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  1. Midway lists a number of .32 ACP ammo (out of stock) of up to 75 gr.
  2. Cheycast has some .313 78 gr Hi-Tek bullets. https://cheycastbullets-com.3dcartstores.com/32cal_c_98.html
  3. 1FG will give you glorious streams of burning granules all the way to the SG targets. Use caution in the fall around dry grass/leaves. (Ask Blackwater ! )
  4. You can get 1 shot for it. just put it in the right way.
  5. Sittin around one night sampling a little sauce, a couple of us came up with the ultimate varmit cartridge. A .50 BMG necked down to an RCA victrola needle. Good for about 11,000 fps we figured.
  6. Check the scores at the Colorado Shaketails ........ They like 'em a ways out there. http://www.shaketails.net/Tattler_2021_Index.htm
  7. My daughter & granddaughter have both shot FC with .32H&R Single Sixes with 100 gr bullets & Pinnacle . No problems, plenty of smoke.
  8. Cool beans Creeker ! I get to shoot with my daughter, my son & my granddaughter. Just nothing like it !!
  9. I do for SG. R & P I use Pinnacle & don't.
  10. Heard of a fella stuffed a thong in one & it stuck to the sg target.
  11. I had some minor problems with my Frankford tumbler leaking. I took a piece of about 150 grit sandpaper & a 12" long board & squared & smoothed the ends of the tub a bit & used a small bit of Mobile 1 grease on the gasket. Seemed to help a lot.
  12. He probably should otta discuss that with the TO a'fore he starts the stage.
  13. He'd be known as 2 fingered Ike .....
  14. The way he was throwin shot into the shore - what he shoulda got is arrested !!
  15. Straight triggers were invented by hungry gunsmiths - no offense intended, we all gotta eat ! If you THINK it makes you faster - that's all that counts. Good psychology never hurts ........
  16. Guess I'd better git rid of the 1 I shot for 12 years & the 2 my girls shoot.
  17. Not for those powders but - I loaded Promo down to 10 gr for my granddaughter when she was 10 @ 7/8 oz.. Iffy in cold weather, very dirty.
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