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  1. Apparently NOT! We still haven't determined whether it is safe to fire a percussion revolver with an uncapped charged chamber. (which has previously been discussed on the Wire numerous times)
  2. Here's another "hypothetical" as long as we're discussing "what ifs".. (and I just tried this to verify the possibility) "Colt-style" action (i.e. hammer must be on half-cock to drop the bolt and release the cylinder, instead of opening the gate as on a Ruger) 1) Hammer to half-cock. 2) Advance cylinder one "click" to place empty chamber (which WAS under the hammer) in the loading position. 3) THEN open loading gate and insert round into the empty chamber. 4) Bring hammer to full-cock & commence firing for 6 shots. NO PENALTY before, during, or after the loading sequence. (edit...skipped a step between 3 & 4 - Close the loading gate)
  3. Full/partial unload/reload of the functional revolver has always been allowed. "WtC?" Archives - Dec 2005
  4. The "unassisted" statement refers to someone other than the shooter providing that assistance (e.g. T/O handing the shooter ammunition). It does not apply to the OP situation (or any related scenarios). There is no "staging" involved, either. I'm headed to the range. Y'all can keep whackin' on this, but any questions regarding options and penalties have been covered.
  5. If the shooter declares the malfunction after getting the hammer to cock (without firing it) he still gets 3 misses for the unfired rounds (15 seconds) If the shooter fires the revolver once he gets it cocked, then decides to declare the malfunction, he gets the "P" + 2 misses (20 seconds). Another option would be to declare the malfunction and reload the functional revolver to complete the sequence. IMO, there is no "unsportsmanlike behavior" involved (which would be a MDQ)
  6. Found this by searching "Replica Arms Ohio":
  7. ** UPDATE "" SMOKE OVER SADDLE BUTTE CANCELLED - because of the ongoing air quality issues and the impact of the wildfires on our shooters and those close the them we are cancelling next weekends match - official notification will go out to all registered shooters and our mailing list later today - stay connected and stay safe. Remember our troops and first responders on this very impactful date...
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