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  1. No, thanks. I’d prefer to see country music performers stick to making music. There are a lot of talented Hollywood actors we’ve never heard of, whose primary career is acting. They have put a lot of time and effort into their craft. They actually ARE skilled actors. CW performers, instead, stumble around on set and “appear” for an extended “cameo,” and usually awkwardly contrive to shoehorn a song into the film. I’ve seen enough of that....same thing with football players, and other sports figures. It trivializes and degrades the film and turns it into a “walkout”. Cat Brules
  2. A table for a sewing machine, perhaps. I’d have to get a better look at it. Cat Brules
  3. Yes, I agree. The odor will be a problem, but only for a while. Cat Brules
  4. The State of Illinois is a Communist state. Cat Brules
  5. I think now, that the best burglar deterrent is noise and uncertainty: noisy, good size dog noisy motion detector(s) with flashing light(s). A “set” gun is just too damn reckless and dangerous, period. Never do that! Ever. Cat Brules
  6. Bob I hope you both learn some good news in Charlotte. God bless you both. Cat Brules
  7. People like to pretend it’s the end of the world, as long as the liquor store and the deli stay open, that is. Cat Brules
  8. Why not? there ain’t much most people cannot do, even maneuvering and landing the spacecraft. Really. Cat Brules
  9. 1881, It’s the only time period in those noted that, a. I think I know, and b. that I could be in some version of the United States. Cat Brules
  10. “ply” means plywood. The Brits like to make contractions of words.
  11. If you want a smaller companion gun, remember that a “sheriff’s model” might not not have an ejector rod. Cat Brules
  12. Tyrel, you got a mdq for havin ’ a surly attitude! ‘Sides, you’re just mad cuz yer at the loading table with some chatterbox yappin’ away at you! Yer not the posse leader, so you git to be the posse ult ofssifer for the rest of the match!! Watch out for that “kick me” sign on yer back! Cat Brules
  13. Without seeing the book and how it’s written, I’ll pass on speculating again. Cat Brules
  14. What if you drop a loaded revolver out of your right hand, kick it back in the air with your left foot before it hits the ground, catch it back in your right hand, engage the pistol targets, firing all five rounds, holster the weapon and finish the stage? Whats The Call? a. 10-sec bonus for fancy footwork? b. A miss and 2-P’z? c A kiss from the scorekeeper? d. No-Call! Cat Brules
  15. As long as they stay away from trying to address latter day “givens” in terms of some heroic modern perspective, .........I’m tired of seeing that nonsense. Cat Brules
  16. I am assuming you are talking about being a waddie at End Of Trail this year? Call the SASS office: (If they cannot tell you specifically at this time, they may be able to put you in touch with the person who is handling that.) M - F, 8 to 4 toll-free: (877) 411-7277 office: (505) 843-1320 fax: (877) 770-8687 ........ speak to Amber, Misty, or one of the other people there Single Action Shooting Society 215 Cowboy Way Edgewood, NM. 87015 Cat Brules
  17. Possibly he’s talking about covering the windows with plywood. Sounds like how Brits shorten words. Cat Brules
  18. What YOU can do is to drink 4 to 8 quarts of water per day. Doctors usually don’t think beyond the patient’s complaint, their diagnosis and the book treatment recommendation. Along with that goes replacing the food and other nutrients you’ve washed out. Take a couple vitamins/day, spaced out during the day. The first few days, don’t eat much, or any calcium-rich foods. You must eat, of course...just rest and take it easy. Keep drinking water. Stay away from sodas, beer, coffee and tea. This worked for me. Cat Brules
  19. I’ve written a western script. A fairly violent revenge epic. I doubt anyone would produce it. Cat Brules
  20. “Embiggen”! That means, “mo biggah”. Cat Brules
  21. I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. I thought I would never see my dad again. Cat Brules
  22. “Pegging”? You mean, “taking in” the seams of the legs and cuffing them? Cat Brules
  23. Hang with it. And, stay with the Wire. You will get a lot of good advice here on the Wire, and get your questions answered, too. Cat Brules
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