Sent. If you have not sold it, I will take it. Maddog
  3. I am in need of a rear sight elevator for a Marlin 1894 rifle. I just just bought a Marlin Stainless steel 44mag and the guy had removed the rears sight and did not have it. I have 2 sight in the parts drawer here but I don't have and elevator like the one pictured. So far, everywhere I have checked is out of stock (Gun Parts, Midway, Brownells). If you have 1 or 2, let me know. Thanks
  4. I acquired a Stainless steel Marlin 1894 this weekend and it had a scope on it and the rear sight is missing. I would like to find a stainless steel rear sight or one that would match the rifle. Anybody know where I can get one or have one to sell? Thanks
  5. If you need a room, I just canceled my reservation at the Manchester Heritage Inn. I dropped over at work a couple weeks ago when my back locked up and they hauled me out in an ambulance. I have 2 discs messed up in my lower back and the company decided I did not need to work for them any more since it was not a work related problem. I am now back on my farm in Fairfield,Il and waiting for my Cobra paperwork so I can see a doc about fixing my back. My son and I are going to miss being there and I suspect I will end up getting back surgery again. Oh well, maybe next year. Have fun,
  6. I called them yesterday and they answered on the 2nd ring. I called them around 11:00am central time. keep trying, they are there. They shipped my order the same day. The 44 mag 1873's only hold 9 rounds from the factory. I have a 44spl that holds 10 and I should have kept the other ones i had in the past ( this is my 3rd one).
  7. I will take these 2. RCBS 3 Die set 9MM Luger with shell holder $40.00 RCBS 9MM Luger Carbide Die $20.00 I will pm my address so you can give me a total. Thanks
  8. Hi, You do not want to use RT 52. I believe this is a RR underpass you barely can get under with a 5-th wheel. RT 52 runs thru downtown Joliet and you don't want to take a car or anything else thru there.I moved out of there 6 years ago and it is not any better now. Your best bet depending on the time of day is to just take 80 east until you come to where 90, 80, and 94 merge and follow 80/90 east to Rt 421 and go south to RT 30. You have to pay a couple tolls to get across on this route as 80 becomes a toll road on the south end of Chicago and 80/90 is a toll road in Indiana.
  9. I have a second gen Colt, 357, 5 1/2 with one of his action jobs and a third gen 357 ,5 1/2, with one of his action jobs. These are a great guns. The second gen was an NRA Colt with a terrible action, and he made it work right and it is nice. I may have to look up the match and attend if I am available. Maddog
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