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  1. Good TG's are useful. I use to be a TG and I still get asked questions and I try to keep up with the rules. If I am not sure, I usually know how to ask.
  2. My brother and I got bicycles one year for Christmas. Sears Screamer 1 bikes. I remember being outside and riding up and down the lane to the house on Christmas day. No snow, just a bit wet and gloomy. Both Bicycles are currently hung in the rafter of my Dad's Garage. They are 90% + complete as we rode 100's of miles on them.
  3. In my parents house, they used the stab in holes and the neutral became flaky and it burned out the electronics in 2 refrigerators in 2 years at over $1000 each. I was not around when that part of the house was wired and I have spent a lot of time on flaky problems in the wiring in the last 2 years. If the GFI is tripping with nothing connected to it, then either it is bad or there is a wiring problem. A loose wire or if you have any conduit running underground, it can be holding water that has weakened the insulation on the wires. A meg ohm meter (preferably analog as I have gotten false readings on digital ones) is needed and somebody that has lots of experience using it.
  4. I emailed him as there was an email address on his profile. Thanks guys. Maddog
  5. It is a Mule. We have horses, donkeys and mules here and one lonely cow.
  6. I walked outside this afternoon and he was standing by his mother. He must have been born last night or this morning. He was a bit wobbly but was doing a good job of keeping up with her. It is a bit cold and wet for his birthday, it was sleeting and drizzling rain earlier. I sure he will follow her in to the barn after while.
  7. Open to trades for equipment in 38spl, 357 mag, 44 Russian, 44 spl. 44 mag. (Handgun, lever gun, pump rifle) Would consider a 30-30 or 45-70 lever gun. Would consider a 20 ga or 12 ga double barrel shotgun. Maybe a lever action shotgun. Thanks
  8. C.W. McCall - The Silverton Train I rode this one when out West. It was fun. I had an 8-track with his greatest hits I played a long time ago.
  9. I drove Wolf Creek Pass once. I Love this song. C.W McCall---RIP
  10. I will check, I think I have a 100. Will get back to you in an hour or so. Maddog
  11. I have not met her yet, but I get glimpses of her in my dreams and have a good idea of what she will look like.
  12. I have a Dillon carbide sizing die I bought for $45 off of ebay several weeks ago and then i found a full set at a store. If you buy the carbide die, the other 2 dies are in stock a Dillon. Send me a pm if interested. Thanks
  13. Well, I would comment on the rules in California verses the rules in Illinois, but I would need 20 pages and a lawyer to explain the Illinois rules for out of state people. Forget the firearms, possessing ammo in Illinois without a permitt is illegal.
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