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  1. A bad fall? What happened?I saw that Snakebite got a SDQ (!) but did not know he had to recover from something. What happened? Good grief! How did that happen? I especially like the ore cart ride, but never did particularly well on it
  2. I always liked Ft Miller for the variety of the stages. Just checked the scores, was a decent turnout, wish I could have gotten there to visit
  3. I use both index fingers and both thumbs. sometimes holding the phone ind my right hand it is easier to use left finger,and vice versa
  4. I have a pair for my 1911, the are very slippery, you might look for someone to checker them some
  5. I remember these as nice pistols. How does it not fit? Can a gunsmith fit it to your gun,or is it to much work to fit it? AWA, as you probably know, is long gone and parts are scarce. As a pretty close to a Colt SAA would a hammer from Colt work?
  6. Maybe you can time your passage thru El Paso for late at night? I do that when I need to get thru the LA area, go thru at minight or so and set up camp somewhere on the other side, like a Walmart maybe. My experience with that area is 35 years ago and was not great then
  7. Worse today than yesterday,and then it was slow, slow, slow
  8. I REALLY miss not being able to make the trip to participate in this match
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