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  1. OH, by the way: The TO isnt a Spotter. Cat Brules
  2. Well, Alchemist Belle: Bless Your Heart right back! (I’ll leave the translation to Texan to you.) Cat Brules
  3. Neither one, I was looking at the picture wrong. Sorry! Cat Brules
  4. What do you mean “Dudley Do-Wrong,” Slick? Apparently, everyone is rather dim-witted except you; is that how you see it? ”The Shooter” is most likely the better choice. Cat Brules
  5. Atta Boy!! Cat Brules
  6. ——- ALL TRUE If you were talking about Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, etc., then Yes, those early Hollywood movie “cowboy” types were dressed (by their handlers) in that “drugstore cowboy” look. Real classic cowboys’ boots generally had moderately-squared toes (not wildly exaggerated) as previously noted above. I really don’t know where those dagger-pointed boots originated (probably Hollywood) and, of course, they became wildly popular. We used to call them “cock-a-roach killers” (so’s you could squash them in the corner of a room). >:-( Cute, right? Cat Brules
  7. — duplicate deleted —
  8. Apparently, CAS guns are not a high profit item for them. At least maybe, sales volume-wise, anyway. CAat Brules
  9. I think we are to tell people exactly how it is. Firearms are not cheap (inexpensive). What I mean to say is that, good firearms are not cheap.. Cat Brules
  10. Cheery little verse, ain’t it?! Cat Brules
  11. Try eBay to find a new/used disc. DON’T buff the disc. Use rubbing alcohol applied liberally on a tissue and wipe the disc gently with that. Don’t rub too hard! Let it air-dry. Usually, though, once they “go bad,” they’re done. Cat Brules
  12. Yes, I agree........temp plates from California, where he bought the car, then obtain plates from the state he’s going to be living in once he gets there, or a couple of months later or so. Might have to explain it to a bored state leo at sometime in-between, maybe. Cat Brules
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