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  1. I find I need to change the starter crimp die about 1 to 2 turns changing from AA to STS on my 600 Jr. Other than that - you should be good to go.
  2. Did that with bottles once - I had a battery powered fan I used to separate powder from shot - done outside. Powder made grass grow.
  3. Check primer catch tray where the spent primers go - or under everything on your loading bench.
  4. Look for machining marks on the flaring bell. I smoothed up all my lee expander dies.
  5. "They’re really big when you get 40gns of the black powder behind the ball " Ya got one left in your left pistol ?
  6. Did the stage instructions actually say "You may not be called for a Procedural on this stage " ?
  7. Must be for hunting those stealth deer ........,
  8. Take the loading gate to your friendly ACE hardware & check their screw assortments.
  9. CC requires .40 or greater rimmed case. (or .36 min cap gun)
  10. I'd bet he was a bullet caster & used old boxes to store different bullets he had cast.
  11. I have always used a Ballistol moistened wad cut from a cardboard milk carton for an over powder wad to help prevent a chain fire. Haven't had one - yet (knocking on wood).
  12. A single spotter or the T/O may call a procedural. The T/O has the authority to report the P to the scorekeeper - or not.
  13. Yep - if you can't have fun there you might be doing something wrong ...
  14. List ? That's gonna take some of the excitement out of my shoots ......
  15. I load 3.9 gr Red Dot with 124 gr coated bullets. Perfect powder for SG also.
  16. I don't know - but it's a very popular malady .....
  17. Any word on the rest of the scores ?
  18. Easy enough to make out of sheet brass from a model shop. Check Loctite for metal adhesive. Find a piece of steel/aluminum the thickness of your sight, bend the brass using that as a form, shape with file/Dremel.
  19. If you have a carbide sizing die - make sure the carbide ring is not cracked/broken.
  20. Would anyone with any information about someone hitting my daughter's tan Accord in the banquet parking lot please PM me. Do not post info. Thanks
  21. You tried - that's all you can do. It's disappointing but your group did their part. Write it off & carry on.
  22. Excellent !! Great SASS endorsement.
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