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  1. I noticed it was a direct quote from the site rather than your personal tormentor. My understanding has always been that which WJ clarified.
  2. "deified" or defied"?? BIG difference!! Otto strikes again!
  3. The two similar places I used to stay when in town (McDermitt, NV/OR) back in the early '70's are now called "Inns". Saloon & grub on the ground floor with bedrooms to rent upstairs. Bathroom at the end of the hall at the White Horse. Gambling tables & slots in the front (NV side)...pool tables across the line in OR. IIRC, back then they were called "Hotel & Bar"s (BICBW).
  4. Try it out as a side-match and see what the responses are. Make sure you have a staff of target setters/tapers on hand to assist; as well as padded ground cover at the prone shooting positions (no one wants the lie/kneel down on rocky/muddy ground or bare concrete).
  5. The jibber-jabber in the NIMH source I posted is typical of all such "scientific" surveys that extrapolate data from a comparatively small "select" representative group. They remind me of the "anonymous" drug & alcohol use surveys some of us were given in the 60's. One post-survey discussion revealed that the results were purposely skewed by the majority of participants...either by denial or over-exaggeration. The same can probably be applied to current firearm ownership surveys...IMO.
  6. Obviously the insert is a rimfire cartridge adapter of some sort (note the off-center hole visible in this photo). I would suggest a rigorous cleaning of the original chamber and the adapter, do a chamber cast, then measure all diameters to determine the exact calibers/cartridges. Here's an article on various units: https://www.americanrifleman.org/content/cartridge-adapters/
  7. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This is the "training+permit to purchase" and ">10-round mag" BS that barely passed (and should never have made it to the ballot in the first place).
  8. - El Rey/La Reina: Age 85 and up. SHB p.6 REF also: SHB p.10
  9. ...and don't forget to black out that white diamond! (or install the insert backwards if possible) "- Rear sights may utilize an insert of the same color as the rear sight to allow easy sight adjustment." SHB p.35
  10. FYI: If the washer has a complete hole (i.e. not filed down to open up the top) it is ILLEGAL under SASS RULES. The only peep sights listed as allowed for main match rifles are: - Rear sights must either be open iron sights mounted on the barrel or original style tang or stock wrist mounted peep sights. Long range rear barrel mounted sights of the flip-up ladder type may use a peephole drilled through the sliding sight leaf. (SHB p.30)
  11. Two other web search engines corrected the entry to "Bagna Cauda"
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