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  1. What a great idea! Where did you find the video?
  2. this reminds me of the Lone Ranger/Tonto one with the same ending
  3. pretty impressive shooting AND number of views!
  4. "The sun iz riz, the sun iz set and here I am in Texas yet" I remember that as I made the long drive from California to Miami in 1969
  5. That beer looks like it might be a Sierra Nevada, if it is he has good taste in beer at least
  6. That's pretty cool, but I will continue to buy them or steal them from my son
  7. Do you freeze them ripe or unripe? I have eaten them since I was a teenager and never knew you could freeze them but did know about cooling them
  8. As a kid growing up in northern California I couldn't mow the grass, much to the irritation of my father. Eyes swelled up and breathing was wheezy.laying down on it was very itchy. By the end of high school I grew out of it to a large degree.
  9. That's a LOT of them to eat if they all ripen at once!
  10. I have a collection of Apple product boxes, they are really, really, REALLY good boxes
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