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  1. You, sir, are DOOMED! You might try mentioning that you are done with it, maybe as you are headed out the door anyway
  2. You weren't there last time so I didn't do dinner. Hope to this year!
  3. A great match put on by a great club in a great location, especially at that time of the year, with great match directors! It's just....great!
  4. Yeah, I watched it. The whole episode. 45 minutes I will never get back. Requires to much suspension of reality for me
  5. There ARE some very talented people involved here, in many ways. Makes me wish (again) that I was able to shoot again.
  6. I ran out of them Thanksgiving 1976 and have not gotten around to buying any since. I changed a few habits to help quit, like getting up and doing dishes to get my hands wet after eating instead of having a smoke and quit going to bars for awhile. It helped
  7. Sorry to hear this, see him on down the trail a bit I guess
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