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  1. How about elk with bark removed? Grashorn does a great job making them look close to ivory
  2. So basically this long held, sure fire can’t miss secret formula is a filler wad?
  3. I was about to ask the same thing.
  4. Exactly. It certainly wouldn’t have seen this many price reductions that’s for sure.
  5. Why does it cost $50 extra to go to California? That’s where it came from in the first place haha
  6. I'm trying not to give anything away, but I'm not talking about the government. I'm talking about everywhere along the chain. You'll see what I mean
  7. I'm finding it interesting so far. Especially the chaos and how nonchalant everyone seems to be taking the situation
  8. You are correct. It's the stage instructions that matter. There is a pretty big difference between: "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our 'no P' stage, where you can not get a P shooting this stage" and "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our 'no P' stage, where you can engage the targets in any order with any gun" Since the OP hasn't still hasn't clarified which was the case in his situation, we have no idea. And quite frankly, I no longer care either way. After the OP decided to start name calling and rudely attacking those that he didn't agree with, I no longer want any part in this discussion.
  9. I started with a stoeger supreme, double trigger nickel barrels setup by long hunter. Worked great. Still does. I just prefer my ttn hammered double more.
  10. Count me as one that’s tried it. I got 7 shots off before the gun locked up completely. Next up is trying it with 777 and app. I’ll report my results when I get some rounds loaded up with those. I’m not expecting a lot. Just five shots and the ability to get another five after a cylinder wipe down.
  11. I hadn’t, so I went and watched it just now. Love it. I especially love when the TO starts coughing from all that smoke.
  12. If a stage is called a "no procedural stage" then any P at all for anything is disingenuous. Pistols must be reholstered unless stage instructions state otherwise, yeah? Well the stage instructions of no P says otherwise. Better to call it a any firearm any target stage or something along those lines.
  13. I hadn't even thought of that. I was thinking along the lines of the op situation, not in other sequences.
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