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  1. I use THIS LINK to verify dates of manufacture for my Colts. (my SA Frontier Scout was made in 1965)
  2. FWIW - That's been in the Shooters Handbook since (at least) 1992...the earliest version I have on hand.
  3. ...and I don't know anyone who can "stoke" a '97 so fast that the T/O couldn't stop them.
  4. IMO...wasted time loading & unloading the extra rounds ...+ the "P".
  5. No. Initial discussion was based on Cimarron's January 2019 press release regarding ATF-mandated modifications.
  6. FWIW...The ROC is currently discussing this as well. The more information available the better. Five-shot pocket pistols are usually loaded at the shooting location, so there is should be no issue loading all five chambers for that sidematch. More info forthcoming from this quarter when we reach a consensus.
  7. Allowing the "transportation" of a long gun "action closed" in a case, scabbard, or enclosed cart is up to the match directors of individual clubs/ranges. REF also: SHB p.43 - "Glossary of Terms"
  8. https://www.bendbulletin.com/opinion/7064530-151/editorial-oregon-flies-into-a-mess-for-travelers
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