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  1. Try a Walters Wad (a vegetable fiber disk) between the MZ and the bullet. My Buffalo Classic would not group without one.
  2. Yes, and don't hand the attendant your credit card. I had one sell my card number over the internet. Also, some are sloppy and spill gas on your car. I recall I was allowed to fill a diesel-powered vehicle myself. That was a relief.
  3. I have shooting glasses set up like DDD and GJ. I put them on before I take the gun cart out of my vehicle or otherwise prepare for a match. It takes a few minutes for my brain to adjust to lenses that focus at different distances. The first time I used these glasses my stage times decreased by an average of six seconds. That was a stunning improvement by just changing glasses. I wear my normal glasses when driving home. Wearing my shooting glasses might contribute to an accident.
  4. Come out west and shoot EOT or Winter Range. You can eat a variety of Mexican food while shooting either match. Ask the locals for recommendations. You will enjoy the dining as much as the matches.
  5. Once again ABQ put up its tumbleweed snowman along a local freeway. I'm amazed that these detestable weeds can be used to make something so charming. See this news article. (I think he needs a cowboy hat and sidearms.)
  6. No - see page 39 of the Shooter Handbook, 1st item under Revolver Cylinders. You can buy a new Cimmaron Model P Jr that will shoot 32 longs or a used Ruger Single Six in 32 H&R Mag.
  7. CK, we still have a functioning legal system. When anti-gun legislation passes and is signed into law it needs to be immediately challenged by a well-funded legal team. Ordinary gun owners need to donate to ensure a quality legal challenge. Some just say the NRA will take care of the case but don't help out. That's insufficient.
  8. I found this burn rate table with bulk powder densities. It is out-of-date as it lacks info on Trail Boss. As expected it shows shotgun powders like Clays, 700-X and Red Dot as having low bulk densities. Unique is a little more dense than the faster shotgun powders but not by much.
  9. I have cooked with jug wine - Argentine Burgundy distributed by Franzia, Hours in a crock pot with onions, garlic and other spice overwhelms the flavors of a better vintage. However, I would gladly sit at the table and enjoy a roast prepared by the preceding cooks. Happy Thanksgiving to all. My Thanksgiving turkey will be a small turkey breast prepared in a crock pot with homemade apple cider. It does not change the color of the meat.
  10. Cheap red wine works fine. If you have a bottle that went bad and turned to weak vinegar use it.
  11. Hendo, CAS is a conservative shooting sport when it comes to shooting and costuming conventions. Step out of bounds just a little bit and expect the western equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition. I've never seen anyone tarred and feathered but some were ready for the deed.
  12. I use the first load on the following chart. It patterns well enough to break clays and is reliable in cold weather.
  13. Fortunately, my offhand thumb is not much affected by arthritis so I easily shoot two-handed. When I get so I can't cock a revolver I'll just shoot IDPA. A semi-auto shooting 9-mm rounds is gentle on my hands. Still, I'd miss CAS.
  14. I know of a few clubs who tried allowing 1911s when WB first started. They were not accepted by the revolver shooters and 1911s were disallowed. I think allowing .22 revolvers for those with arthritic hands might be more acceptable. I share CP's problems with my hands. I can barely get through a Plainsman side match (my scores show this) and quit shooting my .44 revolvers.
  15. If those 125-grain, 357 cartridges feed well in your rifle and shoot point-of-aim in your revolvers, stick with them. The 158-grain bullets are a traditional load, but not needed for CAS. I recommend Missouri Bullet's softer, coated bullets. The softer bullets work better at CAS velocities and the plastic coating keeps your loading dies and hands clean. There are plenty of quality casters supplying the CAS sport. I try to buy from those who sponsor SASS matches I attend.
  16. Plus no need for reloading equipment - eliminating another startup cost. Further, painting targets after every shooter eliminates scoring problems.
  17. I have seen it often. My favorite feature is One of our 50 is missing.
  18. Leave successes alone. Moving WR would just gut a very successful match. It would take years to duplicate it elsewhere. The number of categories is not a problem for local clubs. It's just more entries in a scoring program. Many clubs don't have an annual match. Allow adults to shoots .22s. That would eliminate the cost of reloading equipment and lessen ammo costs. Further, .22 firearms are less expensive than centerfire firearms. Centralized regionals is probably not possible. From the number of regionals that move each year there seems to be a problem getting a club to host one. I agree that marketing is a key. I don't think youth are the target group. CAS seems to appeal mainly to "empty nesters." Wolf Bane was very helpful when he was involved in the sport. I agree that further simplification of the rules is in order.
  19. There are reports that law enforcement arrived two minutes after being called. Kudos for the local police!
  20. I have the same experience with black powder when shooting straight-walled cartridges in a 1894 Marlin. I need to squirt Ballistol in the action every other stage and breakdown and clean after every day of shooting to keep them running. Marlins breakdown so easily that cleaning out BP fouling is quick and easy.
  21. I have not used the discount codes as I have better discounts through other affiliations. The EOT discount for the nearby Hidden Valley RV park is quite valuable. I have advised foreign visitors to EOT to use the SASS discount for rental cars as other discount codes may not be available to them.
  22. Keep attending the matches where you just shot. Bring factory 38 Special, all-lead cartridges and low-recoil 12 gauge shotgun shells with you and shoot all the guns offered to you. You will have preferences. Don't buy guns yet but do get a stiff, wide belt and a western hat.
  23. Others have reported that Black MZ was discontinued. I load both APP and Triple Seven in cartridges without the damage pictured. When I used to shoot Pyrodex in a shotgun I had to clean immediately upon returning home. I never reloaded spent SG shells. They would rust my reloading equipment. How long did you store the 38-40 rounds before firing them? There are reports of cereal forming a hard plug in bottleneck cartridges during storage. I only use cream of wheat as a filler in cap and ball revolvers that will shot the same day loaded. There are inert fillers that are well-behaved in long term storage.
  24. You can build one on the chassis of a used baby stroller - often available at garage sales. Two local shooters have done so with good results. Golf carts, baby strollers and gun carts use the same chassis.
  25. I shoot 44 mags in Wild Bunch and find 45 Colts and 44-40s mixed in with my brass. I give them to Garrison Joe. He makes good use of them.
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