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  1. The 170º rule – Common Sense Approach
  2. The only "retroactive" penalty (i.e. assessed on a previous stage) is the SDQ for "Failure to adhere to loading and unloading procedures".
  3. Confirmed re: Multiple "out of category" violations on a single stage (first offense): Shooter is assessed ONE PROCEDURAL for "failure to adhere to the guidelines of the category..." Archived Wire Thread
  4. IIRC (from a 2017 ROC discussion), the shooter would only be assessed one "shooting out of category" penalty per stage. However! IF the shooter continued shooting "SIMO" for the remainder of the shooting string INTENTIONALLY, a SOG penalty could be assessed in addition to the "P" for the first violation. Same would apply to a BP shooter inadvertently loading smokeless ammo in a firearm...one penalty per stage, not progressive per shot for multiples on a single stage.
  5. It makes a bit more sense with the diacritics added: Et même d’ailleurs s'y sont réunis = And even some of them met there.
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