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  1. IMO, it's a "case in point" regarding reading comprehension and consideration of context within the applicable sections of the rulebook. (an issue I have addressed in the past and have no intention of revisiting)
  2. The statement: "May not be...hollow point..." applies to ALL types of bullets, including all lead. The reason for adding hollow point ammunition was a safety concern regarding potentially hazardous fragmentation of those bullets when shooting steel targets at close range. The question came up a few times recently due (in part) to the current shortage of factory solid lead "Cowboy" loads.
  3. Anny Barvínková ? Search under her name on YouTube (also on Facebook).
  4. Many years ago I accompanied one of my LE customers to a large sporting goods store near Portland. In the back of the store there was a restricted police supply section called "SNC" (Sorry, No Civilians). While he was being fitted for body armor, I picked up a pistol-gripped Winchester 1300 Defender. I added a 2nd pistol grip, a 6-round "Sidesaddle" and a Mini MagLite. POI is the center of the light beam.
  5. If it is stamped "Made in France", net search indicates it is most likely a Manufrance-LaSalle Pump made by Manu Arm. SOURCE
  6. This is a good example of "a miss cannot cause a procedural". REF: SHB p.21 Also: "Miss Flow Chart" p.40
  7. Depending on wind direction and velocity, putting glitter or colored chalk in shotgun ammo could get a shooter drag-hanged by the posse. Besides the incident cited by Abilene, there is also a risk of respiratory issues, not to mention trying to clean that "stuff" off of hats, clothing, and equipment. NOT RECOMMENDED!
  8. Almost all of my shotguns (including TTN, Rossi, and BSS SxSs) are chambered for 3" 12 gauge shells. I've never fired 3" ammo in any of them.
  9. Neighbor used to take his son deer hunting with him when the boy was around 5 years old. Little Chet was watching "Bambi" with his mother and when the doe was killed by the "evil hunters", she asked him what he thought about that. His response was, "Dead meat, Momma!".
  10. NO CALL. Revolvers were both holstered at the end of the 10-shot shooting string. SHB p.14
  11. Here's another to consider (unfortunately, I currently reside in Marion County, 15 minutes from Salem) State of Jefferson History
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