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  1. Thanks partner. I didn’t go anywhere. I just don’t check this as often as I used to. Partly due to being so busy working from home and schooling kids while the schools were shut down. Partly due to not being able to shoot as much so it’s not always on my mind. And partly because I’m not buying as much stuff lately so I’m not checking the classifieds every 10 minutes haha.
  2. Funny story, back before the Covid I bought a gun and came back ten days later to pick it up. Turns out I had purchased it at lunch time before the switch to daylight savings time. I picked it up at lunch time 10 days later, but the state refused to let me get it. I had to wait exactly an hour because it wasn’t exactly 10 24 hour days haha. A federal judge here ruled the 10 day wait unconstitutional if you already owned a firearm. The reasoning made perfect sense, as the bill was written to consider the 10 wait a “cooling off” period, which is not needed if you already own a gun. But then there was an appeal blah blah. No idea where that’s at currently in the court process. Of all the gun laws here, the 10 day wait is my least favorite. One time I ordered a Shiloh sharps that took over 2 years to make. There’s nothing worse than finally seeing that beautiful rifle, only to box it back up and come back in 10 days. Very long ten day wait that one was.
  3. There are times that I’ve ordered from midway and I swear it’s gotten to me before I even completed my order
  4. Hey Slim. Yeah I really miss shooting with you. The Covid thing definitely slowed me down. As you know, my wife is a nurse and it’s kept her really busy. Couple that with my kids getting to that age where they have something going on every weekend it seems and it’s near impossible to get to a shoot. The good news is that it’s kept me from experiencing the primer shortage though.
  5. I left it on my face. You probably couldn’t tell because I was wearing a mask
  6. Apparently nobody can take a joke anymore. While at times with shadows I can literally see the bullet path to the targets with many shooters, my post was not meant to be any more literal than the one I replied to.
  7. So right on par with pretty much every 38 special smokeless shooter these days?
  8. Get in touch with Springfield Slim. He makes great bp bullets using big lube molds.
  9. Since we are sharing nice grips here’s one I had done from Perkins
  10. As long as you’re careful it’s fine. I’ve shot 4 calibers at a match before as well as a 10 and 12 gauge shotgun. I just make sure every round is marked a different color so I don’t mix them up
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