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  1. That's what I did when I shot my cap guns.Just don't forget where you are in the loading process!
  2. Down here in the Paso Robles area it's the same, Really bad since Sunday. Supposedly blowing down the Salinas valley from up Salinas way
  3. Good news! Now if they would do something about the California ammo situation...
  4. I sure know about all that... I was sure looking forward to visiting this year
  5. Country Joe and the Fish! There's a blast from the past! Saw them in San Francisco at the Fillmore once. I have "Eastern Jam" on my regular playlist on iTunes to remind me of what psychedelic music was
  6. Today I got a message in my voicemail from SASS about renewing my membership, the number was area code 505 and she knew my alias and when my membership expired. I have no reason to think it is not from SASS. I do not answer my phone as I can not talk and be understood anymore, my friends text me. Just wondering if anyone else got one or am I "special". I will be re-upping soon tho
  7. I shot Frontiersman from time to time with my Uberti 1860s,they needed a bit of tuning but not as much as my Uberti 1872s. I never had a problem with caps as I always cocked my guns in the vertical position, aided by recoil. Not fast tho. I used to shoot with a guy that used 1860s as his everyday main match pistols and he was fast
  8. Well, they got your number, but not mine.So far.
  9. I can't speak to his leather work, although what I have seen is good quality. I can speak to the quality of his bullets and the fact that he is a stand up pard!
  10. Did you drop something from your programming?
  11. In the Electric Mist is pretty good, on Netflix right now.Tommy Lee Jones is in it
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