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  1. Cat Brules


    Thanks very much. I’m glad you are following this topic. Cat Brules
  2. What is the inseam length? Cat Brules
  3. The refrigerator or freezer for powder storage is not only for humidity control, but also offers some containment for the powder in case of fire. The alternative, I suppose, would be some kind of steel storage locker. Of course, you will have to decide whether you want to do any of those things. Cat Brules
  4. Thor hurling down lightning bolts for some real or imagined slight?? NAH..... Cat Brules
  5. $2,000 - $2,100 max....maybe $2,200. I would offer you $1,800. Don’t expect to recover money you spent on action work. Cat Brules
  6. Cat Brules


    Don’t know for sure and can’t look. However, in my mind, a squib is a miss. So, I don’t think a legitimate “clean stage” was “going” after the first squib round was fired. Handling firearms is serious business. Codling or babying younger shooters as regards to rules and standards that adults must follow is a mistake, insults the young person, and can lead to dangerous circumstances, in my view. Comments?? Cat Brules
  7. Remember last November when they had that limited run of pumpkin spice-flavored Spam? I tried to get some, but it sold out in record time. Cat Brules
  8. My Best Wishes and my prayers for a good, positive outcome from Carols tests. Be careful driving on those long trips back and forth. I know what that’s like. Cat Brules
  9. And, you might be talking about the Ejector Spring, which is screw-mounted on the exterior of the left side of the Receiver....that’s not the Ejector. The Ejector Pin itself is inside the Receiver. It has a pin on it that goes in a mounting hole. It is small, hard to see, and can get stuck in there, but also, it could just fall out if you’re not looking for it or if you do not know it exists! So, be careful. Cat Brules
  10. “Where I live in E TX we have a black beetles and black crickets. Both of which love spray foam insulation and the crack sealer used on our concrete parking lot. After 4 years the walls look like Swiss cheese.” ———————- Geeze! That’s just dandy! >:-( Spray that framing real good with insecticide, then spray the foam with the same. Either that, or mix insecticide in with the foam prior to spraying, if that will actually work. I suggested that to a friend prior to insulating (Fiberglas blanket insulation) his new construction home. He had the exterminator come in to spray the framing throughout the house. According to the bug guy, their insecticide isn’t hazardous after it dries. That was nine years ago and aside from a few ants, he hasn’t seen bugs in the house. I don’t know, it might work for you and it might not. Just a thought. Cat Brules
  11. Why is it important to “get it right”? Because .45 Long Colt and LC are wrong, that’s why! When people begin to make a point of getting one thing right, they begin to make a point of getting other things right, that’s why. So, get it right, or keep getting it wrong; you pick. Cat Brules
  12. Hydrofluoric acid is one to stay away from. It’s dangerous to all, not just the casual user. Cat Brules
  13. Cat Brules


    You’re right. The shooter kid should have been stopped early on. Daddy should have been formally warned off by the posse marshal or TO. TO should have told shooter kid to lay the weapon down. Cat Brules
  14. Probably ought to take her fishing. Bring a rope and a rock. Cat Brules
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