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  1. Didn't see it but it could not have been worse than Kid Rock singing (c)rap music.
  2. $821 $3500 + $821 = $4321 a.k.a. A Regressive Sweep!
  3. I saw a young cowboy shooting .444 Marlin brass loaded with about 25 grains of FFg and 7/16 ounce of shot in a plastic wad. Worked well for him. That is all of the details that I remember.
  4. Sax, trumpet and also brass player with 48 years experience: reed side
  5. I am reading his The Americans anthology right now. Mr Steinbeck had a way of making profound statements within the verbiage of the average person.
  6. An AR can be accurate most sub$800 ARs are not much better than 3" at 100 with standard factory ammo. If most shooters HAD to make that one shot count, we would not pick an AR, but a quality scoped bolt gun.
  7. I have two Ruger OMVs in .45 Colt. I want to start shooting .45 ACP for several reasons. My preference is to buy two .45 ACP cylinders, but I also okay with buying one and having the other gun's cylinder modified to ACP. I still want one of the revolvers capable of using the .45 Colt cylinder for non-SASS purposes. I am also willing to buy two smaller caliber cylinders (.357, 9mm, .41) and having them converted to .45 ACP. I am not particulat about blued versus stainless. Who has some spare cylinders?
  8. I have shot Ruger OMVs in .45 Colt since 2005. I started shooting the Cowboy Specials about 2015. I am now looking at buying ACP cylinders since I have piles of ACP brass left over from shooting IPSC before cowboy. My ACP brass is half large primers and half small, eliminating a concern about primer shortages.
  9. I saw it last week. My opinion was that it was a 7 out of 10 and no where close to Open Range, either True Grit, or Lonesome Dove. That last 15-20 minutes was not entertaining and not clear. Poor use of cussing and too much ski. for my tastes.
  10. Came out about the time as some other retro-mobiles: Plymouth Prowler and the last Thunderbirds. Everyone at the Big 3s was drinking the Kool-Aid.
  11. I have tried a make reduced 20 Ga loads with Reddot and American Select. AS was okay. Reddot has too fast of a burn rate and was inconsistent for me. My softest 20 GA load is 35 grains of Prodex FFg (RS) under a 3/4 ounce load of shot. I use 5/8 discs, punched from a cereal box, over the shot to prevent leaking pellets.
  12. The SMLE was made from around 1889 to 1955, in many variants and in about ten factories, in at least four countries. I had a Savage-made SMLE back in the day and haned about a dozen others. The mags vary within the generations and manufacturers. Best option is to use the stripper clips and study on how to prevent rimlock.
  13. A visit to his hometown and small museum in Indiana, PA is time well spent.
  14. I had a Savage Mark II FVSS whey first came out. It would shoot .5" at 50 yards with Federal Gold Match, off a bench. The weakness was the magazines that would come apart with lots of use or being handled roughly. I shot 100-meter prone rimfire competitions for about seven years. Most shooters used an Anschutz but could shoot almost as well with the lesser backup guns, IF the used the same quality ammo.
  15. I have had a couple of .45 ACP revolvers and looked at the S&W 10mm revolver. A consideration has to be bullets coming loose due to the increased recoil and taper crimp. The 10mm has more of that issue than the .45 ACP. I would think that the .357Sig would be similar.
  16. Good info. I can tolerate a high primer better in my Marlin .38 than I can in my Ruger .32s. Remington primers were $64/k, so I bought a couple of bricks to try. CCIs were $85 and work in my guns. No Federals or Winchesters were at my LGS.
  17. I just saw that the crimp from the old Winchester tool was designed only to prevent the bullet from spinning or pulling out, not sliding into the case. The warning is to use this tool for compressed bp/subs only. I recrimped the cartridge in a Lee die and it did look to be crimped tighter.
  18. In the SE while working for Ga-Pacific, I ran into eastern diamondbacks, timber and canebrakes. I never saw a pigmy but they were probably there.
  19. It did not come with the 'peanut' that decaps and expands. I have tried to make this item but need a .32 version to copy.
  20. I saw Winchester Small Pistols primers at a local big box sporting good store: $8.99/100 and $39.99/1000. These were new Win primers, not old stock, and yep, they came home with me.
  21. I Sent an email to the S&W team asking why the new 1854 lever gun was designed to hold only nine rounds.
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