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  1. Thanks - learned something today.
  2. If you can find a post office that knows it's own regs - loaded ammo can be shipped USPS if packaged correctly & marked ORM-D Cartridges - small arms Well - apparently I was again confused. This is totally forbidden. See next post.
  3. Not for the usual cowboy loads. I use Claybusters 7/8 wads in every hull I load (7/8 oz of shot)- currently at least 4 different makes.
  4. Powder Inc up in ARK used to store it in ship containers outside (Pinnacle). Friend drove up there & bought 8 cases. Looked like they'd been there for a while.
  5. But if it WAS 4 yrs old I sure wouldn't worry about it. I've shot Pinnacle that's got to be at least 6 or 7 yrs old. I think as long as it is kept dry & at a reasonable temperature you shouldn't have a problem with "old" powder. JMO
  6. Yusta B.

    Buckaroo Hoss

    This ^^ I'm still about 12 upstairs - and that may be a stretch.
  7. I think every bottle of APP & Pinnacle I ever used was clumped when I first opened it. I just got a 1/4" dowel , poked out the big clumps, dumped it into a Tupperware container & mashed out the smaller ones. Didn't seem to have any problems when it was put back in the plastic jar. I always use a fairly small funnel when dumping from the plastic jar into powder measure to prevent an unfound lumps. Just S.O.P for me.
  8. Totally agree with this. Our bottom line business practices are biting back.
  9. I once did a National Match Garand with about 10 coats of LinSpeed using 0000 steel wool between coats. I thought it was gorgeous. Sorry - no pics - I sold it
  10. Right - we have bigger fish to fry - like Rank Points vs ....... (Oh crap ! Did I use my out loud voice again ? )
  11. I use these anymore. .45 case shown for size. They hold 2 CC Authentic ? Yeah just about as much the truck I drive to the shoot . Convenient ? OH YEAH Just load 'em up the night before.
  12. Personally I much prefer a tang sight. I don't even see the peep hole when I shoot. Just put the front bead on the target & shoot. Nothing to line up. But that's just me.
  13. We had some crazy BP people one year at Bar 3 - it was either at one of the SASS Senior Games shoots or at Comin-at -Cha. They put on a campaign to get participants for Frontiersman & ended up getting about 25 or so people to sign up. Only about half had cap guns or had even ever shot one but those who did brought extras in the way of pistols, rifles, shotguns and LOTS of extra ammo. We took turns loading or helping shooters with cap pistols and coaching, if asked, with single shot rifle technique. It was just great to see people laughing, choking and fumbling, some all at the same time. Twas enough to even make Griff smile Seriously GOOD TIMES !
  14. And totally illegal in Texas !!
  15. Kudos for the effort - but I gotta agree with the coffin guy ^^
  16. Hand priming has worked for me since 1960's ....
  17. True - I sent an email to Lyman & they said they would put a new cap in the mail next week. Class outfit ! Good suggestion JB.
  18. plz let me know when .... yusta
  19. I've seen more than a few that needed AcraGlass bedding between the stock & rear of the receiver. Others had threaded rod repairs in the wrist.
  20. Good on ya & congrats !! But without pictures - it never happened.
  21. Hmmm - pistol powder in a shotgun ? Next thing is gonna be shotgun powder for pistols. What's the world comin' to ??? And yeah - my little emoticon buddies came wandering home this week ... I'm gonna buy a lotto ticket.
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