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  1. Call or email SASS HQ during their business hours. SASS | The Single Action Shooting Society - Contact Us (sassnet.com)
  2. also: All handguns must be carried in a safe holster capable of retaining the firearm throughout a normal range of motion. SHB p.3
  3. Pick a name...call it what you want to. SOURCE
  4. Corn can be considered either a grain or a vegetable, based on when it is harvested. The maturity level of corn at harvest affects both its use at meals and its nutritional value. Corn that is harvested when fully mature and dry is considered a grain. It can be milled into cornmeal and used in such foods as corn tortillas and cornbread. Popcorn is also harvested when it matures and is considered to be a whole grain. On the other hand, fresh corn (e.g., corn on the cob, frozen corn kernels) is harvested when it is soft and has kernels full of liquid. Fresh corn is considered a starchy vegetable. Its nutrient content differs from dry corn, and it is eaten in different ways -- often on the cob, as a side dish, or mixed with other vegetables. USDA
  5. Generally, any main match rifle is used (split between BP & smokeless) REF: SHB p.39
  6. External would most likely be visible in either condition. The rule regarding internal mods is: SHB p.32 Is there a particular modification you have in mind? Sent you a PM.
  7. I stand corrected (but have participated in a number of funerals in which 21 shots (three 7-shot volleys) were fired to honor a combat veteran): SOURCE
  8. Three volleys from 7 rifles = 21 shots fired.
  9. * 2023 Shooter's Handbook clarifications: Rifle/Revolver ammunition may not be carried in a shotgun/shotshell loop. SHB p.4 (Ammunition Belts and Loops) - Leaving empty or live round(s) in a magazine, action, or carrier of the long gun in which it was loaded. - Leaving an empty in the chamber of a long gun. SHB p.22 (Minor Safety Violation (MSV) infractions) - The length or style of stock may be altered or replaced (e.g., a carbine style stock may be interchanged for a rifle stock and vice-versa). - Long gun stocks with a “pistol grip” configuration (e.g., “Mares Leg” rifle or “Terminator” shotgun) are not allowed. SHB p.34 (Stocks and Grips) Must be in a cartridge commonly available in revolvers. Examples include, but are not limited to, .32-20, .32 Magnum, .357 Magnum, .38 Special, .44 Magnum, .44-40, and .45 Colt. (Includes some semi-auto pistol cartridges, e.g., 9mm, 10mm, and .45 ACP). SHB p.37 (REVOLVER CALIBERS) - Uberti 1873 percussion revolver (not legal in Frontiersman Category or Plainsman side matches) SHB p.39 (OTHER APPROVED FIREARMS) Progressive Penalty – Procedural for the first infraction, Stage Disqualification for the second infraction, Match Disqualification for the third infraction. Example: failure to adhere to category requirements. Multiple infractions on the same stage are not cumulative. SHB p.44 (GLOSSARY OF TERMS)
  10. Choosing a SASS Alias CONTACT SASS
  11. I keep one of these in my range box: Broken Brass Extractor .357/.38 - Shotgun Boogie Gun Works (sbgwllc.com)
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