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  1. I had a Colt Bisley in .32 WCF soon after starting cowboy action, when I hoped to have one set of race guns and ome set of originals. I sold it two years later to fund better shotguns. It had been chromed (not nickeled) some time after WWII and was tight as a tick. Shot well. Under the grip was roughly inscribed Yamika Log Camp 1908. I prefer .32s in the older guns, especially the Win 1873. More metal, less powder.
  2. I use range lead, scrap lead and pure lead, tweaked with 50/50 solder and 95/5 tin/lead. I mix three harnesses of castings: soft pure lead for .454 cap&ball, medium for cowboy and standard pistol loads, and hard for magnum pistol and .300 blackout. Drop tests, scratch tests and file tests are my go-gos for getting the desired hardness.
  3. .44 WCF in the 1880s. In the 1870s, the .44 Rimfire in a Henry 1860 or Win 1866 and a Colt conversion would have been more common in the west.
  4. I use a Lee 90 grain tumble-lube cast bullet over 2.6 gr of Titegroup. Velocity probably in 880-900 fps range but the little Rugers rock enough for duelist/gunfighter. I take some 115 gr loads over W-231 for knockdowns.
  5. I use Lee tumble-lube molds: no sizing and the Alox lube from Lee, for .32 Mag, .32-20, .38-40, .44 mag, .45 (Colt, Cowboy Special and ACP) and .300 Blackout. I wear lined bifocals when not shooting. I get sports safety glasses from any eyeglass provider made fo my docs prescription: right(dominany) eye is near vision and left eye is far vision. The intensity of the prescription is backed off 1/4 diopter to help the two eyes work together (my understanding). I don't know a thing about golf carts but have seen some cool onez.
  6. I see more powder in the lower right corner of that image!
  7. Kind of a long line to start a stage with, but "shooter's ready!"
  8. I inherited my Dad's Chikom Type 51 7.62x25 semi-auto pistol, a near copy of the Russian Type 33 Tokarev. Dad acquired said pistol in Hue in early 1968. Nuff said. He shot and carried the gun for decades but rarely cleaned it. Now I need to either get another barrel (preferred) or get the barrel relined. Any of you cowboys have ideas on parts or a gunsmith?
  9. Seen it without looking for it. Fitting place for him.
  10. I sweep my toes every time I draw a revolver. No penalties awarded so far. Your scenario still is a safety concern.
  11. I appreciate solid firearms knowledge, especially if it is relevant to the story, like an older private investigator who carries a J-frame. I get distracted and can lose interest if the writer is specific but writes errors. A suppressor on a revolver or a 25mm pocket pistol will take my mind off the tale.
  12. I thought that the early 45 Colt had an internal centerfire primer. How can they " be loaded many times?"
  13. What about episode 56 of Star Trek called Spectre of the Gun?
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