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  1. SHB p.18/RO1 p.23 Spotters are considered Range Officers. REF: RO1 pp.24-27
  2. NO PENALTY for main match Stage 1. (per the rules) SHB p.28 - Loading and Unloading Area Conventions
  3. Go back and READ the related comments on page one.
  4. I used to assign names & faces to the targets.
  5. So will a "search" (e.g. Ctrl F) of specific terms in the on-line pdf docs. Downloadable to most phones in current use, tablets, and computers/laptops. An example of a cross-referenced term is "MISS" (as noted in the "Glossary of Terms") : - SHB p.44 Which includes the following cross-reference: - SHB p.21
  6. First PROCEDURAL was earned and assessed for Shooting targets in the wrong order. (SHB p.21) Second PROCEDURAL violation was for First offense in the same match for “shooting out of category.” (SHB p.21) Procedural penalties cannot exceed one per stage. (SHB p.21). The first "P" committed on that stage is the one scored against the shooter. Second offense, in the same match, for “shooting out of category.” (i.e., on a subsequent stage) would be a SDQ even though the PROCEDURAL for the FIRST offense was not assessed due to the "one per stage" rule. The correct call was made by the TO.
  8. ROC RULING re affixing R/P AMMO LOOPS ON SG LOOPS (Dec 2016)  NOT "TRADITIONAL DESIGN"  NOT ON THE LIST OF APPROVED "METHODS OF CARRY" (SHB p. 3) = NOT LEGAL. Applicable rule = “P” + misses for "Use of illegally acquired ammo" ADDENDUM: The ROC has previously clarified (and recently codified) that carrying ammunition in an illegal/unapproved manner is a "NO CALL" unless that ammo is actually USED for stage reloads (e.g. in a secured bandolier, hatband loops, buttstock loops, suspender loops, etc.): Note: Any ammo carried to the firing line in an illegal/unapproved manner that is actually used for stage reloads falls under the “Use of illegally acquired ammunition” penalties. SHB p.3 Further clarification: The entire slide itself is ILLEGAL with the R/P ammo loops (loaded or not) affixed to the SG loops; - Rifle/Revolver loops cannot be affixed to shotgun loops. SHB p.3 ...therefore ANY ammunition (including shotgun shells) used from that illegal equipment falls under the prohibition & penalties.
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