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  1. Hey didn't read the entire thread but  what are they saying is the best Serial number prefix  for a '97?  I need to check mine.  And suggested barrel length? 

  2. No worries. Richmond shoots rain or shine. Look me up. I'll be there. Do you have all the gear you need? As for gun stores, look up Old West Gun room in El Cerrito. Big SASS supporter and lots of old west style guns. A couple of miles down the road is Golden Gate Western Wear. Great place for hats, boots, or clothes. Also a SASS supporter, at least locally. After that, there is a store in Martinez called Canyon Sports. Not my personal favorite, but probably the biggest inventory in the entire bay area that I know of. If I am wrong, someone please direct me to who is so I can check them out.
  3. Yes you hit the nail on the head, and the reason why, without a dog at all in this fight, I feel that the naysayers are making a mountain out of a molehill. And this as well. I remember when the dropped round rule change was the beginning of the end of SASS and how many accidents waiting to happen this would cause. I suppose those accidents are still waiting to happen, as I haven't heard of one yet.
  4. I didn't fully read your full paragraph. The "will not be used for SASS" part is pretty important. In that case, I would recommend trying to find a 2nd gen Colt. If it's mostly going to be displayed, the Colt ones did a much nicer finish. The barrels on mine I swear you can shave with it. And the CCH, plus the grips look better than anything else that's been made to the best of my ability. Based on my experience, I wouldn't again buy a set of 2nd gen colt to shoot sass with, as I have had to dump more money into them to keep them running than I think I paid for them initially. But for mostly display purposes and occasional shooting, I think that is what you are looking for. I am pretty sure they can be had for around $600. The 3rd gens would be my second recommendation, as they look almost as nice (sometimes nicer) and are usually a bit less. Keep us posted on what you end up with.
  5. I have no idea what the 7th amendment has to do with your 1st amendment rights, but then again I am not a constitutional scholar and perhaps you are. Hopefully you are better at that than math (24.6% is less than 1/4th, a far cry from close to 1/3). I'll also have to take your word on the facebook, twitter, etc as I am not on any of those platforms so perhaps you are correct. In which case, just keep at it on those platforms and maybe it'll get changed back. I am not arguing either, as I really have no dog in this hunt. I didn't vote on it one way or the other, and in fact I don't recall being asked at anytime from any of the 5 clubs I attend, so apparently none of them wanted my opinion either. My only issue is with those that feel like the sky is falling now over this new rule change because what? folks are going to all of sudden start chambering live rounds when they never did before because they don't have to drop the hammer at the loading table? It makes no sense to me.
  6. I didn't say you were arguing for a new rule. I said you were arguing for an "asinine safety rule", which is what you referred to as the gun laws in California, and the voting super majority feel about the cocked rifle rule. Yes you can voice whatever opinion you like. I never said you couldn't (though you might want to take that Constitution and Bill of Rights refresher course yourself and hopefully understand how your rights do not extend to private property). I merely asked how effective that has been for you in the past. SASS, for right or wrong, has a process in place in which you can use to change anything you don't like. The very same process that overturned this very rule in fact. Perhaps try that approach first would be my suggestion. Unless you can educate me on an instance in which bitching over the internet was actually effective in making a change. Then I will stand corrected while eating humble pie.
  7. And how has that been working out for you? Personally, when a new asinine comes out here, I find bitching about it on a web site to be a pretty futile effort. By the way, in your analogy it's you that are lobbying for the "asinine gun law in the 'name of safety'"
  8. What are you talking about? This is America. We are the best in the world at not voting and complaining about the results afterward.
  9. If I shot at match or on a posse that were irritated by someone using a Spencer, it would most likely be the last time I shot there. There was a match I used to shoot at, but folks started gearing it all toward the competitive nature and pushing out the folks that weren't about being the fastest. I don't shoot there anymore.
  10. My thought on the matter, if I were paying, it would be the Pietta. If somebody else is buying, then it would be Uberti's tuned by longhunter.
  11. Is it? I have seen many times where someone got a stage dq for having the hammer back going to the line, and have heard of it happening hundreds of times at least in the last 5 years all across the country. I have yet to hear of one single time where the hammer back caused a disaster. I fail to see how removing the penalty would have caused a disaster in any of those instances.
  12. Forgot to mention, hell yeah he's a sass shooter. Very low 4 digit number at that. Don't be surprised to see his name high up in the standings of the Idaho State Championship. Especially the long range pistol competition. For my money, there aren't very many people around that can shoot like he does.
  13. I consider myself a layman, seeing how I have zero industry experience and just play with the guns. I can tell the difference the majority of the time just by looking at the guns that there is a size difference, and I can definitely tell by feel there is. I have tested this multiple times with multiple guns, in 3 different calibers, with a myriad of grip materials, blindfolded, and so far have gotten them right every time. I also questioned that the difference would matter in regards to leather, until it actually happened once that I tried to put an uberti into my el paso saddlery rig and the darn thing wouldn't draw out without the belt practically pulling up to my nipple. A bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. Now in all fairness, this rig had only ever held a first gen Colt, so even the third gen was slightly tight, but not like the uberti. Now if I have a rig that has been used well with an uberti, I love using it with a Colt. Keep in mind that all of this information is based on a sample size of one.
  14. Thanks Tully. As usual, always a great help. See you Sunday then. And what's with the no BP? You assume I have anything else?
  15. No thanks. I am not looking for a clone version. Nothing wrong with them, but for my needs I would like a Winchester. Great information guys and very helpful. I had thought about a model 12, but I would like the option to shoot both cowboy and wild bunch with it. I won't shoot cowboy a lot with it I reckon, as I shoot bp almost exclusively, but there is a cowboy match out here where we can start with stoked shotguns, and a stoked 97 is a hoot to run. Or so I discovered recently.
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