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  1. I’m having a hard time understand the direction of this thread. The HRA Henry is great, but not as great as an uberti? Beautiful, but the uberti is more authentic? Disappointed you got rid of your uberti and replaced it with an HRA, but very happy and loving your HRA? I think if schizophrenia were contagious I’d be infected right now just from this thread
  2. This post makes me very happy, and a bit concerned for my budget since I’ll be looking to acquire one shortly.
  3. Abilene says they’ll fit so I’m curiously watching this thread. The 71/72 open tops were originally made as all new guns. The other conversions were just that, conversions. Those that shot 38 were made on 51 frames and those that shot 44 were made on army frames. Uberti kept all the original specs as far as I know. You certainly can’t order them in the reverse grip setups. I do hope it fits though. Might be investing in some new guns then. As for your final question, I shoot my favorite open top in 44 with Russian and black powder all the time. It’s a lot of fun and very accurate
  4. The reason I asked about the difference isn’t to show you up or try to display how much I know. That would be an embarrassing proposition. I mentioned the difference because the 71/72 open tops can easily switch between army and navy grips (as long as its uberti and not pietta). They are pretty versatile guns. To the best of my knowledge, one cannot put a navy grip on an RM in 44/45 calibers and one cannot put an army grip on a 38 caliber gun. They are made of entirely different frame sizes. I have heard folks say it can be done, but I have yet to be proven wrong in this point. And trust me, I really want to be proven wrong because an RM is one of the coolest looking guns but I can’t stand Army grips.
  5. I don’t shoot 44, but all of my navies I’ve had the cylinders bored out to 378 and use a 380 ball. Accuracy is much better now. I’ve hit targets at 50 yards off hand. I know better shooters than can hit them at 100 yards.
  6. Are you sure it’s an 1872 open top? If so, the sight should be on the barrel, not the hammer. Could it be an RM?
  7. Thank you. There are 37 million people in California. My best guess would be .01% are vegetarians. I’m pretty sure we eat more beef than any other state. Just simple numbers.
  8. What Yul said. Neither are the rifles or the shotguns. When it comes to sass, California is actually easier to obtain the needed guns than half a dozen other states. Which is a good thing since sass was started here
  9. Rooster, if you ever want to trade for an uberti, just let me know.
  10. By the time it is, it’ll probably be called soylent green
  11. Out of curiosity, how do we know this? I’m not a metallurgist or any kind of physical scientist, and I believe you are not either. So how do we know those “hot” bp rounds using soft 20/1 or 40/1 lead are more detrimental to targets than those hard cast 38’s? I’m not being a smart a$$ really. I actually want to know the answer to this. And if they are, how much so? yeah something like this. Also how do we know the big bore spreads the impact out? And how much? This is an interesting topic for me.
  12. Whenever I read stuff on the wire, I learn a lot of new things. For example,,reading this thread I have learned that there are only two types of loads used in sass. Either mouse farts that bounce off paper targets, or hand cannon loads that obliterate steel. There’s no middle ground. Just like there are only two types of target distance: in your face targets that one can touch with a rifle barrel, or the ones so far out folks can’t see without a scope. And then I remember a phrase uttered a few times by a particular cowboy that goes “remember sass ain’t the wire and the wire ain’t sass”
  13. Times are tough, but nobody said anything about discussing the end of the world.
  14. Probably. And probably I’d win a best looking legs contest if I shaved them and wore a skirt. But some things are just not worth it.
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