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  1. Victim/Witness Services is a branch of the DA’s Office, along with the Office of The Public Defender, correct? Cat Brules
  2. This latest picture is about number 4 or number 5 inspected and supposedly “the real quill,” genuine image of Billy The Kid! This new one seems to have been expedited though the “genuine” process because of its bonafides. But in these hysteria-driven, media-history incidents, you’d think those folks would be more conservative, rather than less. How many times do people think they can go to the well on this BTK-picture thing? Cat Brules
  3. The bone has to be dry. Getting it dry takes time. Trying to use it before then delivers poor results. Here’s a source for bone and scales Texas Knifemakers Supply Houston, Texas (888) 461-8632 www.texasknife.com
  4. I have a movie length video of the Tomb of the Unknown and the men who guard it. I watched it several times and now it’s stored and I can’t easily find it. I knew about the fired cases in the standard. My brother has that. CB
  5. Big Iron Buster Here’s another source for bullets from my “components suppliers” contact list. i know they have colored bullets, but check for your size. Eggleston Bullets (530) 885-5867 Cat Brules
  6. Round barrel, or was it an Octagonal barrel? What is the width of the back end of the barrel...the end to be threaded, compared to the frame width? I’m sure you checked that. Maybe the machinist is trying to machine the whole barrel down into a “thinner” profile. Before you wildly go looking for the “perfect gunsmith,” and then find yourself so deeply involved in artificial project requirements that you’ve become over-committed and can’t turn the money faucet off. Maybe you should consider a more rigid budget and substitute an invisibly-different barrel, if need be. BUT, This project is pretty exciting. It’s your call. I’m simply making a suggestion, because it’s obvious that some barracudas will attempt to take advantage. I don’t believe the machinist didn’t WANT the job, I think he was tying to &#£¥% you. Stay the course! Cat Brules
  7. Custer was a jackass who got a bunch of men killed on that little hill because of his arrogant incompetence. Fool that he was, Washington already had his number. His superiors were embarrassed by him and sent him to the frontier so he would screw up and get killed. Custer figured he could charge in, outnumbered again, and then, bask in the glory of it the rest of his life. The Sioux had other plans. Cat Brules
  8. These inanimate items on their own, are neither bad nor good. The use of, or the purposeful intent of their use, bad or good, by people, simply defines those people, because the inanimate items themselves stand alone and blameless. CB
  9. Sounds cool. I’ll venture out into the world and check this out. Sounds simple. Bet I can make it do.........(?) too. :-) Thanx! Cat Brules
  10. Well, reality sometimes puts us in literally, survival situations, yours or others’. Talking about those things helps us survive and cope with the aftermath of the situations. Talking about it also teaches and reminds us and others, that doing the right thing often isn’t easy. And, more often than not, no one will do the right thing in immediate situations if you or some other centered person doesn’t do it....often at some measure of small or great risk to themself. Cat Brules
  11. .Try this company. They might be able to help with green.... Gallant Bullets (in Utah). I have dealt with Eli. (801) 970-2600 Cat Brules
  12. I have a stack of them. Also, I forgot....., a very old stack of newsprint “Frontier Times”. That draws you back. Cat Brules
  13. J-BAR, Looks like Samsung is coming for you! New stage design! Shooter ready? CB
  14. Ruger Wrangler....Here’s a 9-1/2 minute video. looks like a pretty good deal to get an inexpensive .22 SAA-design shooter in the corral. (There are shorter videos; this one makes some good points.) Cat Brules
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