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  1. Don't forget to replace the front sight! "Ruger Blackhawk and Ruger Old Army adjustable sight frames may be modified by removing the rear sight assembly, welding up the sight cutout, re-contouring the frame top strap, and cutting a new sight notch to replicate Colt SAA or Vaquero frames. The ramp front sight must be replaced with a blade-type in order to be allowed as a fixed sight model revolver." SHB p.37
  2. He could shoot "Duelist-style" in the Senior category if he wants to. Revolvers may be shot in any SASS legal shooting style – EXCEPT Gunfighter SHB p.5 "AGE BASED CATEGORIES"
  3. NO. Senior Duelist is a sub-category of Duelist and must comply with the rules for Duelist category. When breaking down all style/costume categories, the regulations for the base category is to be applied first, then the age limits. SHB p.10 "CATEGORY MATRIX"
  4. I would consider that a legal repair as opposed to a modification. Same as using pins or dowels to repair a cracked buttstock.
  5. As mentioned numerous times during the past couple years' discussions, the method specified in the approved rule change was used for many years by many clubs before the automatic SDQ was codified in the SHB ten years ago.
  6. The link to THIS PAGE is accessible from the SASS HANDBOOKS page (just below the RO Course Materials)...and has been up for quite a few years.
  7. The Territorial Governor Wire is a CLOSED forum. Access is only available to TGs for posting or viewing.
  8. That has been noted. The actual verbiage in the SHB will read. "...pointed safely downrange..."
  9. What part of "...the shooter will be directed to point the rifle safely into the back berm..." are some of y'all choosing to ignore?
  10. The categories that disallow "adjustable sights" specify "Any main match FIXED SIGHT revolver". "Any main match revolver" includes Ruger Blackhawks. Revolver requirements are on p.38
  11. FWIW - The rescinded rule was NOT universally applied throughout the SASS community for that length of time. It was only added to the SHB in 2009 (see item #21). Previous to that, there were Regional variations (including the rule as changed). The ROC (at that time) discussed the two primary applications and voted to standardize and codify the rule. (That vote was not unanimous, BTW)
  12. If/when that happens (while resolving a cocked rifle situation), ejection of the unfired round when the rifle is levered to begin the shooting string would result in the same SDQ.
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