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  1. Who took the picture of the crazy people, and where was the photographer located? Cat Brules
  2. +1 I agree, RE: Don Jones, a.k.a Cody Conagher I bought my Uberti, 1873 Winchester from him and specified barrel length, etc. He can tell you all the various options. He performed his full. “Codymatic” workup on it, which included a dovetail, gold dot front sight. I had him install a full buckhorn rear sight, which many people do not like, by the way. He sent it to my California FFL, from who I took delivery. Very smooth, quick, and never a single failure. Here’s (BELOW) his contact information. — Check out his website, too: http://www.codyscowboyshop.com/ "Cody Conagher" = Don Jones Cody does "CodyMatic" Win73 reproduction short stroke modifications. Does a good job, too. **Certified Gunsmith (304) 258-1516 The Cowboy Shop Cody Conagher (Don Jones) 12040 Valley Road Berkeley Springs WV 25411 email: cody6986@frontier.com website: http://www.codyscowboyshop.com/ Cat Brules
  3. You may or may not already know the following, and if you don’t, it’s important. If you already know this stuff, then just consider this a heads-up for those who don’t. There’s a difference between “filing” (even with a “diamond” file) and, “honing”. A gunsmith’s “hone” Is usually a longish thin stone with varying grit, but usually quite smooth. Usually with firearms, these are pretty smooth, and not rough to any degree, like a file can be. A hone doesn’t take off much metal at all, and with fine work like this, that’s a good thing. Cat Brules
  4. Yes, I agree. It is foolish and dangerous that a “police department“ even exists within a community that employs “people,” not real law enforcement officers, and then refuses to arm them, claiming budget restrictions. The “officers” are probably nothing more than “tax collectors,” ambushing citizens and writing “tickets” for real or imagined violations to fill the city’s coffers. And, these “officers” won’t even buy their own defensive weapons? I won’t waste time worrying about them; they’re just parasites. Makes you wonder if they’re even trained. They’re probably ex store clerks with low-level government jobs. Ditto.....I lived in Dallas appro. 1967(?), when the Dallas PD began hiring 18-year old kids as real police officers driving the streets. They couldn’t buy ammunition for their weapons, because you had to be 21 to buy ammo. One of these 18yo officers stopped me one day for a brake light violation. I opened my trunk and found the lamp assembly had fallen back out of the tail-light housing. I plugged it back and twist-locked it in place, fixing the problem. I started quizzing this cop and he admitted his revolver wasn’t loaded. The PD wouldn’t furnish them ammo. I had a 21yo coworker in the car and we convinced the young cop to follow us up the street to a gun shop so we could buy him a box of bullets. He didn’t even have any money! His mom had made him a sack lunch as if he were still in school and it was on his car seat. He was like a child (to me, anyway) and he was a year older than me. The gun shop owner was astounded and refused to take our money. Instead, he gave this young officer a box of the proper police ammo. It was so astounding, we didn’t even find it funny, and we were of an age that almost anything was funny. Heck, I had 3 guns and a lot of ammunition in my trunk! The gun shop owner, my friend and I told the young officer to keep his weapon loaded at all times, regardless of what the PD told him. Unbelievable! Can you imagine that BS? In The City if Dallas? We were late getting back to work from lunch, and when we told that story, everyone was dumbfounded. I don’t know how long that nonsense went on at The Dallas PD, because I went back to El Paso a week later to return to school. Who knows? Maybe that kid eventually retired from Dallas PD. I haven’t thought about that in a long time. I often wondered at the time, why his mamma let him take a job like that. Cat Brules
  5. I wonder what the Annual Budget dollar figure is for the entire, all-inclusive, LAPD, and if salaries and benefits, the police training “academy,” and any other training elements are part of that budget number? Cat Brules
  6. I never came across a gun that I liked and didn’t buy, and then later, GLAD that I did not buy. There are several that I regretted NOT buying. One example is an original Walker Colt percussion revolver in very good (I think) condition. It did show its age, but it was not particularly pitted, rusted or too worn. The seller wanted $1800 for it. I’m sorry I didn’t buy it. Cat Brules
  7. I agree; the movie was highly political and was the darling of the liberal Left and the communist Hollywood “underground” film community, that was being ferreted out and exposed by the House Committee on Un-American Activities. The big studios were blacklisting these same people. Gary Cooper’s career was also beginning its inevitable downslide, and Grace Kelly was a beautiful, fresh new face, and the new bride to the Gary Cooper (who was 20++ years older) character, Will Kane. High Noon (of course) was nominated for a hatful of Oscars, winning a few, and Gary Cooper won best actor. High Noon is an allegorical interpretation, of sorts, of the Country’s attack on the “Red Menace”. Of course, the Red Menace was real, and Hollywood was making films littered with leftist propaganda, making the so-called “paranoia” ligitimate. So, that, I believe, is the “back-story” in “High Noon”. I don’t care much for that, though, and I don’t usually think about the back story much, either. I see “High Noon” as a somewhat flawed (they all are, for dramatic reasons), but a good, well-made, well-performed Western Classic. I have watched it again and again. Cat Brules
  8. Another thing to remember is that MANY people, especially under the stress of being on the clock, don’t have the skill to put the revolver on half-cock and accurately turn the cylinder to the correct chamber to re-strike a failed primer or percussion cap. That’s why they repeatedly cock, lower the hammer, and re-cock the revolver, counting the cambers as they go, until they arrive at the chamber with the failed cap or primer. Then, they can pull the trigger on it again. Nothing wrong with doing that. Safely fixing a “broke gun” on the clock. No Call. Cat Brules
  9. You really don’t need cartridgE loops. Wait for a while and see if you agree or disagree. Cat Brules
  10. My Dad and Mom are together, at Fort Bliss, Texas National Cemetery. My Dad served in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam. As did my Mom, at home.
  11. WOW! This Topic generates more questions than it answers! I need to reread this Topic a couple more times to sort them out But first, my view is that should the “Club Officers” make any “Royal Decrees” prior to, during, or after a match...any match...which go against SASS Rules,, such “Decrees“ are invalid. Cat Brules
  12. I thought unicorns had wings(?)! Can’t they just fly to their new homes? I have two here at my place. I send them flying into town once or twice a week on errands. They’re quick, so I’ve only had two complaints about turd bombings. I think though, I’ve gotten them trained now to not circle back for another run if they miss. Cat Brutes
  13. That’s right. Most books are better than the movies However, this “movie” is a “chapter” in Larry McMurtry’s book series that we probably know better as the “Lonesome Dove’” series of tv miniseries. “Streets of Laredo” is a very good movie.....not just okay! Cat Brules
  14. Velvet, It’s nice to see the reports of your continued progress. I wish you the very best. Cat Brules
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