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  1. I just setup my 2nd Dillon 650 a couple weeks ago and now I am looking for any used accessories that you may have laying around that you don't need. I am looking for a Dillon case feeder with or with out shell plates as I have a full set of shell plates from my 1st machine. It can be the feeder with the 2 speed switch like I currently own or the current version that uses potentiometer for speed control. I could use a set of Dillon 38spl/35 carbide dies ( 3 die set)(stock number 14400) ( I have 357 dies, just would like a Dillon set) I could use (2) Power Check Systems (Dillon Stock number 21044) I looked on ebay, and I can get a roller handle and bullet trays as after market parts, but really prefer Dillon parts. Let me know what you have and post or PM me. Kinda a long shot here but looking to save a bit of cash if possible. Thanks Maddog McCoy
  2. I remember a movie at the end Lee Marvin is called a bastard at the end. I remember his reply. "Yes sir, I am by the product of my birth, but you sir, are a self made man" I think it was at the end of the Profesionals. I always thought that was a great comback line
  3. Got out of hospital Sunday afternoon, at home with lots of restrictions, tylenol, no pain meds as they made sick friday. Thanjs for the messages
  4. Thanks everyone. This morning they checked me and gave meds. My blood presure was 117 over 70. About 5 mins after they left, i got sick and cold sweats really bad and hit the nurse button. N I the time they got back ( 2-3) they i had lost all my color ai had a massive headache and my vision was blacking out. My blood pressure had dropped to 63 over 30. Fortunately after few minutes, it started to come back up on it's own. I was messed up for about an hour ( seeing stuff they claimed was not there)or so and slept most of the day. I am better tonight and although I hurt, they reduce the meds i am taking. I should get out tomorrow. Thank for the messages
  5. Well, it finally happened. They installed titanium rods and did a bone graph and fusion on L3 and L4 this morning. I got here about 530 am, surgery at 8 am and was in a room by noon. The pain is not too bad and i have been up walking with a walker some. I have a drain in my back and and they are keeping me until Saturday or Sunday. I did sleep some but now wide wake and bored. I hope to be shooting next year and looking forward to seeing all of you. Maddog McCoy
  6. I miss my 1999 2500 extended cab Ram long bed with a Cummins in it. Right now i have 2012 Ram with a 4.7 gas and towing setup and built in brake control. I believe it is rated at 7500lbs towing but i never push the limit on it. I aquired on old camper that needs work before i tow it and i think i will find a different Ram 2500 or 3500 with a Hemi or Cummins for towing. I am a member of the bigger is better for towing although i towed a lot stuff with my 1995 hd Ram with a 360 (pre hemi) and blown tires and tore stuff up, I agree using the right equipment for the job is your best bet. Good luck and be safe.
  7. Right now I don't know anybody headed that way. I would be going myself as I use to live down there but I am going into the hospital for surgery on This Thursday and will be laid up for about 3 months. I will pm you my phone number. Thanks Maddog
  8. When I got in to electronics, I worked on 10 meg removable platter (disk) hard drives (1978-1980) They also called CE packs. The discs were magnetic and used a what was called a flying head to read them and required aligning so the the discs could be used in different drives. From what has been said here and looking at it, it probably was some type on data storage device. However, finding the equipment that could read it is probably long gone. I saved a lot of old computer equipment for years and scrapped most of it when I split with my wife in 2015, most of it when to a guy that was collecting Radio shack computers and I gave him disc drives, boards, power supplies, TRS-80 Model 4 (working) and a working TRS-80 Model 1, and several Color Computers (they hooked to a TV set. I still have 2 of the cassette decks and the cables to hook them to a (TRS-80) Model 1 or a Color Computer. A friend of mine has a Model 12 and Model 16 in storage at his accounting office that he used when he started his business in the 1980"s. I have a set of drawer in the garage with z-80 processors and 4k and 16k memory chips and other assorted chips I never thru away. I got rid of my vacuum tube tester and all my tubes and the other day was work at my buddies farm and found a couple old chassis from vacuum tube TV's with the tubes. I may get them and see if the tubes are good the next time I am there. I would not toss it, For that matter, when you decide to toss it, ship it to me and i will put it with my other old odd stuff. Good luck on your search.
  9. Mr Scott beat him there. I always liked Mr. Scott- one of the reasons I went into Electronics and computer repair after high school in the 1980's. However, there was more money to be made in industrial electrical work. The ashes of James Doohan — Scotty from Star Trek — are aboard the International Space Station https://www.theverge.com/2020/12/27/22201874/ashes-james-doohan-scotty-star-trek-international-space-station
  10. In the 27 years I have been shooting this sport, I have been lucky, 1 SDQ and No MDQ. I am with Rye, maybe I should keep quiet. SDQ- I was shooting Missouri State at Branson, MO years ago with a new set of hostlers. As I was going going from the load table to the line, this kid looked at me and said "Don't screw up" I gave him a shut up kid look and staged my guns. The stage started pistols thru a doorway and drew the first revolver and shot all five targets, holstered my pistol and drew the second one and pointed it at the first target. I remember shifting my weight to get a better sight picture and then felt something slide down my leg and hit my foot. I looked down and my revolver that I had holstered was laying on the ground. I holstered my pistol that I had pointed at the targets, reached down and picked up my revolver and holstered it. I then picked up my other guns and went to the unload table. Most of the posse watched me walk off and then they asked me why I quit. Only two people saw me pick up my revolver and nobody saw it hit the ground and knew what happened. In hindsight, had I kept shooting, I am not sure anybody would have noticed my revolver on the ground. If I had not felt it slide down my leg, I would have not missed it until I got to the unload table. It took a while to figure out what I had done. At that time, I was not in the habit of looking my gun into the holster and I would put the gun in the holster and let go when I felt in hit the leather. The new holsters were flat across the top and I had missed the holster with my barrel and what I had felt was the front on the trigger housing hit the leather. When I let go of the revolver, the gun rotated and the revolver was sitting across the holster pointed downrange and balanced across the top on the holster. It sat there for 2-3 seconds and had I not shifted my weight, it may have stayed there. When I moved it rolled over and slid down my leg and hit my foot. Since then, I always push it down into the holster and look if it does not feel right. I probably could not have that happen with the holsters I use now.
  11. This sounds like a great shoot just like the Fall Roundup they have been putting on for years. I am looking forward to being there. Maddog McCoy
  12. One of the hardest calls I ever made was a 170 degree violation at a State Shoot. I was timing a good fast shooter that may have won his category at state and I had to give him a SDQ. He was shooting rifle, shotgun, pistols with a lot of movement and the shotgun was to placed on a hay bale pointed downrange. When he discarded the shotgun, he tossed it across the bale and proceeded to shoot his pistols and the shotgun was open and empty with the barrels pointing at about 190 degrees to the firing line. I let him finish the stage to get the time and another shooter started to take the shotgun to the unload table and I stopped him from touching the shotgun and told him to wait for the owner to come get it. I brought the cowboy over to shotgun and showed it to him and told him he was getting a SDQ for the angle he set it down. He looked the the gun, looked at me and the spotters, shook his head and agreed with us. We then warned the rest of the posse not to lay their shotgun across the bale but completely on the bale pointed down range. Sometimes, you have to make the tough calls and I try to make the shooter understand what happened so he does not do it again. I have seen shooters trying to speed thru a stage and discarding a gun quickly and watch it fall off the table or fall to the ground as they threw it at the place it was to be returned instead of placing it there and get a SDQ. They say speed kills, and I have seen it wreck matches for good shooters. Going fast is great as long as it is done safely.
  13. Well, I have been in this game a long time. If it was up to me, we would be shooting off on my mechanical horse and mechanical stagecoach a couple times a year. This was not my club, but I try and shoot there a couple times a year and I enjoy the stages they have. Usually it is gunfighter friendly, a couple make you think stages, a couple stand and deliver stages, and one challenging stage. The shoot had over 40 shooters and 12 clean shooters. On the monthlies, there is something for everybody, big matches are straight stages or stages borrowed from large shoots. This years annual had close to 200 shooters.
  14. This past weekend I shot a stage with a P-Trap depending on your prospective. 6 shotgun targets, and you had to shoot left, right, left, right, left. right. The stage stated your target must fall before engaging the next target. We had a shooter shoot at #5 target and missed but had moved on to # 6. and knock it down. He went back and shot number 5 and was awarded a P. It made for a lively discussion. Since a miss can not cause a P, it was stated he should not get the P. However since the stage instructions stated the target must fall before engaging the target, it was stated he earned 2 P's and a miss. One for shooting the targets out of order (due to the order they fell down) and one for engaging the next target before the previous target fell down and a miss for not making up the target at the proper time.. However, since you can only earn 1 P per stage, he was only given 1 P. The miss was negated as he made it up at the wrong time, but he did knock it down with the second shot. (I was spotting for this shooter and we had to read the instructions for the stage again just to make sure we made the right call) The problem was not everybody understood the stage as the left/right was clear but waiting to make sure it was down before moving on may have gotten more than 1 shooter. ( I was not spotting when I saw something similar happen and i don't know what they did). I shot the stage first and made sure my targets all went down in order before shooting the next target ( added some time to my stage) and it was brought up in the reading of the stage that the targets were to be made up before moving to the next target. It was a fun shoot and you have to think and pay attention to the stages (they are always a bit of a challenge). The stage writer for the shoot throws these things in every now and then to make you think, but when they had their annual shoot the stages were all very straight forward and fun. Anyhow , I like a challenge every now and then and I shot a clean match ( 1st one this year).
  15. Cart still available- FYI: Shotgun Will, Thanks for the interest. Shipping to Utah was over $700.00
  16. Well, I will check in to it. I will have to find a UPS store as I usually ship thru the local hardware store. I will let you know what I find out. PM me your name and address as that will be the first thing they will want. It might be better to strap it to a pallet and send it freight. Include your phone number in the PM and I try to find out tomorrow. Thanks, Maddog
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