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  1. In space (or Eastern Washington) no one can hear you scream..... Whee you're at Lunger nobody needs a suppressor LOL.
  2. Suppressors will cause lots of issues with shot timers for sure. I've shot speed steel with a non suppressed 10/22 and had the timer not pick up shots. BUT I STILL WANT A SUPPRESSOR!!!!!
  3. I concur with OLG on this. Bought me a '73 and dropped another $600 into it only to switch categories after my 1st year to B Western. Then had to go find me a Marlin cause B Western says rifles after 1880.
  4. Company I worked for in Oregon was headquartered in upstate NY. They closed down our facility (Because of Obama's Medical device tax to pay for Obamacare). They wanted me to move to NY and made me a very very nice move offer. Was considering till I found out what I would have to go through to get my guns there (well the ones they would let me). I feel for my friends in Upstate having to deal with the whims of NYC.
  5. Widder, We were remodeling the house from March till October Lot of my shooting stuff was in storage. Only got to shoot a couple monthly matches last year. Getting back into the swing again and plan on hitting the trail for shooting a bunch of matches this year. Planning most of my vacation time around matches! Marlins are running good!
  6. Hey Widder! long time no see. Broomstick did my Shortstroke Rugers.
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