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  1. YES ...as long as they have a "safety slot/pin in the cylinder to avoid the hammer resting on a live round/cap." (otherwise, you'll only be allowed to load 4 rounds in them) There is no "frame size" restriction for main match revolvers.
  2. PLEASE STANDBY FOR AN ROC RULING on the Question: This thread will be re-opened once the ROC comes to a consensus. (which might be at least week or so considering most of them are busy at Winter Range)
  3. With an 1897, how would "both the shooter and the Timer Operator visually verify and confirm that the shotgun has a CLEARED barrel in order to safely continue using the shotgun."? (unless it is a takedown model and is disassembled to look from the breech) Just take any misses for unfired rounds and move on.
  4. 1) A SxS shotgun shooter is allowed to use the unobstructed barrel to finish the stage in event of a suspected squib in one barrel. 2) A single-barrel shotgun shooter is allowed to clear a suspected squib from the barrel "on the clock" in order to "make it safe" and complete the stage. **PROVIDED that both the shooter and the Timer Operator visually verify and confirm that the shotgun has a CLEARED barrel in order to safely continue using the shotgun. Followup "WtC?"s : 1) If a T/O stops a SxS shooter with a squib in one barrel and orders the shooter to ground the shotgun, should the shooter get a RESHOOT due to the option to use the other (clear) barrel? YES. 2) If a T/O refuses to allow a single-barrel SG shooter to "make it safe" by SAFELY clearing a squib from the barrel, should the shooter get a RESHOOT? YES.
  5. BADMAN BULLETS has 215gr polymer-coated
  6. May I suggest that you compile a list comprised of the faulty MFC verbiage and "other ill-defined terms in the SHB" over the next 9 months. At the end of that time period (mid-November), submit the list to the ROC (you can email it to me if I'm still on the Committee) for consideration. That will give the ROC a full month to discuss the merits of any proposed edits to the SHB (which is only revised once a year). That would be more advisable than attempting to keep this thread alive on the "front page" until then.
  7. How about starting another thread instead of switching gears in the middle of this one. The "in hand" definition was added to clarify the penalty for a non-GF/BW shooter having two LOADED revolvers "in hand" at the same time whether they started holstered or staged. An additional clarification was recently added regarding negating the "out of category" penalty before cocking either revolver. (SHB p.6)
  8. TWO targets. Alternate 10 rounds starting on L or R L-R-...then misses with the other 8 shots. "Did the shooter hit all the correct type targets with legally acquired ammo?" YES?? (he hit BOTH targets) > Assess no misses "Did the shooter engage the targets in the correct order?" YES?? > (he alternated) No further call Let's just dispense with that (apparently flawed and useless) Miss Flow Chart altogether. I'm done with this.
  9. Why are these basic scoring procedures that have been in place for YEARS suddenly incomprehensible?? Hitting a target with the wrong firearm (e.g. rifle target hit with a revolver shot) is a MISS Each target hit with an incorrect firearm – either intentionally or by mistake. (SHB p.22 - "5-SECOND PENALTIES") Hitting the wrong target of the type appropriate for the firearm in use at the time is a PROCEDURAL (e.g. a KD instead of a stationary target). Shooting targets in the wrong order. (SHB p.23 - "Procedural (P) Infractions") Willfully shooting a stage other than the way it was intended in order to gain a competitive advantage (Spirit of the Game). (SHB p.24) Je ne comprends pas vIyajbe'
  10. ... The interpretation that I propose: Having the definition of MISS actually being what is already written in the shb. By satisfying the target type AND the appropriate firearm. So essentially a shot fired must meet 2 criteria to not be a miss. A rifle target must be hit by a round from the rifle. And. The CORRECT rifle target type must be hit. (Which is already written). (see previous response) As it is now, when it says "appropriate target type" it means rifle or pistol or shotgun. When it says "with the appropriate type firearm" it also means rifle pistol or shotgun. That is pretty redundant. Maybe it should say a miss is defined as a failure to hit the appropriate firearm target type. It is "redundant" for clarity in making an "interpretation" as to what it actually means Are inquiries to the ROC put forth through you or by our local TGs? I have no clue how that works. Inquiries to the ROC regarding necessary "grey area" interpretations/clarifications are generally taken from the Wires by me (as ROC spokesperson) to the Committee via email for discussion and resolution. I would not expect any changes to the verbiage in either the SHB "Penalties Overview" or the "Miss Flow Chart" regarding the meanings of "appropriate target type" or "correct type of target".
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