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  1. Scanning Alliant's online reloading data I found that either American Select or Green Dot could be loaded to ~7,000 psi with a few different wads. Consider also APP, a BP sub. It's non-corrosive and produces mild loads, but would not be welcome on some trap ranges.
  2. 38 Special is an easy cartridge to reload. Don't hesitate to start reloading. 9 mm Luger cases can also be reloaded with lead bullets for CAS. Where I shoot I can pick up enough 9 mm cases that I never have to buy any. I started shooting CAS with Blackhawks and still shoot them in the Spring. They are suitable revolvers. However, I mostly shoot Vaqueros and Ruger Old Armys. The light loads most shoot in CAS have so little recoil there is little recoil to get used to. If you start shooting .45 Colts fully loaded with black powder you will experience very noticeable recoil.
  3. Please post pictures of the base of the bullets. I think the heat from BP subs may damage the plastic on the base of coated bullets.
  4. Natchezss.com has Federal Large Pistol Magnum primers in stock for $86/1,000 limit of 10 boxes of 1,000. Bad news: a local shooter reported his order was rejected at the final confirmation.
  5. Yes, and they got the Mimbres River down to about 8-inches deep so when we forded the river there was no risk of being swept downstream. Thanks also to the sponsors like Bang and Clang Bullets. I stopped by their foundry and picked up bullets like others did. Match participants made a big dent in their supply of cast, coated bullets. BTW, I love the running coyote target.
  6. Many other considerations like: barrel length grips (plow handle, Bisley or birdshead) - handle them all and choose what you prefer sights - some shooting categories require fixed sights material - blued steel or stainless caliber - 38 Special is most popular but not legal for Classic Cowboy BTW, the original model Ruger Vaqueros (out of production but still available used) are large revolvers that may fit your hands.
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