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  1. Match DQs don't carry from side match to main match so I wouldn't think Stage DQ would either.
  2. If your club wants to have an "almost" award (or "one miss" award), by all means hand it out -- but it's not a clean match.
  3. Yes ! 1.5 Fg in a 12 ga. makes long flames & beautiful smoking streamers. You'll never go back !
  4. Miss my Ohio pards ! Good shootin Rye !!
  5. Some of the older companies are the best ! Good report.
  6. This works well for me too ! It's easy to get the water droplets off. If you want it dry in about 5 minutes, blot with a towel then throw it into a dry media tumbler. I de-prime before any cleaning.
  7. Hell Fire Hanna at Ft Parker .32 Mag, Pinnacle to base of 100 gr bullet, about .8 CC. I think it's plenty of smoke.
  8. Yeah buddy ! In about 1959 we used to get 3 guys together & jump into my friends Dodge D500 & put in about $2 a piece in Sunoco 260 , head for the Turnpike & troll for races -- Good Times !! That car would give me a woodie !
  9. I think either the Win primers have changed or your springs are light. I've shot thousands of Win primers - SPP & LPP without problems ( but not lately)
  10. Then he'd better watch out for Doc Holiday .......
  11. I think a shooter should be counting shots. There are instances where it’s necessary. For instance, it would be prudent when shooting dump targets to avoid missing a jacked out round. If no one sees it, you’re facing at least a miss & maybe a safety or DQ. Or you may wasting time with an extra attempt to fire at the end of the string. JMHO We all count shots on multiple hit sweeps like a 3 target 3-1-1 or 2-1-2 sweep.
  12. Seems to me like this situation is already covered in the existing target rules. The shooter can request a re-shoot in case of target failure or just make sure he/she fired the required number of rounds. (Rifle, revolver or shotgun). Shooters choice.
  13. What Mr. Johnson says ^^^^^. 12 to 14 gr of Red Dot or Promo,CB0178-12, 7/8 shot works great.
  14. Talk to Slick McClade. I don't think he does them anymore but he knows a LOT about Marlins.
  15. No - you wouldn't ask him for a rifle either.
  16. Give you a better, tighter crimp.
  17. Drop your crimp starter down about 2 turns.
  18. Cheyenne -such a gentleman to contribute your valuable time to help out. We need more such unselfish volunteers !!
  19. It's a Herter's flash hole gauge. I have one exactly like it. Used to sort cases based on flash hole diameter.
  20. Just read an email from RCBS. 12 ga shell holders now available.
  21. 2022 Comin' at Cha Ultimate Iron Cowboy The Ultimate shooter will complete 73 stages in 8 days. AMMO Requirements 650 – Pistol 650 – Rifle 104 – Shotgun 120 – Wild Bunch Pistol 40 – Wild Bunch Rifle 40 – Wild Bunch Shotgun 125 – Pro Steel Info on Bar3 Web site.
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