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  1. Exactly. Probably even more than 10 times. And there in lies the law of averages
  2. In my short 7 year stint with sass, I have seen more out of battery with a 73 than a 66 by a rate of about 10 to 1.
  3. Dang. Who peed in your wheaties this morning? You’re even more “phantom” than normal. The semantics police might be hiring so check them out. And yes they are weapons. I consider myself a tough enough guy, but I’m still not going against what my drill sergeant spent so many hours drilling into my head (not to mention the amount of pushups I've done for saying it wrong)
  4. Nice hat. That’s a good look. Wise choice partner
  5. Do you know if it’s been refinished was at all? Certainly a lot nicer looking than mine of the same age
  6. On a 73 I prefer the short rifle. On the 66 I prefer the Carbine. My reasoning has nothing at all to do with performance. It's all about looks. 73 carbines usually come blue and I like the CCH. On a 66, I just love that huge brass butt plate.
  7. That is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day
  8. Sad news. GBU is my all time favorite western and the score is a big reason for it. The theme has been my ring tone since cell phone’s existed. Now it’ll mean something else when I get a call
  9. All those distances seem a bit far to me for concealed carry. I personally wouldn’t want anything I’m concealing and carrying to be more than a few inches from my body
  10. I like that. Or 3 shotgun targets and you could hit one with the lemat. Unfair advantage? Sure thing. Just use a LeMat to even up the odds haha
  11. It would be really cool if a local club let you load all nine chambers plus the shotgun, rest the hammer between cylinders and only need one gun per stage.
  12. I haven’t shot one yet, but the hammer pull is ridiculous. Definitely not a duelist gun
  13. I thought you said you wanted to move out west. Those states are practically the east coast
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