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  1. staged like that are the rare times I get sub 20 second stages and occasionally negative time.
  2. Sperm oil is what they used to use. I don't know if that's available anymore. By the way, and this was news to me, Sperm oil is oil from a Sperm whale. It ain't any other kind of oil that might be implied by the name
  3. You are in luck. Head over to Golden Gate Western wear, also in Richmond, anytime before the shoot or go right after since it's on the way home. I have done that many times. They have everything you could need, or else they can order it. Also a great source of hats, as that's where the Knudesen hats are made. That guy was/is single and worked in your neck of the woods at silicon valley. At $150 an hour overtime, it's quite a bit of ammo. Not for a whole family, but a start. Oh don't listen to this guy by the way. He has no idea what he's talking about. Haha just kidding. Go check him out. Brings his whole family to shoot BP. You can't miss him. Easily the tallest guy on the range, though I won't call him "Slim" these days Sorry I just couldn't resist partner. Slim is the only source of bullets I use for BP. The big lubes are the best hands down. On a test, I tried to see how long I could go without having to wipe my cylinder faces or swab the bore. I got to 17 stages and never had an issue. I would have tried more, but I was headed to vacation and thought it best to clean my guns before leaving.
  4. Welcome to the journey. I'm back to shooting cap guns again and it almost feels like starting sass all over again with that new excitement. I have 4 straight matches with cap guns so far this year and plan to use them exclusively the rest of the year. Who knows, maybe even longer. While I prefer 51's because I was raised on Good, Bad and Ugly, I absolutely love the look of the 62 police with those awesome fluted cylinders. You will want to play with them a bit though. The size is smaller and the lockup is quicker than colts and clones. Once you get used to it, though, you'll be flying with them. I have a friend who's wife carried one concealed from 18-21 before she could carry a pistol legally. She never had a worry about being unprepared. This is probably more true at local matches, though I haven't been to any really big matches. Almost all the annual matches I have been to the knockdowns are set to fall with the softest 38 mousephart available. I know a guy who shoots 38's so light, in foggy mornings you can actually see the bullets leave the gun and hit the targets. My 36's hit a lot harder than that. The real problem with 36's are spotters who don't fully understand the be sure it's a miss before calling it rule. Pure lead 36's on dead targets with the added smoke gets a lot of called misses that are hits. While I constantly hope spotters get better at calling it, it's a fact that I have to be ok with if shooting my 51's. I can't second that statement enough. I just got one from then with all the work done and wow what a difference it makes. The worst part of shooting cap guns is the struggle that can occur when any number of the known problems pop up. Having guns that work flawlessly goes a long way. There really is nothing better than finishing an entire match shooting cap guns. It is so exhilarating of a feat to pull off. I can imagine that this will only be better if I were to actually shoot it clean, but........well see spotter comment above.
  5. I know a guy that shoots 45 colt and doesn't reload. His rationale is that an hour of overtime will pay for a lot more than he could reload in an hour. That will probably change with all the ammo laws though.
  6. Where are you in California? Is it just me or are we getting quite a few new folks shooting here? It bodes well for our future.
  7. Well before you head out, come shoot with us. Then after you have established yourself as a cowboy junky, and set up shop in potato land, your new friends can come out there and shoot with you on this ranch you've turned into a full on shooting range
  8. You say that only because it's illegal here to marry your sister. I've been to the Ozarks before so obviously your Misery doesn't have that law in place
  9. Can’t say that I have. Can’t say anyone has heard of it, much less live there. I mean who in their right mind wants to live in misery?
  10. He said East Bay. I know you southern Cal guys don't think us Northern Cal guys even exist, but we do indeed. Every year I play this game I get a little less small. That or all of my gun belts are shrinking at the exact rate
  11. Excellent. See you there pard. I'll be wearing a green Poncho. Hard to miss
  12. Outstanding. I live in Oakland. You are in the right place indeed. If I were you, I would start at Richmond. March 14th is a practice match. What that means is we set up targets just for pistols, targets just for rifle, and targets just for shotgun. You can stay at pistols all day, or any of the other guns, or rotate through. It's a great way to learn how the game is played. At the end, we set up a two stage mini match so you get the whole idea. And I shoot black powder almost always so you are more than welcome to see what that is all about. Plenty of cool cowboy friends there and a great venue. Being where you are, there are also 5 or so more clubs within an hour and 10 I think within 2 hours so plenty of places to shoot.
  13. Welcome to the game. 45's are perfect for this game and much more cowboy than those little 38's a few folks shoot . Where in California are you located? I've got a few sets of backups and can outfit you with anything you still need.
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