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  1. What time is it? It"s Howdy Doody time of course!
  2. It could be a well trained horse, I could shoot off mine with no problem but never ever thought of doing it that way!
  3. That's what I read. so have not watched it for a couple of years. But I am with Phantom on this
  4. A nice cold Guinness would do just fine, thank you!
  5. When I was in Switzerland in 1974-5 there were racks outside restaurants for guns and they were generally full at lunchtime. On the street, broad daylight.
  6. I used one like you described for awhile. Mine would not fall all the way open after firing and required a little extra umph to get it open all the way. It is a normal function of the gun in my experience with the three I have had, do not know if a gunsmith can "fix" that. I turned mine into a very nice Cowboy trap gun. I would not cut the barrels on mine, they do not make them anymore, but that is just my opinion
  7. With a drop like that it's going to kick like a mule!
  8. I have had the same problem, do not see a way to renew online, only to call in. Prefer online personally
  9. My well pumps into a 5000 gal tank, there it sits in the summer sun. Gets pretty hot here, not like Phoenix but hot enough! Water come to the house pretty darn warm in a heat wave, and pretty cold in the winter too. Summer brings fog over the coastal mountains as it warms up in the interior and sucks the fog in over them. Not here yet
  10. I can understand her frustration, last spring I was in the hospital for 3 nights after having a VERY mild stroke, and I was going nuts to get out. I hope she has the wherewithal to stiick it out and do the pt, it is so important
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