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  1. When I was in 7th grade during the summer, my best friend and I would go exploring old empty houses around the area in the old church van that was parked on their farm. We never really got into any trouble and I started driving when I was 10 and he had been driving since his legs were long enough to reach the pedals on a tractor. We use to find really cool stuff that had been left in the houses when they were abandoned. We were lucky, never got in trouble for taking the van and never caught in the old houses when we explored then. Thinking back, there were several that we were lucky they did not fall down while we were in them.. There are two other stories I could tell, but both involve firearms and best not to repeat them here. Both times I got by without being punished..
  2. I like mashed potatoes. (smashed, crushed, beaten, lumpy, whipped or ???) I prefer them without skins. but will eat them either way. However one must include a large amount of quality gravy, (white, brown, sausage, beef, turkey, chicken, and ???) and a 1/4 pound of butter on them.
  3. I have had several of these and every time I getone, one of my friends talk me out of it. Nice shooting rifle, would love to have this one if i had the funds right now. Good Luck.
  4. Before SASS, We shot fast draw with Shotgun primers and wax bullets at OPSC. Only myself and one other member of the group is still around, the rest have passed on to a better place (RIP). I still have the stuff around here to shoot 44 cal wax bullets. The holsters had a metal deflector to deflected the bullet if you fired it in your holster. One night practicing, I fired one into the back of my leg ( not sure I ever figured out how it happened) and the bullet in-bedded in my jeans and left a large bruise on the back of my leg. The other guys told me that it happens and that sooner or later everybody got shot with one. That is as close as I every want to get to being shot with anything. Also, played some paintball. (1980's when it first started, still have my six shooter for paint ball) When the balls came out of the freezer where we kept them, they hurt if you got hit with them. However, they did not break in the gun when you fired them since they were frozen.
  5. I think it has something to do with the arm behind her and the hose from the shop vac behind her. I saw this on Facebook today but there was not an explanation on there either. I guess it you have to have a dirty mind or warped sense of humor to get this.
  6. Renew it. I have a FOID card, Carry permit and have to wait 72 hours to pickup any firearm I decide to purchase. All transactions must go thru a dealer, private sales are not longer legal in Illinois starting in 2024 due to latest gun ban in Illinois. You can not buy ammo in Illinois without a FOID card.Currently, you have to contact the state police for a instant check number to sell it a FOID card holder and keep a record for 10 years. If our current governor follows thru on the rumor he is going to run for president, he will be trying to make all states as tough as Illinois to get a legal firearm. I usually figure if I have sometime, I will keep it whether I need it or not as you can never tell when things will change and you wish you still had it.
  7. I second that option. I love the farm that I am on that belonged to my grandparents, grandpa raised corn, hay, hogs, cattle, Bird dogs, and we turned quail loose every year to train the dogs. There are a few quail left, the hogs, cow and dogs are a good memory. I am slowly rebuilding the place and have my own range in the back yard and can deer hunt off my back porch. The hay fields now have corn or beans in them every year as they are rented to a local farmer, and we are reclaiming the pastures and the ponds . It is peaceful and quiet and after living in the Chicago area, it is nice not to have the traffic and crowds everywhere. The only problem with Southern Illinois is the Chicago politics we have to endure.
  8. STS or AA hulls, WAA20 wads (Claybuster equivalent), Unique powder with a MEC #20 bushing. Michigan Slim has a daughter that uses 20 ga, this is the info he sent me on light loads for 20ga. I have a bunch of one fired 20 ga hulls, All AA. I had been sending him my once fired hulls.
  9. I found these to be great loads and used them for years, however I believe Winchester quit making the at the onset of Covid. I have some but have not been able to purchase any for about 4 years, and they still make the 12 ga ones. I might part with a box or so if you can not find anything to use in your shotgun. Maddog
  10. I have a 44 mag 20 inch Stainless steel Marlin rifle I may consider trading. It is not micro-groove.
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