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  1. The 97 fit can be adjusted with the screw on the right/front side of the frame. I can break mine down but prefer to keep it tight to remove wobble. I only break my 97s down for a deep clean, maybe twice a year.
  2. I use 5.0 gr (Lee .7cc dipper) under a Lee 230 gr tumble lube bullet. Not the softest load, but lesser charges were inconsistent for me. Brass lasts a long time without over-crimping. YMMV
  3. I have owned three 1873s, all third series from 1890-1891. I have worked in precision sheet metal and machining since 1989. Fit and workmanship does vary on these guns, but attention was made on mating surfaces. my 1891 in .32 WCF is as good as any Uberti that I have seen in the areas that matter. One interesting thing is the chamfer on the top of the mag tube mouth in the original guns. These originals were intended to only be shoot with one cartridge, while the Ubertis do not have this chamfer and can be shot with many more cartridge lengths, especially in the .38/.357.
  4. Quality foam plugs are rated 28-30 dB. My custom plugs are as good on some days. Changes in temperature and humidity seem to affect fit for me. A really cool day or hot day seems to change the fit and allow more noise to pass. I always keep a bag of foam plugs for other cowboys or people watching. $10 for 50 plugs can go a long ways to making a visitor feel welcomed.
  5. I have a Marlin 1894 in .38/.357 that is my main match rifle. I have a Marlin 1894 in .44 that I being to state/regional matches as a backup. The .44 usually is stored with a Nikon 3x32 scope for non-CAS applications. Can I just remove the scope/ rings or do I need to remove the scope base too to be SASS-legal?
  6. ThreeCut did mine. I am not sure if he still working on guns.
  7. Coming soon is a WWII flick with ARs and AKs! Unforgiven was one of the more accurate westerns: Starr revolvers, Schofield revolver, Adam's revolvers and a Spencer carbine.
  8. Kind of easier to wag one's tail when the wallet is lighter due to runaway inflation....
  9. The A-team. Ruger Mini-14s is every episode. Fully auto Made sparks when shooting a fiberglass boat hull but no holes.
  10. Watching the first episode of Have Gun, High Chapparal, Big Valley, The Rifleman, Cheyenne and Branded is a well-spent 2 hours. Michael Landon said that Bonanza was three forty-year old sons with a fifty-three year old dad.
  11. Nearly 400 LE waited over an hour in Uvalde while kids were bleeding and texting their families. An armed citizen brought down a mall shooter in fifteen seconds in Indiana. I respect LE but the fear of over-acting and being questioned has affected too many who should serve and protect.
  12. Ramon Rojo was the baddie in Fistgul of Dollars that noted the rifle always would beat the pistola (even though it did not in the movie).
  13. A local cowboy shoots ten .45 Schofield in a Win 94 Trapper. Have not seen him since China virus but it looked like there were no issues.
  14. First gun was a Stoeger single 20 ga bought at a flea market when I was 14 and had pig farm $ in my pocket. First pistol was a new ASM 1860 .44 Rebel in 1986. Bought, shot and sold a plethora of cowboy guns before I ever heard of SASS, including a bushel of cap&ball revolvers.
  15. I bought six bricks of Federal magnum LPP in 2020, just as things were going screwy. Big box store. It was the last primers they and the salesman said that no one wanted them. I use them for .38-40, .44 Mag and .45 Colt cowboy loads. I have used them in a Glock .45 ACP with mild loads with no issues. YMMV!
  16. Goober cames into Archie's general store looking for a 1" x 1" x 50 ft box. Archie asked why he would want such a thing. Goober said that his neighbor had moved and wanted Goober to mail him the water hose that he left behind.
  17. 100%. Upgrade to Wolff springs, dry fire or live fire 500+ times, and Ruger tanks are smooth, reliable and competitive.
  18. Yep, that is what happens when you lean too far to the LEFT and make no forward motion. He seems to be doing it without a bike too, with his many progressive actions.
  19. Check the engagement of the cocking lever and forearm. Years of wear can change this contact.
  20. My backup rifle is a Marlin 1894 .44 Deluxe made around 1990. 200 grain Lee tumble-lube bullets and 5 grains of Reddot in a Magnum case work well. It will cycle .44 Specials well but the chamber is so tight that it requires cleaning before a Magum cartridge will fully seat. My fix is to only shoot magnums.
  21. its is actually pretty easy to learn what a rule means. A good TO, posse marshal, match director or TG can provide an answer when I push too far. Example: Starting position is hands on hat. My hat? TO's hat? Hat on table, next to rifle? Hat in hand, Ready to drop? Pistols in hand, but touching hat? Shotshells in hand, touching hat?
  22. I enjoyed shooting a Uberti 1860 Trapper modified to .45 Cowboy Special for years. With only one piece of wood, Uberti often puts a stunning buttstock on these guns, though you might have to remove that red finish to see it. The muzzle weight keeps the barrel down during recoil. I sold mine to fund a move to B Western.
  23. A two-piece cartridge (steel base plus brass body) in a 80,000 PSI performance? Expensive, longer range than most shooters can do well, difficult to make, owned by a foreign company. I see no problems here. Anyone else think the 6.5x55 is probably the best cartridge for social applications and medium game?
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