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  1. Hang on to her - she's priceless !
  2. Shooting BP, I lean, squat, shift, twist, duck & sometimes go up on my toes. If one foot doesn't move yer good to go.
  3. 1st thing to check may be to check case length. Longer cases will bell more.....
  4. Sounds pretty tame. I looked at a pack of Royal Buck & they don"t give a Dram loading but the velocity is listed at 1345 fps. Please let us know the results when you fire one/them.
  5. Tried to msg you. Says you can't receive messages.
  6. Right click the video, select "show video url" This will display a direct link. Copy & paste the link.
  7. If you see a text where the pic should be, right click it & select "view image"
  8. I would suggest it was probably the BP that had more to do with removing crud from the cylinders. After shooting BP & subs for many years I've concluded that SS guns clean up nicely with H2O.
  9. Do you have 400 Cowboy shooters ? Or is there a parent hosting club that lets a small cowboy club shoot at their range ?
  10. Oh - you look fluid. It's just that it looks like rapids ...... A. O. H. made me say that.
  11. I don't know Dave - I think it's easier to take a young relative with you to push your gun cart
  12. This is the part of SASS that really brings joy to us old farts
  13. Got some Cheddite hulls to try out from a very generous Florida shooter. My pet 1 oz load wasn't filling the hull high enough so I added 1 dry red kidney bean after the wad & before the shot. As my submariner son says "Works fine, fails safe & drains to the bilge". The Cheddites are just about 1/16" taller than AA hulls & they hold about 1/4" more water, thus the need for different column height. Patterned them & looks pretty good at 15 yds. 3/4 oz wads may work better. YMMV
  14. No - but I think he may have invented the bikini. That's real important right there ......
  15. Also lightly grease the bottom of the shell plate.
  16. Thats how I load on mine, except I use hand primer.
  17. My bad - I didn't mention I always run any hull through my MEC Super Sizer.
  18. I use Bore Butter for sizing 45-70
  19. I'd vote for some felt and a quantity of desiccant.
  20. Sounds like somethin mighta happened at Possum Trot
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