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  1. Really bad news. May be the right thing to do, but bad news. Lost the Western Regional too
  2. Wow, been awhile since I saw White Lightning, Rowdy or you, sounds like you had fun, welcome back!
  3. That's what I did when I shot my cap guns.Just don't forget where you are in the loading process!
  4. Down here in the Paso Robles area it's the same, Really bad since Sunday. Supposedly blowing down the Salinas valley from up Salinas way
  5. Good news! Now if they would do something about the California ammo situation...
  6. I sure know about all that... I was sure looking forward to visiting this year
  7. I can understand her frustration, last spring I was in the hospital for 3 nights after having a VERY mild stroke, and I was going nuts to get out. I hope she has the wherewithal to stiick it out and do the pt, it is so important
  8. Sorry to hear this, see him on down the trail a bit I guess
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