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  1. Widder & I joined SASS around the same time frame. My first rifle was a .45 Cowboy Limited JM '94. It didn't take me too long to get in touch with the Marlin Meister. In 20 years I have never read or heard of his not being a generous, polite and most helpful and giving individual. I can only imagine his sorrow at losing his Moma. He is number 1 on my list of people I would be proud to emulate if I could.
  2. Claybuster data. http://www.claybusterwads.com/index.php/product-by-gauge/by-gauge-20/33-load-data-cb1075-20
  3. Shows 2 in stock - hurry hurry. Edit - gone.
  4. Can I offer to help you post pics ?

  5. 3 Generations in SASS Yusta B #57361 2004 Diana Tx Pinewood Kid #61865 2007 Lyons Co Son Mean Michelle #95863 2012 Diana Tx Daughter Hellfire Hanna #103777 2016 Diana Tx Granddaughter (Won shotgun at CBAC)
  6. Just a reminder - CAC 2018 at Bar 3 has 200 apps in - 300 max. Sign up soon ! 

  7. Miss you Rocky ! When ya commin back to Bar 3  & shoot with us again ?

  8. It actually filled up in about 11 days.
  9. There is a waiting list for cancellations.
  10. I think the Warden needs to be acclaimed the official SASS "Old Shotgun Rescue Guru" of the year. I wish I lived just down the road from him so I could drop by from time to time & watch him work on the grand old scatter guns .......... '
  11. He has been known to hang around with that Prairie Dawg guy so - yeah - hard to ignore him ! :lol:
  12. Claybuster has 3/4 oz loads for several powders including Clays. None that I saw for that particular wad. http://www.claybusterwads.com/index.php/winchester-style/53-cb0175-12-load-data
  13. Check for an FFL at your local club.
  14. Sitting here pondering the meaning of life & it occurred to me that over the passed 13 years I have been enjoying SASS shooting I have met & learned the aliases about 300-400 or so shooters, maybe more. More than in any other sport, organization, club, school, job or group I have been in in the last 74 years. That's just phenomenal to me - I'm not very much of a social person but I keep meeting shooters that are interested in what I do, what I shoot, where I've been, how long have I shot & a million other subjects. As the saying goes - " I've been to two Worlds Fairs & Disneyland and have never seen anything like it " . What a great group of people ( including Rye Miles , I might add ) :) :)
  15. And he doesn't do bad with an '87 or his pistols either :D
  16. It looks like a very nice press but for half the money there is the Lee Classic Turret, 4 station, auto incrementing cast iron press. JMHO
  17. That's what failed in my reloads.
  18. About 6 years ago my son had two FTF reloads, Win 209 primers. One fired in the other barrel the other did not. Looking at the primers the entire face the firing pin strikes looked to be recessed lower than normal, a manufacturing defect. I have not seen any like that since then. I visually inspect all primers now, SG , Small & Lg pistol. I did find one Federal SP primer without an anvil.
  19. BT0606 Buffalo Bullets- Conical Black Powder Pistol Bullet .36 caliber http://www.dixiegunworks.com/product_info.php?cPath=22_99_311_313&products_id=3629
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