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  1. Ol' #4's past performance in the shotgun sidematches at WR proves his point! (this from a multiple 3rd place clays shooter)
  2. It is the Timer Operator's responsibility to ensure all targets are reset before calling up the next shooter. REF: SHB, RO1, RO2. That implies "reset PROPERLY". IMO, if a shooter notices that a target is not reset the same as it was for all previous shooters on a stage, it would be reasonable to request that it be fixed. That is not the same as asking that it be set differently than for everyone else for any possible competitive advantage.
  3. The only references are HOW...not WHERE. If instructions are necessary (e.g. vertical staging or pointed into a side berm for safe downrange movement), they should be clearly written into the stage directions. REF: SHB pp.15-17
  4. https://youtu.be/rghbEFH169w
  5. The "hat regs" from the SHB for the TWO categories that require a hat to be worn are referenced 7 posts above yours.
  6. My point is that the 2016 U.S. Regional map (with total member numbers) fails to include the SASS members in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, & South Africa. SASS Affiliated Clubs
  7. That's a total of U.S.A. members at the time.
  8. SHB p.8 (Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl) SHB p.9 (B-Western)
  9. "Smooth soles" are NOT REQUIRED...in fact, they can be hazardous on some range/stage ground surfaces. The only SHB refences to "soles" is in regard to the CC & BW categories prohibiting "LUG soled" boots. The following rule changes were made in 2010: SOURCE
  10. Found this unused company-issue kit (with cartridge respirator, goggles, nitrile gloves, Tyvek suits) while clearing out a storage area last week. Never used after training because I refused to shave the beard.
  11. FWIW: IMO, it might be helpful help to read the entire "Categories" section in order to differentiate between categories and shooting styles. ...or not.
  12. SHB p.6 SHB p.10 Starting with "Gunfighter" shooting-style category. Cap & ball (Frontiersman-type) revolvers are legal in ALL categories. Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter allows percussion revolvers, but ALL firearms must use BP or substitute propellants. Frontiersman requires percussion revolvers shot Duelist-style; and ALL firearms must use BP or substitute propellants. All categories may be "subdivided by age" (e.g. Senior) REF: conditional bold sections in SHB quotes.
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