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  1. You have to push 78 gr to at least 800 fps to make PF. I much prefer 100 or 115 gr.
  2. The stem on the bullet seating die is smaller than the one on the FCD. For whatever reason Lee chose to mark their dies with the caliber and a date code but not the die type. The bullet seating stem will have a concave bottom end similar to bullet shape.
  3. If you end up pinning it, use some brass machine screws. The threads will hold better than a dowel. Should also be bedded.
  4. Factory crimp die has no bullet seating stem. I does have a stem to adjust the crimp.
  5. ALWAYS is for that shoot ! I'd crawl the 80 miles if I had to to get there......
  6. Great to see you at CAC past week. You ROCK !
  7. So - just how long has it been raining there ?? Must be days or weeks.
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