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You might be a cowboy shooter if...

Hawkeye Gin

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I have another video in the works and it's going to require some assistance from the SASS community. The topic is "You might be a cowboy shooter if..." and each phrase will be followed by a video clip acting it out.


1. If you think the Pledge of Allegiance ends with "Yeehaw!"

2. If you walk around your house wearing your rig and dry firing.

3. If you don't know some of your closest friends' actual names.

4. If words and phrases like "Dillon 650, rig, '97, procedural, short stroke, staging, transitions, target placement, knockdowns, calibration, and front sight" are part of everyday conversation.

5. If you have more corsets or pairs of suspenders than modern clothes.

6. If your brand names for clothing include "Frontier Classics" and "Wahmaker."

7. If you're unable to make any gatherings with family (or sorely neglected non-SASS friends) on the weekends because of matches.

8. If you pose for your senior or family pictures with your match guns.

9. If the only vacations you go on are planned around out-of-state matches.

10. If the following conversation makes sense to you: (I'll have some of our gunsmiths in deep conversation)

11. If your newborn had his/her alias almost as soon as an actual name.

12. If the value of the shooting equipment in your vehicle exceeds the value of your vehicle.

13. If everyday chores are completed with transitions in mind.

14. If you find all of your other hobbies and chores are neglected.

15. If your calendar is kept by which Saturday of the month it is.

16. If your favorite fragrances include burnt gunpowder, Hoppe's No. 9, Ballistol, leather, etc.

17. If you see people in public places wearing civilian clothes and you think, "Dang, they're dressed funny."

18. If you're used to being stared at in public places and having people ask "Are you in a band?" or "Are you actors?"


This is what we have so far, but I'd love suggestions. Be creative everyone. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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If you spend your 'quality' time sitting in traffic saying to yourself "double-tap the stoplight on the left, single tap sweep the center three stoplights, ..."

If your more worried about the price of lead than the price of gold.

If some of your Christmas decorations including snowmen with cowboys rigs or cowboys in Santa hats.

If Monday water-cooler conversations about 'How 'bout them cowboys?' had nothing to do with Tony Romo.

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Or if you went shopping to decorate the house and all you bought were things to hang in the range clubhouse and stages? Just happened...........

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If all the gifts for birthdays and xmas are cowboy themed.

If you everyday friends refer to you as Tex or by your alias.

If you've given up hunting and golf as you don't have time for it anymore.

If you spend free time making bullets.

If you wear cowboy boots for everyday.

If you spend more than an hour a day on the sass wire.

....just to add a few to the list



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Looking forward to the video.


Here's a few. I will add to the list as I think of more.


You own more military uniforms than business suits.

You can quote a least a dozen unique methods to clean a black powder firearm.

Every scrap yard within fifty miles is collecting lead for you (to cast bullets).

You have robbed a steam train (as an actor).

You were married in a shotgun wedding.

Your dog is named Ruger. You cat is called Concho.

All the big game you've taken in the last ten years was shot with a 45-70.

The explosives detector at the airport always alarms when you walk through.

You cook better with a Dutch oven than a microwave.

You celebrate John Wayne's birthday.

You dry fire a revolver at bad guys while watching television.

Your concealed carry permit is for a derringer.

You wonder why all the shotguns in the sporting goods stores have such long barrels.

Your RV is called "The Rollin' Bunkhouse."

The two most used apps on your smartphone are the shot timer and ACES.

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if you have your Gunsmith on speed dial B)

if you are always writing new stages in your head :wacko:

if you have a standing lead order every month :P

if you have to buy new leather every time you buy a new set of guns :ph34r:

if you read the Wire more than Facebook :D

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If you hesitate spending $600.00 for TV or tires for your car but jump at a new cowboy gun for $600.00 and don't even blink an eye!!!


If you wear you're cowboy boots to shovel snow.


If you have more cowboy hats than baseball caps.


If you have one or more cd's with cowboy songs on it.


If you're calendar in the kitchen if full of cowboy pictures.


If you have back=ups to you're backups!!


Rye :D

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I've attended a few shotgun weddings...but my dog's name was Rudy...other than that, the boot fits quite well!


Stopped at a grocery store on the way home from a match...clerk asked why I was dressed "that way".


Replied that I had been to a "shoot"...she asked where they were filming the new Western movie! ;)


Next time I strapped on the iron before going shopping...found out one of the owners was a SASS widow.



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If the towels in your bathroom say "cowboy" and "cowgirl"


If your email address uses your SASS alias


If your Christmas tree is loaded with cowboy ornaments...

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If you want to get a lot of play... You may want to theme it towards Sh%t cowboy action shooters say.


There are a lot of good ones that follow that theme and all tend to trend well.





Good ideas, all

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After working the afternoon as armorer for a local Mounted event, I went with one of the competitors to a “New York-style” China Buffet restaurant for dinner.

Hostess at the entrance looked up as we entered & asked, “What that noise?”

We spent the next 5 or so minutes trying to explain the function of spurs (with large rowels & jingle bobs) to the young lady…for whom English was obviously her second language.

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one more...


Paid dues to join another one of the OR gunclubs a few years ago. New members are required to take an orientation tour of the facility and go over a review of the range rules with one of the directors.

Upon arrival for the monthly CAS match (two hour drive from home), the "tour guide" was out with another group. I left word at the clubhouse that I'd be on the pistol range with the cowboys.

I was at my guncart getting prepped to shoot the second stage when the guide came out & started asking a few folks where I might be (by my "civilian" name)...including the young lady who had ridden with me to the match.

After coming up empty-handed, one of the other shooters suggested, "Go ask PaleWolf...he knows everybody."

The guide was finally directed to me & I took a break after shooting that stage to go on the tour.




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Here is my "Mother Lode" of "you might be into Cowboy Action too deep if...." that I stole off the Wire and CAS-L and from my own observations. These are unedited. I provided "entertainment" at two CAS dinner banquets over the years and I gleaned some of my materials from these files.

Here goes:


1.You set your home page to Sassnet.com on your work computer. (boss loved that)

2. You put a second TV in the family room so you can watch westerns and football at the same time.

3. You only really pay attention when called by your sass alias.


You buy a new Colt rather than pay your mortgage....

You have scratches on the floor from wearing your new spurs in the house.


posted November 18, 2003 12:03 PM


I've done that spur thing, Top, here's mine:

1) You have a special savings account for CAS guns, but not an IRA

2) Every birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, etc. gift requested can be found in the SASS links

3) You plan vacation time around End Of Trail and other major SASS events

4) You can recite, much to the annoyance of others in the room, EVERY line from Tombstone

5) And finally, no one but your immediate family knows your given name, everyone else knows you by your REAL name, your SASS alias!!

My wife says I am consumed with this game. I guess that all started when I brought my timer to the bathroom with me, then gave my self a five second penalty for the miss.

You prime your cartridges while sitting on the 'throne'.

When your Cowboy outfit is your normal everyday cloths and anything else is for Sunday Go To Meeting or work! Yuck! Dang Boss and his rules!(Retired and loving it :.)

When you put your TV on the westerns channel and break or hide the remote so no one can change the channel.

When you send off to Texas for a CD that will teach you how to speak Cowboy correctly.

When you see a stunning chunk of exotic hardwood big enough to make a kitchen counter out of, and think "Man, what revolver grips ya could make with that"


You propose at a match and plan to get married at another. Oh yeah and vanity tags with your alias on em.



You know you have been into C.A.S. too long when........

: you where your gunbelt to bed.

: you polish your guns more then you do your car.

: you have every issue of " Guns of the Old West " magazine

: you have every issue of " SHOOT " magazine

: you have a set of steer horns on the foot of your bed.

: you are scared to go near a body of water for fear of falling in and bein too heavy to get back out.

: you put your .45 auto away and start carryin your Vaqueros for self defense because you have more practice with them then any other gun you own.

: your at your favorite steakhouse and you pull out your Bowie knife to cut your steak with.

: you always wear your cowboy boots...ALWAYS

: you have a saddle in your den but you don't own a horse.

Come on guys and gals put in your two cents worth



2. you wear you cowboy dudds to your second honeymoon.

3. you and yours have a arguement and you say ."That,s it your D,Q ed.

4.you Name your newest child after the R,O,

that gave you a perfect score.

5.When your gun dealer can fill out your paper work by heart.

6.7,.that you Know the true reason of Stealth Bullets.

8. that every body call you the guru of Cas.


When you have more cowboy clothes than any other style.



When you start introducing yourself by your alias...to people who never even heard of CAS!

When you start thinking about yourself in terms of your alias and your personna!

When you've got five saddles in your house, and don't own a horse!

When you start talkin' to "civilians" the way you do at a CAS match! Lak yoo wuz born in Texas or Montany, and you were born and raised in Chicago!

When you have to rent shoes to wear to a wedding 'cause you only own cowboy or cavalry boots!

When you go in for surgery under a 'spinal', and the anesthesiologist and the surgeon are talking to you about what guns you prefer to shoot in CAS matches...the whole danged time you're on the table!

When you'd like to change personna's and outfits, but you're afraid nobody would recognize you in the new getup! (Doubly tough when your business is associated with CAS!)

When, instead of saying goodbye to folks NOT involved in CAS, you use your sign-off signature expression...

Well, that's all for right now...but I'm thinking....


When your gun belt has more studs in it than your house.

Before you buy a vehicle, you measure to see if your gun cart fits in it.

If you see a good lookin woman in a bikini, and you wonder what she would look like in a Stetson and Wah Makers.

It is sad that government is chiefed by the double tongues. There is iron in your words of death for all commanche to see, and so there is iron in your words of life. No signed paper can hold the iron. It must come from men. (Ten Bears, from "The Outlaw Josey Wales")


When you don't give a second look at the best dressed CAN CAN GIRLS

When your shooting goes down hill to the point that you start working out again and your old pants and gunbelt fit.


and last but not least when CAS people know your real name


when you no longer git a thrill outa tellin sum pard "hay, thet is supposed to be on the political wire".

when ya start gittin email bout to much slang in your posts....and thets the reel you!



People ask what all them funny lookin steel targets in your backyard are for.

You are reloading 12 different calibers, most obselete.

You have an entire room dedicated to CAS. Full of Cowboy pictures, hats, boots, single actions, lever actions, bowie knives and old shotguns.


1. Your broke half way between pay days.

2. Your broke but gun rich.

3. Your broke but have a want list a mile long.------------------


You know you have been into C.A.S. too long when........

after California's 10-day wait.

... You have your office calendar marked for when you can buy a new handgun again after California's one-a-month rule.

... When you ask your lady to marry you, and say "Oh, honey, I hope you dont' mind but I waanted to get married in 1870's-period clothing."

Her reply was..."I think that's cute hon, go ahead."

Then she asked me what the NEW Stainless Ruger Vaquero with the scrimshawed polymer ivory grips was for.....


You prefer guns that do not need to go through your local FFL holder.

You enjoy the smell of BP smoke in the air, even worse, you crave it! It ain't pollution. Its an aphrodisiac!

You spend move time reloading than you used to spend watching TV sports (which ever one you used to prefer).

You plan your vacactions around matches, big or small. Don't matter much as long as yer shootin' somewhere.

You move to an area where you can be shooting EVERY weekend, anywhere within a 4 hours drive from home.

You buy ammo componants in case bulk for several/many calibers/ bullet weights.


Your "wish list" just never seems to get any shorter, in fact it keeps GROWING somehow.

You think of good "stages" that you could make from scenes in western movies.

You think that Elvis ain't the king, the DUKE is!

Now when you do watch TV/ Movie, if it ain't western, it is crap!

Your wife now prefers you to wear Bay Rum or Chaps instead of her old favorite, Brut.


You have more than one gun cart.

You bought a pick-up so that you can haul your gun cart.

You answer the phone by using your alias.

You don't have a pair of spurs, ...you have collection.

Your favorite authors are Lamour, Brand, Grey, etc.

You have the "Western" channel on your cable TV service and you don't ever use the remote.

Your collection of movies rivals the biggest national video chain stores' selection of "westerns".




As the little lady reminded me, we did get married in period clothing!!!


You own 16 pairs of suspenders ...


You have not sewn a stitch in 20 years, but purchase a very expensive sewing machine because you can't find the right "look" for your alias.Your MOM calls you by your alias...


1. Your family...to include inlaws...dont even bother asking what you want for Fathers Day, Christmas, etc...and you always get leather, boots, hats, guns, cleaning and reloading stuff...

2. The lady who cuts your travel orders knows that "Deviation from Official Itinerary is Authorized" is standard on your military travel and duty orders.

3. You decide on your follow on assignment based on how many CAS clubs and shoots there are within a 100 mile radius.


-You Know you been Shooting CAS Too long when you begin planning to change careers just so you can grow your mustash and beard and your just a few years away from retirement.


My SUV will work with wooden spoke wheels? Why didn't someone tell me this before now?

I tell the IPSC guys that they might think they are quick but they ought to see this other guy..... This works when I am talking about Dang-it-Dan, Tequila, and Bounty Hunter as well.

I love hearing something that sounds like an automatic weapon firing and see a quick stage time in the 16 second range.

Keep up the good work guys we love it!


You have built more than one cart, and after finishing the last one, plans are already started on the next one.

Every and I mean EVERY room in your house has something cowboy in it.

You move to the country so you can put in a berm and build a practice facility-plus it just seems right (even if the house is smaller than the one you were in)

You are thinking that a 12' x 6' fully enclosed trailer would be a good thing to have to haul your clothes and gun cart to each shoot (not to mention, that a port-o-potti might fit in there).

You start thinking that a set of longhorns on the SUV would look really cool.

Football? What's that? (this from a guy who used to know all the ins and outs of the game)

The folks at work ask which shoot you are heading to this weekend.

You are asked to teach a course in CAS at the Becoming an Outdoorswoman weekend seminar put on by the State Game and Parks Commission.

You go into a new gunstore and rate it by the amount of cowboy correct guns they have.

Your wedding is going to be in 1889 down to the last detail, and EVERYONE will be in the right clothes.

You think about doing it twice so that your family can come and see it too (they don't play the game).


You buy Black Powder in Bulk.

You think you need a complete set of guns for each class (Think I'll shoot traditional today. . .)

You need 2 long range single shots, one for Plainsman, one for Long Range. (Well, actualy you need one for Medium Range, one for 1000 yds+, one in a "Buffalo" caliber for those big whompers you don't shoot much, maybe a big bore lever action. . .)


Your SUV only has one Horsepower power plant and is a Medowbrook.

The wife lets you put a gunsafe in the living room so you will spend an evening with her.


... when a '97 is now your official field and skeet gun and the diamond grade Winchester 101 stays in the safe because you shoot better with the old one.



When you consider calling in sick becuz you need the whole day to clean yer smokewagons,... ( gulp ) That wouldn't be right so it will never do! It's not the Cowboy Way!


When the SASS Wire is the only listing in your Favorites on the confuser.

If it ain't Cowboy,it just don't matter!!


You know you've (both) been shooting CAS too long when....

Spending "the next ten thousand dollars" on CAS gear doesn't seem ridiculous

Ya sit around answerin silly posts like thisn.

(sure does make them boys with the fancy o/u's mad).




You go to a gun show and ignore all the new black plastic guns, "If it ain't over 100yrs old it ain't worth looking at"


You and a pard talk about other pards you saw at the gun show and refer to them by their alais because you don't know their name.

(ME, personally, 9/8/00)

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You're asked to do a presentation at school to multiple classrooms because you dress in CAS cowboy clothes every Go Texan Day. You bring everything except guns and explain the whys of each. Of course you carefully explain that shooting is an acceptable sport, that you shoot at targets, not people, and about other youngsters you know that participate.


You get your picture at a match published in a newspaper and it gets posted on the "What's Happening" bulletin board at school.

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After working the afternoon as armorer for a local Mounted event, I went with one of the competitors to a “New York-style” China Buffet restaurant for dinner.

Hostess at the entrance looked up as we entered & asked, “What that noise?”


We spent the next 5 or so minutes trying to explain the function of spurs (with large rowels & jingle bobs) to the young lady…for whom English was obviously her second language.

Shoulda just told her "Jingle bells"

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Guest Maker-Wright

You have 3 guncarts inside your house, two of which are no longer used for CAS, but are permanent furniture in your living room... one is a coat rack, and the other is a couch side-table that holds all A/V remote controls (this actually is the case in my home)


You have a small house, and the most well-organized, nicest-looking room in the house is decorated and dedicated to nothing but caring for cowboy guns, and Cowboy Shooting sports (yep, that's where I live).

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Guest Maker-Wright

When you spend part of Christmas Day on the range playing with your new toys!!!


Had my 1885 22LR Low-wall, and silhouette targets ready to go, but the winds/windchill on the range was too much. :( Shot air-rifle silhouette indoors instead. :D

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When you go to a nice restaurant with your wife, one to which a busload of high school prom-goers arrive: you naturally look over the incoming femininity and find the exposed acreage less pleasing than the only female among them who wears a dress that shows a strong Worth-gown influence, high-necked and long-sleeved and not showing skin measured in square feet, nor threatening a "wardrobe malfunction."

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When it's time for a new car, you have to make sure it is cowboy friendly, ie large enough trunk or rear for guncarts, guns, other riders, etc.


Slowly but surely your gun safe has gone to almost all cowboy guns.


The only guns you know how to work on are cowboy guns.


and a favorite, when you have friends from all over the world and they matter more than almost any other.

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You install an 8 foot power driven blown up red suited white bearded Santa in front of your home with air blown cowboy hat, air driven cowboy pointed toe boots, a Sheriff's badge, vest, holster belt and holsters, but with candy canes for guns. Wife had to force the store to sell her the display model because they were out and no more this year.

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When you car is parked outside over winter because of your gun carts and reloading gear fill the garage

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when one bedroom is dedicated as a reloading room.


when one closet and 2 trunks in the basement are dedicated for reloading supplies.




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:FlagAm: :FlagAm: :FlagAm: :FlagAm: :FlagAm:


I do use my alias as my FB name.

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and a favorite, when you have friends from all over the world and they matter more than almost any other. I have to agree with you Cheyenne. You are a cowboy when you can go anywhere in the conus and many places abroad and always be a phone call away from a friend.





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