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  1. Prime rib, raspberry sherbet, baked potato with sour cream & chives, sautéed mushrooms, & Cabernet.
  2. Perzicktly! If it actually works, better check the directions again! “Lesee now...” Cat Brules
  3. Yeah, out of six people, they need three to work and three to offer suggestions. Cat Brules
  4. Put them in a box and store them, in anticipation of the coming apocalypse!
  5. WHATEVER you do, be careful to not damage or lose those tiny screws from the shell stops!! If you remove the stops, I suggest you have a small plastic bag or small box to store the shell-stop assemblies in to prevent loss of the screws and shell stop parts, prior to reassembly. Store each assembly individually; don’t mix parts and screws. Cat Brules
  6. I agree with most of the advice given....ESPECIALLY that she get revolvers chambered in .357Magnum or .38Special. - The .38Special loads, light bullet/light powder load, will provide a large range of loading possibilities. - A .357Mag/.38Special revolver is heavier (smaller bore) even than a .45 revolver, because the .38 barrel is thicker. Low-loaded .38’s will have negligible recoil in such a “regular” .38 firearm. Plus, you can buy powder-coated, colored bullets that will make it simple to readily distinguish the lightly-loaded “mouse” ammo. It’s a good way to go. Cat Brules
  7. My guess is, if the Brown Recluse was the size of a dog, there might not be many people around. Of course, they’d have been eradicated (made extinct) a hundred years ago. You’d only see preserved examples in museums. Hopefully, anyway. Cat Brules
  8. Something is not making sense. From the way the problem was described, the gun may not have any shell stops installed in it. I’ve seen some very old, very dirty 97’s and the shell stops worked. If you put shells in the magazine tube and they fall right out, it sounds as if there’s nothing there to stop them or even slow them down. The shell stop screws may have loosened and fallen out, or maybe he disassembled the two guns and did not reinstall the stops(?). Two guns, same problem? Cat Brules
  9. No, I’m afraid Mr. Peanut sleeps in a Snickers bar at a Walmart.checkout in Crane, Texas. Cat Brules
  10. I don’t think it is illegal (SASS Rules) to stoke a Win97 on the clock, even if the stage instruction stands mute on the issue. But, if the stage instruction says you may not stoke the ‘97 (on the clock), then obviously, it is not permitted. i think that is correct. i don’t like the thought of allowing either a pump or sxs to be pre-loaded (pre-stoked) at the loading table.. Cat Brules
  11. Whatever is left of the bluing won’t be pretty anyway. Just strip the entire gun. Disassemble it down completely. Detail clean it with steel wool bronze wool and other cleaning products, reassemble it, then disassemble it again and re-blue the gun. The cost of having it re-blued professionally is probably more than you should pay with an old gun like that. Just use a cold blue and see how that works. Then reassemble it and go shoot it. That is pretty much what I would do, anyway. You could always change your mind later and have it professionally blued. Cat Brules.
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