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  1. Lots of people like to hold and throw bricks. Others prefer a nice round ball. Who’s opinion is correct? The only thing that is irrefutable about flicks is that they are god awful ugly
  2. The analogy was meant as a demonstration for those military folk who have actually seen a claymore fire. Nothing at all to suggest severity of either. Though in my own personal experience, I know 7 people who have died to COVID, and my own mother was very nearly the 8th (still might as her recovery is less than optimal). I don't know anyone personally that has been killed by a claymore mine, and I highly doubt in the entire history of claymore mines, there have been nearly 2.5 million worldwide and over half a million American lives claimed to make a fair comparison with covid.
  3. Ah ok, I did not read ICU nurse anywhere. Just that she was a nurse and that her hospital might make her take the shot. I don't know how it works in Ohio, but many hospitals out here also own clinics that are staffed with nurses, thus the reason why I asked if she didn't wok in the hospital. As to all that other conspiracy stuff, I really don't have time for that kind of BS nonsense. I prefer to deal in real facts and not hokey internet conjectures
  4. Of course not. That isn't how hospitals work, which I am surprised you even ask being that your wife is a nurse. Perhaps not in a hospital? After COVID is over, hospitals will go back to operating just as they did before. Those 5% now that are not COVID are very, very sick and usually dying. Once COVID is over, there will still be sick people and of course elective procedures, which is where hospitals make their money. Probably be around 60-70 percent full I imagine. The only plus side to covid patients in the hospital is the work load is a little easier. They don't seem to complain as much as
  5. My nurse wife already got the vaccine. With her hospital being 95% covid patients, a very wise decision indeed.
  6. And a small tree could fall on you after the claymore knocks it down. I think we are somehow getting lost in the weeds here. The whole point is the mask is designed to protect others from you not you from others. If everyone is wearing one then the spread is minimized more than not wearing one. But we as Americans for some reason continue to feel wearing a mask is stupid/unconstitutional/anti-freedom or whatever and this with 4 percent of the population have more than 25% of the worlds cases. But what do I know? I’m just a grunt that prefers a tree between me and a claymore mine.
  7. My point is that tree is better protection than no tree. But if you need something more tangible, I’ll use the example I have a non military friend. Let’s both stand in front of each other and sneeze in each other’s face. One masked one unmasked. I wonder if there will be a difference.
  8. I was going to ask a similar question. Why would you want to..........own a Glock?
  9. For all of those people who still don’t understand how wearing a mask protects others (not yourself) I’ll make it clear in a way that all military people can understand. If you put a claymore mine behind a tree and set it off it has a different effect than if you put it in front of the tree. While the tree will not block the entire blast, if given the choice I’d rather have the tree between me and the mine than not have the tree.
  10. It’s not about stepping on toes. Wrong advice, even with the best of intentions, is still wrong advice.
  11. They are. Outlaw gambler has been around for a bit. He knows the rules You’re not wrong. There’s so much misinformation out there.
  12. I have heard take of lady shooters that choose to shoot against men because either they are way better than their competition and either want to give the other lady’s a chance and/or want to test their skill against tougher competition. In other cases, I’ve heard that some women choose to shoot in men categories when their chosen category has no competition. This is all rumor and speculation on my part. I haven’t seen it as of yet, nor any complaints or issues with the current system that seems to be working just fine
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